May 31, 2011

Red Riding Hood review : Dark Fantasy

By looking at the movie title, we know that this movie is adapted from a popular fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twillight. Therefore, you can see some of the shadow element of Twillight in this film. However, this film didn't adapted the fairy tale version of Little Red Riding Hood but they transform it into a darker version of Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood grown up, and now a pretty girl.

Red Riding Hood, the girl Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is not a kid in this movie, she grown up and fell in love with a woodcutter, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez). However, her family want her to marry to Henry (Max Irons) who is grow in a richer family. And this movie is set in a village which is haunted by the curse of werewolf who will come to attack the village and kill from time to time. After a few incidents happened, they found out that the werewolf wants Valerie. So, they summon Father Solomon (Gary Oldman) to help them kill the werewolf.

Henry (Max Irons) and Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), the hunks in the film.

Two reasons to go for this film, the visual and movie setting which is really beautiful (the tree, the ice lake and forest, really fantasy!) and the twisted ending. To be honest, the twisted ending save the movie. If not, this will be a quite boring or not that interesting movie. We have a few young and hot actors and actress in this movie, like Amanda Seyfried, Max Irons and Shiloh Fernandez. Their acting is okay, and you know what, Max Irons is the son of popular actor Jeremy Irons. I'm looking forward for Shiloh Fernandez acting in the future. And their love triangle's like the Edward, Bella and Jacob's love combination in Twillight. If you want some awesome acting, there you go, Julie Christie the grandma and Gary Oldman Father Solomon are in this movie. However, I think that the werewolf can be modified to a better version, I don't know but it looks not so convincing that it is a werewolf for me.

Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), the guy who try to save the village from the werewolf in a wrong way.

Father Solomon is a very interesting character, he wears purple robe (The fashion senses, wow!), he has silver nails, and he has a giant elephant tool to torture the villager to be used in the "investigation". He's sexy too, haha just the opinion of mine because he is potrayed by "someone". The soundtrack in the movie is really nice as well as the costumes in this movie which is well designed. The rest is,'s not as bad as we thought but it's not as good as we predicted. It's a so-so movie. Not the type of movie I like.

( PS : It's not that Twillight as they say, I think Catherine Hardwicke is really good at designing the movie settings, the costumes and the buildings in this movie. It's really impressive. Gary died, again. Sigh. )

May 25, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Review : More Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow is back! And this time he guide us to the fountain of youth! Interesting, aye?

Jack with the Blackbeard and his daughter, Angelica.

As a big Pirates of Caribbean fans, I get really excited when this one came out...uhm, when they say there will not be POTC 4 after the third one, I was like...c'mon, Johnny Depp is so keen doing Jack Sparrow, there must be another one...only that they need to play with the time and the fans! Here they comes, this time the storyline play around the fountain of youth which believes that it can bring back one's youth, not can be immortal by taking one's life (the sacrifice) which require the mermaid's tears, the silver cup and the water from fountain of youth. This is how Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) meet up with Blackbeard (Ian McShane) and his first love Angelica (Penelope Cruz), join their crews unwillingly and fight against the Spain and Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) to get to the fountain of youth.

It's cool to know that Johnny Depp did all his stunt by himself in the movie, he afraid that the stunt double can't bring out the personalities and movement of Jack Sparrow.

I think On Stranger Tides is pretty cool, it's not the best but I prefer something like this, it's more likely to the first one. However, I think that the storyline is not as impactful and complicated (complicated in a good sense) like the previous two, Dead Man's Chest and the Curse of the Black Pearl. This is what Disney want to makes it looks like the first of another trilogy and it is directed by a new director, Rob Marshall instead of Gore Verbinski who directed the previous three "Pirates" movie.

I love how they surround the storyline again back to Jack Sparrow and Barbossa. This is the reason why I love POTC. Well, this time they didn't fight against each other but at one point they duo up to get the silver cup together. This is really cool, I think they make the best Pirates team when they collaborate.

