Jul 19, 2011

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Poster

It's here, the poster of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy! I can't imagine if this poster is placed in the cinema, I might do something inappropriate to....I don't know, maybe grab the poster stand back and place it in my room!

Oldman is the lead!

Awww! So sweet, ehem..ehem, so cool!! The British version of 007, kind of....well, the poster gives us the thriller sense too. It's gonna be mind blowing! Let's see! "The secret is out!"

( PS : Who's the mole? Coolest thing is spot the release date, 06092011! )

Jul 15, 2011

Arsenal training session in Malaysia

Oh yeah! Gunners here in town few days ago, and me, Urbanae the Gooners since the Edu, Bergkamp, Seaman, Vieira era......was able to attend their training session in Bukit Jalil stadium! My pleasure! It's good to able to see the players without the distance of the tv screen and the help of satellite but it's LIVE, the view from my own eyes in Bukit Jalil stadium with the real Gunners on the field!!!!

Showing off my Gunners armor, the very first home kit when the Gunners moves to Emirates stadium.

Sad thing is I didn't much into EPL games after the gang like Ljungberg (Wearing his jersey to the training session!), Pires, Henry, Vieira transferred to other clubs. So, the only few players I knew is like Van Persie, Walcott, Rosicky, Fabregas, Danilson....and of course the man himself Arsene Wenger. But was thrill that finally, the Gunners is here, after all, they are still Gunners right? Just a new batch! So, let the pictures do the talking!

View from Bukit Jalil stadium!

Looking at bunch of Gooners in the stadium make me feel like I'm in a big family! Warm, the weather is hot that day, I know. :P

It's good to see Gooners is yelling, screaming player's name, Arsenal and Wenger in the stadium, at a moment, I thought I was at Emirates stadium, of course Highbury still my favorite! After a while, the Gunners training session has become more like a Gooners training session. The weather is way too hot, and guess that we yell and scream too much, most start to sweat and tired but the spirit still there though!

Wenger came out first then the host said that a long time player which been in the Highbury era but not in the line up of 2011 session has came all the way from England. This really excite me, of course the other Gooners as well! People yelling Henry, me myself silently yelling please be Ljungberg or Pires! Then, here he came out and walk to the pitch! Everyone's in the euphoria mode and cheering for him!

It's the Mascot himself! How can I forget about him! Sorry ya mate! Makes sense he's been with us since the beginning!

Wenger the man himself, can't stop myself and yelled, "I love you, Wenger!" He don't need large sum of money to buy top players, as he himself will nurture a player to a top player!

The squad warming up!

Goalkeeper warming up with the goalkeeping coach, wonder why Almunia's not here!

Then, they start to have a small match with smaller scale of field go against with themselves, Gunners vs Gunners. To be honest, Walcott and the new guy from Japan, Miyaichi is good in assisting. Miyaichi is really good at speeding up! Not bad huh. Vela is good. Arshavin still loves long shot as always, sorry Gunners but the reason I love the previous gang is because they score for the team in teamwork but the current team is more into scoring for themselves, lack of teamworks. Van Persie hit the goal post thrice during the freekicking and training. Oh boys, targeting's not that accurate or is he do it on purpose? :P

Gunners vs Gunners!

Van Persie attempting a goal!

Gooners paying attention to the "Gunners Game".

Not longer after, the squad end their training and go around the stadium to thanks the fans for coming! Awww, I'm stilll mad about Arsene Wenger didn't walk to our side, I couldn't take a close-up picture of him. Why!!!

The squad thanking the Gooners!

Walcott the man!

And crazy Gonners crowds hype up when Van Persie walk near and throwing signed cap and jersey to the fans. Oh man, I'm so close to the cap he throw towards our direction but I'm not that lucky enough but happy for the Gooners that grab the cap though!

Van Persie signing the cap and jersey!

The end!

So, the end of the training session! Thanks a lot to the Gunners! And a memo to Wenger, next time please walk nearer......!

( PS : The match end with 4-0, Gunners winning, was hoping the Harimau Malaya scoring during the match but it's okay! Keep it up and long live Gunners! )

Jul 11, 2011

First Dark Knight Rises Teaser Poster

Yes, it's finally here! Chris Nolan gave the audience a first glimpse (Not much actually...) of the Dark Knight Rises first teaser poster!

No longer using the spot light?

What do you think about the poster? Well, for me I think Chris Nolan fancy using urban buildings in his movie poster. I see shadow of Inception in it. Only thing is that one is an above view, and this one is a bottom view....okay I'm confusing you guys and didn't give much information on it.

Well, the first teaser trailer will be coming out along the screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this week. It's close, be patience.

(PS : The poster is kinda cool though!)