Jul 31, 2010

Vampires : Los Muertos...a lil vampires stuff and the Avengers!

I've been searching for this movie, not because I love vampires or this movie is good ( Oops! ) BUT....Jon Bon Jovi is the lead actor in this movie!! Yes that super hunk rockstar, the vocalist from Bon Jovi.

So, guess what!? Our very own TV2 put this movie on their list yesterday! (which is kinda cool, TV2 is improving!! Ehem, they've been having lots of RDJ movie as well!!) Honestly, not really into this movie, if Jon is not in it, I dont think I will watch it either!! He's so charming in this movie...as always!!!

Jon is a part time hired killer when he's not singing in Bon Jovi. No kidding! He kills with his charming killin' smile!

So Vampires : Los Muertos is a movie all about vampire hunter who hunt for vampire!! And actually I didn't finish watching this...haha and didn't much pay attention to the storyline! (Guess I was way too focus with the lead actor...hehe!!) So they was like need to fight against a vampire leader who searching a way to make herself (yes, it's a gal vampire...) able to walk under sunlight, so they can do things better like bitting people during the days, enjoying their meat so that they wouldn't have to wait till the night.

Smokin' hot guy with killing weapons, I mean the look!!
To be honest, I think Jon is an average actor since he's a singer originally, but if he going to starred in another movie...I will spend my money on the movie just to watch him. (Uh oh!! It's time to send myself to rehab again.) They should consider taking Jon as Captain America, he's much suitable than that Chris Evans ( I still can't forget and fogive him because he's the human torchlight in Fantastic Four )!!

Jon (vampire hunter) kills Edward!!
Well, not a really good movie, quite bloody but can't satisfy from the visual effect!! And one thing, Jon kill that vampire guy, Edward!!! The hotness. This is a fact that I'm not a Twillight fans especially the Rob Pattison (He really look much like a vampire!).

Let's move forward into a totally not related stuff!!! The comic cons!!
The hulk's role is confirmed!! And it's Mark Ruffalo to take on the green guy's role. I think Edward Norton did a good job playing the hulk! Let's see what's the differences in The Avengers!!
Can Mark Ruffalo manage to handle the Hulk's role?
And here's the Avengers cast!!! I wish that Jon Favreau is the director...but come what may. Guess it wouldn't be a bad movie if RDJ is in it.

The Avengers cast!!

Okay, can't wait for it ald!! The Avengers gonna hit the cinema around 2012!! Let's see how the Marvel superheroes save the earth. (Woops, are they purposely set it at 2012?) Tron Legacy and Green Lantern (DC comic's movie...) is coming soon!!
(PS : The comic con is awesome! Wish I was there!! )

Jul 28, 2010

What you waiting for.

Recently, this song been playing in my mind over and over again after I listened to it once. After I go and figure out, this song is by Mizz Nina and Colby O Donis!

Who's Mizz Nina? She's from Hip hop group Teh Tarik crew which is from our very own Malaysia!! This song has a really nice rhythm and beats!!

I love the line :''Hey sexy gal from kuala la la lumpur~~"
Check this song out!!!

What you waiting for, by Mizz Nina and Colby O Donis!!

But not really confortable with the whole torchlight thingy!! Should have done a better one!!

Jul 25, 2010

Cyril : Beyond Imagination 2010

"This is just the beginning"

After Cyril bring us magic tv show, Cyril : Simply Magic last year (Great show! Only that never ever watch it with your little cousin, coz you might end up with tons of question like : Why's like that? How he do that? =_='' Deep down I was like : "How I know?" But of course I gave a better answer : It's simply magic!!), Cyril now is coming back with a magic show (watch live magic!! Any telecast? ) and this time, it is held in Hong Kong!

It's Cyril : Beyond Imagination!! (Is it available in 3D? Okay not funny!)

The red is kinda punk huh?

There are only 3 show in Hong Kong and it is a 2 hours magic show! (*Jealous* Feel like wanna gives a Tamama IMPACTO!!)

Okay, since last time Cyril did come to Malaysia for Cyril : Simply Magic, it's a tie...(But where the heck I'm during that time!!) It's not important!! Sad news is the ticket is....SOLD OUT which actually should be a good news!!! But who knows? This is only the beginning !! (copyright from Cyril) Maybe Cyril would add a few more shows for the people in Hong Kong!!(ehem, I'm just saying that, not sure whether he will add another shows.)

