Nov 27, 2010

Gala Premiere of Peter Pan the Musical

Finally, Urbanae went to the Gala Premiere Night of the Peter Pan Musical at Amphitheatre in Sunway Lagoon.

As usual, it is a Gala Night and as expected, it is delayed and delayed again (5 more minutes, 5 more minutes~), seriously we SHOULD NOT have this kinda practice especially it is a MUSICAL (Not only musical but in our daily life too~)! Peter Pan is MIA till almost 8.30pm...

Let's have a look at the pictures and I will have a my POV of the musical after the pictures (Anticipate for my review on it? You'll see ).

The stage at the Gala Night.

Mr. Aaron Soo busying arranging and serving VIP guest.

Well, I can see troubles in placing the seat for the guest. It is Gala Premiere, so I guess everyone is invited instead of purchasing tickets to the musical. It is quite a mess where me myself is involved in the MESS~I'm given a Media passes and I didn't get a seat, where the media seats are FULL (With children, okay! I don't know that children nowadays can be a media at this young age! COOL!!!)

Actually the things that I don't like is, they keep guiding us to a water bottle sitting-seat and end up wandring and walking up and down the stairs. Sigh. So, in the end, really thanks Mr Aaron Soo for placing us in the VIP zone ( End up sitting with Datuk and Datin. Urgh! ) Honestly, I never saw a CEO that will run here and run there and try to serve every guest and arrange everything like Mr. Aaron Soo. Thumbs up for that BUT for the seating, maybe it's good to arrange and plan earlier. Because, same thing happened when Archie having his concert in Amphitheatre!!!! You don't repeat a same mistake twice.

So, before the musical start, a speech is given by Mr.Colby, Mr.Kort and Mr Aaron Soo.

Mr Colby give a speech on the stage!

And.....the show BEGIN!!!!!

The light effect~~~

The snowy effect~~~

Mr Smee selling vegetable!?

This remind me of Paranormal Activity!! Nope, it's Peter Pan, he's coming!

Peter Pan and Wendy.

They are flying!!!!
One silly statement, I can see the string!!!! It will be better if they hidden the string. Ask some advice from....magician maybe.

Captain Hook is here!!! Aye aye!

You heard something? Tick Tock, tick tock~

It's Peter Pan!!!

The crocodile~
Well, the crocodile costume is quite ugly! Haha, I think it's the same person for Nana the dog. At least he or she didn't passed out for wearing this costume!

They kidnapped Tiger Lily!

"Poke me, Hook! Poke me! " Peter Pan. I mean stab!

The red indians!!!! Love the costume!

Tinkerbell in the box!

Pirates with the ship~

Peter Pan is defeated?

Happy dancing!

It's snowy!!!

The media podium is covered with snow.

THE END! With Mr Colby on stage!
My POV on the musical performance:
The musical itself is quite short! And, to be honest, I'm a lil' disappointed. For me, I think I'm satisfy with the visual effect, it is good. But, seems like there's a little problem with the sound system. For example, for the part that Peter Pan "flying" and singing, I can't really hear his singing. And for those who sit far behind, they say that they cannot hear the musical clearly. I love the fighting part! That's exciting! I can feel the tense of fighting where the Indians and Pirates rush down the stage!
I think that the major problem of the musical is less of elements (Like I usually require from a movie when I'm blogging about a movie review.). I'm not impress and interested by the musical(Wow me pls~). And I able to notice that some dancers did a wrong dance move, it is a first night, they might be nervous BUT, it is a musical. You know it is LIVE and no NGs kinda things. So I hope the dancers prepare better for the rest of the days for the musical. And technical problem, the fireworks! It didn't "come out" when it's supposed to be. I will like to shout out to Mr.Morgan, aka Captain Hook! He did a really good job, he carry out the Hook's character soooo much( Of course he's an experience performer!)!
The stage setting for the msuical:
Hmm, if....I say if, they really wanna make it look like Neverland, why don't just make the whole theatre look LIKE Neverland since the musical last until january and it is a fantasy fairy tales. because the stage itself is not enough. Personally, I'm okay with the shifting of setting, but I thought at first they are not planning to do the shifting.

After the musical, they are having a interview and photography session with the cast and crews and the stage!

Smile!!! Captain Hook is not listening to the order...again!!

Kiddies are allowed to took picture with the cast at Gala Night.

Yeah! I'm Pirate!!!

Wendy (L.J) look sooooo Pretty! Nice dress yo!

Sandal spotted! Guess whose sandal is this?

