Jun 30, 2011

Exclusive Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Trailer

You might get confuse by the title, but you should! Because Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a spy movie that the spy need to "catch" a mole that is hiding in the organisation. No, it's not a comedy, but the mole is usually refer as an espionage, a spy that work for the enemy.

Movie surrounding a bunch of talented and award nominated, winner actors like Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, John Hurt, Toby Jones, Mark Strong and Benedict Cumberbatch!! Let's check out the very FIRST, worldwide exclusive trailer of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy!

Basically, this is how you work out a thriller trailer.

Not an action overloading movie but more towards playing with the mind and strategy to dig out who's the MOLE! This must be thrill and hopefully mind blowing!!!! How do you think about the trailer?

(PS : Let's play some spy spying game......)

Jun 21, 2011

Castrol Magnatec Launching Event

Was invited to the Castrol Magnatec Launch by G Plus few weeks ago, took me so long to have this event posted....as I'm busying prepping as a freak scientist in lab for my project, out of topic.

Okay back to the event, it's held at Midvalley where Castrol the very fist company launching Castrol Magnatec by incorporating the Augmented Reality technology. So, we're brief by Mark Ng, the marketing director of Castrol Malaysia and Singapore!

Mark Ng briefing us the Castrol technology using technology, iPad 2....

He's checking out the AR technology .

Protected by the Castrol Magnatec oil from the dino using the AR interaction screen.

Interviewed by 8tv Quickie.

Q&A session.

This campaign is mainly about the importance of Instant Protection and explaining how the Castrol Magnatec protect the engine wear from friction problem. Castrol Magnatec will be having an innovative online AR game at their facebook page. Augmented Reality is always my favorite technology especially it comes to gaming and the last VGA is using the technology impress me well. But I never thought of a oil company like Castrol would have make use of AR technology to launch the Castrol Magnatec, this is real cool!

Media provided an opportunity to try out the game.

No more worry that Dino will bite and damage your engine with Castrol Magnatec.

An engine model.....

The Castrol Magnatec roadshow will be having around Malaysia. The last stop will be at One Utama Shoppping Centre at August. So stop by and check it out!

(PS : I start to love launching event! And one blogger from Nuffnang won an iPad 2, how cool it is!)

Jun 19, 2011

My Worst Nightmare at McDonald : Receipt soaking in their drinks!!!

At this moment, I'm feeling angry, like really angry and disappointed after having a McValue set at McDonald. Why? Well, let me tell you guys, my miserable experience at McD which happened today, ya....Father's day! Not the services, or the staff....

So, me and my dad have a drive-thru at Aman Puri McDonald's and bought a set of McValue McNuggets and ice creams. We get back home and have our McD meals, enjoy a father-daughter happy lunch time together and things turn out to be a rather terrify and horrify lunch time.

Was sipping the McD coke that I almost finish and hand it over to my Dad....so my Dad open the cap to finish it off and guess what......WE FOUND A RECEIPT INSIDE THE DRINKS!!!!! You didn't hear us wrong, it's a piece of receipt!!!! Check out the photos below.

First glance, we thought it's a paper which ald shock enough for us!

Soaking inside the drink.....

Dad grab it out and....it's a receipt!

Close up : the receipt!

Shock us to the max and first thought came in my mind, what the heck I've been drinking, a receipt paper in the McD drinks, I wanna know what else in there!!! So, this is how McDonald deals with their food hygiene control!!!!!???? You have a HUGE PIECE of RECEIPT PAPER IN YOUR DRINK!!!! This is how one of the biggest worldwide fast food franchise store, McDonald dealing with their food and serve it to the customer!?? I'm very angry, disappointing as I've been eating McDonald for YEARS!!!! McDonald's slogan I'm lovin', it is not working for me now, it's rather like I'm disgusted and hatin' it.

This is my receipt for buying the McValue set today where the receipt in the drink incident happened to me.

I hope McDonald's take action of this, you guys are really disappointing me by having this kinda food services, control or management (I don't know how to call this...) which me and my dad has ingested the drink WITH THAT PIECE OF RECEIPT SOAKING IN IT!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!

(PS : Please do check out your foods and drinks before you eat or drink! This is a really worst nightmare for me at McD. :( )

Jun 17, 2011

Pottermore, a "secret letter" from JK Rowling

Calling all Potter fans!!! JK Rowling has sent an owl with a message to us lately, the Pottermore, it's a website that become a massive phenomenon, at least in the wizarding and Potterhead world. People wondering, what is this Pottermore all about?

It's not from Hogwarts, not from Dumbledore but from JK Rowling, the writer....

It's killing all the Potter fans as all of them trying to dig this thingy out!

Here's the link to the Pottermore website : http://www.pottermore.com/

It's a website with JK Rowling signature stating there "Coming soon" with the two owls standing besides. Then, there's a HIDDEN link in the website itself which lead you to a video saying that JK Rowling will be having a BIG announcement next Wednesday or Thursday, with a clock tickling there, counting down the BIG day coming to us.

