Aug 27, 2012

Premium Rush Sony Pictures Screening Review

Was glad to be invited to the screening of Premium Rush by Sony Pictures. It meant so much to me, as I really love bike (can't say I'm one of those pro-bike that can do stunt and speed up and down the hills but I enjoy biking) and this is a movie about people delivers parcel using bike and encounter with trouble and lead to some action chasing scenes, with bike. Aren't that sounds so interesting? Instead of the same old car chasing scene, they use BIKE!

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Wilee.

Premium Rush, starting with a bike delivery company, deliver things using bike, taking alternatives route, for the sake of biker's passion on cycling, not so much if you count on the pay. Main character Wilee, carry an envelope and got some "bad guys" chasing after him and he has only one goal, to deliver the envelope to the right person no matter how. And the exciting part begins!! 

It was so thrilled! Watching them chasing after the envelope that Wilee (JGL) is delivering. The point is that, Wilee's bike has no brakes, watch him do the stunts, the brake he made by sliding the back tyre of his bike, oh my's so cool! It's a pure action movie, no fighting, just bike chasing but it was good! Worth for the thrill and excitement.

The VOLT bike Sony Pictures giving out to the grand prize winner, no BRAKES!

Biking is so fun, I always thought of bike chasing was a really cool idea to be involved in a movie and they did, put it on the big screen and I like it so much. But, bike without brakes is dangerous, unless you're as good as Wilee but still he got into accident (no spoiler, no spoiler~). 

Th actors in the movie are good, bet they did some dangerous stunt as well. Heard that JGL injured himself by smashing to the cab, got some stitches for that. Not that easy to film this movie, I guess. Just that the "time jump" might be a bit confusing, remind me of Vantage Point, a very good movie that I like. Overall, it's good. Not recommend to watch it with popcorn, save your time for the action scenes. 

Aug 16, 2012

Small car crowning the automobile industry?

Small car, or I would name them as mini car, yes mini car, first thing come across your mind would definitely be The Minis, Mini Cooper, pioneer of bringing small car's trend to the world. They have invade the market in recent year. Glance through the road and you can see majority are mini/small cars. Small car getting more attention from the people probably because of the more affordable price, convenient, and the design nowadays for small car can be stylish as well.

Everybody know Minis.

Well, Mini Cooper no longer owning the crown of Mini Car any more when there are new batch of small cars competing in the market. Fiat, Mitsubishi, Ford, Suzuki and Volkswagen is giving Mini Copper some threats by offering more affordable price and different design for the consumer to choose from.

Fiat Punto Evo.

A sporting design from Abarth. To be honest, I think Grande Punto looks better. This is the esseesse version of Punto Evo, some sort like upgraded version. Equipped with MultiAir engine (Not a car geek, not sure what is that). Rumors said the steering is too light. I prefer moderate, not over-light steering. Evo is faster compared to Grande. But the original Evo is, hmm, you need to think twice about that. 

Fiat 500, Ferrari tribute version.

Fiat 500 is more like a cuter design of small car, but the Ferrari tribute design is kinda kickass. But I don't like the idea of having the gear knob in the slightly front top position (I found that it's quite uncomfortable to handle it, gear knob is a very important stuff other than the design, price and the seat when it comes to the priority factor in choosing the right one car.)

Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

The design is mama desu. But it's eco friendly. It's small, short and narrow but the interior capacity can fit an elephant, just kidding, it can fit a normal person or even a taller one. It's an electric car so you can saves the world by driving it around (a tad bit, maybe regarding saving the world). It's tall although it looks small in size. However the motor noise is a problem, loud when it sprints. Nothing's perfect.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback.

I like this one. Ford Fiesta looks sleeky and it provides comfort drive. The whole thing is close to a comfort package. But there will be more review to come as Ford Fiesta is a newcomer in town. We will see, it has a really good beginning. Safety wise, I heard it's good.

Volkswagen GTI.

This is my favourite so far, not to mention R8 (That's my ultimate car! Not small tho!). But it's pricey. It deserves wearing that price tag and it's one of the most desirable drive in town. I-want-one!