The cast is chillin' with the press.

We have a lil' eating session after the interview and photog-wannabe sessions. The cast looks tired but they still interview with the press. Well, that's all for the Gala Night of Peter Pan the musical.
(PS : I can see many Daddy and Mama bringing their child to toilet during the halfway of musical and people leaving before the musical end. Try not to do this at a musical. I don't know whether it is a culture or what. I can understand the toilet....but the leaving, sigh!)

Nov 21, 2010

Behind the Scene of Peter Pan the Musical

So, who is the boy that will come to you when you go to sleep in the night? Nope, not Ju-On, not the rabbit from Alice in's Peter Pan!!!

I'm glad to be given a chance to go to the behind the scene of Peter Pan the Musical which will be held in Amphitheatre at Sunway Lagoon and interview with the cast. (I shall say chit-chatting, they are real friendly.)

Aaron Soo, the CEO of Sunway Lagoon gave a briefing on the musical and this musical is not only about musical, but it shows us the passion of art, the efforts that they are putting in it to bring the Neverland to Malaysia and of course, to let us experience the magical of Peter Pan and the Neverland. (Show us the DUST!!! I mean the Pixie Dust!!!)

It's a great opportunity to expose the art of musical to Malaysian by having cast from West End London and also dancers from Brazil, Philippines, Europe and our very own Malaysia's dancers. It's really cool that they actually performed a short segment of Peter Pan musical for us! (Well, I never really watch a musical LIVE before, and it's AMAZING!!!)

Wendy and the puppy, Nana.

Peter Pan and his signature pose!

Of course, with the bad guy, Captain Hook himself and Mr. Smee.

I was able to "fly" to the Neverland in Sunway Lagoon and meet with Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook and Mr.Smee. They are really professional and friendly! They fly all the way from UK (by plane...) and one thing that they kinda can't get used to it in Malaysia, the WEATHER (as we expected!!)!!!
Can you imagine that they have those fancy costumes on and need to perform in a HOT country like Malaysia? Most of us would be passed out ald BUT guess what?
"They never compain a single thing about that!" said Aaron Soo.

And Captain Hook whispered something~
"Back to UK, I'm the one that have the advantage as the weather there is cold and I'm wearing the Pirates suits where L.J(Wendy) and Mark (Peter Pan) are wearing pyjamas and short sleeve clothing while performing. But I'm the one that sweat a lot here in Malaysia."
Even Peter Pan himself sweat a lot too, he's kinda like nodding his head while Captain Hook talking about the hot weather in Malaysia! Can't believe there's something in Malaysia that can make Peter pan agree with captain Hook ya! Well, pity them!

Captain Hook must be talking about sth that is interesting!

Besides that, Peter Pan and the gang also talk about the food where Wendy like the Ondeh Ondeh the best!
When come to the stage setting, it cost about 1 million to get all this thing done!!! No kidding! And David Kort, the choreographer told that the stage took about one month to be done and the cast flew in and started to rehearse about 10 days ago (Thumbs up!! If for me, I need to rehearse like few months or years ago.....They are Professionals!). "We'll be rehearsing from 10 to 6 everyday!" David explained. It's kinda exhausting. "I will betaking off and go for the Go-Kart in Sunway!!!" Peter Pan told. Guess that Peter Pan not only love flying but racing too!

The Peter Pan gang is chit chatting with us on the stage!

My POV on the cast is that Peter Pan is PETER PAN! Mark has the personality of Peter Pan, young and energetic! L.J (Wendy) is very pretty and nice (Credit: She's very pretty and she just got married! Awww~)! Mr. Smee is very friendly and Captain Hook is not THAT evil! Just kidding! He's a really nice man! Gotta add on something on Nana, the puppy. Poor lil' thing need to get the whole costume on must be very exhausting! But gotta know that the puppy is the crocodile too~(Yikes! Crocodile in Peter Pan give me trauma on real crocodile....Hmm, sound weird. JUst not that into crocodile.)
Peter Pan sitting on the mushroom!!!

Nice groupie photo!

The musical is based on a Christmas setting which is one of the reason why Sunway choose to have the story of Peter Pan as the musical because Christmas is getting closer and Peter Pan is a well known animation for everyone.
They are using fiber optics and LED for the background setting and the musical start at night so it will give us a better visual effect. Pssss, they are having snow machine too~Wanna experience snowy winter time with Peter Pan? This is the chance! And, since most of the Malaysian never expose to Musical....for ex, like me!!!! Musical is actually a very interactive perfoming art. Where while the cast perfoming, they will interact with the audience. I don't know about THAT!!
Here's some of the stage setting picture :

Wendy's bed!!!

