Sep 29, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Let's the picture speak for me on how much I love iPhone 4~~~

I love it so much that I'm willing to dig out my heart (Ewww~~) to exchange for an iPhone 4, to proves that how much I HEART iPhone 4.

(PS : Just for your info, the heart is made of newspapers, so it is a GREEN heart ya, go GREEN!!! Took me two days to paint, mold and dry it....OMG!!!)

Sep 27, 2010

Sushi Tei Pavillion KL

Few days ago, I went Pavillion for a walk with my pals.

I gotta admit that I didnt went there for some times and Bukit Bintang walk change a lot!!! Not only that, it's sad to know that one of my favourite brand outlet, Tough's Jeansmith in Pavillion closed down and one of my purpose for going Pavillion is to check out the Star War's collection in Adidas original shop. Guess what!? It's under renovation. Oops, that's MY DAY!!

However, we end up eating at Sushi Tei in Pavillion after wandering around twisting between Ding Tai Fung and Al-Amar.

Sushi Tei, a new choice of sushi restaurant in Pavillion.

I think this is quite new (for me) as I didn't notice it before for the VERY last time I went to Pavillion. It's located at the ground floor which near the food court area, a few shoplots away from Speedy (If not mistaken, I think should be one shoplot away).

The design is kinda different from the others japanese restaurant.

We're like flipping through the menu for quite a long duration~ Sushi Tei's rice (Those Don Don Don) and noodles (Those Ramen and Soba) are not really much choices for us (I'm expecting they will have something much different ). But the coolest thing is.....I finally found a Japanese Restaurant with UNI!!!!!!!

However, I didn't order the Uni. This is what we order for our lunch (Kinda heavy for me..).

Green Tea of Sushi Tei.

Soba, the white dipping sauce is weird.

Salmon and ikura don. Shiny Ikura!!! Yummy~

Hotate Mentai Tamago Don.....I HEART Hotate!!!!

Unagi Don, this is a HUGE unagi portion!

Forget what is the name (Go me na sai!!), but it is crab meat, egg roe inside and salmon with fried tofu filling with sushi rice. Thumbs up for this one!

I think that I would try the Sushi and Temaki in Sushi Tei for the next visit. Comparing their main cuisine and sushi, I think they have some really unique sushi that the others Japanese Restaurant don't have. I got hooked to Japanese food lately. Munch munch, targeting another Japanese Restaurant for next Pit Stop!!
(PS : The summer Star War's Adidas collection is over!! Now's Fall's collection!!! Can't stop playing Monster Hunter now! )

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

The DiGi iPhone 4 Plans!!

Why it is the CHOSEN ONE for me?

Because iDiGi plan make it more affordable than affordable.

First of all, DiGi help all iPhone 4 freaks out there save lots of money for buying iPhone 4! The monthly payment really lessen the burden for paying in one shot (DiGi save all the purse and wallet!!)! And now, they even provide a plan that make you use the affordable iPhone in a more affordable way!! The iDiGi plan!!!

Steve Jobs is so happy that DiGi taking care of his iPhone users in Malaysia.

You can either choose iDigi 88, 138 or the 238 package. Or you can start from the lowest as you can UPGRADE them. DiGi give us a multi choice~~~I LOVE this! The monthly fee for the three packages will be Rm 63, RM 93 and RM 173 respectively. It's even cheaper if it is auto-billing. Can you see that? The figures, how much I can save from that!

iDiGi saving a lot of our money!!

Another reason will be, FREE stuff!!

Free call, sms, mms and internet depends on which packages are you using! These free stuff will make you able to fully utilised your iPhone function (instead after buying it, you try to save this and that by not sending mms and going online)!! I can use the FaceTime videocall features as much as I can!!!

Of course, the another reason will be none other than a perfect reason for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to use iDiGi plan. The cheaper call to Friends & Family up to 6 of them.

Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne! No wonder Brad do not decide to have another kids! Because this just fits the iDiGi plan for the Friends and Family free calls! :D

I mean this is real cool, because I can call my 6 FnF in a lower call rate. That would really "SAVE me a lot"......away from those HUGE figures bills.

Gonna sum up that, the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans SAVE us a lot.

( PS : For more infomation on the DiGi iPhone 4 plans, you can check out this link : )

Sep 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Do you know why iPhone is so unique among all the other smartphone?

Because of their ABS!!!! Ehem, I mean their Apps aka the application!

Tons of Apps for you to choose!!!

If I have to choose one among all of the Apps, without a doubt I will tell's gonna be the Twitter App!

A bird that Tweet instead of Chirp!

