May 28, 2009

No boundaries

No boundaries, the final american idol song actually ain't that bad. I just don't get it why people criticise it. I've listen and i think that it sounds totally completely absolutely like a winning song. Although the lyrics a little not usual than the usual, unique?

Haha however i've listen the both live and studio version that sung by Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. I'm surprised to found out that Adam's studio version is very unique with the different music arrangement compared to Kris's. However i thought that Kris is more suitable to sing this song and he sings better in the live version compared to Adam. (However Adam MIGHT going to be Queen's frontman.....)

Lastly, i still have to say that actually Danny Gokey may sounds much more better if he's the one who sing this song. But what i think that Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson talks about Danny is right. Danny is the one among the top 4 hardest to released an suitable album. Meanwhile Danny wants to participate in Dancing with the Stars. Whoa!

So here's the version of Adam's no boundaries.

And Kris's one....

May 27, 2009

What if.....

This is recent what i heard from my friend.

Recent my friend's mom is suspected having cancer. So one day my friend told his mum.

My friend: If one day you're gone (Pass away), i'll follow you too.
His mom: Are you crazy? Even that i'm not here. You can still live.
My friend: No i won't. Without you, what'm i living for.
His mom: (speechless)( walking towards the lying chair and lying on it watching tv)
My friend: ( Squeeze himself together on the lying chair and lying with his mom)
His mom: What're you doing!!!
My friend: I want to check it out whether that a coffin can squeeze in two people.
His mom: (speechless)....

Another day, my mom say she dreams a dream. In the dream, a pass away relatives come to her and say wanna take her away (to hell...). My mom (in the dream) says okay but i have to tell my daughter first.
So she come back to life and told me (in the dreams) that she's going to died soon. I (in the dreams) said no problem and that i can take care of myself.

Then after talks about the dream, my mom ask me how if sudden she pass away. I didn't answer her. But after that i told her i don't know.
Then she ask me to imagine if she really sudden pass away. I told her i dont even want to imagine. Actually i ald feel very bad when she told me to imagine. I don't think i can still live my life without her. Just like the same that my friend told me. How i'm gonna take care of myself. Then i rather i died before her died.

But in the same time, when my friend told me about his story. I ask him how about his father. But when my mom ask me about that, i didnt think about my father too. Just the same like my friend did.

Sometimes in some situation, when we're in panic or scared situation, we never think about the others. We act according to our own feelings. Now i just realize that i totally agree with what Mr malek, english teacher said during our class.

What if this really happens? I really don't know. My mom told me it's going to be happens sooner or later. So be strong to accept the fact although i dont want to. Sad to know this.

May 20, 2009

American Idol season 8 :Kris is the one!!!!

Whoa....I'm so happy when they annouced Kris Allen win.
I'll say it again:

Kris Allen is the American Idol for 2009.

Oh man there must be Keith Urban who bring luck for him because Kris do a duet with him....wakakaa.
It is a really GRAND finale. Guess who come? Cyndi Lauper, Kiss, Queen, Santana, Lionel Richie....only these bunch of SUPERSTAR already make the show great.

Have to say the duet of Keith with Kris. Keith is so nice and he's like looking at Kris when he sings not like other star, they dont even wanna look at you. They sing Kiss A Girl. But my dad ask me that is that Keith and why he looks different? But deep down i dont think that my dad recognised who's keith urban. Maybe he thought that is Bon Jovi.....==''

And Danny Gokey.....hehe sings with Lionel Richie. Danny warms up the stage singing Hello. Nice...he sounds really great then duet with Lionel Richie. Wow, but Danny performs with respect to Lionel Richie. But Lionel is nice enough hold Danny shoulder and kinda like comfort him. However Danny sings really well in the final. I mean performs.

The others still the same and the oil man Michael saver, have to mention that he's great too. He can think about released a country album.