Jack Sparrow and Barbossa, the captain and first mate of the Black Pearl!

Other than the main characters, Blackbeard, Angelica and the mermaid plays a vital role in the movie itself. The Blackbeard played by Ian McShane is quite terrifying, not only for me but for all the pirates in the universe as he can control his ship by using his spell? Yes I think it's spell, he knows some tricks in that. That's why he's powerful and able to threaten another pirates. To be honest, I think I love Angelica character (by Penelope Cruz) rather than Elizabeth Swan (played by Keira Knightley). I'm more preferable to see a pirates to pirates fighting that involved all pirates, Angelica is a pirate, get it? And...the mermaid is beautiful, but then it turns out to be like piranha, haha! Yes, it bites! But I think the scene where the mermaid start singing is quite disappointing. As we know, mermaid is good in singing and they has the voice of an angel when it comes to singing. I was expecting the director will make the mermaid scene as beautiful as it can but then, it's slightly disappointing.

Mermaid is beautiful.....isn't it?

There are some facts or opinion that I would like to state out :

-Finally Barbossa one leg's problem is solved, it's Blackbeard! By the way, it's an advantage to store the rum, so it's kinda cool and fair.

-No monkey Jack and the parrot in this one! Only cameo from them.

-The Black Pearl in the bottle is impressive. Especially when Angelica open the wardobe that loaded with tons of bottle with ship. I like that part!

-Captain Jack Sparrow loves to disguise as someone else. In this one too!

Jerry and Johnnny will not stop working on POTC!

And good news, the script of POTC 5 is ald there. Johnny said that he need some rest before he can start again, and he say he will do the movie until the audience fed up with Captain Jack Sparrow ( How can we? ). So, this mean that we might able to see another trilogy of POTC. Cool!

I love the movie, it is not that impressive as they say but it's one good "Pirates" movie. I hope that they will consider to have more main pirates as antagonist like Blackbeard. I think the only disatisfying factor in On Stranger Tides will be lack of adventure, the zombified pirates and mermaid is not enough for the audience. We need something more like Davy Jones or some weird creatures. But the last part at the fountain of youth is good, the setting is really nice although the water drinking part is quite predictable.

(PS : When Barbossa serves as privateer for King George, he looks so abnormal.....I prefer him as a pirate, looks much better in the end.)

May 13, 2011

Lie To Me : Let's save the show!

So, the news came out. Fox choose to dropped 5 tv shows which are "The Chicago Code", "Human Target", "Breaking In", "Traffic Light" and "Lie To Me". Sad news for the audience.

To Fox, truth hurts....please Lie To "Us"!

Was quite shocked and not really shocked for the cancellation of Lie To Me. The not-really-shocked factor is that we all knew the later season 2 and 3 rating go downhill by the end of the season. But then, back to the overall view....the drama itself is slightly different from the usual tv drama series. It's a drama series where the storyline build on a psychologist aka micro-expression expert, Dr. Lightman that works with his team, Lightman group to identify or "poke out" who's lying to help in a criminal investigation, and of course it is not limited to only crime cases but sometimes they will be involved in cases like politics or private relationship investigation.

Why Fox shouldn't dropped this show :

-Because Lie To Me itself has a really unique theme and storyline (It makes crime investigation more interesting.). We knew the downhill rating thingy but if time is given for Lie To Me to develops, this will be a really good show. It already is.

-The relationship among characters in the shows is well develop and I think they worked pretty well together.

-The main character, Cal Lightman is simply awesome. His character builds up, a lil' quirky, but yet professional, all the characteristic, it got the attention of the viewers and they LOVE him! Tim Roth is good.

-Lie To Me's storyline can be expanded and become more interesting. Potential tv drama series.

-It's simple, the viewers just love the show!!!

With the show gone now, there're lot of things that we surely missed. Let's take Cal Lightman as example.....

he way Cal pointing at people and tell them, "You're lying!"