Nana's dog house!! Cute!

The magical tree!!! Can I have one in my house's garden?

Glowing MAGICAL stone and flower!

The coral and the sampan aka boat!

Clock tower where we used to heard the sound of "tick tock tick tock!" Out of sudden, someone will become Captain Hook because of the crocodile.

Peter Pan the musical start from 26 Nov 2010 till 2 Jan 2010. And the ticket pricing is range from rm 40 to rm 160. You can buy the ticket at Sunway Lagoon.
Most of the cast member start their performing art at very young age and there's one thing that make me wanna give a salute to them where musical is different from making a movie or drama! It is uncut, live and no-retake and the performers need to give a perfect performance to the audience! And the Peter Pan and gang told that once the show is on, they must perform no matter it is in a very cold or hot country or they fell sick! SALUTE!

Last but not least, post a potrait of me with Captain Hook!

"Peter, where are you!?"
Well, it is left with almost one week to the Gala premiere of Peter Pan the musical. The stage is still a lil' messy and undone when I "fly" there for the BTS interview. But, I bet it will be complete and well organised when it is done. I'm quite anticipate for that! And all the best to Peter Pan musical's cast! See ya in the Gala Premiere night!

Hehe, snap the picture of Peter Pan and Wendy's shoes! Can I get one's like Peter Pan's? I might fly with that magical shoe!
(PS : That's so many things to prepare and organise for a musical! Oh ya, for more details on ticketing, you can go to Sunway Lagoon website! Dress in green color to the musical so we can fight the pirates together with Peter Pan!!)

Nov 17, 2010

Pacman that BOX!

There are only three person I know when it comes to boxing,

1. Muhammad Ali "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee~", the Legend!
2. Mike Tyson, he don't float, he don't sting....he BITEZ! Oops, he's a great boxer overall....!
3. After the two boxers, there will be one and only that I can often heard they talking about this guy when it comes to boxing, it's the Pacman, MANNY PACQUIAO!!!!

Manny Pacquiao, the Destroyer or better known as Pacman!

He's not the type of Pacman that nom nom nom all the cherries and stuff. Pacquiao is the one that he can give you a punch and you will be flew to somewhere near the north pole. Of course he only did this in the ring!

Pacman with the suits!
Pacquiao almost won all his fight and according to the record, he only loss three times. He KO lots of boxers as well. I'm not really a fans of boxing and actually I only watched Pacquiao's fight ONCE.
That is embarrassing! And this is how I feel about Pacman.
Pacquiao didn't much give a punch or being aggresive in the first round of boxing. I guess he's the observer type. Only after first round, he will start to give some jabs and punch to the opponents! He got the speed and accuracy of giving a punch. And for me, I think he's not those huge and tall boxer but he got the skill!!!
And congrats on Pacman's victory against Margarito lately!
A tough fight!
Heard that both Margarito and Pacquiao are injured "quite badly" in this fight! Maybe I should go and check out this match.

"Take this Punch, Cherry!!" Pacman.
Pacquiao also run for congress in Phillipines and guess what? He can sing! See! I think this is the fact that Filipino can sing really well! And Pacquiao is a movie star too~ Multitalented boxer ya!
But rumours said, Pacquiao going to retired soon. Wonder whether is this the rumours or truth! Well, that's quite sad though because I just started to learn how to watch a boxing match.

(PS : I'm not that clear with those boxing boxing thingy and rules. I'm a football fans after all. Wish that someone could guide me watching boxing! :D)

Nov 12, 2010

Proton's victory at the APRC

Proton scored a 1-2 win in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) at LongYou, in the rally of China!!! A big congrats to Proton!

Our very own Proton Satria Neo!!!

Alister McRae, rally racer for Proton won the final race of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship which followed by Chris Atkinson who finish the race as runner up. Double win for Proton!!

The Proton Satria Neo racers!!

There are 9 stages in the China Rally and both the Proton racers manage to beats the rest and be in the top 3 for the final league. Although Atkinson and McRae encounter with punctured tyres in the race, this can't stop the two from being the winners in the final league.

Proton would be really proud that they manage to wrapped up the Asia Pacific Rally Championship by having a 1-2 victory in the last race.

(PS : Can you imagine the race against others manufacturers include Volkswagen to Honda, Subaru and etc. And Proton able make it!!! Applause for them!)