Well, No Boundaries is more suitable for Kris compared to Adam. Kris really deserve to win. He's nice and humble after all. My dad and i were so happy and now going to have our breakfast.
Lastly, Keith looks great. He did works out.
Last but not least, Kris, there's long way to's just the beginning. See you soon......
Congrats too!!!

May 19, 2009

WAAA...Sherlock Holmes's trailer is out!!!!

Self exciting.....heart beating faster than ever.......
The trailer is AWESOME!!!! RDJ....'s body soooo NICE.

And i think i never saw RDJ in this kind of action movies. A little differentiate him from Iron Man. Oh my....and there's some gayish gayish going around with Jude Law. RDJ just looks so good in Sherlock Holmes!!!!

The music is by Hans Zimmer....oh god!!!

Watch it then you'll know......

May 17, 2009

Shocked! A.I Finale update news...

(Jaws dropped....)

Regretful is overwhelmed.....keep asking myself why i didnt take part in the contest to win a trip that going to the American Idol finale since i've watch each of the episode.

Why is it happening? But i can't confirm that this can be trusted. I just get to know Keith Urban is going to performs!!!! In American Idol finale. WHAAAAA.....I 'm so excited. Actually i've been thinking not to watch the finale since nothing that really get my attetion to watch except for there must be inviting the top 10 to performs a song together ( Danny will be in it...) like they do every years.

So if this is true....i'm sure that i'll watch the finale. So Bon Jovi been A.I mentor few years back and now Keith got the chance to performs in this show. I can see Keith's reputation is rising like RDJ since his new album is released.

I'm proud of him (hehe...)

May 16, 2009

Gokey goes R&B or......? Urban talks A.I...?

Danny Gokey Pictures, Images and Photos

That's the reason that i worry about and i hope that Gokey goes country genre then related to religious the best that i ever heard will be country song.

And Danny've been such a passion Christian so no doubt that i'll think that he'll involved himself in Christian music. And in an interview he said that he'll either make a record in R&B or Christian artist.

Well of course i hope that he went to something that is more idolize and popular like Daughtry or the others do. If Christian mainstream music...erm i wouldn't say that i won't buy but ya'know not that having any offense but a R&B will be more accepting for teenagers. However whatever he do, i'll give a support just like Bon Jovi goes country....^.^''

And Danny says that he'll like to own a line of eyewear. Well, interesting but actually i don't think it is cool to put on an eyewear like glasses. Maybe it is looks great on him, but i have to say that i HATE wear glasses. I dont think i look good in wearing glasses. If it is something that can be changed on me, please give me a better eyesight because i just DONT like wear glasses.

Danny also interested to be a glasses model. Wow! Then i'm qualify to be a glasses model too. Haha.

And recent interview Keith Urban said that he watvhed American idol and this is what he said:

''I was watching 'American Idol' the other day and that Adam guy did that song from 'Saturday Night Fever,' 'If I Can't Have You,'" said Urban. "But he did it as this aching torch song. And I was blown away."

Aye, he's like Adam then how bout Danny? So at least i mean he heard of Danny. Since Danny in AI before. Man it's great to have my favourite artist work together! Just like Bon Jovi works with Keith on Who Says You Cant Go Home....Actually a great song but....Jon just too ''picky'' and turn out the duet (Dont forget Keith gives a help on your country album!) However i still manage to listen the duet. Two sexy guys do the duet~~~@_@ How bout RDJ works with Keith? Or RDJ with Bon Jovi? Cool!!! Or have a cameo in RDJ movie? Damn's sure a blast!!!

May 13, 2009

The 2 A.I finalist: My Gokey is going home...''Sob''

I don't want the result!!!! Give me a new one!!!!!

Danny Gokey is voted off.....I hate it!!!! Why!!!!! ''Sob'', ''Sob''.....So the final'll be Adam vs Kris. But i want Danny in the final!!!! He's just not enough vote. Actually i'm thinking not to watch the final BUT now I want Kris win.

