Dec 31, 2008

New beginning!!!

Times fly away with the speed of light...(bullshit, when i start to talk like this...)

Again is the end of 2008 and the begin of 2009.....

Like kingdom hearts : Starting a new journey may not be so hard but maybe it has already begun...there are many world but they share the same sky one destiny....

Hope the starting of 2009 will take us to the destiny....peace and happiness...

Although there are lots of unpleasant things happen in 2008 but i'm feeling sad to end 2008 because i going through a really up and down years of mine.....i share happiness and all things end like a lightning. I finish my last years of's like a dream...

But i really looking forward to bring new hope to me...
I'm going to work hard because i dont wanna waste another years anymore....
Hopefully all my wish'll comes true in 2009....and less disaster....

(PS : And bon jovi come to malaysia...hehe....)

Dec 30, 2008

Burn after reading....really funny!!!

Go and watch this movie....

Just finish watching burn after reading...well, what can i say, Coen brothers again produced another great movie, Really moron ( i mean the storyline) but funny. Casting some A-lister of hollywood like buddies brad pitt and george clooney, john malkovich , and tilda swinton...

Brad pitt funniest perfomance......

Well, i really like brad pitt perfomance in this film because HE STEALS THE SHOW, out shining than anyone else in the movie. When he shows up, there is sure funny things happen. He act like a fool all the time, singing and dancing.
George clooney...i just found in a certain angle
of him looks a bit resemble to robert downey jr,
Meanwhile for george clooney, uhmm.....funny too but not as good as brad, looks like he lose to his buddies that's why he murder brad pitt in the movie. Haha. And for john malkovich, i like his personalities of his character...haha this makes him get divorced from his wife in the movie...
And dont say i didn't remind is a R-rated movie....
Guess what??
The F word is being used almost more than 60 times in this movie by almost all of the actors...well the shit word also well ''used'' in this movie...
And it is a really great movie about a bunch of moron live foolishly in the life and the whole storyline really nonsense and stupid but in the end of the movie, i felt i'm the most stupid person because i'm watching such a stupid movie haha. ^_^'''
(PS : it's really funny...)

Dec 18, 2008

Jon bon jovi with nice!!!

See!! Jon bon jovi take picture with AAAAA~~~MO...haha amo...amo...amo....!!!

Dec 16, 2008

Shirtless Sherlock holmes without a moustaches???

Guy ritchie the director create a brand new sherlock holmes image....

Robert downey jr is required to take off his shirt during a scene and there is already a photo all over the net but i'm not going to put it because...sigh, robert is muscular but he looks quite thin too...errrr guy should ask him to gain some pound before he shoot the scene!!!

And robert downey jr isn't forced by guy ritchie to grow a moustaches like he ask jude law to. Weird but i still looking forward to it....

(PS: Gain some pounds...robert!!! Did you hear me...??)

Dec 14, 2008

thanks for the birthday present!!!

Yesterday i just found out something
Dont you think that RDJ looks like
tamama, both have a big big eyes haha

Now i'm officially thanks for the present that the green thing (SIRIM company ) and the red cat...

Thank you Thank you!!!

It such a suprise when i still wondering about the magazine then the red cat keep asking me where i hide the magazine...haha coz i dont want other people to saw it since it is the last piece that left.

See RDJ achievement!!!

That is really funny coz when the red cat keep ask and ask and ask where i hide it,at that point i still wondering whether to buy it or nor and moreover where i hide the magazine doesn't bother the red cat so i'm like ignore the cat at first. Then after i show to the cat then ''it'' tell me that the green thing already discuss to buy it as a present.

Like this nice!!!

haha what a suprise!!!

Wall E is also one of the entertainer
of the year...

Of course we didnt miss out the dark
knight..i mean the joker...Salute!!

And there are much more funny journey with the cat after those green thing went home with the tortoise and the coconut. There are twoconsider as handsome guys asking for direction and i didnt listen properly then just answer YES!!! Before we take the train, the cat and i found that there is a TOWER RECORD on the opposite, this never appear before. And we begin our journey. I was so afraid of misleading the 2 consider handsome guy and after one stop, both go off the train and i know i should said no at the begin
When the train go on and on something really weird happen because the cat and i reacxh a station call chow kit and ya know what, we never reach a station that call chow kit in the way back before. Then we just run out of the train because we dont want to be like harry potter like what he reach when he take the train.....
We quickly take another train because there are many chicken there...that is DANGEROUS!!!
Then we make sure we take on the right train on the way back.......we confirm all the station each we reach.....Then we saw valkyrie on the way back too....a guy with an eye patch. And we reach home safely but is very late at the night....On another day, when we talk about the journey again we just found that the train that we take is slightly lie to one side due to overload....Cant believe!!!

Dec 9, 2008

Intimate relationship in HAND interview

I like jon's smirk...hmm where's richie??

That is freakin' funny on the HAND interview that i saw on youtube. I dont know whether richie is drunk or what...he talks like???

So cool together....

Erhh not a word to describe!! When the host ask what misconception that really bother them (bon jovi member), richie answer seriously saying that is a rumours say that he has a small xxxxx and then he laugh. So when the host want to continue, he keep saying that is big....ok i really dont want to talk further about this but it is real funny. And he act cute in that interview too. He's funny.

Then when come across with david bryan the pianist, he say that ''We're like to having fun with each other...'' OOOhhh!!! then he quickly explain not playing in the way that we are thinking..haha. They afraid some really intimate relationship reveal to us. Then he says that jon can dunk a basketball although he is the shortest among them.....(not really, but HE CAN DUNK!!!)
Jon serenade to richie....?? Yes it can be...haha
Meanwhile, jon hate the most when it comes to photo session and music video shooting. He said he feel painful when he did it and during the interview he cursing all the time in a rockstar way, haha. There are one part when he is interviewed, suddenly he told the producer: ''hey i'm fxxxing working here....Fxxxing working ya know'' i try to tawk,'' Haha he talks in a jersey accent ya of course he's jersey boy.And when they ask david about what they are like now. David answer it in a very serious way and he said we are like young angry 18 years old then he added i'm just kidding jon. haha he like to play with jon. Jon then say i like the keyboard especially his handsome tooth ( david's tooth). Oh richie will be jealous then. And in the video they like record it without letting 4 of them know they are recording....and guess what i saw....behind the photo session jon walk so close to richie and start grad richie shirt and shaking it but of course richie hold jon arms too....they are really brothers!!!! ( i consider them as brothers coz they havent reach the level they kiss each other although i saw it before...)
They are like a big family....this is what tico said the drummer. and i'm agree with him, working together for 20 years and still the same person trusting you, that is what i most proud of, jon added. Whoa it is so touching...BROTHERS!!!

Dec 3, 2008

My birthday....

Wahaha...again what's the dinner for my birthday??

Of course no doubt it is Bubba gump AGAIN. Cant deny that the food are real good and this time i try something new...i mean those dishes...but it's quite costly this time...(hmm...)

this is what we eat...3 people meals..clam chowder soup
3/4 pound of cajun spice shrimp, and a i forget what it called
but is something like contain chicken, tortilla and some freezing
cold shrimp meat. I prefer the cheese baked spinach with onion.
And my dad eat a salmon veggie with rice....

And before i went to Bubba gump, guess what i saw....?? AUDI AGAIN....this time is a Audi sport something, not really smooth body shape but overall....consider as not bad lol.

Just bought my birthday cake, choc mud cake but they decorate my cake more like a christmas cake than birthday cake....haha, i'm going to eat it afterwards...dont be jealous on me....