Jul 24, 2010

Despicable Me review

Despicable Me!!! Cool!!

Not a Pixar animation, BUT.....don't underestimate them, because it's a Illumination Entertainment's animation!!!

I think this animation is kinda cool! Funny as well. The most attractive stuff about this movie is that It's FREAKIN' CUTE!!!

Let's make the overview short and clear :

He's the villain, the bad guys....that you'll definately LOVE him !!! He's so badass that in a kinda cool way, love his stealing on the Statue of Liberty and Eifel Tower...ehem, he steal the smaller version available in Vegas.

Coolest villain?

He's soft-hearted too!!

The three little girls!!!
Margo, Edith and Agnes!!!!
They are so CUTE!!!! Especially Agnes~~~~It's so FLUFFY!!!! I wish they will have focus more on this three little girls.

The Minions!!
The minions are hilarious. Love them acting silly and their body language is really funny. I would like to learn their language "Bah Boy Bah Boy !!!"


Each of them have a name!!! And they can USED as fluorescent light too, that's way too cool!
The Music!!!
By my favourite Hans Zimmer! That's why it sounds so cool!! The soundtrack is considerable. Wilhem Scream is used in this animation. Try to check it out which part is it!
I think this animation is really cool! I like it so much! And I'm kinda shocked that Russell Brand actually don't sound like Russell Brand in it. I would like to have an U-NI-CORN!!! It's so FLUFFY!!!
(PS : Saw Megamind's trailer in the cinema.....Jeez, Brad Pitt's role originally should be voiced by RDJ!! The villain in Megamind is kinda cool too, so nowadays villain in an animation is much cooler compared to the past, they're cute too! By the way, can't wait for Rango!!)

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