Apr 10, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

From the day he said, "I'm Iron Man." I knew that my life change and now I have a reason to continue living in this awfully cruel world live my life better by having Iron Man as my new crush!

And knowing that Iron Man 3 will be hitting the cinema soon, with all the armors taking action together (SPOILER! *Pepper*Iron Woman as well.....that's mine!), the Mandarin and RDJ as Tony Stark, I HAVE TO BE THE FIRST ONE TO WATCH IT IN CINEMA (Geek!)! 

Iron Man 3, can't wait for it!

Well, Good Guy Nuffnang offer us a chance, and of course we have to kinda work hard, at least to think hard to grab this chances! The task is to customize my Iron Man suit and make it special enough to stand out from others and on and on and on. 

Make the suit in my own way! Hell yeah!

After a long abandon of my brain, I've make a big sacrifice to collect it back and work it just for this! 

I kinda love the idea of Japanese samurai and ninja and BIG BIG LOVE for Iron Man. My Iron Man suit will be a fusion of the western and eastern technology and culture *peace*. And, I'll name it as Iron-Musha! (*Musha means warrior in Japanese! Arigatou~)

Iron-Musha, limited edition.

So, I make a sketch of it. Sorry for the bad colouring and THIS IS NOT AN UNICORN!
I'll just describe it from part to part.

The Head/Helmet
I have no problem with Iron Man armor from the beginning till the end just that sometimes I thought the eyes might look a lil' bit cold and cool so I'll make mine a much gentle eyes. For gents if you think that it's too gentle, think twice (what!?) cause' in the dark you will only see the blue light of the helmet which make the helmet quite scary!

I'm modifying the Iron Monger into a simple version of Kabuto with neck guard. And I shall clarify again the horn doesn't make my Iron-Musha a Unicorn! Okay I admit, every girl love unicorn so it's secretly a unicorn It resembles leader, the "unicorn thing" and what works best, it work as an electric or thunder receiver, so it can power up the Iron-Musha armor instantly. For example, Thor using his Mjolnir and thundering around, Iron-Musha got charged up real fast and become more powerful!

The Body
The interior of the body part is layered with light weight metal leathered chain piece to keep warm and for extra protection. The blue line on the arms are the repulsor blade that resembles ninja knife throwing, only that this one is unlimited source with smooth beam of destructive rays. Chest and palm are armed with repulsor as well. Extra : Iron-Musha can turn into invisible mode like ninja! Hey-Ya!

The Lower Body Part
With the Japanese upper leg guard, crossover between Iron Man technology and traditional samurai armor give an edgy flawless fashion sense! (It won't be that uncomfortable like Iron Man's cause' it works like the concept of a skirt but it works in a more macho manner like a warrior!)

That's my Iron-Musha! It can be a warrior, a killing machine, a cute looking robot, an unicorn  and it can be nothing~(when it's invisible!)

So, Tony Stark, if you're interested in my model of Iron-Musha, please liaise with me by shooting me an email in case you wanna work together. My Shitsuji will take care of that. Shitsuji is something similar to your Jarvis btw.