Jun 27, 2010

Toy Story 3: Pixar always be there for us when it comes to animation!!!

The toys are back!!!

They will always be there for us!!!

It tooks about 10 years for us to wait for Toy Story 3 to hit the cinema. And you know what, it's worth waiting this long as Toy Story 3 gives us an animation that shows us what does it take to take 10 years to finish it.

I gotta say that it's the best animation where I watch the first one when I was a kiddie and now I'm watching the third one as an adult (I'm still young....ok, not important.) This is not a kid's movie, this is meant for everyone. Toy story 3 is full with action, adventure, surprise, comedy and this time...the third one is so touching...(it makes me cry twice in the cinema, i didnt cry it out, I sob.....>_<)

But when i watch this movie, i found out that most of the people in the cinema are children (Of course, everybody know that parents will bring their child to watch Toy Story 3...) But what i wanna say is that, for those adult who never watch Toy Story 1 and 2 before (seriously, there are people that never watch Toy Stoy 1 and 2 before....wonder why? Kinda pathetic huh...haha :p ), please watch the previous 2 series before you watch the third one. It will be very different.

I was very anticipating for Toy Story 3 as I'm like waiting for 10 years for this...So I'm like so excited to watch this one although I'm surrounded by kids in the cinema (duh, I'm not really love to watch movie in cinema that "filled" with kids, but i got no choice.)

Okay stop blah-ing on those not so important stuff. So this time is talk about Andy starting to abandone the toys, ya Woody, Buzz Lightyer, Rex....and the others since Andy already grown up. The starting of the movie show the flashback where Andy is playing with the toys; But back to now, Andy didnt play with them ald and most of the toys like the soldier, Bo Beep, the drawing board is left or sold.... The toys are very sad since Andy is going to the college and most probably they will be left behind.

Andy is all grown up. Handsome huh? Haha...

So Andy decide to bring only Woody along to the college and packed the others into a rubbish bag which will be stored. However, Andy's mom misunderstood and throw the the others as rubbish and (fast forward) they turn out to be DONATED to the sunnyside....

Woody still believes in Andy and he try to always be there for him....(Our toys might wont be like Woody in real life, but our family does.....)

Sunnyside is kinda like nursery or kinder garder...
When they thought that they reach a really nice and happy place, things does not look as good as it was......

Barbie met a new partner!!! Who else other than Ken!!!

Woody didnt join the gang and went back to Andy's house and accidently end up in Bonnie's house (I shouldn't real too much but I think I reveal kinda too much...). The toys in Bonnie's house (Bonnie is a really cute girl in this movie....) is very nice. It's very hilarious when Woody ask where is him right now (when Bonnie is playing coffee times with the toys and she left the room), and one of the toys answer "we should be in the coffee house somewhere in Paris or New york " haha way too into the acting....

Shocked to see that Totoro is in Toy Story 3!!! Cute!!! (Psss, sesame street character is in TS 3 too..)

After all, Andy found out something wrong with Sunnyside and decide to go back and rescue the fellas!!! Here's the adventure begin and VERY VERY TOUCHING part in the end......

I think it's like flashing through my childhood memories when watching Toy Story 3, the toys in the movie.....argh, it's like wow. You know it's really sad to know that some of the toys are no longer there and how they being abandone.

But the part where Mr.Potato Head.....using a tortilla as his body, that's freakin hilarious!!! I can't stop laughing on that one (I would like to have one Mr Tortilla head...hahaha)! Of course, the Spanish Buzz Lightyer is another funny element in this movie....BRAVO!! He's very SEXY!!!!

And the ending part of the movie where Andy gives all his toys to Bonnie, that part is kinda touching too because he's like show and introduce every toys to Bonnie and play with the toys for very last time. Awww, I'm like.....T_T. Although Andy still wanna keep Woody with him, but in the end he past it to Bonnie too and I bet Bonnie will be a very good owner for the toys!! It's really true that things cant be always remains the same. People will grown up, the surrounding will change....the only things that can keep remaning will only be the memories. I'm kinda touched by the scene where Andy is leaving to college and his mum is like very sad but it will happen to everyone where you cannot forever be with your children or parents (I thought this movie is all about me, since I go for uni...but i bring along some of my toys too, shhhhhh I know I know....it's kinda embarrasing.)

