Jan 13, 2010

Keith Urban won People's Choice awards

He deserves it!!! I mean seriously, Keith Urban should have won this awards way back few years ago (sob sob....and it's not too late though for him to won now....)


Yes Keith Urban has won the favourite music artist which beats John Mayers, Jason Mraz, Eminem.....

Well I think he really deserves it (I know I've repeated it so many times but listen to me....I'm very serious this time....I mean you guys can relax a bit, don't push things to a tension level, I'm the one pushing it, isn't it?) Well, what I mean is he's the musician that I can see he really putting efforts making his music, having passion in music and cares about his fans (I'm gonna highlighted this, he's really cares of his fans....honestly!!!)

"I'm gonna poke you with this..."by Jackman.

"I'm not afraid of werewolf!!! Arghhh!!!"by Keith.

And he been working so hard in country music and co-produce or actually I should say he produce his own albums...He's talented and lastly he's the one that deserves the award (I'm happy and proud of him.).

(PS : some addition, Keith sometimes got his crazy sides too....haha Looks at the picture with Hugh Jackman, haha only one of the examples)

Jan 11, 2010

VGA : Battle of the bloggers....I'm in.

Yes, I'm in ( take as a chance to promote keith urban song as well, I'm in, check it out...=='')

Okay, I'm taking part in this battle of the bloggers by VGA and Animax and get chose to be one of the ten bloggers to compete. I guess I'm really lucky enough to get chose though (I'm the chosen one? Where's my keyblade...)

Well, the bloggers with the highest site traffic win (definately not me plus my blogging isn't as good as the others). So please come and support me, this is my animax blog site (maybe you can check it out) : http://community.animax-asia.com/profiles/blog/list?user=1hu4z5pl192rv (gotta apologize because you'll need to sign up or register to enter my blog....>.<)

And honestly, it's a little tough for me to blog to compete in this contest because I get used to those hollywood stuff right...??? (yes I'm...sorry I'm having a problem with asking and answering myself ) Maybe have to put a little more effort in it...? Well I try my best though (next week topic : it's KEITH URBAN or MOVIE REVIEW....=='' I'm day-dreaming in the night....COOL)

Yes, that's all I want to say....Good luck to me, and the rest of the bloggers.

Jan 8, 2010

Old dogs review

Well, this is a similar "cases" with Bodyguards and Assassins....don't get me wrong, it's because AGAIN avatar is sold out....=='', I don't like this feeling and I got "cheated" by Avatar twice (sob sob, it hurts me so bad....) So I went to watch Old dogs, the difference is I wish to watch Old Dogs from the moment I saw the trailer....Love at first sight?

Why watch Old Dogs?

Firstly, because a comedy with John Travolta won't go wrong (John Travolta should considering switching to full comedy actor after those Greaseeeeeeee thing....he can make a hot comedy actor though), a comedy plus Robin Williams is perfect.

Secondly, it's a comedy by Walt Becker....you know Wild Hogs.....Yea, got it? It's really funny but meaningful in the same times.

This time is about "again" two buddies that go through lots of things instead of 4 buddies go through lot of things....with bikes (happens in wild hogs, just doing a reflection). They're both top sport marketing business man and the change of destiny make this buddies got to take care of Robin Williams's kids.....i mean the movie character. All the things happened during this baby sitting session is very hilarious where again the "gay concept" is used again to trigger the audience to laugh out loudly. The part they swicthing their medicines is funny too. Well personally I LOVE the camping part....haha. But there're touching part in this movie too like how Dan (Robin Williams) try to save the relationship with his children, how he puts the effort in it. This makes Becker's comedy different....and of course not to miss out the riendship that shown between Dan and Charlie (John Travolta character, a playboy....ehem, maybe play-man, he been recognized as grandpa in this movie).

At first I was thinking why this movie title is named as Old Dogs....??? (It sounds weird, nothing to do with baby sitting....) BUT, actually this is sooooo right to be used as the movie title. In this movie there's a part explain that a buddies of yours is like an old dogs, always accompany you, whenever you need him or her, and stays with you all the time, like a family members....I love this, this is meaningful......I got to tell this to my old dogs...(Wow, see! New words.....)

Some of the jokes is very straight forwards (most of......==''), do not contains any deep meaning for us to thinks to figure it out by ourselves and characters from Charlie and the chocolate factory and Batman is mentioned in this movie...Check it out see whether you realized where it is....

