May 17, 2009

Shocked! A.I Finale update news...

(Jaws dropped....)

Regretful is overwhelmed.....keep asking myself why i didnt take part in the contest to win a trip that going to the American Idol finale since i've watch each of the episode.

Why is it happening? But i can't confirm that this can be trusted. I just get to know Keith Urban is going to performs!!!! In American Idol finale. WHAAAAA.....I 'm so excited. Actually i've been thinking not to watch the finale since nothing that really get my attetion to watch except for there must be inviting the top 10 to performs a song together ( Danny will be in it...) like they do every years.

So if this is true....i'm sure that i'll watch the finale. So Bon Jovi been A.I mentor few years back and now Keith got the chance to performs in this show. I can see Keith's reputation is rising like RDJ since his new album is released.

I'm proud of him (hehe...)

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