Oct 30, 2010

It's Official. Celcom Blackberry Torch 9800 launch.

Everyone have been waiting for this moment!
And yes, now Urbanae would like to announcce, The Blackberry Torch 9800 is finally here!!!! Thanks Celcom for bringing it to Malaysia!

Good god, I got the invitation to Celcom Blackberry Torch 9800 press conference which is really cool for me (Yea, me is Urbanae!!!). So. it happens at Pavillion KL.

The coolest thing is first 10 who queue up will be offered to buy Blackberry Torch 9800 at only RM8!!!!! I mean seriously, RM8 for a multifunctional and trendy phone, what more can you ask for!? Other than that, first 100 customer will get (buy) the phone at RM 488 and the following 100 will be at RM 888! ( Psss....the original price is at RM2500+ )

So, here's how the event and press conference going on!

It's worth waiting!!

The Celcom Blackberry Torch 9800 booth.

It's filled with Blackberrians~~~

The Blackberry Torch 9800, touch screen or keypad....it's up to you!

The top 10 fella!!!! Congrats guys!

Artist performing!

Sing it out loud! He's good in entertaining though!

Nice shoe!

After that, they are having the press conference at La Bodega~!

La Bodega~~~

Guess what's in the Celcom's present?

Emcee giving a speech to welcome......guess who?

Tada, it's Mr Chee Pok Jin, Celcom Marketing Officer!

Let's open the present!!!

Encik Zalman and Mr Chee impressive launching the GREAT Blackberry Torch 9800.

Picture time!!! Say BLACKBERRYYYYY~

The emcee of the day!!!

Last but not least, of course the group picture with the "top 10" aka the first 10 who got the Blackberry Torch 9800 in their hands!!!!

Well, it's a nice day! The Blackberry Torch 9800 is temptating, yummy. Good looking, multifunction, and the Celcom package is *slurp* considerable. Why I say so? You can choose between the package of Exec or Biz and it's a one year contract.
For more details,
please visit Celcom website...here's the link : http://www.celcom.com.my/index.html

(PS : Everything is going well and nice, the appetizers and drinks offered in La Bodega is yummo! I would like to have more invitation to more press conference, launch or partay!!! BTW, the Blackberry Torch 9800.....it's cool if I own one!!!! Grrrrr.)

Oct 26, 2010

R.I.P Paul!

Paul can predict anything but not his death!

The coolest or so-called psychic octopus Paul has confirmed dead today at his "home" aka Oberhausen Sea Life center in Germany!

Paul permenantly "retired" from predicting football match's result.

Paul with its rising fame, become an one and only celeb octopus after the accurate predicting of the football match's result at this recent Africa World Cup. His freakin unbelievable accuracy in predicting has make him as famous as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber at one time especially during Africa WC. Paul gain sooooo any fans as well as haters as the same time ( haters refers to those people whose support the team that lose during the match that Paul predict! )

However, it proves that Paul didn't commited suicide due to his stressful life facing papz and haters everyday. It is believe that Paul passed away peacefully.

That must be a shocking news to the Octopusville and of course it's shocked me as well. All I wanna say is....R.I.P, Paul!

(PS : What a sad news!)

Oct 24, 2010

Hennessy H-Artistry Party 2010 at MIECC

Urbanae is lucky enough to get invited to this year Hennessy VSOP that organized at MIECC aka somewhere near Mines Resort!!

I know about Hennessy H-artistry party quite a long time ago but I never thought that I would've a chance to get invited to the party ( it's a by invitation only party. )!
Thanks Hennessy! Anyway, it's a GREAT party!!!

The red carpet with Artists poster!!!

The party start at 9pm which when we reach there, we get a chance to walk the Hennessy H-Artistry red carpet~~That's awesome!!! (Sorry ya, Urbanae never walk any red carpet before! Aiming on Oscar and CMA award red carpet!!!!) Then, there will be a few "papz" take photo while you holding that HENNESSY in hand and give out your pose! For safety purpose, Urbanae didn't show her photo posing with Hennessy!

The H-Artistry sign!!!

Later, we will reach the interview area where artist will be interviewed! I saw Henry Golding in real person, who looks much HOTTER!!!

The interview area where artists will have their signature on the poster wall~No, Urbanae didn't get the chance to sign it on the wall!

After a few artists walking in, DJ Kardinal Offishall hit the interview area! But he's kinda friendly and damn nice!

Manage to took a shot of Kardinal Offishall! Looking cool in the suit yo!

I think he feel the power of Hennessy!!!

After that, we enter the Hennessy presenting area which provide drinks, games and lot's of Hennessy deco!!!

The entrance is elegant!!

Feel like wanna grab one bottle home right?

DJ Miss Eva T in the house!!! Yeah!

Well you can walk around and enjoy your drinks or have a chit chat with the guest around. But I'm amazed by the event decoration and stuff!! They even prepare games for the guest!!

I guess they having some guessing guessing going on! My tastebud just not that good when it comes to drinks~

After wandering around, finally we hit the stage!!! No I mean we reach the stage area~

The light effect and sound system is stunning!!! (Ehem, I dont have a DSLR, so the pix might look a lil' dark and blurry~)

A bunch of people ald start drinking and enjoying themselves in the stage area. People was enjoying the music by FoulWorks!

People chillin' around!

Drink till you drop! 4 flavors of Hennessy for you to choose!

Well, I grab the first glass of Hennessy in the party which is....Citrus flavor! Hmm, proves that I'm not drunk! Of course, I'm not drunk because I still manage to capture this much photo!!!

