Jul 23, 2010

Just a lil' night life in KL!!!

I'm officially back in KL!!!

This is the evidence!!!

See the KLCC and KL tower....???

So I went to cruising around like a tourist after been apart from this lovely city for around two months. And I'm kinda surprise to see that Bintang Walk is still as HOT as usual eventhough it's thursday night!! (I'm a Malaysian~~~)

Actually I was going for a Wanton mee hunting at the night for that time, so I went to somewhere near Jalan Alor there~~~(Just FYI, the wanton mee is by roadside, and it's business hours start from 10 pm, yes...no joking, it's 10 pm!! But it taste really nice~)

However, I turn out checking around those pub and bar near Jalan Tungkat Tung Shin~~

The Hulk bar??

It's kinda relax to stop and park your car to walk along the road....

People's everywhere!!

You should go and check out the street over here!!!

However, the Wanton mee store is gone~~~after cruising for 2 hours here and there!!!
End up eating Dim Sum 1am IN THE MORNING!? Ehem, should be midnight!!
Well just ma ma desu for the Dim Sum. (Ma ma desu aka okay okay~got nothing to do with Mama!)
The next day went to Soho Solaris and Mont Kiara!!
And get to try the Mr.Siew Pau's Siew Pau at Mont Kiara!!!

The Hulk tart (Green tea..), Curry SP, Mushroom SP and Siew Pau, original flavor!!
That tart dont taste like a Siew Pau...(Okay it's a Siew Pau store, you dont expect much for a tart that PRODUCED by a Siew Pau store, get what I mean?) The Curry and Mushroom is average!! But the origin Siew Pau.....so Siew Pau!!! Okay, it taste really nice!! Very juicy~~~
After that went to SoHo Solaris!! Argh, I dont know Tenji Buffet Restaurant is there!!! Should give it a try next time!!
The view from SoHo Solaris!!!
That's all for my days!!! Tired~
Before that, like to share some pix I taken while I coming back by train~

Nice view...or nice photo shooting technique?

Some Kampung house~

Our signature palm oil farm!!!

That's all!!! The end.
(PS : Going for Despicable Me tomorrow!!! It's so FLUFFY!!!! Can't wait for that!!)

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