Magician always love to surprise the audience!

By the way, rumors saying that there will be Cyril : Simply Magic Season 2!!! And rumors always turn out to be the truth!! So, guess we will be watching Cyril : Simply Magic 2 on AXN maybe next year? Hopefully!

Cyril : Simply Magic 2?

About live magic show, I think I've only watch twice in my life! But I was too young, so I cant really remember who I'm watching. I only remember that first one was in Genting, the magician was doing something related to a small plane. The second one was in Korea, the only thing that I remember is that the magician's ending, where he makes lots of doves appear, then he was like let go each of them and in the end there was like snowflakes coming down from the ceiling. Well, I would like to go for another live magic show and most probably will be Cyril's show! (Only if he decide to have one in Malaysia.)

(PS : Enjoy the show people!! Lei Dei Zao Hou La, Yao Dak Tei Cyril Gek Mo Sut!! (Direct translate to cantonese!!!))

Jul 24, 2010

Despicable Me review

Despicable Me!!! Cool!!

Not a Pixar animation, BUT.....don't underestimate them, because it's a Illumination Entertainment's animation!!!

I think this animation is kinda cool! Funny as well. The most attractive stuff about this movie is that It's FREAKIN' CUTE!!!

Let's make the overview short and clear :

He's the villain, the bad guys....that you'll definately LOVE him !!! He's so badass that in a kinda cool way, love his stealing on the Statue of Liberty and Eifel Tower...ehem, he steal the smaller version available in Vegas.

Coolest villain?

He's soft-hearted too!!

The three little girls!!!
Margo, Edith and Agnes!!!!
They are so CUTE!!!! Especially Agnes~~~~It's so FLUFFY!!!! I wish they will have focus more on this three little girls.

The Minions!!
The minions are hilarious. Love them acting silly and their body language is really funny. I would like to learn their language "Bah Boy Bah Boy !!!"


Each of them have a name!!! And they can USED as fluorescent light too, that's way too cool!
The Music!!!
By my favourite Hans Zimmer! That's why it sounds so cool!! The soundtrack is considerable. Wilhem Scream is used in this animation. Try to check it out which part is it!
I think this animation is really cool! I like it so much! And I'm kinda shocked that Russell Brand actually don't sound like Russell Brand in it. I would like to have an U-NI-CORN!!! It's so FLUFFY!!!
(PS : Saw Megamind's trailer in the cinema.....Jeez, Brad Pitt's role originally should be voiced by RDJ!! The villain in Megamind is kinda cool too, so nowadays villain in an animation is much cooler compared to the past, they're cute too! By the way, can't wait for Rango!!)

Jul 23, 2010

Just a lil' night life in KL!!!

I'm officially back in KL!!!

This is the evidence!!!

See the KLCC and KL tower....???

So I went to cruising around like a tourist after been apart from this lovely city for around two months. And I'm kinda surprise to see that Bintang Walk is still as HOT as usual eventhough it's thursday night!! (I'm a Malaysian~~~)

Actually I was going for a Wanton mee hunting at the night for that time, so I went to somewhere near Jalan Alor there~~~(Just FYI, the wanton mee is by roadside, and it's business hours start from 10 pm, yes...no joking, it's 10 pm!! But it taste really nice~)

However, I turn out checking around those pub and bar near Jalan Tungkat Tung Shin~~

The Hulk bar??

It's kinda relax to stop and park your car to walk along the road....

People's everywhere!!

You should go and check out the street over here!!!

However, the Wanton mee store is gone~~~after cruising for 2 hours here and there!!!
End up eating Dim Sum 1am IN THE MORNING!? Ehem, should be midnight!!
Well just ma ma desu for the Dim Sum. (Ma ma desu aka okay okay~got nothing to do with Mama!)
The next day went to Soho Solaris and Mont Kiara!!
And get to try the Mr.Siew Pau's Siew Pau at Mont Kiara!!!

The Hulk tart (Green tea..), Curry SP, Mushroom SP and Siew Pau, original flavor!!
That tart dont taste like a Siew Pau...(Okay it's a Siew Pau store, you dont expect much for a tart that PRODUCED by a Siew Pau store, get what I mean?) The Curry and Mushroom is average!! But the origin Siew Pau.....so Siew Pau!!! Okay, it taste really nice!! Very juicy~~~
After that went to SoHo Solaris!! Argh, I dont know Tenji Buffet Restaurant is there!!! Should give it a try next time!!
The view from SoHo Solaris!!!
That's all for my days!!! Tired~
Before that, like to share some pix I taken while I coming back by train~

Nice view...or nice photo shooting technique?

