Oct 6, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Preview Book Sales 2011

It's the one and only book sales that is craved by book readers, and it's coming back again this year, the Big Bad Wolf Books sales!!!

My preview passes to BBW.

Coolest thing is that I got the preview passes to the sales, which is my first time to the BBW and it's cool that I won't have to squeeze with the crowd. It's held at MAEPS which is a place that is large enough to get all the books and book lovers in.

Bus Ride.

I can be sold....

It's really nice that they have bus services to fetch us into the venue when we reach MAEPS, which save us some walking energy so that we can use it in picking books!!!

Stacks of BOOKS!!!

Big Bad Wolf spotted!!

Oh, fiction, my favorite.

I gotta say that I'm stunned as most of the fiction books cost about RM8, some cost RM 6......HOLY!! Some is hardcover!!! But, too bad they didn't specialized their category so you will need to focus on your "treasure" hunting just in case you missed out the book you want. The place is really big enough, and the staff there is super nice!! Only that they may lack of knowledge of books. Can't blame them really as the book's price is satisfy me enough.

And here you go, you vampire lover, the Twillight series.....

I saw people using their own trolley and travel bags!!! I'm a rookie for book sales so I bring nothing.....but thanks god, they offer us with empty boxes so we can carry our CHOSEN books. They have lots of books, comics, magazines, cooking book, biography and etc.....!! But I heard some of the book lover over there said that there isn't much nice books compare to the last BBW books sale! Oh goodness, which mean last one is much better. I thought this one is cool enough. But I can't found few of my DREAM books.

They even have Keroro Gunsou comics, my favorite!!!!

The comic section.

I was dragging the boxes with books, searching around nice books with my friend. We're like doing some treasure hunting. Haha! But I try to mind my spending because this is my first time and my budget limit.....so I only grab a few. I want MORE!!!!! But.....I can't!

Here's my CHOSEN ONE from the BBW sales.

I picked a few. I saw Harry Potter Order of Phoenix sold at RM 8! Heart attack! Why not the whole series!!! So, I didn't buy it. Thinking of getting the whole boxset. Same goes to the Song of Ice and Fire and Malazan Book of the Fallen. It's okay. I think I get what I want this time. The only thing is that the food stall, not enough food supply where they only sell sandwiches......we almost starved till death (But we have the BOOKS with us so we survive!!!). Everything is fine, just the food. Hope they will improve that!

(PS : I can only start reading my new collection after I finished Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Man, this novel is confusing but exciting at the same time.)