Although Adam is the winner of the prediction....but i see that Kris actually put more effort in his singing and improve a lot. He deserve more to win compared to Adam. Adam only scream along all the road to the Final. And Kris is creative and talented singer compared to Adam....

For my beloved Gokey, god bless you release an album soon. Actually i hope it'll be a country album. Then Danny can collaborate with Keith nice'll it be. Since Danny don't like Rock so it is quite impossible for him to release a rock album. But he's only in top 3, will he get a record deal? OMG i'm so worry......

But now i've to go back and calm down. Yesterday I'm feel like today i'm going to take my STPM result, and early morning i wake up to check the result however it's disappointed. It's okay. Danny still got a long road to do....Sigh.

AI top 3 performance review

Danny is in danger....

Short recap for the performance.

The judges choice, paula have choose Dance Little Girl for Danny. Well as usual, Danny won the plaudit with his nice vocal. I like it too. But it's seem a chaos going around the panel of the judges which Paula ''fight'' with Simon. Funny.

Kara, Randy choose Apologise forKris....Lame song choice and i dont think that Kris's performance is good. The worst performance among three of them although actually 3 of them're good.

Then here's come Simon's choice.....for Adam. Forget what is the song name but Adam rocks it out again.

Personnel song choice.

Danny sing You're beautiful. Nice song choice and nice vocal. Like that song. Simon says it is a vocal master class. Agree.

Then, Kris's turn. He choose Heartless by kanya west. First i heard that, my reaction.....what're you thinking? Oh Kris going to ''died''. But once he start sing.....GREAT, NICE, CREATIVE!!!!!
For what i think is it is better than Kanye's version. He's really creative. Another of my opinion? Danny is in danger situation......

Adam sings Aerosmith's. Quite average performance. Just listen to his Adam signature high note hitting is kinda boring for me.

So the conclusion,
Kris's oustanding. Adam is good. Danny's vocal is a mark added to his master class perfomance.
However god bless Danny won't be voted out~~~

May 12, 2009

My dream job

If you ask me what i wanna be few years back, i'll give you an answer that is quite stupid....i'll say i want to be a footballer. (haha, ridiculous is what you thinking right?) Ya, because of all this words. I give it up. Many people tell me that it is impossible and bla bla bla....(get annoyed when start listen to all those words that disappoint me...) So I really give it up....(so you guys win)

I'm sad but actually i've a new one now. My dreams job...but also a ridiculous one. Haha , if ridiculous is exist in everyone mind, i'll guess we're still living as a cavemen.

But whatever, i guess i just born with this words hanging around my surrounding. My dreams job...for now it'll be special effect artist. Why it will not be my future job? Because i didnt found the courses here in Malaysia yet. I'm so envy them in US, Austrlia or whatever when they posted their works. The courses like so fun...

What is special effect artist? I guess you all know that. It just like, actually it is more involve with the movie or some event. Categories include make up, light effect, audio, camera, or bla bla bla. The one that i interested is in special effect make up artist.

Actually i'm quite into some disgusting thing. Not that i'm crazy but i just like to draw wounds, scar or whatever....

Here's some of my example, (i make it my own, all is my own hands)

The beginnning part, not yet ''beautify'' it,

Erm, just a beginner...dont expect the really ''REAL'' wounds from me.

Disgusting? The most wanted to listen words for a special effect make up artist....

Get boring so just turn my own hands into a zombie-like hands.....

However...i just get blocked by my mother not to do it again.....Why?

Coz i'm using water color to do it, my mum say it is dangerous to my skin.....==''

I can't play it anymore!!! Again, my dreams is gone......

But!!! I just found out that there's a art shop. So if i got the make up color, then i can play it again. Yeah!!!

Urban's type of caring.....

That's why fans love him....

Keith Urban always popular known with his down-to-earth attitude, and always care about his fans. Lately he cut down the ticket price of his concert to make his fans able to came to enjoy his shows without spending much like before due to the economic recession.