Some Kampung house~

Our signature palm oil farm!!!

That's all!!! The end.
(PS : Going for Despicable Me tomorrow!!! It's so FLUFFY!!!! Can't wait for that!!)

Jul 17, 2010

Save our earth

First of all, this is the 200th post for Rock it heartless!!! Ya~Hoo~~~

Okay. Since this is the 200th post, I would like to share some video with you guys (which I've been searching on the internet...and I FOUND IT!!)

No it's not any of the music video, movie or whatever. It's a documentary, Six Degrees Could Change The World. I think this documentary is really worth to watch and as we all going through now, the Haiti and Sze Chuan earthquake, the volcano eruption in Iceland, frequent tornado and storm happened all over the world, flood, and heat wave...I think it's like we're reaching the almost 6 degrees warmer scene as the scientist and expert predict in 2008 for this documentary.

So here you go,

One Degree Warmer :

Two Degress Warmer :

Three Degrees Warmer :

Four Degrees Warmer :

Five Degrees Warmer :

Six Degrees Warmer :

So now you know how bad the consequences can be....and it seems like the global warming get worst faster than all the scientist had predicted. Paris gone, Venice gone, L.A gone ( Nooo way!!! The Hollywood sign!! ) and our earth!!

So, do your part to save the earth!!!

(PS : Live green ya!!)

Jul 16, 2010

Reload of new music!

Yea!! Recently got a lil' bored with the playlist in my iPod....(Ya know I cant only listen to Bon Jovi 24/7, and guess what I just stop myself from listening to them for two weeks!!!! New record!!! =_='' Why I have to do this...?)

Leave that alone, so I was like loitering around the net~~~Guess what!? It's a big catch!!! Found some really talented artist and now my iPod is reloaded with their music!!

Now I was like playing this artist's song everyday!!! And it's Keith Urban....!!! (Okay I know I used to play his song like every seconds. ) It's Jon Mclaughlin!!!!

Most of the people don't know him but you know what!!? He's so talented and his music is so sensational!!!!

Nice vocal, good looking, multi-talented, what else you want from Jon Mclaughlin!!

His new album is OK Now. I think most of the song is great but I prefer his song from the previous album, Indiana. Slow and nice melody~( Uh-oh, I'm changing my music sense...sometimes it's really relaxing to listen to this kinda song!! )

If I have to recommend his song, it will definately be So Close and Beautiful Disaster!!! But I'm killed by Jon's For You From Me and Loving Me....(Love these song, but honestly it's worth to buy his album, all the song is nice!! ) Oh by the way, his name is Jon too!! Same with Bon Jovi's vocal...JON!!!! (Hehe, misfit topic ya!! By the way, recently, Jon Bon Jovi injured by torning his muscle during his tour, but ya know what, he still continue to rocks out the fans!!! COOL! )

Okay the another one will be Love and Theft!!! Yes, finally....a country's band. (For those who don't like Country song, too bad, you guys miss out a lots of great song!!!)

They've been touring with Taylor Swift....and I think they are kinda good, in the sense of their harmonies in their song. Their vocal sounds good when it comes together!!

Will they be the next Rascal Flatts!!?
Their debut album is World Wide Open. First single is Runaway, but I'm more into their Dancing in Circles and Slow Down~You guys cab check out their music!! Hope that Nasville come out with more country bands...( My personal favourite would be Rascal Flatts and Sugarland, hmm Lady Antebellum as well. Gotta LOVE Sugarland's STAY!!! That song is soooooo SAD!!! )
And who's next?
Obviously, they are not a new band....They've been rocking out fans over the world quite some times!! Pss, their hits Vindicated is the spidey 2 movie's soundtrack. However, I'm more into their new album...Alter the Ending and Belle of the Boulevard is such a nice song~~~as well as Blame it On the Changes!!! Nice one!!!

Here you go!! Chris, the vocal of DC!!! Oops, ain't Spiderman a Marvel comic!?
Back to" my type of music ", ROCK and ROLL!!
But this is more to Glam Rock....it's Cinema Bizarre!!
Love their outfits, of course their music as well.....