Well based on the title, Pottermore, it's definately has something to do with Harry Potter. More Potter? Well, from my own observation and analysis.....I'm a terrible investigator, there are two owls from the Pottermore website and 6 owls from the video website...stating there the owls are gathering, find out why. So, it can be the book 8....Harry Potter 8 where JK Rowling state the possibility saying that she will do the 8th book for charity if she ever write it. This can be the charity one, or Pottermore, maybe she decide to do a prequels.....which I will be on cloud nine. The other possibility will be, it's either a Potter related online gaming or a Potter social networking site....urgh, yes....that's what I'm predicting.

Here you go, what is Pottermore based on Urbanae's view :
-it can be....Harry Potter book number 8, which I have no idea what's all about because You-Know-Who no longer here other than write about Potter and the gang happily ever after life.
-it can be....Potter the prequel, let's talk about how the Marauders, Snape, Voldy and the rest when they were young....that would be really INTERESTING!
-it can be....Harry Potter online game, pretty cool....let's see which house you belong to and how you fight against each other.
-it can be...social networking site only for the Potterheads. Yessss.....

Whatever it is.....we will know when the day come. NOOOOOOO! I wanna know it now. Anyone know where to find JK Rowling...??? She needs to tell me NOW! Like RIGHT NOW....!!! *searching for fireplace and Floo powder*

(PS : Oh JK Rowling is sooo bad, squeezing my brain!!! I'm definately not belong to Ravenclaw.)

Jun 10, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 NEW poster released and trailer.

Potterheads, here you go! The 10 posters of HP and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is finally released!!

Awesome features of all the main characters!

It's been a long time and finally it is, the moment they release the one, the epic finale of the book series in cinema, the Deathly Hallows Part 2. A few things to be mentioned about the Part 2 of Deathly Hallows is that they going to change the way that professor Snape died in the movie. He won't be killed by the Snake and will be killed in a different way. Oops, am I revealing spoiler? So whatever, I think most of the Potter fans ald knew Snape will died in the last one.

Hope the director will make Snape's death go beautifully. However, they will shorten the reminiscence of Snape about Lily and change a bit on that. Well, my words to the director, please don't try to touch or change anything about Snape's reminiscece or memory in the movie or else you will ruin it. Please do as how the book carry out the part perfectly, I hope JK Rowling gaves the director a lot of advice on that! Well, let's check out a piece of new trailer from the part 2 and the featurettes that features te beginning till the seventh movie's bits!

It's gonna be EPIC!

They've all grown up, aren't they?

Can't wait for the Hogwarts battle! And for Lupin and Sirius Black fans, they will have a brief appearance in Part 2 of Deathly Hallows too. Hope it's not too short. Probably will be the jungle with the philosopher stone scene.

So, what you think of the new trailer and the Deathly Hallows part 2 movie? Personally it looks quite promising for me, but no matter how gonna check out the movie! I wanna heard Snape said the words "Look at me, Harry!" and the part where he said "Always"!

(PS : If the movie is not as good as I expect and not as beautiful as the book written (the book is the best!), I'm gonna gives David Heyman, the director Avada Kedavra!)

Jun 5, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 review : Way too hilarious

Po, and the Furious Five is back! This time, it's not only about the Kung Fu fighting but Po will be able to trace back who's his parents.

They are back, with a stronger cast, more interesting storyline and awesome graphic.

Po (Jack Black) and the Furious Five head up to Gongmen city to fight against Lord Shen (Gary Oldman) who create a deadliest weapon to vanish Kung Fu and rule the whole China. Other than fighting Lord Shen, Po needed to find out who's his real parents after he knew that Mr. Ping is not his father (we all knew that!).

Mr. Ping and Po, what a lovely pair of father and son.

I gotta say that Kung Fu Panda 2 is freakin hilarious and I can't help myself by laughing from the beginning of the animation till the end. Obviously, we can see that the Furious Five getting better with Po than the first movie. And this time around, the director and the animation crews shows us the sentimental side of both Po and Tigress. How Po need to find out his real parents but yet he don't feel like hurting Mr.Ping, his goose dad's feeling. Oh god, I love Mr. Ping so much after this one. He's just so nice and funny.

When Mr. Ping first met with Po.

Baby Po, awwww so cute isn't it?

But, what grab my attention in Kung Fu Panda 2 is Soothsayer (Michelle Yeoh) and Lord Shen (Gary Oldman). Lord Shen is the baddies but he crack me up for a several times in the cinema. I don't know but in the end I found that Lord Shen looks so funny and foolish in some point. He's real funny especially the first time he met with Po. And of course, my laughing point fell at when Soothsayer keep eating Lord Shen's robe whenever Lord Shen didn't notice! And I don't know that Michelle Yeoh, the Soothsayer got a quite big part of role in this one. I love her character as well, funny but didn't lose the wise in her.