Suzuki Swift Sport.

Suzuki concentrated on their new Swift series and I think it's getting good reputation and loved by the people as there are only two cars I saw mainly on the road (Malaysia), Myvi and Swift. Suzuki is releasing a new one, Swift Sport. The price is differ a lot from Swift as it's rather towards the classy category in style and perfomance.

That's it. Small car, grows big. What do you think?

Aug 9, 2012

Sleeping Dogs Game Preview

Sleeping Dogs, latest game published by Square Enix. A classic cop drama action gaming take place in Hong Kong. Releasing for PC, PS3 and XBox, God bless they will be doing the same to PS portable as well. Growing up watching Hong Kong undercover cop drama make me feel like some sort of "love at first sight" when I saw this game. Been watching too much and now, hands on the gaming version of it, it's like a dream come true!

Gangster-cop action, it's a must have!
Gaming mode is similar to GTA, open world environment which you can move and explore around freely (+1 for this). Same to the combat system, free-style, you can fight with bare hands, martial art, using the environment's stuff you can get (phone booth, saw, etc), with guns and Slow-Mo mode just like Dead To Rights, so you can shoot better or simply into that stylish slow-mo action. Driving, car, motorcycle, and best part, you can fight, shoot and jumping onto other vehicles when you're driving (AWESOME!). And run and chase mode, just exactly the same like what we saw on those Hong Kong drama cop series.

Undercover cop in the criminal organisation.

In this game, gamer will be playing the role of the undercover cops, Wei Shen in a Triad organisation to gain trust of the gang, playing as an organisation member to take down this criminal organisation from, the inside. You have three XP to gain, the triad, face and police. Triad and police is gained from the organisation and police as well. Face XP is by your reputation, through clothing, vehicles and things you own.

Loads of action.
I need to get one of this game, if it's not releasing for the portable, I think I'll get the PC version. The gaming pattern is just what I crave in a game. Go and get it!

Aug 1, 2012

Arsenal Asia Tour 2012 Training Session

Since last year attended The Gunners's training session at Bukit Jalil, I was praying so much aka hoping that the boys will be back so that I can see them again and my wish was granted, as a Gooners, I'm going to see them again, of course in far distance (You have no idea how much I wish to touch them, not a psychotic act, I mean it's like watching them on TV for so many years, just wanna see how is it feel like when the real thing is just standing in front of you!) 

My new Arsenal away kit, last season. Can't afford to buy the new kit for this moment.
I get the away jersey last season, so can't really get the new kit YET. Wait till my financial is fully stable and I'll try to get it again (So broke right now, sigh!). The training session is slightly later than the previous year and to be honest, amount of Gooners were much lesser too. Probably due to the line up? Most first team players didn't come and new transfers Podolski and Giroud need to balance their stamina and get used to the training before the new season start, so they aren't coming as well (I want to see Giroud as he plays for french, same national team with my Zizou.). The passion of the fans as great as they always do! Cheering for the Gunners from the begin till the end.

Le Professor on the pitch.
Le Prof, Wenger looks much thinner this time (Am I thinking too much?). He's wearing the specs, looks so good with that. He was busy talking and discussing with the players and trainers during the training session (FOCUS!!). Szczesny was making fun of one of the photographer on the field, one of the player take a long cross and the ball rolling out of the field towards the photographer. The photographer was setting up the camera with tripod and he was trying to saves the ball but ends up kicking it much far away from the field. Szczesny then gave him a so "wtf" look, spreading his hands apart and pointing at the photographer. It was so funny. The photographer looks so helpless. Pity him. But Szczesny is really friendly, waving to the Gooners and I found his name is sooooo difficult to spell.

The boys warming up, run Gunners run!!!

This is how the goalie stretch, oh wait, I think I saw this scene in Dragon Ball, they are fusing up and become one!!

Rex was so cute, running around, greeting Gooners.