I mean it's like the end of Toy Story...but I'm satisfy with it. I think Pixar did a really good job!!! And by the way, hope all those kids who watch this movie learn not to "destroy" and "hurt" your toys. Appreciate them. And I love the line they say that They will always be there for Andy. Toy Story 3 is the best third sequel ever made in history, who say third sequel always the weakest!! Pixar proves that this is totally wrong!!!

(PS : I feel very comfortable watching Toy Story 3. I wish to watch it again. I will gives it 10 out of 10. By the way, not to forget to vote for you favourite Pixar animantion on the right sidebar, there's a poll there!!)

Jun 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 Africa!!!

After 4 years waiting for this biggest event for all the football fans, it's officially kick off yesterday!!

This year world cup is very different from the past. First of all, it is held in Africa, which is a challenge to every football player since the condition there is much different compare to the europe country. Secondly, many player has retired, injured, which lead to a very brand new line up of the national team.....(Fresh and young!!! which is a problem for me since I've been "abandone" watching football for more than one year.)

The mascot for this year world cup is Kazumi!!! Kinda cool loooking mascot huh!!

Looking good!!!

However, the ball that used for world cup 2010 is one of the most controversy issue because it is the roundest and lightest ball ever used. And most of the football player is not happy with it, some of them even say the designer never play football before. here it is, the Jabulani!!!

Some of them say Jabulani is a beachball!?

The first match is host South Africa vs Mexico. I think it's a great play by Mexico and sorry to say that South Africa play with no formation at all. However, it's draw anyway! And the first "goal" by mexico where it is judged as a offside really makes me realize that how long I didn't watch football and I didnt even know there's new rule on the field. For extra, our very own Malaysia referee was seen at the first match. Another draw from Uruguay vs France which France kinda disappointing me since France has been my favourite team back to the 98 where Barthez as the goalie, Lizarazu, Pires, Desailly and Zidane (My favourite football player, his footwork is so good that he's like a magician on the field)!!!!!

As usual, Brazil is everyone expecting champion for this year world cup but you'll never know what can happen on the field!!! There's always a dark horse.....let's see who will win the cup for 2010 World Cup!!!

(PS : Definately not Italy pls......just some POV!!! 98 world cup is the most memorable world cup for me. How about yours? )

Jun 4, 2010

iPhone 3Gs or LG GD 510

I admit that I'm not a phone expert....but so far this will be the two phone I'll wish to have in this moment.

You might wondering why I'm not choosing between iPhone and Blackberry....(Blackberry and iPhone is like Alien vs Predator now in the market, but blackberry looks a little complicated for me...I don't know, but it just looks complicated to me.)

Do you see Alien vs Predator in them? Maybe they should consider offering their phone for alien and predator respectively...It would be interesting to see alien or predator using iPhone or
Blackberry, haha!

Let's take a look on this two phone, iPhone and LG GD510...

First I LOVE Apple (orange, banana, mango, strawberry and durian as well......just kidding.) I mean I love Mac stuff. The advantages of iPhone that outshines the others smartphones from my point of view is they have TONS of application!!! And the application is very useful~~~(there are many free application as well, for the US iTunes Store....but I don't think it is available in Malaysia iTunes store?) I own an iPod and for a music freaks like me, iPod is just made for me!!! (The only thing I'm not satisfy is......they didn't sell any older generation iPod's cover.....T_T) How about mine!!! We want Cover!! We want Cover!! Just remember that I havent bring my iPod to Dr.Mac yet, there's a crack or sth on it's screen, hang on there!!! (Oops, out of topic...)

They look so attractive...sexiest smartphone alive???

iPhone 3Gs is faster than those previous one, and it has this voice control thingy that you can ASK your iPhone to play the song or make a call (Ain't that real COOL!!!) Well, there are so many features in iPhone that I think iPhone 3Gs should be named as Tiny Portable Desktop!! It's like you're having a REALLY TINY LAPPY wherever you go.....it will be so convenient for me!! The only thing is the reason I love Apple stuff because they are slim enough, I have a very small palm, okay it sound stupid but when I holding the iPhone, it's like a lil' dangerous for me, I mean for the iPhone....like it's going to drop on the floor anytime. Hope they will make it slimmer~~~(It's time for iPhone to have some workout!!! Lose some weight!!!) But seriously, I really wish to have an iPhone....(I would like to have a White color iPhone 3Gs.....DREAMING~~)

The white one is killin' me!!!