It is not important...Here's another article about how caring is Keith Urban~

When the ushers sent giddy fans back to their designated seats Saturday night at the Bryce Jordan Center, audience members rolled their eyes and reluctantly complied.

But when Keith Urban saw that security was asking fans not to get closer to the stage and requesting they clear the aisles, he quickly took action.

"We're not going to riot," Urban said. "Nobody's going to fall off their damn chair."

And with that, security stepped back and the floor goers rushed to the stage, cheering and singing along with the man in the tight plaid shirt and form-fitting blue jeans.

"He was fabulous as always," said a Baltimore resident.
How nice he is~~~
So does it means next time when he came to Malaysia to have a concert then i can climb up the stage to see him ? (haha just kidding, i'll behave with discipline when he came....although it will not happen)

May 11, 2009

Online singing game

Recently get addict to a online singing game called meetoto that introduced by BMG.

It is an online game which you can sing online and get judge by the other ppl. Actually to me i'm scare in the same time i'm excited.

So the first time i sing, although cannot be seen who'm i. But i'm scare till i sing half of the song and forget the what i do? I run off the stage.....I learn to be smarter this time....
I practice before i sing. So...okay only.

Haha but the third time i sing, i choose a malay song.....
By suprise, ppl like it....wakaka i'm so happy and ppl add me after i sing. (a little girl add me too, =='' they might thought that my voice sound like a boy?)
But last time when i sing time of my life by david cook (not really my favourite's tune just fit me), with oi oi too playing that game, got ppl ask me back to kinder garden to learn ABC...
Wow, there's like lighthing strike on me....Is it that bad? Sigh....i'm so sad although got ppl vote too but the comment is too cruel. I thought that i pronounced it correctly.'s not important!!!! Coz today i finally promote Keith Urban song by singing it online...wakakaka. I didn't sing kiss a girl....i sing a slightly slower song hehe. And how dare'm i went to a chinese song singing room to sing english song wakaka. But get good compliments too. But maybe they just too kind (coz they ask me to encore...=='' i dont think i sing that good.)
I'm glad that Keith Urban song can be accepted by i will try to sing more of his song to promote it!!!

Next time i'll try a Bon Jovi song...but it is difficult but i'm thinking to sing Danny Gokey 's Dreams on...that one that he...scream wakaka. I think i might sing it in the midnight. Wakakaka!!! Then i'll scream exactly how danny scream.....wakakaka

May 8, 2009

Defying Gravity review

Well, i've listen to all the songs in Keith Urban new album Defying Gravity. So i think that i want to write a review about each song in this album. I just review each of it by follow exactly the arrangement of the tracks in the album.
(tracks with * is my recommended song)

1. Kiss A Girl*
Well, this is one of the hits in this album. Kinda fast plus a little country in it. A little romantic....
Personally i like this song so much. Keith use a little stucking in words style of singing for this song. A song that you will like to sing along...haha.

2. If Ever I Could Love
This song...erm with a nice flow of melody but not one of my favourite tracks in this album. This song talks about afraid to love but till he met with someone that makes him wanna love again. The chorus repeat just few same lines...well, keith urban style of writting a song. But doesn't mean this song sounds sucks. Maybe just when i'm in a calm mood, then i will only tune on this song. And this is the song with the words Defying Gravity inside. The lyrics come first and Keith just picked it as the album title as he said this is what's this album all about-Defying Gravity.

3. Sweet Thing*
This is the no.1 singles in the Hot country song chart. How can you miss out this song? Same like Kiss A Girl, fast and nice....And like the lyrics too. Feels like he's wrote this for me...hehe,'' sweet thing''. This album is more to love and romantic. Keith says he wrote this song so quickly while he's driving to a writting session.

