Dec 31, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2 : A Game of Shadows review

It's a long wait for the Holmes fans, the sequel Sherlock Holmes 2 is, I would rather said satisfying for me.

See the hot pair doing their detective job!

The cast is as always amazing. It starts with a slow pace, bored me a bit at the beginning but once it get on the track and the action pack came in, it's a mind blowing thingy! This time the plot get around Professor M aka Moriarty, Holmes biggest enemy or you can say Holmes is Moriarty biggest enemy in another way round.

Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr perform really well as Watson and Holmes. They're the right pair, seriously. When they're together, they start showing their comedy talent to the audience. It's really hilarious especially when Sherlock throw Watson's wife off the train, superb. But, it's quite touchy, a bit of touchy for the Holmes dying scene but it cracked me up for the following scenes. Have a lot of laughing during this movie.

Wedding for Watson and his wife. Look how jealous Sherlock is.

I love how Guy Ritchie turn Sherlock Holmes into a martial art guy, all the action scene is awesome, especially the slow-mo scene where the explosion and the fighting happened. It's a genius movie, for Holmes and the director. But I think there will be a bit of confusion for those who didn't read the Holmes series, just a bit. But the action would sure overwhelmed you in this movie.

Compared the to prequel, I think this one is more towards into cracking the code and doing the detective thingy compared to the first one. Improvement, bravo, bravo! And applause to Stephen Fry as the role of Sherlock Holmes's brother. A delighting cast for the movie. I thought at first they will like to cast Brad Pitt as Prof. Moriarty, thanks God they didn't because it would be a too handsome Moriarty and I only realize that they did think of casting GARY OLDMAN!!!!! I wonder why it didn't work out! It would be PERFECT! But I think Jared Harris make a good Moriarty too, but would really love to see Gary Oldman as Moriarty.

Load of action scene.

Overall, it's a really nice movie. I mean it ends in a smart way (along the way too), the ending is really important for a movie. For this one, the ending help me to forget about a slight boring at the beginning. Just a slight bit of boringness in the beginning for me. I enjoy the disguise that Robert Downey Jr did in this movie. It's good, love Guy Ritchie's work and he shows us how smart is Sherlock Holmes, which he really is.

(PS : Downey buff up for the role, I can see it. He looks so sexy as women, haha!!! Congrats on his baby boy by the way.)

Dec 20, 2011

Death hoax : Jon Bon Jovi still rocking the world !!!

Yes, if you're on Twitter, you probably notice #bonjovidead is trending and when you search through Google, "jon bon jovi dead" will be the first thing come up first. So, the Rock and Roll world just lost one of the greatest legend.....HELL NOOO!!!!

I almost come to a heart attack when I saw the news (how do I live without Bon Jovi!!!) but as a smart fans, I still go through double check and thanks god, Jon himself did something to proves that he's still ALIVE and looking good (my POV!)!!

Jon tweeted that, "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey!"

So, Jon Bon Jovi finally use his twitter, to proves that he's still alive!!! God bless the man and the band. They need to rock the fans for a few more decades or one millennium before they can really rest in peace! I mean, I come so close feeling how is it like to lose my favorite musician for the first time. I know this post sound so personal, yeah, of course because I'm die hard BJ fans!

Just wish that those people won't simply spread stupid death hoax of celebrity again. First of all, you get a lot of trouble to the celebs themselves by receiving tons of mails, emails, messages to confirm the news, secondly, you scare the hell out of their fans!!! Well, now we probably can sit back and listen to "I'll sleep when I'm dead" by the man himself, ehem, I mean singing "Have a Nice Day" to those who spreading the hoax around!

(PS : Can't wait for their next album!)

Dec 15, 2011

Heneiken and The Opener as the life of the part for Festive Season

Ho ho ho! The festive season is here and guess what? Heineken is giving out prizes!! Heineken 5L Draughtkeg (Drink till you drop!!)!!!

But of course, you will need to put in some efforts to get the prizes, and how?
So, all you need now is an iPhone and download the Heineken Opener from iTunes stores (Click here!)

After you get the app from iTunes store, you will need a wifi connection to run your app because we will have a bit of treasure hunting in this Heineken Opener app. You will need to register first when you run the app on your iPhone.

Let's get started!!

And the app itself will show you the instruction. It will pop out something like a map or GPS (Location service is needed! That's why we call it a treasure hunting! ). You will see Heineken bottle cap icon and you will go to the place that near you.

Find the Heineken Bottle cap!!

When you reach the specific place with Heineken bottle cap, your camera mode needed to be turn on in the app and search for a augmented reality Heineken bottle.

Open the bottle by flicking your phone. Don't get too excited and flick off our phone from your hand ya!

By finding the augmented reality Heineken bottle, you will get more points and you can check your ranking in the leader board in the app. The more bottle you get, the closer you're on a trip to Amsterdam for two. Meanwhile, you still can play with the treats and tips in the app.

Well, you can enjoy the fun of finding the augmented reality Heineken bottle while enjoying a bottle of Heineken. That's what we call a festive season, having fun, relaxing and get some good treat. Who knows? You might be the winner of 5L Heineken Draughtkeg. Of course, you still stand a chance to win iTunes gift cards worth RM 50 and Premium Heineken merchandise other than the 5L Draughtkeg!

So, what you waiting for? Go get the app and search for the Heineken Bottle!!