Aren't Szczesny looks a bit relaxing?
They were having small team match training, 3 person pass along and score, penalty and long shoot to hit the bar instead of scoring into the net. Walcott scores all the goal in the 3 person pass along and score session, whenever he get the ball, he got it and hit straight into the net. Miyaichi is fast and quite photogenic as well haha! The stadium is so hot, yes, all of us sweating like we are the one who playing on the field especially those with jersey, me. The session ends and players giving out souvenirs to Gooners. So sad Walcott and Wenger not approaching our side again.....urgh. But we have Arteta, Djourou and Bartley. I have capture Arteta's photo and thanks to the man beside me get so hype that he kept shaking my hands when I was taking photo (Yo dude, I'm using iPhone, no Anti-motion mode....). The photo is screwed (T_T Oh why!). But Arteta was smiling all the way when he approach us (Awww, so sweet and so polite, he told us he will come back and he did but I was too focusing on him and ignore all the souvenir he distribute to us). 

Bartley approaching us.

Djourou throwing souvenir tee and caps, I was BZ taking photo so I get nothing haha!
It ends. I need to complain though. I hope next time those audience don't smoke in the stadium. It's rude and just inappropriate to do so. Some of the Gooners at our side were pretty rude, the way they trying to cheers, I'm not even sure whether is it a cheering or maybe with sarcastic, I don't think that sound good to the players. Last years was better, the fans simply love the team and this year some are more like coming the event to create chaos. 

Dark Knight Rises screening with Nuffnang and Carlsberg

Waited so long and finally got the chance to watch Dark Knight Rises, in style. Thanks to Nuffnang, I was given the chance to enjoy the screening of Dark Knight Rises while sipping on Carlsberg and crushing popcorns. You know you don't really have the chance to drink beer in a cinema, in Malaysia. So, I was pretty thrill by that, given the chance to do so.

Thanks Nuffnang.

Freezing cold Carlsberg to calm the intense plot of Dark Knight Rises.

Oh ya, can't help to do a bit of photo shooting!

The characters poster.
Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, first one, Batman Begins with the theme of FEAR, following by The Dark Knight with CHAOS and end with Dark Knight Rises which is PAIN. I've gotta say that Christopher Nolan gave a nice ending, relating back to the first one, a completion of Batman trilogy that is never done by anyone else.

Back to the movie itself, it is not impressive as I expected, it was okay. Like a common superheroes movie, Batman stop and come back, fights the bad guy and saves Gotham City. No confusion or outstanding idea from Nolan which is quite unusual (I thought the man going to gives us another puzzle this time but looks like he just wants a great end and completion for the Dark Knight aka Batman trilogy.)

My opinion for the movie :

  • People wanna see catwoman, the new bad guy Bane and how Batman the movie ends, Anne Hathaway was better than I expect, she brought out the catwoman's personality, not the look though but she isn't my favourite catwoman. Bane, physically could have been BIGGER, to parallel with the Bane in comic book, but I love the way Tom Hardy plays it. The accent is difficult to understand but Tom Hardy nailed the strategist villain that can beats Batman physically and mentally. I think Chris Nolan's idea is to make Batman to be more realistic and less cartoonish. That's why you can see how he shapes all the character include Bane, his outfit and mask especially. 
  • All the villains coming back for Dark Knight Rises except Joker, not even mention, as a respect for Heath I think. Bane is just a normal villain in this one, especially when the movie go on and on, Bane is getting less interesting . Joker, still the best villains among all.
  • Acting performance is ordinary for everyone except Michael Caine (Alfred) and Marion Cotillard (Miranda). I love Marion sooo much. Gary Oldman, my favourite actor, he do okay in this movie.
  • Action element is not that satisfy but tumbler, bat mobile and the Bat, all the vehicles are awesome!
It's a disappointment. I'm not sure Nolan has change his way of directing but this film is very different from all his film. The entire movie is okay. No surprise, no threaten feel by the villain (Always give me goosebumps when it comes to Batman's villain), no touchy (no tears) moment. Can't wait for the next director for Batman.