4. Till' Summer Comes Around**
After i finish listen to this album for the first time, the first song for me to repeat is this song-Till Summer Comes Around. I've to say i LOVE this song sooooo much. Keith comes out with the idea in this song. He's just so creative and this is what i want. A sad song from keith urban wouldn't go wrong. Keith said that when winter time, the theme park will be closed and there's something sad about it. So here's comes the story said that a men met with a women in the theme park and having good times and felt in love together. She says she'll be back but he's waiting for years and years still there waiting. Keith says this is ''Longing'' where it is really sad. Everytime i listen to this song, just feels like wanna cry, so sad.
Here's one part of the lyrics:

'' I close my eyes and you and I,
Are stuck on the ferris wheel riding with the motion,'
And hand in hand we cried and laughed,
Knowing that love belonged to us, girl if only for a moment,
''Baby, i'll be backed again,'' you whispered in my ears.
But now winter wind is the only sound,
And everything is closing down,
Till summer comes around.''
Well the men is still waiting. I feel like this should be the song i sing to keith...haha.
But this song really highly recommended from me. I've tried listen to this song when it almost dawn. The feeling is much more closer to what Keith said-Longing. (this is because no winter in Malaysia so i just try it before the dawn) Nice and slow sad song.
5. My Heart Is Open*
The second song i like. Well, Keith says he asked his wife in their early relationship how her heart was. She told him her heart is open, so here's comes this song. Keith like he can put anything in his song. However i will like to listen to this song. Feels comfortable and feels like'' My heart is open''.
6. Hit The Ground Running**
Wow this song ROCKS!!! Love this song. Rock plus country. Although the beginning sound a little like Bon Jovi-we got it going on but i've to say that this song is much more better. The lyrics just like I Told You So but this times is keith leave someone he's love although likes he's dont care a shit about her but in the end, he cares too. I feels that i wanna sing this song out loud. Now i hope that Keith go for rock. Bon Jovi will feel threatening too. Haha.
7. Only You Can Love Me This Way
Look at the song title already know that this is a song i write to Keith. Haha just kidding. Dann Huff wrote this song. I dont like the chorus but i like the beginning part. The rhythem is so nice. I think i can listen to it before i want to sleep. It's more like Making Memories Of Us.
8. Standing Right In Front Of You
It's all about love. The music is by Rick Nowels. Keith has no idea about the lyrics and he tries to give up and find the others to help but till he go to England and noticed a guy sitting on the street corner see a girl walk by everyday. He loves the girl and hope that the girl noticed him. So here's comes the lyrics. Not really like about this song. But from the lyrics just found out how amazing can love be.
9. Why It Feels So Long
If I've to eliminate one song from this album, this'll be the song. It got nothing to do with his wife because Keith wrote this because of his wife. The chorus keeps continue, continue and continue makes me feels it's really feels so long. My opinion about this song? Why it feels so long...haha. But the melody is nice. Just don't like the chorus.
10. I'm In
Keith Urban's I'm In is like Bon Jovi's I'm. Well i think i'm confusing both song...haha but it's kinda true. Bon Jovi's one is better. This song isn't bad too. Simple song. But i'll definately listen to this song.
11. Thank You**
GREAT song!!! This is a slow one but meaningful. Wow...i'm stunned. This song best described Keith and till' he met with his wife. Deep down, i've to admit it's good to be Nicole Kidman. Sigh...She got a husband really appreaciate her. I want this kind of husband too. This will be another song for my future wedding song after All About Loving You.....hehe ( think too much isn't it? ) This is the way how Keith says Thank You. Really NICE.....
After listening to all this song, I've to pulled back my words and wait till this album released in Malaysia and I'll buy it. Defying Gravity, is all about love...
Hope i get this album soon....I'll buy it.

May 6, 2009

American Idol finalists : It's Man's world

So, Adam and Kris is first to be announced safe and it is the first time that Danny goes to the bottom with Allison.

As Danny said earlier after being judge, he went back and watch his performance and he say that he laugh at what he did last night and even his aunt muted the tv when he scream...haha.

So as we know, Allison voted off.