Lord Shen killer moves.

Well, I think Lord Shen is a really cool baddies in this one. I mean he got a real cool moves, he looks classy cool and beautiful when he got his feather open and throws out the feather dagger, I think that's the name of the weapon. No doubt, in Kung Fu Panda 2, Gary Oldman is the one that master the voice-work for his character the best! The way he do his voice for Lord Shen is really like the master class. Pssss, he voice for Sgt Reznov in Call of Duty and also in Medal of Honor and some animation. So, no doubt he's good. Let's check out the behind the scene of his voicing for Lord Shen.

Cool, ain't it? The dragon dance scenes when they first reach Gongmen city is really hilarious too. Before I went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, some of them refer this one is almost as good as Toy Story 3. I will say no for that, this one is good but Toy Story 3 still the best animantion so far. I don't find the part where Po separate from his parent is really touching, it's just go okay for me. I mean Kung Fu Panda 2 can be consider as a successful sequel and I can't wait for the next one.

Seriously, I can't find my inner peace when watching this film as it is way too hilarious. Nice flick, worth to catch it for the second time.

(PS : I wish they will bring back Lord Shen for the third one, i mean the last scene didn't really show that he's ald dead right? Michelle Yeoh first voicing experience get a PASS from us. Well done, Datuk! )

Jun 4, 2011

Market Hall Pavillion : Piz and Pasta!

Went to Pavillion and check out a flick with friends the another day, Priest, bad movie day....something like Assassins Creed fighting over not-scary-at-all vampire who looks like a tremors, it ends with a not-so-cool ending. So, me and my friend immediately go and get some bites after the movie.

After some "survey" and "observation", we stop by an European style restaurant that offer different kinda food range from mainly pasta and piz, to risotto, sandwiches, burger and western dishes. So, we give it a try since we are craving for some cheesy piz bitez.

Graffiti on the wall.

Open style kitchen, feel free to have a look at the chef working.

The environment is pretty relaxing and comfort.

This is not an illusion.

We grab the menu and ask the waiter to give some reccomendation for us. Cool thing about their pizza is you can have your own choice of toppings but not so cool is that you have limited freedom where they won't let you to do your own style of choice of toppings for your pizza, probably they afraid that we would ruin the taste, I guess. They will guide you through during the choosing of toppings. So, we ordered a pizza and a smoked salmon sandwich, I mean how can I let loose any chance of eating smoked salmon.

Apetiting bitez on bread stick.

The puree sauce is real good.

The food came faster than we thought. Was expecting they will take some times, so I was quite impress by the speed they serve their food to the customers. So, here's the food.

Served with a big wooden "plate", which eat up quite a lot of space.

The piz with grilled chicken, gorgonzola cheese, mixed mushroom.

Ripped those piz into pieces.

Smoked salmon sandwich wrapped in paper, served along with vege salad and french fries.

Complete view.

Sliced off view, see those smoky salmon inside, with my favourite cream cheese.

The pizza is quite okay. It's pretty well baked, the dough is just nice. I like the cheese but not for my friend as it is consider as a heavyweight in taste for the gorgonzola cheese. The taste is quite cheesy and "goaty", my friend keep telling me, "Oh god I feel like I'm stuffing a whole goat into my mouth". I think the waiter didn't recommend and consider the customer's prefer taste, as when we ask him to recommend the cheeses for us, he straight away recommend this one. I will like to suggest to them, maybe they can ask the customer if they like the light or heavy taste of cheese.

As for the smoked salmon sandwich, as an expert of smoked salmon, I judge them with my own experience of eating smoked salmon, it is not a satisfy one, it's not smoky enough, it's like eating a fresh salmon that you can barely tell it's a smoked salmon. The cream cheese is good but too little in amount. Me and my friend come to an union opinion that the dough is way to hard and we having a hard times to chew and bite the dough. No next time for that smoked salmon thingy! Was really disappointing as I give hope whenever I saw a smoked salmon dishes.

Our fries on the floor, I wonder how my pal end up the flying fries landed safely on the floor.

The way they packed our food, good that they go green for that, paper food packing!

One thing that really disatisfying us is that we went to Market hall during a weekdays, there are like 2 to 3 table of customer in the restaurant, and they are having more than 10 waiter and waitress there but when we asking for sauces or order, no one really came to serve us. And we waited so long for them to refill our water. I'm strongly offend and not happy with their services where a simple task like refilling the customer water took them so long to do that. I gotta say that their customer service is poor which come to a level I would refer it as bad. Only after I mention to them about their services, they start to come to our table and ask us how was the dishes and etc. Must have been one of the worst services of western restaurant I ever been.

The price mainly range within RM 20 to Rm 40 or RM 50. I think if you can go for a try for their pizza. I think I will give it one more try for the risotto before I "reject" them.There are some wines and desert too but our aims for the day is to get some piz bitez so didn't manage to give it a try.

( PS : Environment is okay, food is okay, services....urgh. )