Nov 28, 2009

Giorgio Armani Attitude Extreme

This newly launch fragrance from Giorgio Armani smell so ''attracting''. Probably you guys should check it out about this fragrance.

I would probably want my men to have this fragrance then i would probably stick with him for the whole day long, smell so good and nice ....

A lil ''charm'' fragrance....Love it!!!

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Nov 27, 2009


Aftermath isn't that bad at all....

Yes, i'm freakin' love this song Aftermath by...? Glambert is the man!!! Love the lyrics...that's what i need.

At first i thought this is by Daughtry, because the beginning sounds a little alike to him. However enjoy this song.

(Lyrics is posted below the video....check it out)

Have you lost your way?
Livin’ in the shadow of the message that you made
And so it goes
Everything inside your circle starts to overflow
Take a step before you leap
Into the colours that you seek
You give back what you give away
So don’t look back on yesterday

Wanna scream out
No more hiding
Don’t be afraid of what’s inside
Gonna tell ya you’ll be alright
In the Aftermath
Anytime anybody pulls you down
Anytime anybody says you’re not allowed
Just remember you are not alone
In the Aftermath

You feel the weight
Of lies and contradictions that you live with every day
It’s not too late
Think of what could be if you rewrite the role you play
Take a step before you leap
Into the colours that you seek
You give back what you give away
So don’t look back on yesterday
Wanna scream out
No more hiding
Don’t be afraid of what’s inside
Gonna tell ya you’ll be alright
In the Aftermath

Before you break you have to change your own mind
Take a trip and fall into the pit
Tell a stranger that their view is full
So all you feel is love love
All you feel is love love

Nov 26, 2009

American Music Awards 2009

What it's all about for this year American music award? Controversy of course!!! Glambert steals the shows!!!

Ya, our Diva Mr. Glambert has received over 1500 complaints after his performance on the show.....Sigh. Actually i've been expecting on his performance, those glam and a lil' ''naughty'' stage performance but i never thought it will ended up with R-rated to the audiences.

Let's not talk about the contro first. Well taylor swift has swept away 5 awards in AMA...(Wow, shouldn't you left some for the others?), MJ did won 4 awards too....Rascal Flatts won AGAIN for Best country band, they did look a bit ''numb'' when they go on stage to get the awards....ya, of course, 4 years in a row, they must be like : ''What? Okay who takes home the awards this year? There are only 3 members in rascal flatts.''But i can see that they are getting huge and their music industry as well as em...body shape, even Joe Don did look a bit ''cute''. BEP won best pop group, Green day won best alternative pop.

Shakira didn't look like the shakira i know before, maybe the hair color?

Boom Boom Pow!!! Fergie looking good!!!

Gary : '' So now we decide to have voting to decide this 4th AMA to put at whose house?''
Joe Don : '' Ya, you just take it, i don't mind....''
Jay : '' about me?''

Last but not least!!!! Keith Urban finally won something, best male country artist of the year!!! Hooray!!! Like what keith said : '' I never won anything with nicole beside me...'' (no hidden meaning okay....) I'm really proud of him that's why he's top the darling list right now. After that, he performed Kiss A Girl. Janet jackson, Shakira, Jay-Z, Alicia keys, BEP and Daughtry also performs. No doubt Daughtry performance is cool!!! They're live performance guarantee. They rocks!!! Oh ya, forget to mentioned that Keith got a new tattoo for me!!!! Okay okay, not for me....i think it's for Sunday is it? Something like a sun on his chest, let me see clearer....hehe.

AMA potrait photo shooting

Finally, Glambert, oh what've you done??? Let's make it short. He involved oral sex (just stimulating the act) , kissing a male dancer and showing middle finger. Now you know why so many complaints on him...Let's not talk about the complaints. I would rather talks about his performance. Honestly, recently i can't get my ear off Glambert new song For your entertainment which is the song he performs in AMA. So i'm like expecting something from him....but, i mean although it is a debut performance from him after AI, he really have to work out for his stamina. His performance is a lil shaky and not as glam as i thought. I think probably he need to get some advice from Gaga that lady and probably madonna or Gwen Stefani. However, his high notes still as stable as usual.

Just wonder why bon jovi isn't invited to AMA since their new album is released....