So the finalists will be Danny, Kris and Adam now. Although Adam got a big chance winning AI but i think we can't underestimate Kris and Danny (of course).

Hopefully Danny will win but it's ok if Adam wins. Kris? He have the chance too because so far he's the only one never go to the bottom. So nervous.

Who will be the next American Idol?

American idol top 4 Rock n Roll

Short review.....

Adam Lambert, like what i expect...great perfomance! He ROCKS!!! He's like a superstar now. But for what judge Kara says that he's a rock god....well it is too over. Rock god? How about that true rock god out there like Aerosmith, Rolling stones....
But he's real good. Thumbs up.

Allison....a little boring. She sings cry baby. Something like that but this song didn't makes her outshines the other...too bad.

Kris Allen....his soft and comfortable vocal really makes me wonder. He choose a fast rock song. I think he should choose a slow rock song but i dont know...maybe AI didnt allow them to do that. The music like louder than his voice. But he play guitar, marks added. But overall, average performance.

Danny Gokey? Wow, good things is he take a risk ( like what i want him to do long long time before), the bad things is he take a risk (=.='')
What'm i saying? Danny sings Dreams on by Aerosmith. Beginning until the end is so okay. Actually i think his voice is suitable for rock song, but till the end....Wow. Danny....SCREAM!!! I mean Danny try to take the risk by hit a really high note and drag it. I'm so shocked. I mean he hit it. But with a Adam style of high notes hitting. Danny's personality style is his rough and nice vocal. So i thought that even he hit the notes will be using his rough kind of voice...but i'm shocked when he....scream. But is okay...he sings it well, just the ending screaming...erm, makes me remember his performance in the Rock n Roll week. (haha sorry for my long opinion on Danny)

The Duet
Adam and Allison group is better than Danny and Kris group.
Danny sings better than Kris in the duet.

Overall performance, okay, not bad.
Adam is outstanding but too bad Danny steal the show...haha. But i believes Danny try his best. Keep it up, Danny!

X-men : Wolverine origin Best Movie so far...

Haha so my dreams come true. Just watched Wolverine origin today with oi oi. And like what i say, i get to watch half naked hugh jackman and his full moon.....just kidding.

Well this movie is ''full'' from the beginning to the end. (Full means never boring for my terms)
Humor, touching, action, friendship....all kind of things. I'm shocked that is kinda good in acting but too bad he's dead.

Well, hugh jackman looks hell good in the soldier outfits with a cigar. Damn it. That's why he's the sexiest man alive. Gambit is cool. With the cards in hands, he can beat everyone except wolverine....of course. And cyclops too. The beginning explain really well what ability did each character have and it shows how great're them.

Wolverine origin....talks all about wolverine from his childhood to how his transform from bony claw to a adamantium claw and undead body. From X-men to X-men 3, I never like wolverine before except for his really strong body because his behavior is weird. But after this movie, now i know more about wolverine and actually he's so pity. And forget to say that it is a Marvel movie. Whole lot better than watchmen that is from DC comic.....oh sorry, they can't be compared. You know what i mean.

But there's lot of humor in this movie like when Duke the Blob get fat than before (he was muscular), that part is real funny when Logan a.k.a wolverine joked about the woman tatoo on Duke's arm get fatter than before. Other than that, when Logan first get adamantium inject to his body and in the bathroom of the two old couples where he accidently broke the sink and the plumber're funny too. Of course the part Logan run naked to the barn makes the audience laugh too but nice body haha.

When Logan realize that Kayla, his girlfriends for 6 years cheated him, that is so sad and also the part that Logan can't remember anything and saw Kayla's bodies lying on the ground without knowing who she was.....sigh. is the best movie i've watch for 2009....till other best movie on the big screen. Worth to watch, the action is good, funny.....Go to watch if you haven't. Nice movie. My opinion after the movie??? Satisfaction.....

