Dec 24, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Review

Yep, I can't believe I'm finally writting Sherlock Holmes review since the day this movie start shooting till the end of the day it is on the cinema big screen, I'm talking about it non-stop.

First of all, this is a little lower than my expectation eventhough my talented RDJ is in it, i gotta say that, maybe I always put too high expectation whenever there's a RDJ movie. Why I say so? I guess Guy Ritchie get used to film action based movie so this leads to a full action packed Sherlock Holmes and lack of a little investigation in it. In another words will be it lacks of "angel and demon" elements. Whenever the crime scene happens in this movie and the way they investigate the crimes, it's lack of the impact and I don't think I got trigger by "Wow, i wanna know what happens next" or "Oh, who did the crime??"....BINGO, yes it didn't trigger the curiosity of the audience!!!

The fight scenes is all good....Guy Ritchie will never let you down in action scenes. Of course, you can clearly see that Robert Downey jr aka Sherlock Holmes is fighting with wing chun kung fu in this movie....Huh, sherlock holmes practice wing chun??? Haha but it's real cool. And the slow motion fighting scenes with explanation is something that oustanding and unique.....and hilarious. They did put a lots of efforts in doing that slow motion fighting scenes so enjoy it. Well, I gotta say this movie is hilarious though, check out conversation between Watson and Holmes, they are a little bit intimate in this movie, don't you think so?

And i find out there's a scenes in the trailer but not in the movie, the scenes that Rachel Adams aka Irena Adler kicks RDJ aka Sherlock Holmes private parts. But sometimes they say they will involves some scenes in the trailer which will not be in the movie. It's quite impossible that i miss out any scenes when I watching this movie since someone is in it so i think it's usual edited trailer things.

"You know that I can't live without you," Holmes to Watson.

Gotta say Sherlock in this movie is very different from the usual should-it-be Sherlock but I gotta say this sherlock makes me got an new idol because the new sherlock is funny, hot, weird but really smart!!! He has a good observation....and like to play violin a lot haha, as well as experimenting on himself or anything he can find. Well, director and lead actor Guy Ritchie and Downey used to call Jude Law HOT-son, once he got cast as Dr.Watson. He's really hot (in my opinion not as hot as Downey kekeke). Sometimes I can see Sherlock like a little bit of jealous when Watson is with his fiancee but it's really fun to have such a watson-holmes relationship in this movie, haha they are really really good buddies like brothers i think.

Wooo~~~Nice hot bods.

And there is one thing i really not satisfy with in this movie.....Rachel Adams kiss Downey!!!! Okay, i know i'm talking something nonsense again, haha. I hate it....but it has to be like that. I think this should be Downey wife thought when it comes to this scenes because she is one of the director.

I think that movie in nowadays like to involves with straight forward jokes in the movie. Well, actually overall it is quite okay though but just lack of something which can makes the movie better, for sure that there will be sequel which is regard on the new....not really new enemy, Moriaty, which first they say Brad Pitt is cast for this character. No way....I prefer the others actor maybe johnny depp, haha. Oh ya, Robert Downey jr in last part did some fencing with the Mark Strong, from that i can see that he totally qualify for Pirates of the carribean. And I like Downey in the Doctor outfits and well as the eye patch looks.

Conclusion, sherlock holmes can FIGHT!!!! Of course can investigate too (of course he can, he's so smart).....that's why Downey keep saying he loves all the actions when filming Holmes.

(PS : After this movie, I guess I'm quite interested with Holmes character....he's weird but smart. Gotta hunt for another movie.....)

Dec 23, 2009

Bodyguards and assassins review

I never thought that I'll watch a hong kong film in cinema....unless that i really interested but i just did and it is all because of no choice, i'm deciding to watch avatar but SOLD OUT make me watch this film.

But you know what??? This movie is great. It's by Donnie Yen, "IP man" actually should pronounced as Yip Man. This movie is a politic-based movie but it's not boring at all. Action is involved so don't worry about that this gonna be a boring movie. However it's a little bit too violence though. I mean the scene.

