Mar 31, 2009

Latest Wining Eleven B.A.L mode

Just play Wining Eleven 2009 ...
The latest i've got and the players look actually not that really look alike and the jersey...erm i guess they didn't get any copyright like they did in Wining Eleven 10.

However when the player on the field, it looks more real than the past and it got a really new mode that i always dream of that is the Become A Legend mode, where you create a player of your own and play the player in each match that means you can only control the player in every match and not the whole team.
Sometimes you will be arrange to sit on the bench because you're a new player or your performance not good, and sometime you'll also get sudstituted by other player if you get exhausted or again not well performs. And you have to make sure your player performs well. So other big clib will negotiate to buy your player.

This is my player for the become a legend mode.....hehe
And for people who ask me about how the edit appearance version of WE 2009, i will say the hairstyle seems not that good like WE 10 but all the facial thing seem got some improvement, this id other player that i edit, erm it may look not handsome haha.

Very young.....

i think this looks a bit like Jake Gyllenhaal

This is another B.A.L player version just a different hairstyle, have the same one i create in WE 10...haha like him so much. Exactly the same....

Mar 30, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Movie Poster...Waaaaa

Sher...Sher...Sherlock Holmes teaser poster is released.....(shocked)

Calm down, calm down....yeaaaa...eeee....ahhhhh.......

The poster is SO really mystery and hehe handsome.....Robert Downey jr as Sherlock Holmes!

The movie premiere will be on 25th in December...Christmas day....
Oh my goodness, can't wait to watch it, i'm super excited right now.
(Ps: I WANT this poster...)

Mar 29, 2009

Jon Bon Jovi's hair is back...Haha

After a whole lot of complaining about johnny...hehe jon bon jovi short hair cut, finally he keeps his hair longer and looks more sexy than ever. Woohoo~

In the celebrity flight night, Jon looks much more better with a longer and lighter blonde hair.

Hmm...Only a little messy there. It's okay, Stylist will help him out later....

Finally i can relax and stop worrying about his hair...

And Jon Bon Jovi just won over Nick Jonas for the hottest rocker...

Nonsense,it's like comparing a tiny bean to a Huge Bright Star....
I dont understand why nick jonas is under the ''Rockstar''???
Too bad you get Jon as your compete opponent.
Well, everybody knows who the hotter rockstar in the deep of their hearts...hehe

Mar 23, 2009

Keith Urban new song NICE

Nice vocal and music...A best song to listen to while waiting... Nice and slow. (Melted..)

Till Summer Comes Around...

Mar 18, 2009

American Idol country week

This week is the country week for American Idol!!!

I'm so glad yet disappointed that i like country song but they didnt invite keith uban to be the AI mentor. Isn't that keith urban is going to released his new album? Maybe it can help him to promote his new album. So i think he's the best choice to be the mentor however he didn't.

This week...if there is a round up for the overall perfomance then i'll say it is sucks. Most of them maybe didn't know much about country song and some of them say that too. So it's really hard for them this week but it is not an excuse for them because once you're in this competition, you've to know at least one of different kind of music genre that suit yourself.

Start with few that i dont even want to listen what're they singing and when it comes to Kris Allen...yes, he proved that he has a good vocal but he plays safe. But among the few contestant in front, he's the best so far.

kris allen Pictures, Images and Photos

Kris Allen...nice vocal.

And Adam Lambert...sigh. Disappointed with him by choosing a so called country song-Ring of fire. OMG...what the....when he start sings, i'm like reaching to the remote control to turn into mute. If i've to say it in a better way,he's taking way too much risk. To me,he's not singing a country song. But even a song like that, i'll still think that Adam did his best. But i dont think he'll eliminated for this song since the perfomance from the past really helps him.

adam Pictures, Images and Photos

Did he looks gay? I didnt mean that. Just asking.

Danny Gokey sings Jesus take the wheel. When he met and practice with the mentor....obviously not keith urban, i'm so worry coz he's like murmuring a tons of word out of his mouth and laughing all the time. But when he's on the stage, phew relax...well done. Finally, a good perfomance out of all. Good...but i think paula abdul sometimes judge a little over, i'm a danny gokey fans and i think that country week perfomance is great but Paula,you didn't have to say that even carrie underwood didn't mind something like sing a duet or let danny to record the song. I dont think Danny perfomance reach the level yet. Sometimes i really think that Simon judgement is much more better than Paula. At least Simon is honest. This is a competition,what is good means good and vice versa.

Danny Gokey Singing "Hero" on 2-17-2009 AI:8 Pictures, Images and Photos

Danny Gokey...maybe he can makes through the final.

Lastly, Ryan did looks good in few recent AI shows. Nice suit!!!

ER Old Times...

Just watched ER episode 328 a.k.a season 15 episode 19 a.k.a the episode which some original cast come back for a very last guest appearance for very last season....

Sob' Sob'....i dont want an end for this...i mean for the first 5 season i followed, (and i stop for the leaving of Dr.Ross to the big screen...) until he and the old gang came back for the very last season appearance.