Let's move on to LG GD510.....because Iron Man is using it in the movie, I mean different model. (=_='' Okay, I'm a big Iron Man fans but that's not the reason I wanna have one....okay I admit it is ONE of the reason....Ish, I'm a GEEK!!!) It is so SLIM!!! It's only weight about 87 grams.....!! OMG, falling in love with the weight, and of course it looks very classy too.

GD 510 in silver is soooo HOT!!! (Hmm, wrong description!? I don't think so....)

And it has many features in it as well, only that GD510 don't have the application like iPhone 3Gs...hmm. But it got good review from the users...and it goes GREEN (No, not the Hulk but it has a solar panel battery cover...) It looks it will be much simple to use compare to iPhone since it has less function. There are always pros and cons in each phone.

I'm dying to have LG GD510 or iPhone 3 Gs.....but so far, hmmm....can't afford any of them!! Ahh, maybe this is one of the advantage so that i don't have to make a decision yet. Both are my first choice for now~~~

Hmm, saw this video on the internet on iPad. Ths men is so creative and know how to makes it a hot topic while iPad is the new trend!!

(PS : I saw many of the people now who owns a iPhone will have a Blackberry as well....is that a trends or package??? Maybe they should consider to collaborate on that. Or maybe I should have both iPhone 3Gs and LG GD 510...haha. Android apps is getting good review on the market...!!! Hmm, people is getting better in inventing....)

The Taking of Pelham 123.....Subway can be interesting too!!

Is it just a coincidence?

This is one of the best action thriller I ever watch.

You think that a movie that talks about an few hours hijacking that took place in a subway would be boring? Then you're totally wrong! The Taking of Pelham 123 is a very interesting and suspenceful movie. The storyline is very creative and the ending is very satisfying. This is what we want in a movie!!!

This movie talks about Ryder aka John Travolta hijack a train at Pelham Bay Park Station that they boarding at 1.23pm (This is how the Pelham 123 name comes, the train took off at 1.23pm ) and asking for 10 million dolar from the Mayor and must be deliver to them within 1 hour. In the meantime, Garber aka Denzel Washington was on duty that day and he's the one to contact with Ryder while the whole hijacking case going on. It is very interesting to listen to the conversation between Ryder and Garber, and how Garber deal with Ryder, how Ryder trying to force him tell the truth that his bribe in Japan and Ryder kill one passenger if the money late for one minutes. I mean the way that Ryder talks to Garber on the bribe case is really making me feel so nervous. I'm really amazed by the ending where they found out that the whole hijacking is not only about the 10 million dolar

John Travolta looking freakin cool as a bad guy!!!

After this movie, I gotta add John Travolta into my must watch actor movie list. John Travolta is very good in acting, he can act as woman, comedy, cool guy, bad guy......but now for sure, I will like to watch every movie that John Travolta starred as a bad guy! He's damn cool in this movie!!!

You will not get bored when you met a guy like John Travolta on a train.....but for sure you would not like to met Ryder on a train because you'll be in TROUBLE!!!

I LOVE the conversation between John Travolta and Denzel Washington all along the movie!!! They're both very smart guy in and outside this movie.

Is this Ayers from The Soloist!? No, he's not holding a biola, he's holding a gun!!!

I almost cant recognized Denzel Washington in it. Haha maybe he's a little fatter than he used to be...and the haircut and make up, of course the acting skill as well! Denzel Washington's character makes a lot of decision in this movie. He's the one to save the people in New york city, he's not only hero to all the victim but also to Ryder....(in the end, it is so sad.....)

