Jun 10, 2009

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Okay this is a movie's name.

Finally gotta watch the movie from the beginning till the end.

Actually i think this movie is quite funny plus a little stupid....Haha. This is a movie talks about how a new yorker ends up being a actor ''accidently''and involves in a murder case investigate unprecedentedly.

Moving lots of corpse in this movie

Of course starring Robert Downey jr (today known as Iron Man) and Val Kimmer (used to known as the best Batman of all time). So robert Downey jr is the guy who is the new yorker named Harry Lockhart and stealing things all the time. On christmas day, while he stealing for his nephew christmas present, his best friend who along him stealing is shot to dead.

On the right time, when Harry is running from cops, he escape to a room which is doing an audition for a movie. So the audition scene is just so right because it is doing a scene that about the actor's best friend died. So harry just express it all out and get chosen. Then he met with Perry (Val kimmer) who is GAY, and the plot starting to the main point as they ''accidently'' investigate in a murder case.

Actually Robert Downey jr plays a really dumb role in this movie but it is really funny, it's kinda can compared to Brad Pitt's role in Burn after reading. But he really loyal in this movie to a girl who is his playmates since they were young. Oooohhh like him so much and he looks so good in this movie. Well he's again...never disappoint me in any of his movie. I mean except for Tropic Thunder BUT if you've watch Tropic Thunder, you can tell he's the only one with the master class of acting skill, not that because i like him so i said that.

Robert also do the voice for the opening and some sort ;like storyteller. It is really funny. Because when in the end, Perry (Val Kimmer role) who is shot and didnt died and sitting on a wheel chair to visit Harry who is injured. Robert like saying:'' Everytime when you know there's the good one shot and didnt died and have to have a scene with him ,and it's like all the movie is like that so why dont we bring back all the dead....'' As the scene is rolling, where Perry ''wheelchairing'' into Harry's ward. All the bad guys who died follows him in....That's part was funny.

Val Kimmer's role is interesting too and in this movie he's keeping calling Robert idiot, moron....and insulting him. I pretty like the kissing part where Val just grab on Robert and kiss...haha of course Robert resist it so much in the movie as well as outside the movie. This movie is freaking funny, i mean especially the conversation between them.

And last, just found out Robert Downey jr's son is involved in this movie too. The last part where the actor list is out, i just realize. Guess who he act as? The young little Harry, where is his father's younger role in this movie. Man, his son is all grown up now and very handsome too.Like father like son. Can i own both of them? Oh gosh how can i have this kind of thinking....Wake up, you can only have his father! Sorry out of topic....

Downey's son and wife

Well besides that, there's a torture scene...where Harry (Downey) and Perry (Val Kimmer) is captured by the bad guys. Harry got his most ''important'' part electrically shocked by a machine. Haha poor Downey. And he got his finger cut off too in this movie of course is Harry the character did and not Downey.

Well this movie is well...great i think. Watchable. Emm...funny, yet brain is required to use to think in this movie.

I'm getting in love deeper and deeper to RDJ...Can't help it.

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