Especially with the grin, satisfied smile.

The way he clinging (sitting) on the chair octopus?

The way he tilts his head when he's observing something.

And of course, the way he analyze people when one is lying!!!

So, what can we do to save Lie To Me? There are plenty of ways to do this (definately not in the violent way okay!). Just give it a shot like :

-E-mailing the Fox executives, tell them how much you loves the show and your disappoinment on the cancellation (in a polite way, don't throw tantrum on them, okay...?) here's the email address of them :

Kevin Reilly :
Peter Rice :

Marcy Ross :

-Non other than social network!!! Twitter, let's make save lie to me as a twitter trend, you know tweet #savelietome maybe to @Foxbroadcasting or @Fox_Research .

-Start a Facebook page, I think they already have one Facebook Page of Save Lie To Me.

-Or...if you rich enough....let's buy the show and continue filming it, *kidding* I wish that I'm that rich!

For all Lie To Me fans out there, I'm sure you guys are disappointed and sad. So, just do our best. I will relly like to know how the others think about the cancellation on Lie To Me and the toher 4 shows.

(PS : Yes, I admit that me myself, a Lie To Me fans.....just beacuse the show is really good! I never been watching a tv shows continually like Lie To Me since.....E.R. Ehem, and the next day I woke up Fox said that they have cancelled the show. I was like O_O. I just learnt to watch tv drama, dude!)

May 11, 2011

Thor Review : More than what we expect!

Thor, it's not only a fantasy, but it got loads of action and drama. Guess what? It gives more than what I expect and it turns out to be awesomely good! It guide us more to the Avengers (This is what I've been waiting for!).

Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the god of thunder is sent to the earth by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) due to his arrogant behaviour and Odin want Thor to learn something from this experience living on the Earth. This is how Thor met Jane (Natalie Portman) and fell in love with her. But then, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor's Bros....personally I think Loki is a damn cute name, thinking of naming my pet after this, only if I get a pet. Ehem, back to the topic....Loki jealous of Thor and knowing his real identity mend him into a villain and helping the frost giant to attack their own land, Asgard and destroying the races of the frost giant.

Thor is a gentlemen, looks at how he hold a girl's hand.

First of all, I'm amused by the setting of Asgard. Blew me off! 150 millions, I think it's worth to spent on! The bridge that connect the universe, the hall, visually satisfied. And I love the Frost Giant make up. They spent 5 hours to have the make up on. The effect make up is good. The monster, I think it's a frost-rhino alike monster is cool. And the moment Thor's father, Odin riding on a horse, that's the impression of a KING! The way he appear with thunder!

Chris did bulked up a lot for the role of Thor. Good job.

I think the storyline, at first I thought that it would be something like more towards the mythology of God of Thunder. You know? But then, they carry the storyline really well by having Thor on the Earth, no more the Son of God's life. It's really funny when Thor get to the earth. The funniest part is he heads into a pet shop and yelled, "I want a horse!" I can't stop laughing over that! And loads more of adventure, fighting and funny stuff in this movie. No bored moment at all!

Loki, I love Tom's acting! Waiting for more of his performance in the future!

I think Chris fit as Thor, fit physically and fit characteristically. Anthony Hopkins is good as King, as well as Tom as Loki. No doubt at the Oscar winner, Natalie Portman's acting skill on this one. I think basically all is well cast.

Fighting with the frost giant.

The fighting scene is good. It gives us something new. Fighting the frosting races, where they turn the ice into blade, and all of them with different specialty in fighting. Only that if the fight scene could be slightly brighter and slower will be nice! I was expecting the war actually, war between Asgard and Jotunheim. But, it was okay. The fight between Loki and Thor able to wrapped things up, only that the director can make it looks more epic it is, that would be much better!

You should start to get familiar with Agent Coulson by now after a few Marvel movies.