So here's end 2009 AMA....

Nov 22, 2009

Magic tricks REMAKE!!!

Actually this few days i've been surfing the net watching magic trick performed by different magician (doing some stupid stuff while my final exam is coming, i'll say that i'm relaxing myself).

I've re-watch the statue of liberty tricks that performed by David Copperfield. Well, i really can't figure out how it is done. I think that David Copperfield is really cool and the reason why is he so famous because no other magician dare to take risks on trying new tricks at that time and all that his tricks is really stunning.

The main point of today article is actually write for Cyril, the rising star......i mean magician. I've watch his Cyril : Simply magic show, so i got a few ideas for him.

The first one is his burger tricks.....I just wonder when he's in Malaysia why don't he trying to do it on nasi lemak. I mean pull a nasi lemak out of the menu....haha that will be cool. I mean this is more ''fitted'' to a Malaysian. We get used to nasi lemak right?

The second one is he able to grab the water and change into syilling during his visit to Singapore. So how about when doing the teh tarik trick (''pulling'' the tea from one glass to another glass, this is NOT a magic trick) then change the teh tarik into syilling? Whoa, another impressive trick, haha. If Cyril really did this, i can say he is better that the David Blaine trick where he change a cup of coffee to sylling. I think that one is one of my favourite trick so far.

The third one will be the polo mint trick that he perform, i think Cyril's version is much more better than the others that i've watch before. You should check it out although when he performing that trick during the singapore interview, the hosts seems like not really impress, haha, that part is really funny. Actually at first i feel the same too, but something that he did is different from the others. Oh ya, forgot to say that....Cyril, why don't you try this trick on doughnut....??? I mean it will be kinda cool because he may get to be a advertise person for Krispy Kreme, Big Apple or J.Co. Mutual benefits right?

And last one the switching of chicken rice into asam laksa is really IMPRESS me! I want to learn that (I know it is impossible).Don't know why? I feel like i want to perform this trick to my grandma....Don't know how she will react, probably she will yelled at me ''Switch back to rice!!!'' Haha. How about next time you come to Malaysia switch Durian to Cempedak? Maybe you can keep the Durian the same but the content inside switch to cempedak. If he really did all of this, i'll....fainted haha. I really don't know what to say.

My mum say she want to send me to magic academy (of course i know she's kidding...=='') since i've been addicted to magic trick again (don't worry, i will go to ''rehab'' by myself). But i don't think i can be a magician because my palm is not qualify, too small!!! It's hard to perform a trick except i practice over and over again.

Nov 20, 2009

Robert Downey jr is going to RETIRED???

Oh, it's way too early......for Robert downey jr!!!

Well, he not really saying that he want to retired but only saying that he want to have his lives with his wife Susan Levin (a director...COOL) probably it will be good if he planning on having baby. Maybe trying to be a full time family man....whoa, cool!!!

But Mr. Downey seems to ''forget'' he's having some ''big project'' in his hands. Movie franchise like Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes sure can ''drag'' him for 5 to 7 years to go busying being Mr. Tony Stark as well as Holmes. Upcoming movie The an ''inevitable'' movie for Downey as well. And how if it is another franchise. Plus he's been ''nominated'' as the most anticipated actor to act on Spielberg upcoming hits Harvey Remake. Comedy ''due date''....and etc....So, Downey if you're really want to retired probably will happen only the earliest after 10 years from now. We NEED you in the movie big screen....

Oh ya, not to forget to mention...Downey get the fifth place in Sexiext Man Alive of People magazine. Congrats!!! I know you can make it!!!!

Okay, so finally just want to talk about Pirates of the Carribean 4 that Johnny Depp seems like not really interested in doing it. If...i say if Johnny Depp is really not doing it, and Jerry Bruckheimer, PLEASE don't find another one replace Captain Jack Sparrow (no one can replace him) but I'm HIGHLY RECOMMEND that robert downey jr is suit for the POTC role. He can make every character interesting. Maybe a brand new captain for Downey!!! I'll like to see him as a pirates but of course last but not least.....Johnny Depp is the only reason i'm watching POTC series. Captain Sparrow, let's join with the team to look for the fountain of youth...