Well, I gotta say I love this comedy, it's a family comedy, suits for a family to watch and have a laugh together, well, family and friends are the most important things you ever had on the earth, so appreciate them (I know I know I sound annoying but sometimes I just wanna share my own opinion...and this is the truth.) Another nice comedy from Walt Becker. But the ending is a little too rush...like rushing to make to the ends....Overall it's a nice comedy.

(PS : Wild hogs is going to have a sequel!!!! Yea!!! Looking forward for The Men who stares at Goats....Legion's trailer looks cool!!! I hate Avatar....ehem, no offense just because that I went to the cinema twice and I didn't got the chance to watch it!!! maybe destiny?)
Extra from RIH!! Blogger : Our daddy may not be superheroes, or Kings of a country or brave or tough but remember, Daddy always try to do anythings to protect their children, the only things that Daddy is cooler than superheroes is superheroes is solving crimes all the times but Daddy will always be there for their kids.

Jan 5, 2010

Giuliana and Bill

It's a reality show which I watching recently and I feel that it's unique and very different from the other reality show I've watch.

Giuliana is the host of E!, yes the one you saw most of the time co-host with Ryan Seacrest. And Bill is an entrepreneur that hired by Trump organization....Cool!!!

Well this reality show is about the life of them after they married, and I think both of them make a cute couples. Sometimes it's really....very reality haha. Bill is an entrepreneur so it's hard for him not to relate things to business and Giuliana is celebs....part of celebs and she's more needed to be take care by Bill so it's really fun to see how they spend their life together. Giuliana's assistant Jacobi is very cute (em can i use the words cute? But i think he really suits to be Giuliana's assistant though). There're sometimes really funny for this reality show and it reflects reality too like Bill and Giuliana is from different states so it's hard for them to get together always....sigh.

I think this reality show is worth to watch...at least I actually think that it's better than Kardashian reality show. Well I'll like to recommend Gene Simmons Family Jewels, the bass guitarist of KISS, I like this reality show a lot because it's so interesting and funny, almost every episode of it is sooo attracting.
(PS : I just remember that I haven't check out Bon Jovi documentary...shame on me to forgot such an important thing, still searching for MTV musiv video awards Japan 2008....anyone?)

Jan 1, 2010

Sexiest Man Alive of RIH!!! is finally revealed !!!

So the winner goes to........hmmm....em.......(what? feeling impatience to know isn't it....? Okay I know actually you knew it once you look at the poll...=='') It's Johnny Depp!!!

" I'm the only one"

Well some of you might get confuse when you look at the post, because Johnny Depp is actually leading with 1 votes ahead of both Brad Pitt and Robert Downey jr.

Johnny Depp is not only sexy, hot, handsome, charming, attractive......isn't that I using a little bit too much of these words on him......Well I know you all won't mind, he's of course a very talented actor as well. Edward Scissorhands is one of his most outstanding movie role that makes him popular and followed by Sleepy Hollow, POTC (want some Rum huh?), finding neverland, charlie and the chocolate factory, corpse bride, sweeney todd and public enemies, soon to be Alice in the wonderland.

The most amazing director and actor pair up, Tim Burton And Johnny Depp

Personally I prefer his clean cut look (ok, I'm first not attracted by his looks, I'm attracted by his talented acting skill...for sure, no cheating to you guys) but among all his character, i mean in a movie I would say that I love Jack Sparrow the best. Just found out POTC 4 movie title is On stranger ties.....got nothing to do with the fountain of youth??? Hmmm, as long as Johnny Depp is in it, well I don't mind. Oh ya did you guys know that Johnny Depp is actually playing in a band as guitarist....??? Well, he really talented then. But actually all of his movie role, he potrayed it differently yet with oustanding and amazing acting skill. And most of his role, you can see a different Johnny Depp in it (he's real cool!!!). He's taking the role of Jack Sparrow because of his children, it's a disney based movie.....what a sexy daddy....emmm i mean a great daddy.

Well after Johnny Depp is actually a tide between Brad Pitt and Robert Downey jr.....so I will first talk about Brad Pitt (ya know to avoid people saying that I'm unfair that I talk about RDJ first, I admit that I heart RDJ....haha).


