Jul 17, 2010

Save our earth

First of all, this is the 200th post for Rock it heartless!!! Ya~Hoo~~~

Okay. Since this is the 200th post, I would like to share some video with you guys (which I've been searching on the internet...and I FOUND IT!!)

No it's not any of the music video, movie or whatever. It's a documentary, Six Degrees Could Change The World. I think this documentary is really worth to watch and as we all going through now, the Haiti and Sze Chuan earthquake, the volcano eruption in Iceland, frequent tornado and storm happened all over the world, flood, and heat wave...I think it's like we're reaching the almost 6 degrees warmer scene as the scientist and expert predict in 2008 for this documentary.

So here you go,

One Degree Warmer :

Two Degress Warmer :

Three Degrees Warmer :

Four Degrees Warmer :

Five Degrees Warmer :

Six Degrees Warmer :

So now you know how bad the consequences can be....and it seems like the global warming get worst faster than all the scientist had predicted. Paris gone, Venice gone, L.A gone ( Nooo way!!! The Hollywood sign!! ) and our earth!!

So, do your part to save the earth!!!

(PS : Live green ya!!)

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