For this episode, i dont know what happens to Dr. Carter before the last 10 season but i know that he needed a kidney transplant without letting his wife know. In the same time, Dr.Ross (finally...come back but i like the earlier Dr.Ross) and his wife Carol is pursuiting a grandma to donate her grandson organ which IN THE SAME TIME is needed by Dr.Carter. Meanwhile Dr.Benton is working in the hospital that Dr.Carter charged in. Wow...all is back but everybody is older compared to the past. I fel like kind of touching of the happiness seeing them reunion again, unfortunately Dr.Greene has died because of tumor in the earlier season if not it would be perfect....

Arhhh~lastly i watched it. And i rather i didnt watch it, coz i'm...sigh i'll miss the old gang very much...Dr.Weaver,Dr.Jeanie,Dr.Corday,Dr.Morgenstern, Malek who used to play basketball with Carter, Greene and Ross during rest time. The very origin and classic cast of ER, no more to be show on the TV.

Oh man, i've to get used to it now...How about one more season for only the very origin cast of ER?

Mar 15, 2009!!!


Watchmen Pictures, Images and Photos

When first i saw the trailer, i dont even have a desire to watch this movie. But later on, that day when two pals of mine and i standing in front of the cinema counter, i made a stupid decision.

The Comedian - BMF Pictures, Images and PhotosJ. Morgan Pictures, Images and Photos

From the left: the comedian
From the right: Jeffrey Dean Morgan a.k.a the comedian a.k.a Robert Downey Jr look a like

We're twisting between Dragon Ball and Watchmen. Although both doesn't seems like a good choice. But after i talk with one of my pals a.k.a the cat, without a doubt...i'll say WATCHMEN. What do we talk about? The comedian it is. When i first saw the interview in newspaper i found the comedian a.k.a Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks a bit familiar and after the cat told me, i know what happens coz he looks much like Robert Downey Jr...haha i dare not admit that coz i'm afraid i cant afford one more Robert a-like star after Danny Gokey.

We get in. And from the beginning, we can know the director is so into the sound effect. Too much on sound effect. The way he want to show from the past and back to now and AGAIN back to the past are awkward and confusing.

The point is i'm in just for the comedian and Rorschach (his funny mask). The comedian died in the beginning...good (T_T). Then all along the movie,the director didnt give a clear introduction to each watchmen. I'll say i never watch watchmen in comic but at least in a movie you have to let the audience understand what it is about.

Enough...not logic about the movie...okay you can say how can a superhero type movie can be logic. AT LEAST dude you have to make us feel rational. Take a good look at Ironman or spiderman either. Or at least Dark knight from your same company!!!

The funny part...okay but not really really funny. Sigh the worst part is this movie duration is long enough. This is really the worst part. The night owl dont look like a hero either. The fighting part can be ignored. Dragging long music is boring me too. I just hope i can get out of the cinema. I am legend is much more i figure out. And i'm sorry to say that night owl acting skill is...average. The ending...imagine yourself. OMG i'm waste rm 11 away just to watch comedian died.

The movie is SUCKS...Except for comedian (although only involved in little part) and Rorschach (funny but serious...)...Please my very last advice for you all out there that havent watch this movie:


And no watchmen 2 please....i dont even understand the first part then how you expect me to understand the watchmen 2. very first SUCKS movie in year 2009, congrats to watchmen, you made it.

Mar 5, 2009

Wild Hogs....GREAT!!!

Haha...Wild Hogs, great movie......comedy.

Actually i've been wanting to watch this movie since it is on the big screen but i didnt get to watch it.

But until yesterday, my dreams comes true.....

Wild hogs starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William Macy. It is about a bunch of MIDDLE AGED guys who lives a miserable life and try to walk out of it by having a so called ''road trip'' with their own formed biker gang call Wild Hogs.

Before they started the trip, they thrown away all their cell phone in order to really experienced the adventurous bikers life. William Macy a.k.a Dudley in the movie always crack me up in the movie because of his gayish and goofy behaviour. And when john travolta fetching him with the bike, he like to lied close and make john travolta really pissed off.

Beside that, they also met with a GAY cop and misunderstand that all of them are gay and follow them. However half way, they met up with REAL bikers and makes troubles. John travolta revenge by cutting all their wyer (and here where you can listen to Bon Jovi's Wanted dead or alive playing...haha) and ACCIDENTLY blown up their bars. They have to face those bikers....

Well this movie really bring out the adventure of a bikers. And lots of nice bike shows up in this movie too ( really nice...) Most important is it is real funny especially for John Travolta and William Macy....but actually four of them are funny. Well then it makes them realize about their life....quite interesting. I'll give 4 out of 5 star for this movie....worth to watch, not only a simple comedy...You'll felt something after you watch it......Enjoy!!!!

I'm shocked that the end of the movie using LOST HIGHWAY by Bon Jovi.....Absolutely suitable. Man, like this movie, thumbs up....