And of course, I get really excited watching Thor.....because it gives a more clearer picture on Avengers (Biting my finger!!!!). We knew that the ending scenes of Iron Man 2 showing that they find Thor's hammer is exactly well explained in this movie, Thor. Again, Agent Coulson show up, great one, the guy from SHIELD. We have only one more left, Captain America and then we can set sail to check out the most anticipating Avengers film. By the way, Thor's "Miu-Miu" is really powerful! Haha!

Summary for the movie, Thor :
-Great movie with loads of action and adventure, amazing setting and nice flow of storyline.
-Stan Lee did a great job pulling the "Miu-Miu" by using a truck, he failed but manage to bring Thor from comic book to the big screen.
-Love Chris Hemsworth as Thor. But Iron Man still my no.1 favourite. Can't wait to see the arrogant Thor meet up with swagger/over-confident Stark in Avengers.
-Highly recommend if you want some action packed superhero movie that lighten up with the little fantasy in it. This is the one!
-More on Avengers and SHIELD, more understanding of them in this one. From Incredible Hulk onwards, clue is the ending!

(PS : Tons of nice movie in May. Guess I need to set up a tent outside the cinema.)

May 8, 2011

Man with glasses : The sense of stylish

Glasses, the first impression back to "those days" is NERD, BORED, UNATTRACTIVE....

But now, glasses seems to be an additional deco for the homosapiens that will enhance the appearance and of course, give em' a wise and gentle looking, it's not nerdy anymore! Especially when they have tons of glasses design now. Well, hollywood celebrity using it "wisely" to give a new impression to the people after they wore the glasses. So, let's see who're some of the celebs that wore it well!

First up, the prince of R&B and POP.....Justin Timberlake! We know he has some groovy and sexy dance moves, and how his music influence in the music industry. But, he's just looks much "tamed", ehem....much mama's boy like yet don't lose a bit of fashion sense on him when he put on the glasses.

Slight square-shaped with dark frame suit Justin the best!

Next! It's the sexy killing machine from UK, Judy Law...okay it's Jude Law, but I thought Judy will sound real cute ( Okay, okay I know it's really lame! )! Jude Law is undeniable sexy and hot. He always gimme a feeling of the classic UK gentlemen, with the top hat and the tuxedo ( until I found out this Judy and Rubber Ducky jr in Holmes, they just looks like kiddies together. ). The glasses, what can the glasses do to him? Just getting much better! I think it's matureness reflected by the glasses on him, hmmm, sexy, mature British. I can't complain anything about that!

Oh, oh!!! Don't look at me! I will die!

I thought this is Harry Potter's, maybe in his 30's (*innocent look*, where's the lightning thingy on the forehead)? It's Jude Law, dude! Well, round-shaped glasses can be nice too!!

The following will be one of my favourite when he put his glasses on. I think he got the fashion sense when comes to picking the right glasses, or maybe I should just said any glasses fit him well. It's Gary Oldman! Yeah. To be honest, he looks not that evil when he have his glasses on. I don't know but his eyes, the stares, wow....just looks so threatening and dangerous to me. But then check him out with his glasses, you will go "AWWWWW!" (Partially is me, myself going awwww~).

ARGH! I feel love! Not evil at all, the power of the glasses.

Oval-shaped glasses, a PASS for Gary Oldman! Pass with flying color!

Nice one! He just looks like a Professor or something like that! Turn him into Gary Young-man!

Dark Vader will be jealous on the next one! It's Ewan Mcgregor! I mean Dark Vader can never had a glasses on him right, neither Voldemort. Haha, unless Voldy go for a Edgar Davids type of sport glasses. Okay, come back to the topic. I think the glasses give prominence to Ewan's eyes!

Jedi need glasses too!