The stage!!!

Dancefloor! The color is nice ya!!!

Hennessy, hmmm~nice one!

The party is officially begun!

The host on the top part of the stage~

Deja Voodoo Spells did the opening which perform about 5 to 6 songs and some of Queen's hits!

The party's crowd get real excited when Mizz Nina came out and performs!!! She is looking so fine aka sexy!!!! The dance move is great and the music make the crowd dancing to the beat!
Mizz Nina all in white!

The crowd get more excited when Mizz Nina performing What You Waiting For!!!! Yay, this is what all of us waiting for!!! The only disappointment is that Colbie O' Donnis is not here! If not, it would've just perfect the performance! However, Mizz Nina still get all of us to sing along!!!

Mizz Nina, move it, move it!!!

The Taiwan's BEP aka Da Mouth followed up after Mizz Nina! Visual-kill outfits by them, striking top by MC 40, ya, the one with yellow top!

They have some pretty funky dance move, the song as well!!!
Well, DJ Kardinal Offishall show up after Da Mouth. Too bad, something really bad happen-out of memory space!!! That's why no photo of Kardinal Offishall performance is taken BUT...the performance is AWESOME!!!! Kardinal Offishall did some interaction with the crowd and that was real cool! They pouring Hennessy to the guest while singing and dancing, did some real HITS song and in the end did some mash-up sons with other artists!!!
All I gotta say is....this is a REAL party!!!! Thanks Hennessy for that! Can't wait for the next one!

(PS : Can Hennessy bring Bon Jovi to the party next time? That would be cool!)

Oct 18, 2010

Mox's TOUGH Cover

Yes! Finally, I have found the chosen pouch for my Mox aka PSP Go!!!

Guess where I found it?

TOUGH Jeansmith!!!!

Yea, TOUGH has been my fav bag discovery place! And this time I would like to rewards my PSP Go, Mox by giving him a nice pouch as cover.

The X-1 Pouch!!!

The back is slightly military casual!

The only thing that make me fall for it because of the military-alike design.
Military green kill me easily. Another thing is that the surface is quite slippery, ehem...I mean soft and nice-to-touch!!!
Sad news is, most of the TOUGH Jeansmith store is closing down soon. Too bad!
Silly stuff :

I got my jeans autoclaved!!!!

(PS : Zzzzzzz......)

Oct 17, 2010

Keith Urban Get Closer : Nov 16

You can start the count down now!!
One more month to go and it will be the released of Keith Urban's Get Closer!!! 16th of November, please keep in mind!
The official album cover for Get Closer!!!
As the fans voted (Me, me, me!!! I voted too!), the picture above will be the cover for Get Closer! Seriously, I can't wait for the new album!!! I hope Keith-fy will give a song snippet of the whole album like he did in Defying Gravity!!!

This is the second option for the album cover! Quite nice too!!
Hopefully, I can get the album. Pray hard!!!!! It's going to be my pre-birthday present! Hehe, I'm not that greedy! I only want Keith Urban's Get Closer album, it is more than enough!! But I don't mind if the album come along with Keith Urban himself!!! (I'm SOOOO Greedy!!! Can I get Keith Urban as my birthday present please~)

Melted.....so cute!

Ehem, my mad flower disease is getting worst! Ok, so all the Urban fans and Monkeys out there! Let's countdown together!!!!

(PS : I wish the day come faster. )

Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Meeting

Yesterday, Urbanae break free from "its" dull weekends morning by attending the Glitterati Plus Meeting at Taylor's Uni.

Meeting should be start at 10 am. However, it drag till 10.30 am only begun!! So during that time, they have a brief intro on all those nuffies in Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines and Australia.

Intro video on the screen~~~

Once the curtain pulled up, you can see the lake view.

Giving us a brief explanation on what it's all about!

Officially start at 10.30am~

Co-founder of Nuffnang, Timothy giving his speech!!!

President of G+ Club, the Teh Tarik Drinker, Syah!

Timothy and Syah having a fight!! J/k, they trying to answer all the question for the Q&A session.

It's not about the advantages or benefits when it comes to G+ club. It's all about being a blogger, organize and planning events, bloggers gathers, special screening and etc. It's like what Teh Tarik Drinker said, : "It's by the bloggers, for the bloggers" club. It's doesn't mean that you're better if you're a G+ members than Glitterati member. If you love having or planning events, going out...then you can consider of it!

So, to be a G+ member, this is the criteria :
1. You must be a Bon Jovi or Keith Urban fans!!! Just kidding! You must be an active blogger, at least 5 posts per months!
2. You must participate in 30 % of the Nuffnang events!
3. You have to participate in 50 % of Nuffnang contests!

After the meeting, Nuffnang provided us something that we can BITEZ on. Munch Munch Munch!

We have muffins, creamy puff, currypuff~ Puff, Puff, Puff!

Bloggers chatting and hanging out after the meeting!

Taylor's Uni architecture is kinda amusing~

Blocks of buildings!

Starbucks, Wong Kok, Subway and etc available in the uni.

That's all for the day! They having a University's tour after the break. But, Urbanae is BZ going for another places!! Where it is....??? Shhhhh......

What is this? I heart Nuffnang badge!
That's all for the day!!! So, how to apply for G+? According to them, they are working on the application tabs on Nuffnang page. So, be patience! For more info, check out Glitterati Plus facebook fanpage and Twitter account!
(PS: That's quite tiring! Urbanae is getting old!)