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Nov 17, 2009

New Moon team Edward or team Jacob?

New Moon
Ya Twillight series has already hit the big screen in US premiere in Los Angeles.....although i'm not a twillight fans (the movie or the novel) but i think i can ''slightly'' talk about it (i know nothing about twllight, a lil outdated?).
I think this question has been ask so many times before. So i guess i can ''participate'' too. Team Edward or Team Jacob???

Edward is the vampire gang by Robert Pattison and Jacob is the werewolf gang....this is all i know about twillight and something like Bell got ''dumped'' by Edward (i think he's too cold for Bell), so in New moon this movie, Jacob take care of her and something happen but in the end Bell is going back to Edward. Too bad....i think the storyline is some sort like this if i'm wrong please correct me because i'm not really familiar with Twillight.

Team Edward?

Team Jacob? Hot Bods....

So which team i'll choose? I think i'll prefer Team Jacob, because i think Werewolf is cooler than vampire, and honestly i'm not really interested in either Edward or robert pattison (no offend) but as well as Taylor Lautner. Moreover, Jacob (taylor lautner) has a more masculine body in New moon. Taylor Lautner works really hard on that but of course not as much as Hugh Jackman did in Wolverine...(That is REALLY masculine). And is it team Jacob is more humanize? I don't know....

So i'm using an identity which are not a Twillight fans to comment on this question....

I guess i need to sometimes follow up the ''trends'' although this is not something i really want to post, haha. Maybe if they involve robert downey jr in the Eclipse, most probably i 'll watch Twillight. Then Downey will be a sexy vampire....or Twillight (dreaming again...).
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Nov 14, 2009

2012 review

The end is just the beginning....
Finally i've watch this movie....Overall i will say the impact and the visual effect is really cool in this movie but if i've to choose the storyline i will prefer the day after tomorrow. Not to say that 2012 storyline is bored.....this movie is great too, but only that i think the day after tomorrow is better.

First, i would like to say John Cusack is still hot....i think, emm he used to be hot that must be something about him. I think i slightly get it. Just slightly haha no offend to Cusack fans.

This movie shows the selfishness of the people and how the world is so unfair. AGAIN, i'm not the one to get ''chosen'' on board (T_T...why...i'm the one who left behind again). Well, they really built the ''Noah's Ark'' in this movie but with technology.

This movie not only about disaster but director included jokes in it too. Really funny. And all those disaster scenes is SO PERFECT!!! I can feel goosebumps....thumbs up!!! I really don't know how to describe, seeing those people hanging on the building during earthquake, the tsunami coming....volcano....WOW!!! And i saw the supermarket scene, i did pay attention on that part, good job.

But the first car scene is a little not logic (i know i shouldn't ever say not logic about a movie but if i'm really have to figure one out of this). Because it's a limousine, not a hummer.....==''

There are a lot of touching scene too. Appreciate evreything or everyone you have before you lose it. Like for the Tony guy in this movie, not able to speak with his son when the disaster come. Is this guy the professor X in X-men, they look alike. It have packed loads of action scene too.

By the way Mayan really did not predict end of world, just need to mention again...and Malaysia get swept away with most probably tsunami in this movie because i can ''almost'' saw Malaysia on the map when they predicting the tsunami area, i can see two or three tsunami around Malaysia. It is really HUGE one not those thousand feets wave but higher than that.

Two president choose to stay instead of leaving in this movie and only those with money can get onboard, even you are worker to build the ark but sorry...without money, you got no chance.

You can really see the reality of the world and for sure the disaster scene....that's cool!!! I wonder how the director gonna make a 4th disaster movie since this one is already ''heavy'' enough.

I think it is okay....but the starting is a little dragging. I'm enjoy all the disaster scene (no sarcastic meaning). You can check this movie out. Em, still thinking the day after tomorrow.

(PS : Saw the prince of persia trailer....COOL!!! It is direct by my fav Jerry Bruckheimer. Amelia is made into a movie...i didn't know that richard gere and ewan mcgregor is in it.)

Nov 12, 2009

2012 preview

We were warned....

This is the this movie has been a hot topic in the Hollywood before it ''hits'' the cinema. As well as a controversy too....

