Feb 27, 2010

Up in the air review

Now I know why this movie get so many nominations.....Because it's simply a great movie.

At first, I was like feeling bored at the beginning part at the movie, but when you following up with the storyline till the end, I'm actually touched by this movie and what it tells is soooo TRUE.

Again, Clooney made it. Another Clooney's movie that I love. He actually playing himself in the movie....(As himself say that, and what I think.) A guy that love freedom, no connection bond with the others, no marriage concept, no kids. He's a person who specially hired to fired the others. There are some funny parts in this movie too, a simple one but is enough to be a lighting up for the movie.

I mean there's been a long time I didn't watch a movie like this. Very interesting. This movie show things that happened in our life.Like this, how you feel when you first told by your failure? Disappointment? Anger? Hopeless? And how do you feel when you're told with your biggest success? Happy? Proud?

Let's think again. Just let's us put this in this way. Put the two condition in the same situation where you family and friends are gone and not with you. When you feel hopeless, anger.....you can tell no one and nobody is going to give advice or help you. When you feel proud and happy for your success, no one actually there to share the happiness with you.

Human connection is really important and cannot be replaced by anything and human cannot live alone. Somebody need someone sometimes. This is what happened in the movie where Clooney's role and Anna Kendrick's role, which is a really funny connection between them but yet it change the point of view of Clooney. As well as Vera Farmiga's role.

And I found out one thing that everyone in this movie that get fired except for the actors, is actually real people that get fired in real life. And the director want them to show actually how they feel when they first get informed that they're fired.

Jason Reitman is GREAT!!! The director and the writers. Thanks for producing such a meaningful and realitic movie. I LOVE this movie and RIH!!! highly recommend it.

(PS: I love this film when it first released,I'm so eager to watch this movie. THUMBS UP!!! Now I understand why Keith is writting the song of Why It Feel So Long.....)

Feb 19, 2010

Cyril Simply Magic : Kuala Lumpur

Finally, got the chance to watch the replay for Cyril Simply Magic at AXN during chinese new year (Gong Xi Gong Xi.....)

Two words to describe......Simply Magic (No sarcastic meaning in it, I mean simply magic, back to the purest magic....just simply magic)

Well, Cyril went to plenty of places in KL. Batu caves, Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Kampung Banting...and actually he went to Genting as well (Not in the show but he did went to genting, don't ask me why I know about it....because I'll tell you, because this is SIMPLY rock it heartless!!! Haha, okay not funny.)

He did some really cool magic, transforming daun daun (leaf) into butterfly, making KLCC puzzle which is in 3D, the orange-lemon-egg-chic chain (chic mean simply chic, baby chicken, don't get it wrong....I love this MAGIC, cyril prefer we called it as magic instead of trick.)

When cyril come to KL, Pop Shuvit is the one to welcome him (Pop Shuvit is kinda huge in japan....) They made a song called Magic Man for Cyril (Ehem, honestly i think freakshow is better, no offend!!!)

Hari raya, Cyril with Pop Shuvit...

Cyril did some magic where he perform in Japan before like the express cloths changing, the indian jasmine threads (he did the express scarf in Japan, same concept) but I love the orange chic chains magic he did. Cyril speaks some Malay when he performing the magic, like AYAM (there's AYAM in Cyril's name which is Cyril Takayama...haha I know it's sound stupid....oh ayam mean chicken) The magic he did is he tranform a chick into an egg, an egg into a lemon, a lemon into an orange, and when he cut the orange, there's a lemon, when he cut the lemon, there's an egg, when he break the egg, there's a chick!!! (@_@) COOL!

He attend and perform at a Sony Ericsson event in KL as well.

Cyril is one of the coolest magician I saw so far. He's really creative, of course this is efforts from his crew and Enrico too (One of magic X member and consultant for some of Cyril's magic). Well, you guys should check out Cyril Simply Magic because it's simply magic, watch and enjoy the magic.

(PS : The ring magic performed by Cyril is so funny, visually or magically but he's kinda cool)

Feb 5, 2010

Grammy's outakes : Bon Jovi= Beyonce?

Well, sorry for "temporary abandoned" RIH!! for such a long time and didn't updates much on this blog.....(It's getting busy and busy.....syyyyyyyy)

We all knows grammy just INVADE the earth few days ago or weeks......Yup, I will try have a overview on it soon. So just some outakes of the awards show.

Bon Jovi= Beyonce....???
This is a new equation formular from our lovely one Justin Bieber....(extending version of common denominator?)

When he was introducing for the fans to vote for Bon Jovi choice of song to be performed in the Grammy, he mis-said that Bon Jovi as Beyonce!? Of course, he quickly ''correct'' the speech and say that he's a big fans of Beyonce and something like she always in his mind....(he just trying to explain it....He must got sooooo scared that introducing one of the greatest band on earth as beyonce..)

Well, we all know that Justin might be too nervous since his first time attend for grammy.

"We're planning on acoustic's slow rock version of "single ladies"...." by Bon Jovi.

And of course I don't think bon jovi mind this happening since they're understanding how it is feel when you're new artist and they're really experienced right now. I guess Beyonce is the happiest person, she always got involved with this kind of thing. Last time is Kanye "stands on her side" against Taylor Swift and now this Bon Jovi = Beyonce thingy.....

But this year Grammys is really heavyweight!!! This rocks!!!

(PS : Congrats on Keith winning on best country male vocal performance)