You know what? You can download from iTunes store for free for thie Twitter application (Or you can try download Echofon (It's free too!) which is also one of the Twitter Apps but I'll prefer Twitter Apps though.)

I'll tell you that, Twitter is the Newspaper for today! This is why I will say that this is my favourite application because everyday, if you sign in into your twitter account, you'll know what's happening around the world (Of course you'll need to follow someone first)!!!

The interface of Twitter application in iPhone 4 is cool!

Twitter is really cool in the sense that you can follow up different person or even news channel to get updates from them! For me, I would recommend you to follow CNN news, OMG facts and some of your local news channel on twitter so that you can get updates on what happening around the worlds and some fun facts everyday (You can save your money and time to go out and buy a newspaper but just tapping your iPhone 4 screen using this Twitter apps)!

Of course, you can follow your favourite celebrities or athletes on Twitter too to see what's they up to lately. Just make sure that it is an official account or verified account!! Like me, I'm following Keith Urban and Bon Jovi (Yes, I just mention them again!!!) so that I'll get their latest and exclusive news on them!!! There are lots more you can follow on twitter though. As a science student, I'll follow up some science channel as well.

Besides that, you can interact with peoples from all over the world, knowing how is their culture and what happening on their country by checking out their daily updates and interaction with them on twitter. Since it is a micro-blogging website, you can update your daily activity as a more easier version of blogging too!!

Besides that with this Twitter apps on hands, you can tweet wherever you like and check out latest info or news in a more convenient way. I just wanna say that Twitter is a really useful and convenient website and with the released of iPhone 4 and the twitter apps make it more convenient for us.

(PS : I'm really appreciate the invention of iPhone apps!! They are really useful!!!)

Sep 23, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

ALERT!!! DiGi launched the braaaannnnnnd neeeewwwwww iPhone 4!!!!

And.....DiGi, the Generous, is giving away iPhone 4! (Wow, Santa came earlier this year!!)

DiGi Yellow Santa, HOHOHO!!!

Why I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi???'s ALWAYS A SMARTER CHOICE to ask something from DiGi. They will COVER all they can for you~~ :)

First of all, from a perspective of a can I miss out the latest gadget that could lead us to the future!!! Do you know how it's like to own a gadget that make you feel like that you're standing on the edge of the future? It's like.....I'll tell you once I get that iPhone. (:P, haha!! )

iPhone 4, the trend killer gadget from the future!!

The FaceTime features which is really cool that we can make video call with our family. This is why I want the iPhone 4 from DiGi. Because I'm apart from my family to further my study (Oops, Urbanae's secret identity revealed....a student.). So, it will be much much much easier to have an iPhone with FaceTime features to have video call with my family. Ya know, it's kinda difficult to skype, msn all the time. Because with iPhone 4 in hand, just use one of your fingers to make that one MAGICAL tap on it, you're now able to talk and see as close as you wish to your family or friends!!!

And since, Urbanae, in science stream (Ooopsy, another secret identity revealed, a science student!! That's not important.) I carry out lot of experiment and actually one of the features in iPhone 4 will help me a lot!!! The Retina Display~~~~ARGH!!!

Why!? Because I need to capture the image of my experiment result like those cute microorganism thingy, structure of those stuff I observed under microscope. With the Retina Display!!! I can check out the my cute little microorganism SHARP and CLEAR!!!!

Micros observed under the Retina Display!! SEE!!! We can even see their eyes and mouth!! :D

Not only checking out the structure and stuff but also the text captured from books which will make it more easier and convenient for my study!

Of course, not only for my study.....(Hehe!!) If I'm going to a concert or snap an image of my favourite artist like Bon Jovi or Keith Urban (I just need to mention them!!), I can observe clearly after the concert event or the snap!!! Purr, I LOVE that Retina Display!!

The Multitasking features is also one of the reason why i want an iPhone 4 from DiGi (Do you hear me??) I can switching a few apps without slowing down the proggress. Check out my studies thingy, and when my mum away, switching it to continue a game that I was playing...Ehem!! Just kidding! Seriously, this would make my job easier!!! Not for that example I mentioned just now. :P

The HD video recording and camera is really complete me in the sense of either in work (mean study) or play!! 5 megapixel camera will definately enhance my image for my experiment's result (Can you imagine you can observe my friend, Mr. Frankenstein's good looking originally pale green face clearly?) or allow a closer view in a concert that I'm far away from a stage, the 5X ZOOM effect!!!

Or course, last but not least, this will be my perfect pre-21 birthday present. :)

The iPhone 4 is MINE!!!!

To sum up, the iPhone features plus the apps with the wide coverage of DiGi, YESSSS! This complete me!!!