Many people is arguing over the ''facts'' using in this movie like putting on the rumors saying that Earth is going to destroyed and end.

Actually not Mayan predicting that 2012 will be the end of the world but only that their calender is until 21 st of December 2012. So by using this here comes this movie. I'm very exciting to watch this movie as soon as i can because the director Roland Emmerich is freakin' good in doing this kinda disaster movie.

But many of them say this is a crap movie....I don't really think so. John Cusack is in this movie!!! He once was a hot guy...but don't know whether in this movie is....em, because he's a daddy in this movie if not mistaken. Actually watching the trailer makes me feel like WHOA!!! It's gonna be so....COOL!!! Try to watch the trailer....But i think this is really more heavier IMPACT using in this movie compared to the last two...Independence Day and The Day after tomorrow . Like those earthquake and the worst we can imagine.

Get so excited because i'm going to watch this tommorow with my family. This kind of disaster movie is best to watch with family.

For sure, after watching it, i'll write a review on it soon. Is it a good or bad movie? Let's see!!!

Nov 7, 2009

It's only....Danny Gokey

Yes, finally it's Gokey's turn. I know he must suits country song....touching vocal, with the melody, it can't go wrong.

So this is a first singles from Gokey....It's Only. Actually i hope that there will be more melancholy song in Gokey album....Makes me cry everynight...I wouldn't mind, haha.

So let's enjoy this.....

PS : So far so good....for AI 8 top 4.

Nov 4, 2009

Cyril's Magic...

Cyril....Cyril may not familiar with this name...

How about some tips?

David Blaine...

Criss Angel...

....or a really famous one David Copperfield......

Got it? Cyril is a reputation rising cyber-magician or so called illutionist....I think most of you guys didn't know him but if i mention his famous trick, you'll say : ''Oh, he's that guy....'' His famous trick is that Hamburger trick...Not contest eating, okay.....

He can ''pull'' out a hamburger from a fast food menu...So you know now right?

He's a french-japanese...I first saw him in animax channel, found out like he's like really famous (now in Japan, very famous, he's also went to Las vegas...). There are few tricks by him...

There are one that he make an Audi R8 disappear...I don't impress on that one but i really got impress with the R8. Haha, another one is the coffee maker. That is okay but i think David Blaine make a cup of coffee turn into a cup of coins is much more interesting. But i really impress with the burger stuff by him....and the cigarette trick show that he's really good in hand trick.

Another one is his matrix lean trick, that is quite impressive. Some of them say that there are something to do with the shoe. I don't know but i think this trick is really cool. He can lean down without falling.

Personally if i would like to compare Criss Angel, David Blaine and Cyril Takayama (David Copperfield is not compared because he can't be compared...)....I will say that David Blaine is the best. Cyril is good too but you know at some point, i feel like his magic trick is too ''stage performance'', do you get what i mean? I can see that oh it can be arrange on stage. Not like David Blaine, he's like natural born magician, every trick he do really can amazed. Both of them remind me of the Prestige the movie.

However, quite interested with this guy...Cyril, erm...actually at some point, i feel like he looks a little bit like young keith urban...haha, i'm really amazed by his magic trick not his look. Looking forward to his new tricks....
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Nov 1, 2009

Glambert 2012

Yes Glambert a.k.a Adam Lambert, is singing for 2012 the movie. I think i love this song so much, where i'm so looking forward into this movie too. But will this song be another I don't wanna miss a thing....i guess it can actually be compared.

For Glambert, he's having a new album, for your entertainment. The album is call for your entertainment...not that i simply add in haha. I'm quite curious about his album new song...since that he can sing.....really high notes, okay, ha can sing very well too.

But i'm really like this song, it's call Time for Glambert the glamerous lambert.

Enjoy it!!!

PS : If this day really come, i hope that i can die with my family....if i really have to die...=='', because in 2012, i'm just graduated or even studying, so maybe couldn't be with my family. I will not feel regret if i got the chance to die with my family in 2012.....touch wood!!! Hope 2012 never happen, although from all the signs, it looks possible. Enjoy every moment while you like we're dying (by Kris Allen)....
OMG, why all AI 8 contestants singing this kinda song, is this a pre-sign??? Let's see what Gokey song title then....