However this is a nice movie, better than i thought. Love those action moves by Donnie Yen, he's great wing chun fighters. Leon Lai character the beggar is kinda cool too. He's actually very good in fighting but gotta mentioned one things, most of them died in this movie.

The part where they want to protect Sun Zhong San is the climax part of the movie which involving many action scene, well, a movie that relate to politics can be made into such interesting is not easy, you guys should check it out.

The conclusion is just check this movie out by yourself. But i think this movie is a little too fast, i mean in the sense of they carry 5 days in the movie in one movie. (I know kind of confusing right???) Hong Kong movie ain't all bout gangster.....sometimes there can be a nice movie too. Thumbs up!!!

(PS : tomorrow going to watch Sherlocks Holmes....Hooray, i can see i'll have a nice review for it tomorrow...for sure!!! Confidence with Downey acting skill...)

Dec 21, 2009

Charlie and the chocolate factory + Where got ghost review

Yes two movie in a row......

First I've watch Charlie and the chocolate factory which 've been a hits for so looooooong ago. I'm interested to watch this movie, first because of Johnny Depp, can't deny he's a talented actor and secondly, i wanna see that how they convert a novel chocolate wonderland into this movie.

I love Johnny Depp clean-shaved look. He looks good, don't you think so?

Well, the storyline of this movie is.....em, not to say that it is very intesresting, but....what i mean is the novel itself got a good storyline. So you know like the story is about chocolate, the fantasy world, interesting character, which is what that make me feel so interested in this movie. If it is by the storyline itself, it may be a little weak, or should i say simple, imaginable stodyline but Roald Dahl 's imagination is really amazed me like on the factory, the character and the environment is great!!! Thumbs up.

Fashionista.....Yes, he is!!!

The character.....Yes, Willy Wonka by Johnny Depp. First of all, i gotta say that Mr.Wonka is really fashoinable, i looooooooove his outfits and style for sure!!!! With Johnny Depp acting skill makes the character perfect. I really love Johnny Depp's acting because he's like different in every movie he's in which is the only thing similar to RDJ and mostly cannot be recognized by most of the people BUT not for me, i'm good at that, ya know (Deep down i admit i'm a movie geek).

I think Charlie's grandpa is also another interesting character which makes the movie more alive....haha. The surrounding is really...what can I say, they really put lots of effort in the movie. The chocolate river is real, some of the trees or plant is not a fake stuff in this movie too. Great!!! I love movie with effort. By the way, the Burton and Depp pair makes no mistakes as we know. So it's a good movie for me. It is very suitable for children because everything seems like all the children will love and curioos about. At last, i would like to work on the invention lab and testing on the product on other peoples haha, any volunteer???

Where got ghost review.....Well singapore movie by Jack Neo. Jack Neo is popular for making educated movie....meaningful and touching yet hilarious for the audience. He's a great director....BUT I guess this would be the worst film he ever made. Well No offend, I'm a fans of his movie but i don't think this movie is as good as what others people think by achieving a really good box office sales in malaysia, sorry I don't get it. There are 3 sub-story in this movie which is a horror comedy movie but mostly comedy. Only the last story is great. The first and second story....i don't even know whether i wanna laugh or I'm scared by the movie. NO.....really no comment for the first two part of the movie. Last part is okay, good. I will say that you can watch it whenever you want to but not a must watch movie though. Sprry to say that, but looking forward more movie from Jack Neo.

(PS : Sherlock Holmes premiere is Dec of 19th....ohhhh, I've missed it!!! Downey looks good at the premiere, the leading man!!!!)

Dec 17, 2009

The Making of...Till Summer Comes Around

Quick one!!! So here it is my favourite song of Defying Gravity.....Till Summer Comes Around by Keith Urban, just to mentioned is THE MAKING OF.....

But the MV looks great, just a little disappointed Keith is not the lead of the MV, i think he can act, maybe better than his wife, haha. Check it out. He looks good with the coat....(I'm gonna rush back to study....@.@)

Dec 15, 2009

Bon Jovi The Circle

So let's do some revision.......what's the name of Bon Jovi's latest album.........???

