Jul 16, 2010

Reload of new music!

Yea!! Recently got a lil' bored with the playlist in my iPod....(Ya know I cant only listen to Bon Jovi 24/7, and guess what I just stop myself from listening to them for two weeks!!!! New record!!! =_='' Why I have to do this...?)

Leave that alone, so I was like loitering around the net~~~Guess what!? It's a big catch!!! Found some really talented artist and now my iPod is reloaded with their music!!

Now I was like playing this artist's song everyday!!! And it's Keith Urban....!!! (Okay I know I used to play his song like every seconds. ) It's Jon Mclaughlin!!!!

Most of the people don't know him but you know what!!? He's so talented and his music is so sensational!!!!

Nice vocal, good looking, multi-talented, what else you want from Jon Mclaughlin!!

His new album is OK Now. I think most of the song is great but I prefer his song from the previous album, Indiana. Slow and nice melody~( Uh-oh, I'm changing my music sense...sometimes it's really relaxing to listen to this kinda song!! )

If I have to recommend his song, it will definately be So Close and Beautiful Disaster!!! But I'm killed by Jon's For You From Me and Loving Me....(Love these song, but honestly it's worth to buy his album, all the song is nice!! ) Oh by the way, his name is Jon too!! Same with Bon Jovi's vocal...JON!!!! (Hehe, misfit topic ya!! By the way, recently, Jon Bon Jovi injured by torning his muscle during his tour, but ya know what, he still continue to rocks out the fans!!! COOL! )

Okay the another one will be Love and Theft!!! Yes, finally....a country's band. (For those who don't like Country song, too bad, you guys miss out a lots of great song!!!)

They've been touring with Taylor Swift....and I think they are kinda good, in the sense of their harmonies in their song. Their vocal sounds good when it comes together!!

Will they be the next Rascal Flatts!!?
Their debut album is World Wide Open. First single is Runaway, but I'm more into their Dancing in Circles and Slow Down~You guys cab check out their music!! Hope that Nasville come out with more country bands...( My personal favourite would be Rascal Flatts and Sugarland, hmm Lady Antebellum as well. Gotta LOVE Sugarland's STAY!!! That song is soooooo SAD!!! )
And who's next?
Obviously, they are not a new band....They've been rocking out fans over the world quite some times!! Pss, their hits Vindicated is the spidey 2 movie's soundtrack. However, I'm more into their new album...Alter the Ending and Belle of the Boulevard is such a nice song~~~as well as Blame it On the Changes!!! Nice one!!!

Here you go!! Chris, the vocal of DC!!! Oops, ain't Spiderman a Marvel comic!?
Back to" my type of music ", ROCK and ROLL!!
But this is more to Glam Rock....it's Cinema Bizarre!!
Love their outfits, of course their music as well.....

Visual rock~~Woohoo~
They are starting to strike the US market...BUT, the band announce that they having a break!!! Nooooo, I'm just start loving their song and they going to have a BREAK!!?? Forever and Never is very glam rock-like....!! Love that, as well as Love Songs, Angel in Disguise and I Don't Believe. And I love visual rock outfits sooooo much!!! They just look so cool!!!
Hmm, by the way, I accidently found this song when I'm loitering on the net AGAIN~It's by Emerson Hart, If You're Gonna Leave. A really nice song.
(PS : Recently I've been listen to more slow and sentimental song. Argh! Am I getting old?? Just kidding!! Will be looking forward for any nice song recommendation!! Any song?? By the way, Daughtry's September music video will be aired tonight!!! That's a really nice song as well. PSS : Love JT, Jamie Foxx and T.I's Winner!!! Feel like Jordan!!)

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