Jun 29, 2009

Black iron man suits???

Em I've been reading rumors talks about Iron Man 2 that the suit will be in black color...which is modified by Tony stark.

Gosh, he's hot enough...i mean Robert Downey jr....a black iron man suit....Woowoo~~

Of course this time Stan Lee....which well known with his involvement in each marvel movie will be cameo in Iron Man 2. There's rumors said that he 'll be the Larry King in Iron Man world interview Tony Stark.....Arhh can't wait for that.

The cast of Iron Man 2 is really a strongest attractive point although without them, if only RDJ i'm okay with it too. But with Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard....I'm quite confidence with him although i'll hope that Terrence still the one. And Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johanssen who will respectively be Tony Stark 's enemy and ''lover''. Wow....cool. Not to forget to mention Jon Favreau the director as happy hoogan, Tony Stark's driver and bodyguard in the movie....Many didnt noticed about that. I'm very interesting with this haha. Director as a cameo actor. Samuel L jackson in it too. Gwyneth Paltrow....this character should played by me...wakaka. Just kidding.

So it will be released somewhere around may like Iron Man first released date. Wait for that....

Jun 27, 2009

Real life Iron Man

This is why Robert Downey jr is cast to play Tony stark a.k.a Iron Man. Because he is iron man in real life too.

This is a news that i found on the net :

Robert Downey Jr. saved a film extra from a rampaging robot.

The 44-year-old actor halted shooting on 'Iron Man 2' and rushed to help the man, who had been injured during a scene.

A source said: 'Robert charged into a live scene yelling, 'Cut! Cut!' The extra was writhing on the ground in agony after a rampaging evil robot smashed him flat.'
The extra had been involved in a sequence which saw a group of people running away from a group of robotic villains.

Although the man was accidentally hit by a stuntman in an iron costume, filming continued because no-one noticed he was in pain.

The source added to the National Enquirer magazine: 'Cameras kept cranking until Robert, who wasn't in the scene, suddenly noticed one extra twisting in pain and moaning, 'Help, I've broken something.' '

Robert called for paramedics and comforted the man until they arrived.

The injured extra was taken to hospital, where he was diagnosed with a broken hip.

How nice of him.....

Jun 12, 2009

Night At The Museum 2

This movie is awesome!!!!

And i think it is much more funny than Night At The Museum 1...(Most of the sequel of an movie is worst than the first one...). I thought that since we know all the character in the first one so the second one will be bored. BUT it is a NO...it is fun because much more new character is involved like Einstein, Mr Lincon, Dark Vaders from Star War (he's real funny in this movie, and not that evil...), the cupid, the thinkers, and many more.

The whole story didnt bored me. I'm freaking love the 3 cupid when they come alive in the night and start to sing...Bee gees song with beat boxing...and singing my heart will go on in the ''right'' times. They even sing Jo Bros song...lovebug. They're so cute!!!

And actually the thinker...in this movie is sooo....SIGH. Only interested in girls....=='' But he's so masculine.

Einstein is very funny too. They're like those shaking head dolls...bunch of them-EINSTEIN!!! They mention about Pi too. Remember, maths things that we learn in form 6. Haha.

The part where Amelia the first women who fly by plane to the atlantic fell in love in Ben Stiller character but couldnt be with him because she's just a dolls or should i say wax. That part is very sad. Arrrr this movie is so good!!!

That's why the box office is so damn good. You know last time there was like Robert Downey jr making movie with Ben stiller, Robert like showing how cool it is he's as ironman, showing him the picture and things. And now you know what...I think Ben Stiller can shows Downey how cool he is in this movie and all the picture stuff to him. Thumbs up for Ben Stiller!!!

Must watch this movie before it is off screen. And remember dont straight away go out of the cinema after the movie ends. There's still little scene which is quite ''cool'' in the end.

Jun 10, 2009

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Okay this is a movie's name.

Finally gotta watch the movie from the beginning till the end.

Actually i think this movie is quite funny plus a little stupid....Haha. This is a movie talks about how a new yorker ends up being a actor ''accidently''and involves in a murder case investigate unprecedentedly.

Moving lots of corpse in this movie

Of course starring Robert Downey jr (today known as Iron Man) and Val Kimmer (used to known as the best Batman of all time). So robert Downey jr is the guy who is the new yorker named Harry Lockhart and stealing things all the time. On christmas day, while he stealing for his nephew christmas present, his best friend who along him stealing is shot to dead.

On the right time, when Harry is running from cops, he escape to a room which is doing an audition for a movie. So the audition scene is just so right because it is doing a scene that about the actor's best friend died. So harry just express it all out and get chosen. Then he met with Perry (Val kimmer) who is GAY, and the plot starting to the main point as they ''accidently'' investigate in a murder case.