Visual rock~~Woohoo~
They are starting to strike the US market...BUT, the band announce that they having a break!!! Nooooo, I'm just start loving their song and they going to have a BREAK!!?? Forever and Never is very glam rock-like....!! Love that, as well as Love Songs, Angel in Disguise and I Don't Believe. And I love visual rock outfits sooooo much!!! They just look so cool!!!
Hmm, by the way, I accidently found this song when I'm loitering on the net AGAIN~It's by Emerson Hart, If You're Gonna Leave. A really nice song.
(PS : Recently I've been listen to more slow and sentimental song. Argh! Am I getting old?? Just kidding!! Will be looking forward for any nice song recommendation!! Any song?? By the way, Daughtry's September music video will be aired tonight!!! That's a really nice song as well. PSS : Love JT, Jamie Foxx and T.I's Winner!!! Feel like Jordan!!)

Jul 9, 2010

World Cup 2010 the finale...

The final is here!!! And we're getting closer to the end....(which mean we cant hear the Vuvuzela sound anymore!!! =_='') I mean we have to wait another 4 years for another world cup!!

Who's going to bring the trophy home?
So now, it's left with third place play-off and the FINALE!!!
Let's take a look at the finale, Holland vs Spain!!!

The Dutch is playing well from the beginning till now...

The Flying Dutchmen!!! (From Pirates of the Carribean???)

Not really a fans of the Dutch, but one thing for sure they have some really good attack player, Van der Vaart, Snejider, Kuyt....I think Robben is a really threatening player for the opponents. Or now I should say for the Sepanyol~Whenever the ball is with Robben, the opponent better watch out!!!

Another one will be Van persie....!!! He got a super killing left leg....when he playing for Arsenal!!! But not really sure that he perform his best for this world cup. Well, we will see what can he do for the Dutch in the final!!!

Show us what you got, Gunners!!! (Err, I mean the one on the left!!)

The another team in the final, Sepanyol!!!

They have a pretty strong line up too (not compared to the previous squad!!!) They have Puyol, Ramos, David Villa, Torres, Fabregas, Alonso ( not the one who drive in F1 )....

I love their coach, Vicente del Bosque which is previous Real Madrid coach (I think he lead the Galaxy star really well...)

I'm counting on David Villa (on the left) to do something for the team!!!

But I'm condfident with the defending line....because we have Cassilas!!!
He is one of the goalkeeper that perform with consistent, reflective and with good goalkeeping skill (The others will be Barthez and Given).

Don't know about his new beard, but I'm sure Cassilas can secure the goal post!!
Personally, I think Cassilas without the beard looks much like Orlando Bloom....aka Legolas!!

I'm an elf~

Well, for the third place play off!!!

Germany vs Uruguay, Germany've been winning with big scale of goal in this world cup. They did improve a lot on their attack (Not so for their goalkeeper...). But there is no 100% winning in a football game. Podolski and Klose make a perfect match. (I mean on the field as teammates) For my personal opinion, I think Muller, yes he scored but I think he's kinda selfish on the field and he plays pretty rude. Schweinsteiger helps a lot in the team too but...he's rude as well. Uruguay have Forlan as the key player.....I didn't watch any Uruguay match in this world cup. But i think they are quite strong.

As conclusion, I would like to say that, this is (sorry to say that) the worst world cup I ever watch. No teamwork at all between the player, everyone is trying to score on their own, a lots of diving and rude play!! Where's the fair play and sportmanship we used to saw on the field?? And no footworks or dribbling skill is noticed in this world cup....except for the Algerian, I saw they did some dribbling ( I don't see Messi and C.Ro as good as they say!!)

I have to say that Lando Donovan, play pretty well for US. Nice one! As well as Enyeama and Parton (if not mistaken, the name should be Parton) has really good goalkeeping skill. Lahm did a good job in defence.

From this world cup, I have to say that a new football generation is born. Miss the old gang, Figo, Nedved, Davids, Maldini, Raul, Zidane.....and on and on......

(PS : Paul, the octopus chose for Germany and Spain this time...I guess Paul dare not to choose the other country, because it will probably be made into german octopus sausages. )

Jul 8, 2010

Mariah Carey new song!!!?

Just found this video on the net and would like to share with you guys....

So probably people with the name Ken Lee will be a new trend now.....