There're so many important decision that can decide the live or dead of the people to be made in this movie. What will you do when this money is not arrived yet and the time is up where Ryder start to kill the people on the train? Will you tell him the truth or lied to him? You know Ryder is such a psycho or maybe should I say he's very smart in planning everything...And what will you do when Ryder wanna kill someone if you don't tell the truth of yourself which if you tell, it will lead you into a big trouble. For yourself or for the one in the other end where you don't know him at all? The decision will lead to different outcomes. And do you believe in coincidence or everything is planned? Like in this movie, Ryder plan everything from the beginning, he say he know how it ends....but in the end, he didnt end up as he PLAN he going to be. No matter it is planned or it didn't, there are always chances or obstacles that can change the ending. You're the one to decide the ending. And in the end, Garber make a wise decision for himself after he's been making decision for the others along the whole proccess (and he's able to buy the one pint of milk back for his wife and children).

This movie is very satisfying and enjoyable to watch. I highly recommended this movie!!! Bet you never get bored watching this movie!!!

(PS : Ehem, wondering will From Paris with Love as good as this...??? Hmm, oh don't forget to vote for your best Pixar animation on the right sidebar.... )

Jun 3, 2010

Pixar's animation!!

Pixar animation studio makes great animation. Each of the animation is unique, with outstanding storyline, interesting character and high quality visualisation.

From The CLASSIC Toy Story to A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo to Ratatouille, Wall-E....and Up!! The most successful Pixar animation would be Finding Nemo, touching fishy story. And followed by Up and The Incredibles according to the worldwide gross.

Every animation by Pixar is great, but if I have to choose.....my Pixar animation top 3 will be Monster Inc (My favourite animation of all time!!!), Up and Finding Nemo....(Pss, I havent watch Ratatouille and Cars yet~~)

Monster Inc,

Best monster partner, Mike and Sully!!!

It might be one of the animation I can watch over and over again and still touched by the scene where Boo (The little girl...) don't want Sullivan (The fluffy monster which Boo call him Kitty~~) to leave her when Sullivan sent her back and destroy the door(awww, always feel like wanna cry when i watch that scene).

Love Boo and Kitty!!!

The monster in Monster Inc is very unique and the storyline is great. Of course i love the relationship between Boo, Sully and Mike (That one eye monster...) Another scene that keep me laughing is the scene that Sully thinks that Boo is flattened and cut into a garbage cube. His facial expression is freakin funny!! Love Monster Inc soooo much!!!
Here you go, the garbage scene!!

The next one will be Finding Nemo.....and I'm shocked that Ellen DeGeneres did the voice of Dory, yes, the blue fish which speaks whales language (haha, that's really funny..)

Marlin and Dory GREAT adventure in the sea!!!

The adventure of Dory and Marlin searching for his son is cool and how Nemo end up in the the tank, how all the creatures spreading the story of Marlin searching his son, Nemo. Well, fish can be very interesting too..

In the tank, remember them?

Finally, one of the best Pixar animation will be Up.

Carl is annoyed by Russell...a warm hearted kid trying to get an assisting elderly badge.

One of the really cool thing about Up is that they express the relationship between Carl and Ellie without any explanation or conversation of the character but with only background music. But it still show us how deep is their relationship. It is very touching. The little boy Russell that met Carl and start their adventurous journey in the South America is very interesting and I think the bird kevin is very funny and cute at the same time.

Kevin! Russell pet bird which is kinda cute and love how Kevin imitate Carl's movement.

Carl is trying to make his wife's dream come true but too bad his wife died. Up is a very touching and meaningful animation, especially that part that Carl flipping his wife's adventure book and saw the last few pages that his wife wrote for him (T_T....that is very touching~). Heart crossed!!

Well, A Bug's life and Toy Story will be the more Classic Pixar animation to me as I watch in during my childhood and everybody know and watched this animation before. Wall-E will be a more to commercialised success animation and it is really nice to see how Wall-E treat E~~~~~Va~~~~haha, Wall-E is a very loyal robot.

The Toys will invade the cinema soon!!!

I think the rest of Pixar animation is really nice too. Maybe I should go and check out Ratatouille and Cars as well......
In the end, let's vote for your favourite Pixar animation on the right hand side poll!!!

(PS : Alert!!! The Toys Troop is coming back!!! Toy Story 3!!! And Monster Inc 2 is in making!!!! Can't wait for that!!)