Actually Robert Downey jr plays a really dumb role in this movie but it is really funny, it's kinda can compared to Brad Pitt's role in Burn after reading. But he really loyal in this movie to a girl who is his playmates since they were young. Oooohhh like him so much and he looks so good in this movie. Well he's again...never disappoint me in any of his movie. I mean except for Tropic Thunder BUT if you've watch Tropic Thunder, you can tell he's the only one with the master class of acting skill, not that because i like him so i said that.

Robert also do the voice for the opening and some sort ;like storyteller. It is really funny. Because when in the end, Perry (Val Kimmer role) who is shot and didnt died and sitting on a wheel chair to visit Harry who is injured. Robert like saying:'' Everytime when you know there's the good one shot and didnt died and have to have a scene with him ,and it's like all the movie is like that so why dont we bring back all the dead....'' As the scene is rolling, where Perry ''wheelchairing'' into Harry's ward. All the bad guys who died follows him in....That's part was funny.

Val Kimmer's role is interesting too and in this movie he's keeping calling Robert idiot, moron....and insulting him. I pretty like the kissing part where Val just grab on Robert and kiss...haha of course Robert resist it so much in the movie as well as outside the movie. This movie is freaking funny, i mean especially the conversation between them.

And last, just found out Robert Downey jr's son is involved in this movie too. The last part where the actor list is out, i just realize. Guess who he act as? The young little Harry, where is his father's younger role in this movie. Man, his son is all grown up now and very handsome too.Like father like son. Can i own both of them? Oh gosh how can i have this kind of thinking....Wake up, you can only have his father! Sorry out of topic....

Downey's son and wife

Well besides that, there's a torture scene...where Harry (Downey) and Perry (Val Kimmer) is captured by the bad guys. Harry got his most ''important'' part electrically shocked by a machine. Haha poor Downey. And he got his finger cut off too in this movie of course is Harry the character did and not Downey.

Well this movie is well...great i think. Watchable. Emm...funny, yet brain is required to use to think in this movie.

I'm getting in love deeper and deeper to RDJ...Can't help it.

Demyx is too hard to fight!!!

Oh man, i'm playing Kingdom hearts 2 again....

And this time my opponents is Demyx....ohhh, how can it be? My favourite character of all.

He looks cool but actually he've a really cute personalities....BUT the other problems is he's too strong!!! He fights with his sitar...OMG whenever he start saying Dance water dance~~I feel so bad coz he's too STRONG!

Demyx Pictures, Images and Photos

But actually he don't like fighting althought he is under organization 13th. Sigh...now i just found out he is one of the most frustrating boss fight in KH 2...But i wont give up for that, even the stupid giant lizard in KH can't take me down since i fight with IT for a thousands time for some stupid reason. Although i really like Demyx so much and he's going to died sooner or later. Sad to hear that....

Demyx Pictures, Images and Photos

R.I.P , my dear Demyx....

Jun 9, 2009

Adam Lambert Said It Out

Finally, Adam Lambert admit it on the Rolling Stones magazines that He's gay. Ya, not surprised at all and i think he've done a good job on handling this issue. Here's the link, http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2009/06/09/the-new-issue-of-rolling-stone-the-liberation-of-adam-lambert/

I got no offence on gay issue...and i'm okay with it. Personally i think that Adam is kinda cool choosing a RIGHT and HUGE magazine to admit his sexuality. Haha Rolling Stones....wow, even Kris didnt have a interview with RS magazines. And actually gay people is the same like the others, just dont get it why some people like discriminate them.

Of course i dont think i will involve myself in it, but words cant be said too early, sometimes you will regret...haha. Just like Danny didn't comfortable with the gay issue since he's a passion christian just like the green turtle. So i can get it. There're variety of people on earth so....

I think this is the second times Adam on RS. He can be huge...i mean like a real superstar.

Well hopes he makes an album soon. Quite exciting on what kind of album he make.

Jun 7, 2009

Monster V.S Alien

Today i watched Monster VS Alien which is my most anticipate cartoon of the year.

Watch it with my family where my mum feels like she got cheated again by me like last time i bring her along to watch her ''menantu'' (hehe) Robert Downey jr's ironman.

I think this movie not really suitable for kids. Erm i mean it's fun but most kids didnt understand since it's involve with science and chemistry thing and i can see some kids didnt understand and keep asking their parents.

But however this movie didnt much disappoint me. And i like it so much. Wahahaha. I'm so into Hugh Laurie a.k.a Dr.House character's in this movie....Dr.Cockroach. Which is the character where i claim that it is copy from my big eyes monster figure....it looks too alike. I create it before this movie....The cockroach a.k.a Dr. Phd is a mad scientist. And whatever experiment he do, he will make a freaks 's laughter before the experiment. But he's genius.