It's The Circle!!!!

I think people who following my blog or reading my blog would know that i've wrote about this album or Bon Jovi a thousand times...=='', here's the link of one of the ''samples'' :

So why I'm posting it again??? Because is giving away Bon Jovi's latest album!!! And I really wish to get one because it's comes with a Bon Jovi POSTER!!!!! (fainted...)

So another requirement to enter the contest is to answer what's come to my mind about Bon Jovi....??? What're you asking about? He's my husband.....=='', emm okay...i should talk about U-rated stuff right.....

Well, seriously.....Bon Jovi has influenced my whole life. I first ''met'' them.....on tv.....with a distance of television screen, so close yet so far. It's the song called It's my life....(i got ''killed'' by Jon silent killer smile) which i think that i'm the second generation of BJ fans, because the first generation of BJ fans is all get ''killed'' by Livin' On A Prayer.....the second generation is get ''killed'' like me....It's My Life~~~

Let's make it short....i think Bon Jovi song is really energetic and optimistic, so whenever it comes to Bon Jovi will make me think about positive, optimistic and sometimes a little naughty...because Bon Jovi sometimes is having a'' Dirty Little Secret'' and a little ''Complicated''.

Well, of course i enjoying listen to BJ last album which is a country album called Lost Highway....a different kind of Bon Jovi without losing the Jovi spirit (in my term, Jovi spirit is the positive and optimist it?)

The Circle is another kind of Bon Jovi album with different feeling but keeping their Jovi spirit in it. So.....i have to win this contest to have a taste on their new album!!! By looking at their poster and listening to Bon Jovi song, I think it can somehow cure my Jovism diseases.....NO, I don't suffer from Bon jovi addiction and I enjoy every seconds of it!!!

Dec 14, 2009

SNL Jovi with Taylor Lautner???

Yes Taylor Lautner will be hosting SNL and Bon Jovi is the musical guest....And i just check out the promo commercial....and it's so funny!!! I think Jon somehow scared Taylor with that massive back hug, haha Jon can act!!! (I hope that I'm taylor at that moment...@.@ Hug me pls!!!)

Dec 12, 2009

RDJ Hollywood Top Honour

Yes, I know it's kinda WAS a Monday news that i'm so want to wrote about it. It's RDJ news, of course i wanna wrote about it but....Okay, straight to the point, explanation can be ignored....The most important is Robert Downey Jr got his hollywood honour at Grauman's chinese theatre!!! Yes the hands and footprints ceremony!!!!
Well, he's a little hyperactive that day....haha not really but he's real funny during the ceremony.....Here's some picture....what can i say is he's really a natural born actor, haha.

Let's this call a sexy pose???

Serious speech, can you see Tony Stark in him....?

Oh god, a little touchy touchy going on....haha

Woooo~~~is this guy really attractive to Downey? Hell no, his wife is with him during the ceremony....

"What you guys wanna do to me!!!" Oh c'mon it's just a handprints helping.....No worry, Downey.

We can see how hard Downey is putting effort to get next year sexiest man alive....Sexy Downey? Or Sassy Downey.....=='' Of course is HOT Downey!!!

"No more ink!?"

"Let me see whether this work....."

Innocent Downey playing painting???

Let's enjoy an A-lister services.....You don't have to walk, let's them do the job.....=='' It's them the one who help Downey with those this printings and that printings....Thanks Bro!!!

A sweet ending~~~Downey with his wife.....such a beautiful couples (unlike the other pair of couples, that one the actress with a popular hot country singer), how about a little Downey soon???

So here ends the news....Finally.....but i think a little too late for Downey to accept this honour, he should have this long long time ago, he's such a talented actor!!!

(PS : Little fact....the last superheroes that got the print job done here is...Wolverine, sexy Jackman....By the way, pls vote for RIH!!! sexiest man alive poll just at the right sidebar...Downey fans is SO encourage to vote for Downey keke)