Feb 17, 2013

Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen DIY Ice Cream

How much do you know about molecular gastronomy? Basically, to simplify it, it is the combination of food and science, using science technique or material or instrument to cook a cuisine. To be honest, with a science background myself, it sound unacceptable to me when I know about the existence of molecular gastronomy (probably I'm the old fashion science lad) but the whole thing really trigger my curiosity!

Stop the babbling and I shall let you guys know what it gotta to do with Ooh My Gas Ice Cream (OMG! Ice Cream)! The ice cream is made from the instant freeze using liquid nitrogen which is quite fascinating and you can see the crew doing the ice cream freezing on the spot, the kitchen will be just like a dreamland with lots of fog around.....like Silent Hill *kidding*!

OMG! Ice Cream!

Customize your ice cream!
The next coolest thing is that you get to customize your ice cream! First you have to choose your base, gelato, ice cream or soya~ I chose gelato and cream cheese flavor (Cheese stink me please!), have some marshmallows, and I pick red color (super cool, because you can choose your ice cream color), like I'm customizing my game character!

Crew freezing my ice cream!

*Tada* My Cutie Ice Cream!

Close up.
I have no idea but this post make me feel so cute, probably of the whole color tones it present. *out of topic* Seriously, I'm not a fan of pink color. I've ordered red color somehow it came out pink (NOOOOO!!! How can it be!?) But then I thought probably because of cream cheese came in creamy yellow white so when it blend with red color (*whisper* I'm Picasso~), here you go, pinky pink!

The biggest difference between normal ice cream and liquid nitrogen ice cream is........*ehem* from the view of a scientist, liquid nitrogen instant freezing will break the fat and water into smallest particle and it will gives you a better texture aka the ice cream go smoother~ So, you won't have those icy crystal in your ice cream. 

*The following is me trying to sound like a scientist* My statement is that, the ice cream texture is really smoother and much creamy, in another words, I feel like the ice cream is lighter in weight inside my mouth. (o_0) That's really how I feel! But to be honest, I prefer ice cream in those thick and heavy texture, like turkish ice cream because liquid nitrogen ice cream tend to melt faster. The taste could be heavier, the cream cheese saltness plays well with marshmallow. Ooooh, and you can choose your sweetness level for your ice cream too. I'll suggest go full sweetness as I order medium level and I don't get the sweetness ohm I usually get eating ice cream~

And.......Ooh My Gas Ice Cream is located at Pavillion, go and have a try!