(PS : Of course, not to forget to mention the sexiness of iPhone 4, they went to the get a slimmer body! :P)

Sep 13, 2010

Keith Urban Put You In A Song

Keith urban new single is finally HERE!!!!!

I'm freakin love the new song, it's catchy, as awesome as Keith always do!!! I think the new album Get Closer will be out of my expectation. Way better than i thought!

The artwork!! Love it!

Here is the song on youtube (Can't get to listen to it on the livechat yesterday) :

The lyrics (Sweet!!) :

Well here you come again and you’re lookin’ so fine
You don’t notice me but it’s alright
I’m just a guy who wishes that I could be your man someday

Yeah a picture paints a thousand words it’s true
But it’s still not enough for how I feel about you
I wanna put you in a melody, I gotta set you to a groove

I wanna put you in my car and drive
And turn you up loud, roll down all the windows and shout it out
I love this girl oh

If I could press play, repeat how happy I’d be
Wherever I’d go I’d have you there with me
You’d be right where you belong
I wanna put you in a song, oh oh oh

Well I’d sing about your smile and your pretty blue eyes
The way your hair shimmers in the sunlight
It’d be so easy I’d just write it from my heart‘
Cause I gotta tell the world what you mean to me
Wrap you up in a melody so you’ll be
Stuck in my head all day‘
Cause you’re already there anyway, yes you are

I wanna put you in my car and drive
And turn you up loud, roll down all the windows and shout it out
I love this girl

If I could press play, repeat how happy I’d be
Wherever I’d go I’d have you there with me
You’d be right where you belong
I wanna put you in a song

And if I get it right everybody’d be singing along yeah
And when they see you on the street they’ll say
Hey ain’t you the girl in that song

I wanna put you in my car and drive
And turn you up loud, roll down all the windows and shout it out
I’m in love with this girl

Yeah if I could press play, rewind a couple million times
Imagine for a moment that you’re all mine
Every night I’d drive you home
If I could put you in aLet me put you in a song
Let me put you in a song
Oh a pretty little song about you baby

(PS : Enjoy the song! Hopefully gotta listen to PYIAS in my local radio soon~~)

Sep 9, 2010

The DUE DATE is here!!

Iron Man (Robert Downey jr) rushing for the birth of his child with Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) from the Hangover and the accompany of Mr. Ayers (Jamie Foxx) that played the biola all along the journey!!

This is going to be a hilarious journey!!

Check out the new comedy by RDJ, Zach Galifianakis and Jamie Foxx which will hit the cinema on 5th of November!!

I'm not very sure whether is this gonna be a great comedy but definately will be going for this flick as RDJ is in it!! I'm gonna give a second try when RDJ goes into comedy again (Last one Tropic Thunder I only found that RDJ part is interesting, I saying this not because I'm a big fans of him, that's the truth!!). But I think Zach is a guarantee for this comedy...and Todd Phillips will let you laugh till you cry in a comedy!!

(PS : Hughie...Jackman quit from Avon Man because he need to get ready for the Wolverine Origin 2. Hmm, we get to see the muscle again!! I strongly recommend Hollywood to make Beauty and the Beast movie by casting Jackman as the beast!!! He's the chosen one! Just my POV.)

Sep 4, 2010

Keith Urban New Album "Get Closer" hit the store this November

After the success of Defying Gravity which gives Keith two no.1 singles Only You Can Love Me This Way and Sweet Thing, he will be releasing his new album Get Closer in this November!!! (Hooray, it come faster than I thought!)

Wait, will be releasing in November...."light bulb" Bon Jovi's greatest hits will be released in the same month too!!! Another Urban or Jovi deal!!! It's okay, I will settle it myself.

The first single of this album "Put you in a song" will hit the radio on 13th of September!! (Just wondering will it be something like "Standing right in front of you"???) Again, Keith working with Dann Huff this time...not much worry on the music, which will not be a problem in every Keith Urban's album!! My prediction will be another great album is produced. I'm looking forward what kind of style will be for this album??? Last album Defying Gravity, Urban go plaid and short haircut which is very refreshing.

The only thing that I've been worrying this album available in Malaysia? Ehem, because last album is not available in Malaysia (I've search over all the store available in's a Nay!). But thanks god, how nice is Keith Urban and his community for sending me a copy of Defying Gravity!!! I really appreciate that! Thank you soooo much. So, this time I hope that Keith will be releasing his "Get Closer" album here!

(PS : For the Jovi or Urban thingy, I'll take both, Ultimate collection of Jovi's greatest hits and definately a copy of Urban's "Get Closer", my birthday album wishlist is here!! I think I will add in Jon Bon Jovi and Keith Urban in the list as well, send me this two people!!)