May 31, 2011

Red Riding Hood review : Dark Fantasy

By looking at the movie title, we know that this movie is adapted from a popular fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twillight. Therefore, you can see some of the shadow element of Twillight in this film. However, this film didn't adapted the fairy tale version of Little Red Riding Hood but they transform it into a darker version of Red Riding Hood.

Little Red Riding Hood grown up, and now a pretty girl.

Red Riding Hood, the girl Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) is not a kid in this movie, she grown up and fell in love with a woodcutter, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez). However, her family want her to marry to Henry (Max Irons) who is grow in a richer family. And this movie is set in a village which is haunted by the curse of werewolf who will come to attack the village and kill from time to time. After a few incidents happened, they found out that the werewolf wants Valerie. So, they summon Father Solomon (Gary Oldman) to help them kill the werewolf.

Henry (Max Irons) and Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), the hunks in the film.

Two reasons to go for this film, the visual and movie setting which is really beautiful (the tree, the ice lake and forest, really fantasy!) and the twisted ending. To be honest, the twisted ending save the movie. If not, this will be a quite boring or not that interesting movie. We have a few young and hot actors and actress in this movie, like Amanda Seyfried, Max Irons and Shiloh Fernandez. Their acting is okay, and you know what, Max Irons is the son of popular actor Jeremy Irons. I'm looking forward for Shiloh Fernandez acting in the future. And their love triangle's like the Edward, Bella and Jacob's love combination in Twillight. If you want some awesome acting, there you go, Julie Christie the grandma and Gary Oldman Father Solomon are in this movie. However, I think that the werewolf can be modified to a better version, I don't know but it looks not so convincing that it is a werewolf for me.

Father Solomon (Gary Oldman), the guy who try to save the village from the werewolf in a wrong way.

Father Solomon is a very interesting character, he wears purple robe (The fashion senses, wow!), he has silver nails, and he has a giant elephant tool to torture the villager to be used in the "investigation". He's sexy too, haha just the opinion of mine because he is potrayed by "someone". The soundtrack in the movie is really nice as well as the costumes in this movie which is well designed. The rest is,'s not as bad as we thought but it's not as good as we predicted. It's a so-so movie. Not the type of movie I like.

( PS : It's not that Twillight as they say, I think Catherine Hardwicke is really good at designing the movie settings, the costumes and the buildings in this movie. It's really impressive. Gary died, again. Sigh. )

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