Jul 29, 2009

Who says you can't go home?

This song plays a great part of my life after i enter university.

Well this song is originally sing by Bon Jovi...popular with the ''it's all right, it's all right...''part.

However, it is the best country song of Bon Jovi country-made song. It has another version which feat sugarland.

But at first Keith Urban is the one to duet with Bon Jovi, however Jon said Keith voice is too similar to him. So i went to youtube to listen ( now the video has been remove because it is unreleased version...demo). What i think is...okay i like both of them but...Jonny kinda humilating Keith. Of course the voice sound similar to Jon because the whole part Keith just sing a few lines.

Ya it is actually not that good if compared to Sugarland version because i dont see Keith sings like what he did in his own album in this song. I dont know but i just feel like Keith is...i need to give him a ''explaination'' on this. I think Keith is really talented so it'll be really good if there's chance to work with Jon. Because this is what i wanna see.

By the way, Jon did forget the lyrics for this song for few lives performance...haha. He admit it directly by saying'' Damn i forgot the words and on and on''...

Rockstar make mistakes too!!!

Jul 26, 2009


Yasmin Ahmad.....our famous director of Sepet, Mukhsin.....has pass away.

So sad....

I get the news from tv....When i heard that, i was like shocked! Oh god she so young and talented. And expecting more nice movie from her....But she's no more here.

R.I.P.....We will all remember you for what you did in our movie industry....

Jul 25, 2009


This MV ''最幸福的事'' is really nice....

The idea is superb but i don't think the director make it complete. Because what i think is the director should put every stop a story of the main character. Every stop that is a meaning so it should have a very short story of the main character until the very last stop....

Because this is what i expect when i heard the idea of this MV...before i watch this MV.

However, i like this MV and this song very much...Especially the last part.....
(My very first chinese MV song in my blog....)


Jul 23, 2009

New Iron Man photo...complete cast

Got this few days ago. Getting more and more excited.

Jon Favreau the director annouced the finish filming of Iron Man 2. After that, of course partying....

And...they went to comic-con!!! Waaaa...San Diego!!! All of the cast!!!

Here's the photo ''leaked''...haha....I'm personally really like that photo Robert Downey jr with boxing suit on....Arhhh so sexy.....i want him....

In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark's hair kinda short and i like it so much. Ohhh....i want to have a poster of him!!! I can't control myself....i need a man like him...So HOT!!!!

Here's the link :

Jul 16, 2009

Second trailer of Sherlock is released!!! And Iron Man 2 Photo First review!!!

Waaaaa!!! I'm getting DAMN excited!!!! My epinephrine released more then normal level.....My hubby is getting hotter than ever!!!!!

Emmm one of the scene in the Sherlock's trailer is it that guys Mr.Benedict in Ocean's series....??? Maybe looks alike? Arhhh ironman 2 is cool too. I want go to Comic Con in San Diego!!!!

NO!!! I must study harder!!!! Then after all i can enjoy both of this movie....YES!!!! I want to FIGHTS till the end!!!!!

Sherlock New Trailer.....( Fainted....)

Jul 8, 2009

Justin Bierber

This guys justin bierber....There's...emmm, i dont know, he is not the type of singer that i like but i feel like wanna talk about him.

He's only 15 years old and he can sing pretty good for kids at his age. And ya know who sign him? It's Usher....He's more likely a youtube singer before but now he got his single called one time. He looks like Jesse Mccartney...i mean maybe the way he's going to be something like Jesse type. The thing is he can play instrument but i think there's much more thing for him to learn.

He's still very young....Sometimes need to promote a bit younger singer haha. But gotta says he dont have a song that really got me. Too bad.