Tim Roth aka Dr. Lightman get himself glasses too. He might be a lil' badass in Lie To Me sometimes. But when you see him with the glasses, it's kinda...well you know, just looks good on him. But then the one he's wearing below is kinda similar to Gary first picture, just the side frame is thicker. I prefer this one which looks not that typical because most will choose dark frame with not that thick side frame. This will be slightly different. A bit of seriousness yet with some style on it.

Hmm, I'm telling the truth! I didn't repeat twice what i said. Stop analysing me!!!

He is the one that get crowned with the artist with the best glasses in Hollywood! And yes, he is Johnny Depp! Johnny Depp try on different style of glasses which I'm kinda agree with everyone, he's really great and looks damn cool with all those glasses. He's well known with his oval shaped with dark in color slightly thick frame glasses. Johnny is really unique and outstand most of the artist when it comes to the glasses. He has the senses of literaly artistic "aura" with him yet he can still keep his little wild and sexy looks with the glasses on. There's something between him and the glasses. It feels like slightly not right when he took off his glasses except he's filming.

Captain Jack knows well not only with pirates thingy but glasses too!


I never really saw the next one with any glasses but ya with shades. He, well he looks good in everything!! It's the golden freekick star of England, Becks is da man! David seldom wear glasses, but he did apppear in the public with shades quite often. I found that he looks leisure in the picture below but with the glasses adding in some elegance element and makes him looks more like glamour casual just because the piece of glasses.

Becks with the spects!

Close up!! Not losing the seriousness.

Australian hunk aka the wolf, the sexy beast, once sexiest man alive, Hugh Jackman, I can't believe he can looks soooooooo gentle~. I mean he always gives us a very sexy, wild, I don't know but I like to refer him as sexy beast (This sounds so weird but it's kinda true!) and with the glasses on, he looks so "teacher-like".

Yes, Mr. Jackman....I don't quite get question no. 4, can you explain it again? I mean look at him!

Brad Pitt, he looks okay with normal glasses but wassup with the reading glasses, I'm not sure whether is Brad having far sighted for the second picture. Just looks a little not so Brad Pitt on him.


Brad, why you have to wear the glasses like that?

Here comes the last one, it's Rubber Ducky Jr. aka Iron man aka Sherlock Holmes aka the fashionista daredevil, Robert Downey Jr. Why I say so, fashionista daredevil....? Because he dares to take on the fashion that most won't be having the guts to do so yet it looks so good on him. This makes him stand out among the celebrities. I think he got taste! Yup, and a huge eyes too! Just when he wanna play cool or serious, he just get himself the glasses, but who knows he can be funky with the glasses too!

Ah, Principal Downey!

This one is so cool! Purple glass with clear frame, funky yet keep his coolness in this one! Double thumbs up! I remember Gary oldman having a clear frame glasses lately and it looks cool too!

Glasses is a trend nowadays and it shows us a different side of the celebs, kinda! Well, so far I think Depp is good at it, I'm pretty impress with Oldman as well and Downey. This three actors are my top 3 the best that good in playing with the glasses. Now, you know glasses is not only just for near or far sighted but for beauty and as a decorative item as well!

(PS : Ya, but in the end I still hate wearing glasses sometimes!)

Urbanae Expiry Cooking Experience

WARNING! This will be a kinda-personal post, some random awkward moment of the author or some facts. Few weeks ago, a random afternoon.....Urbanae felt a strike of hungriness torturing the body, gastric juice started to pump out and corrode the stomach! So, without a doubt! Urbanae head straight towards the fridge and grab all the ingredients she had and baked the ultimate random mixture cheesy toaster ( What a random name! )!!!

Yeah! Grab it, grab it!

Well, I always love to cook, enjoy the process before and after the cooking but not that into the cleaning work after the eating! Basically, this ultimate random mixture cheesy toaster is made up of some random food that you can grab near you (I'm not a good celeb cook because I don't know how to give instruction!). What I use for my version of the toaster is bread, crabmeat stick, sausages, some pepper and cheese. That what you do will be placing all the ingredient on the top of your bread and give it a 10 mins "break", I mean baked.

