Nov 12, 2010

Proton's victory at the APRC

Proton scored a 1-2 win in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) at LongYou, in the rally of China!!! A big congrats to Proton!

Our very own Proton Satria Neo!!!

Alister McRae, rally racer for Proton won the final race of the Asia Pacific Rally Championship which followed by Chris Atkinson who finish the race as runner up. Double win for Proton!!

The Proton Satria Neo racers!!

There are 9 stages in the China Rally and both the Proton racers manage to beats the rest and be in the top 3 for the final league. Although Atkinson and McRae encounter with punctured tyres in the race, this can't stop the two from being the winners in the final league.

Proton would be really proud that they manage to wrapped up the Asia Pacific Rally Championship by having a 1-2 victory in the last race.

(PS : Can you imagine the race against others manufacturers include Volkswagen to Honda, Subaru and etc. And Proton able make it!!! Applause for them!)

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