Okay Brad Pitt.....he has a beautiful face, sexy bods, gentlemen behaving.....and has a killer smile (which can kill you with a smile, most victims is woman.) Well, he's so sexy in anything....I mean he's the only one that can looks so good in any hairstyle, no matter long, short, bald, buzz cat or whatever. And he looks good in everything. His movie credit? A little bit too much if I have to say it all out. Let's start with his shine out role in the movie that brought him fame and become an A lister, the fight club (well, you gotta watch this movie....look at the picture then you'll know)!!! After this will be Ocean's series, Troy, Mr. and Mrs Smith, Jesse James, Curious case of Benjamin Button, Inglorious Basterds.....and burn after reading (my favourite!!!)

The hero of Trojan.....

Bloody yet sexy!!! Hot bods....

Can you actually think of such a smart and beautiful people like Brad Pitt take the role in Burn After Reading......which the character is soo stupid and died for stupid reason or without a reason which really makes Brad looks cool by taking this role. Brad is actively taking part in doing charity, building houses for homeless people....Wow, this is what makes him sexier. I guess I really do not have the need to further describe and explain how sexy he is....look at him or watch his movie, and it will solve the problem of How sexy he is.

Shining times!!!

The last one it's Robert Downey jr.....He's Sherlock Holmes, he's Tony Stark and he's the new sex symbol!!! He can act!!! He is a talented actor as well.....and he's sexy of course. His popular first act will be Chances are, followed by Wonder boys (wanna watch spiderman and iron man in a movie?? Here you go, watch this movie, when they were both tennagers), Chaplin, Gothika, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Zodiac, Iron Man, Tropic thunder, the soloist and Sherlock Holmes. Well there's a big problem with robert downey jr.....hmmm....You can't recognized him in a movie that he play (but not for me, I can recognized him, hardly.....well he has a variety of character role I guess....NOPE!!! He's good in acting!!!) My favourite role of him is in Zodiac, the drunk and has a miserable life guy, I think he take the role well.

Oh, serious Downey looks HOT in winter time....

He's really sexy and with a sense of humor.....ooooooohhhh, and you can see how hot he is in Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man. He can sing too.....got a nice vocal.....Yes he's the one, without any doubt.

Bang Bang!!! You're killed by Downey sexiness....

The imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus

The movie's title may sound a little long and....weird......But this is like a modern Alice in the Wonderland movie.

Well, it's a Heath Ledger last movie project and which is one of the movie that required to stop filming after the death of Heath (it's such a sad things to happened, he's a great actor)...till Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell agree to take Heath's role, so that the movie can continue.

It's about a betting between a doctor and a devil where Dr.Parnassus has a mirror and whoever go in will reflect their desire and in the imagination, they will have to make decision whether to go for a right or wrong route. What can I say is....The world inside the mirror is wonderful, mystery and it's like alice in the wonderland plus charlie and the chocolate factory (both starred by Johnny Depp).

But for me, it's the first movie that i feel kind of confusing....a little.....because till the almost ending of the movie, I don't know whether it is a real world or the imaginarium of the Dr.Parnassus. Well, I can't believe Depp is acting as a charming, sexy man in this movie...haha in the imagine world. Ya I know he's hot and sexy but this not the kind of role he would take in a movie....he's more like those weird role, but still sexy. Jude Law is a model for a housing agency??? a successful entrepreneur??? Well I never saw a hot one like that. Haha. And Colin Farrell is another hot guy in the imagine world. There's hardly to find a movie with so many hot guys include Heath.....and the character Anton, who potrayed by Andrew Garfield.

This movie is very fantasy-like......and very funny too. I like the england ascent that speak in this movie (just some personal opinion though). But the only thing is that i think the director should concentrate more on the imaginarium world...maybe an adventure in there because the movie is like dragging for a little bit too long for me about the story of Dr.Parnassus (there're some moment i feel boring.....I got to be honest).

The storyline is unique but I won't say that it is the best movie of 2010, of course because there are more movie that I looking forwards. The cast are talented in acting though.

(PS : I saw Iron Man 2 trailer....FINALLY in cinema!!!!!!! Oh god, it's like I'm watching my own production...haha. I can see people think the trailer is cool!!!! Looking forward to Clash of Titans....I will like to watch Old Dogs as well.)