Love the line, Ken Lee, tulibu dibu douchoo~~~ (Haha!! )

(PS : FYI this is Mariah Carey's without you!!! You know it's kinda confusing to differentiate between Ken Lee and Without You.)

Jul 5, 2010

Keroro Gunsou's lesson: Fight for your tomorrow

Yes, I've been saying Keroro Gunsou is a very educated animation. I think in the beginning, you might feel it's only an animation about a group of alien and their invasion and life on the earth. But I can tell you it's really wrong for you to think that!! When you continue watching it, you found that you can learn a lot from this animation and it is very inspiring.

Today I watch keroro gunsou episode 213 (go and watch!!). It's about a same day is repeating and when you're wake up the next morning, the thing you're going through is exactly the same again.

I think this episode really inspired me. Some people is like wishing for tomorrow comes, thinking that tomorrow always better. But how if, tomorrow will never as good as you thought...maybe sometimes it will be better for us to appreciate what we have today, enjoy today instead of always hoping tomorrow coming, wishing the best of tomorrow. In this episode, Momoka ask Fuyuki, How if tomorrow never come? I think Fuyuki's answer is kinda cool!

He say, it's impossible to say tomorrow will never come, because when we reach tomorrow, that will be our today and there will be another tomorrow for us which is impossible for today's us to be in tomorrow. In another words, we will never got the chance to be in tomorrow.

It's trying to say that, sometimes instead of wishing that tomorrow come, we will be worryingfor tomorrow too (exactly what happening to Momoka...). But, why not do our best for today? If you always worrying for tomorrow and do nothing, then another tomorrow will come to you and you got another tomorrow to worry again!!! This is why you will be going through a exactly same old day with the same routine for everyday!

Therefore, this episode teaching us to,

Try to do our best for today, no matter how hard or how many times we need to try, so that we will not be going through today again in tomorrow.

Got it?

(PS : Never ever leave your homework, working stuff or things you need to do for tomorrow....try to do within today! De Aritmasu!!!)

Special dedication from Urbanae to the readers and Keroro Gunsou's crew !!
Domo Arigatou for creating such meaningful and funny animation!!

Jul 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Happy 4th of July to the people on the another side of the world!!!

It's independence day for people in US!! Yea, fireworks and celebration's everywhere!!

However, when mentioning about 4th of July, I'll think of Keith Urban's Till summer comes around!

" What it's gotta do with me??"

Because 4th of July is mentioned in the lyrics and it goes like this :

And then I close my eyes and one more time,
We're spinning around and you holding on tighly,
The words came out, I kissed your mouth,
No Fourth of July has ever burned so brightly.

However, it's a really sad song about longing and just wanna dedicated this song to you guys! (I know it's weird to dedicate sad song during fourth of July....)

By the way, congrats on Keith Urban for winning best male video award for Til Summer Comes Around at CMT music awards.

Oooh, Keith looks so happy!

And Happy Fourth of July to everyone out there!!!!

Jul 3, 2010

New spidey!!!

The new spidey is finally chosen!!!

So....it's Garfield to play Spiderman in Spideman 4!!
What!? Garfield play spiderman!?

"I'll be looking good in the spidey outfit!" Garfield.

By the way, Garfield can "claw" on the wall too!!

Of course not the Garfield that meow!
It's Andrew Garfield!!! Yes, many people might dont know this guy but I notice him quite a long time ago...hehe. He's kinda good in acting. The imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and Boy A are some of the movies that Andrew Garfield starred in and he won the BAFTA award before for his role in Boy A.

Another hot hunk in the superhero club house!!! (I saw AUDI in the background there! O_o)

I was thinking Jake.G ( the Prince Dastan from Persia~) to take the Peter Parker's role because Peter Parker is like kinda soft and weak in normal life but is really cool when he is in the spidey suit. However, the choice of the director for the Peter Parker's role is kinda suprising!!

Slightly shorter hair, a pair of glasses...it's Peter Parker!!
One thing for sure is Andrew Garfield is good in acting. After watching Tobey Maguire for 3 series of the Spiderman movie, now it's time for us to have somebody new!! It's Tobey himself to quits the spidey's role....wonder why?

"(Sob sob) Gonna miss this spidey suits!!"Tobey Maguire
Spiderman 4 will be hitting the cinema in 2012!!! Wow, can't wait for that...Let's see how good Andrew will be for the new spiderman!!