Mar 20, 2010

Tekken movie trailer....

Everyone knows Tekken as long as you play video games or someone who don't play video games. One of the most succesful fighting games that ever produced.

And now, they've decided to made into a movie.
Here is the movie trailer.

Everyone never expect the movie will be great whenever a games is made into a movie because there is none of the game ever made a good movie. Same goes to Tekken the movie. I've been playing Tekken from tekken 1 to 6. And when this movie came out. I gotta say that it is sooooo "Disappointing".

Looks at the original Jin Kazama and the Jin in the movie. They've ruin his image!!! Oh my god! And games always got the attention of gamers but look at the trailer, it's like, the storyline is bored and the character is.......*speechless* Trailer is important for a movie which the exciting part to attract the audience. But no.....I don't think I'm going to watch this movie. (sorry to said that , I'm a big fans of Tekken and it's not what I expect. Where is Hwaorang???)

Well I guess I will expect something good from Tron Legacy as well as Prince of Persia which is also a games made into movie. I guess this two movie is quite anticipated. Tekken? Hmm, not for me. Better stick with the game.