*DING* Here you go, the golden ultimate random mixture toaster!

Have a bitez!

After the oven-ing process and I'm about to eat, I found out that :

-I didn't put in mayo and ketcup sauce, it is so DRY inside!

-My dear cheesy and bread is expired. SHOCK FACTOR! But since both stuffs are dairy product and produced through the fermentation process. Urbanae have some bites on it!

Munch, munch!

Still feels good and delicious on that ultimate thingy! By the way, it's cool if you use garlic sausages and thick smoky cheese for your ingredient. I love heavyweight food in the sense of aroma and taste. And I'm still alive after the eating, but I will ensure that this wont happened for the second time.

(PS : Conclusion is that I may diagnose with severe aging memory loss with all thse symptoms.)

The Mystery Symbol : Project Kolony

There's been a weird and shocking phenomenon over the past few weeks spreading all over the nation where a biohazardous-like symbol can be seen observed from places to places, mountain to sea, building to fish (The previous post of mine over here : ).....and the mystery symbol is finally REVEALED!!!

The Project Kolony!!!

Kolony revealed by Celcom is a highly infectious thingy in town. Why I say so? Because it's all about widening and enhance your social networking with the help of Project Kolony. It's a SMS-based social network that allow you to stay connect with your friends in an easy and convenient way. So, how are you going to get infected with Kolony?

The first thing that you'll need to do :
-Send KOLONY to 25333 ( You just need to have Xpax, U.O.X, S.O.X or Celcom mobile number to JOIN!!! ).

After this, there're some of the ways that you can socialize using Kolony :

-DING : Ding your buddies & leave them a message to cheer em' up!! (Send KDINGto 25333)

-BOMM : Share your updates by BOMM it to all of your friends! (Send KBOMMto 25333)

- FREN : Make as many friends as you can in KOLONY!!! (Send KFRENto 25333)

-POPP : Comment on your buddies say! (Send KPOPPto 25333)to 25333)

-POPP : Comment on your buddies say! (Send KPOPPto 25333)

For more cool activities, just send KHELP to 25333 to get full list of keywords that you can use in the rest of the world of Kolony! You will need KOINZ to perform the activities! How? You just need to mane calls on the NEW XPAX PLAN!

1st to 5th calls made in a day = Free 10 KOINZ per call

6th and more calls made in a day = Free 20 KOINZ per call

FREE COINZ will be granted next day.

Alternatively, you can also purchase KOINZ to enjoy KOLONY services : RM0.30 for 10 KOINZ, RM1.50 for 50 KOINZ, RM3.00 for 100 KOINZ.

Of course, not to miss out the NEW XPAX PLAN shown below with awesome low rates!!! Check it out!!!

What you waiting for? Head on to any Blue Cube outlet or Celcom branch to pick up a NEW XPAX PLAN today, enjoy the low rates and join Kolony! Or just head to their website for more details :

(PS : Now you know what's that mysterious symbol, it's KOLONY!!!!)

For more cool activities you can send KHELP to 25333 to get a full list of keywords that you can use to explore the Kolony world.

Of course, ot to miss out the cool NEW XPAX PLAN that help you to get KOINZ to perform the activities in Kolony world!!!

-the 1st to 5th calls made in a day : free 10 KOINZ per call
-6th and more calls made in a day : free 20 KOINZ per call
-the FREE KOINZ will be granted the next day
-Well, you can purchase KOINZ as well!!!! (RM 0.30 for 10 KOINZ, RM 1.50 for 50 KOINZ, RM 3 for 100 KOINZ)

So, other than earning free KOINZ, what can you do with the NEW XPAX PLAN? You can enjoy the super awesome low rates as stated below!!!!

So, what you waiting for? Just head on to any of the Blue Cube outlet or Celcom branch to pick up a NEW XPAX PLAN and join Kolony!!!! Or you can get more details on their website :

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