And Bob the jello monster is cute too, he's brainless...hahaha. He's like whatever story you tell him, later he 'll thought that, that is his story. And the missing link which is a fish that can walk??? They're monster...so here he is. Always like to act tough in front of female. But all is kind monster . ....ooohh almost forgot the insectirous....very HUGE but very CUTE too.

Erm there're plenty of ''stupid'' part in this movie (which is hilarious...) Like Bob the jello thought that jelly is the same kind of his and try to flirt with the JELLY...=='' My mum say this movie is okay okay. My dad enjoy it. I'll say go and check out this movie. It's....rocks! Haha. Finally gotta see my favourite cartoon this year.

Hooray...(my dad still think that i've brought him to watch alien V.S predator...=='' He just can't remember the movie's name.)

Jun 3, 2009

The sims 2 : Castaway

Actually i played this game few weeks back. Found out, the sims 2 castaway is such a great game. It's mode and game progress is slightly different from usual the sims.

First the story talks about you and a bunch of friends on a yacht party. Suddenly a storm hit your yacht and you seperated with your friends and when you wake up, you found yourself in an island alone.

So it is a story mode. You have to find your friends and explore the island. Besides that, you DONT have to work like The sims the usual do. BUT you have to go find food like stab fish, plug fruits and vegetables, catch chicken or find clams. The most stupid thing is i cant really stab a fish. You have to capture the moment where the fish is near to you that you'll get one. And hunting hog is really dabgerous because the hog will attack you suddenly. So you have to keep your stamina full.

But you have to entertain yourself too like playing music instrument made by clams and berries so you have to collect all the collectibles. Besides that you have to build roof first if not you can't sleep in rainy days or else find a caves. Like what i do, i build my house (not really a house) in a caves. Feel more safety.

The worst part is you have to socialise but there's no one to talk to in the island at first. What you do? Talk to a chimp...=='' Very stupid right? But you have to. Or you can plug a banana and pretend as a phone and talk with the banana. So banana or chimp? You choose either. But if you found your friends then this can be solved.

But the character looks and cloth is limited compared to The Sims 2. But Castaway is made by details. Like male will grows beard when times go by. And our hair will grow longer and longer....Besides, your cloth will scratch and tear if you explore a lot on the island so you wont wear something that is perfect. And when you walk by the mountain or caves wall, that's your shadow there too. When raining, there's thunder too.

So far havent face any problem yet but it's kinda hard to find all the collectible items. I have to travel back to first island to create new stuff like rope by using some leaf and sensai. So difficult.

So there's only things that is not satisfy....Can't create really details human. But can put on beard. Wakakaka. However still looking forward the sims 3. I WILL BUY.

Haha just found out people modify Roberty Downet jr in The Sims 2.

Haha...but not handsome. The real one is better.

Of course there's Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Tom Cruise, Bon Jovi...and bla bla bla being modify. You guys can take a look. But no Keith Urban yet...but he modified in others games.

Jun 2, 2009


Recently, there's rumors say that NKU, a.k.a Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is going to adopt a Vietnamese.

However,there's so not true about it. From the adoption centre of Vietnam government speakman. Something like thjat, prove it isn't true.

Urban wearing cute little bunny shirt. So CUTE!!!

Talks about adoption. Actually NKU can consider to adopt me...wakakaka. I really don't mind about it and i'll be so happy. Then the title will be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban added a Malaysian-chinese daughter to their family by adoption...wakakaka!

Then i'll get to see Uncle Downey...since robert downey jr is very close to nicole kidman. And Uncle Bon Jovi too, since Keith Urban friends with him. That must be soooo good!!!

Okay i'm dreaming again....

Jun 1, 2009

Twillight zone....

Sigh....after a few months, again i getting lost....again.

Again, i'm suspicious about the road i chose. Am i really suitable for this? I mean how if i really can't get into university. But in the same time i don't know what'm i going to study. However i try to keep myself to stick with science. Since i really hate accounting. Plus, i really cant involve much in my own dreams. Damn it.

Why life have to be like this? Why i can't do something that i like? If at the beginning i stay still with my dreams, will it change? I'm so sad. Because the deeper i get into science, the harder i can get out of it to study another subject.

Life is clueless and aimless....
Actually i've been saying that i really want to study overseas but...i don't even know what i wanna study. Moreover financial problems. Will my future be just like that....Just simply past my whole life. This isn't what i want.I ask my mum will everything be fine after all, that i just let it go, just follow whatever it is. She says no, you have to make a choice.

I really don't know...How good it is if i own a compass of my life. I need a guide but i didnt get one, what can i do.
I'm in the twillight zone....