(PS: Hugh Jackman really put a lot of effort on building up his body. Will wolverine appear in the avenger and have a scene with Iron man? Hope to see it soon.)

May 5, 2009

AI top 4 week's theme

Oh god, glad to know that this week top 4 week's theme'll be ROCK and Roll. Haha. And guess what it's Duet time.

The top 4...

First of all, Adam Lambert is not a poblem. His rock and roll...erm how bout some rolling stones or aerosmith song??? Or Bon Jovi? Damn it, it's rock and roll week! Will it be Bon Jovi as mentor? I think it's kinda impossible because Bon Jovi have been once mentor so AI may find some new people for them. Ok enough actually the mentor is Slash...well really famous guitarist.

Danny Gokey? Haha, i think his voice very suitable with rock thingy. Give it a try, Danny! Will it be Danny Gokey singing Bon Jovi's? But sure i will condemn him...just kidding. I'm quite confidence with him. Oh my goodness....i'm so excited!!!

I'm worry about Kris Allen because his voice a bit soft and comfort to me but...he likes to give suprises. So...??? Just wait and see.

Allison. Nothing to say much. She's good but i'm not that into her...but she's good.

And!!! About the Duet.....God bless let Adam and Danny do a duet together. How it will be when two different voice and style match together...??? Oh man!!! I'm out of control now.

May 3, 2009

Keith Urban's Defying Gravity isn't available in Malaysia

I'm so disappointing. I've search at speedy, rock corner and others record shop but none of them've Keith Urban latest album in it.

But i feel release when i ask them about keith urban and they still know who is he. But so far i can't really find rascal flatts's album in either record shop in Malaysia. That's sad.

Maybe country's album not that popular in Malaysia.

I'm so confuse now if i still can't find the Defying Gravity album then i've to give up and go for my favourite soundtrack album-Kingdom Hearts. God bless i can find it within this week.

May 2, 2009

American Idol season 8 Top 4

Finally, it comes to American Idol top 4. And of course, it is all my favourite contestant after eliminate the most dislike contestant og mine Matt Giraud...something like that.

Well just a short summary for the top 5 perfomance.

Adam Lambert~GREAT!!! I think the greatest song ever he sings in this competittion. That's his type. Slow but doesn't lose his high note style...haha. This is the only song of him that i can totally agree from the beginning of the song till the end. Great job, well done.

Danny Gokey....He has reached the level of Jon Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. Why i say so? You might get blur...haha. I'm falling in love with him just like i did to Jon Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. I think he did pretty well this week but slightly ''not that good'' compared to Adam. But he's still the best. I mean his voice really....Wow! I dont know what to say. Just get impress with his voice. Keep it up Danny!!! I'm going to buy your album.....

Kris Allen. The one who improves a lot. Nothing to say but improves all the way to the top 4. Nice one. Nice vocal. Creative. Getting scare of him, he is the black horse in this competition.
Watch out,guys!!!

Allison Iraheta. This week,not that outstanding. Good but not great. Believes that she can do much more better.

No matter what happens. The four of them is really a talented and oustanding singer to me. They can get a career in singing after all.....i think. Just hope another great perfomance from them for the Top 4 coming weeks.

(PS: Gambahteh, Danny....)

May 1, 2009

Robert Downey jr potrayed Obama?!

Am i dreaming too much of Robert Downey jr and make out this story???? No!!!

Hollywood is going to have a new movie directed by Ron Howard. So far the movie's name will be Dreams of my father. An adaption piece of Barrack Obama.

Well Ron Howard without a doubt chosing Robert Downey jr to potray the president role. This is what director Ron Howard said :'' Honestly after Tropic Thunder, when you think of African American men, you'll think of Robert Downey jr.''

Yes, that's kind of true, nobody know that that african in Tropic Thunder was Robert if the name isn't mention (but i do...). So, Robert didn't resist the movie role yet. Although it is not officially yet, but nothing is impossible....since nothing is impossible so Robert might turn it out too...haha.