Jun 27, 2010

Toy Story 3: Pixar always be there for us when it comes to animation!!!

The toys are back!!!

They will always be there for us!!!

It tooks about 10 years for us to wait for Toy Story 3 to hit the cinema. And you know what, it's worth waiting this long as Toy Story 3 gives us an animation that shows us what does it take to take 10 years to finish it.

I gotta say that it's the best animation where I watch the first one when I was a kiddie and now I'm watching the third one as an adult (I'm still young....ok, not important.) This is not a kid's movie, this is meant for everyone. Toy story 3 is full with action, adventure, surprise, comedy and this time...the third one is so touching...(it makes me cry twice in the cinema, i didnt cry it out, I sob.....>_<)

But when i watch this movie, i found out that most of the people in the cinema are children (Of course, everybody know that parents will bring their child to watch Toy Story 3...) But what i wanna say is that, for those adult who never watch Toy Story 1 and 2 before (seriously, there are people that never watch Toy Stoy 1 and 2 before....wonder why? Kinda pathetic huh...haha :p ), please watch the previous 2 series before you watch the third one. It will be very different.

I was very anticipating for Toy Story 3 as I'm like waiting for 10 years for this...So I'm like so excited to watch this one although I'm surrounded by kids in the cinema (duh, I'm not really love to watch movie in cinema that "filled" with kids, but i got no choice.)

Okay stop blah-ing on those not so important stuff. So this time is talk about Andy starting to abandone the toys, ya Woody, Buzz Lightyer, Rex....and the others since Andy already grown up. The starting of the movie show the flashback where Andy is playing with the toys; But back to now, Andy didnt play with them ald and most of the toys like the soldier, Bo Beep, the drawing board is left or sold.... The toys are very sad since Andy is going to the college and most probably they will be left behind.

Andy is all grown up. Handsome huh? Haha...

So Andy decide to bring only Woody along to the college and packed the others into a rubbish bag which will be stored. However, Andy's mom misunderstood and throw the the others as rubbish and (fast forward) they turn out to be DONATED to the sunnyside....

Woody still believes in Andy and he try to always be there for him....(Our toys might wont be like Woody in real life, but our family does.....)

Sunnyside is kinda like nursery or kinder garder...
When they thought that they reach a really nice and happy place, things does not look as good as it was......

Barbie met a new partner!!! Who else other than Ken!!!

Woody didnt join the gang and went back to Andy's house and accidently end up in Bonnie's house (I shouldn't real too much but I think I reveal kinda too much...). The toys in Bonnie's house (Bonnie is a really cute girl in this movie....) is very nice. It's very hilarious when Woody ask where is him right now (when Bonnie is playing coffee times with the toys and she left the room), and one of the toys answer "we should be in the coffee house somewhere in Paris or New york " haha way too into the acting....

Shocked to see that Totoro is in Toy Story 3!!! Cute!!! (Psss, sesame street character is in TS 3 too..)

After all, Andy found out something wrong with Sunnyside and decide to go back and rescue the fellas!!! Here's the adventure begin and VERY VERY TOUCHING part in the end......

I think it's like flashing through my childhood memories when watching Toy Story 3, the toys in the movie.....argh, it's like wow. You know it's really sad to know that some of the toys are no longer there and how they being abandone.

But the part where Mr.Potato Head.....using a tortilla as his body, that's freakin hilarious!!! I can't stop laughing on that one (I would like to have one Mr Tortilla head...hahaha)! Of course, the Spanish Buzz Lightyer is another funny element in this movie....BRAVO!! He's very SEXY!!!!

And the ending part of the movie where Andy gives all his toys to Bonnie, that part is kinda touching too because he's like show and introduce every toys to Bonnie and play with the toys for very last time. Awww, I'm like.....T_T. Although Andy still wanna keep Woody with him, but in the end he past it to Bonnie too and I bet Bonnie will be a very good owner for the toys!! It's really true that things cant be always remains the same. People will grown up, the surrounding will change....the only things that can keep remaning will only be the memories. I'm kinda touched by the scene where Andy is leaving to college and his mum is like very sad but it will happen to everyone where you cannot forever be with your children or parents (I thought this movie is all about me, since I go for uni...but i bring along some of my toys too, shhhhhh I know I know....it's kinda embarrasing.)

I mean it's like the end of Toy Story...but I'm satisfy with it. I think Pixar did a really good job!!! And by the way, hope all those kids who watch this movie learn not to "destroy" and "hurt" your toys. Appreciate them. And I love the line they say that They will always be there for Andy. Toy Story 3 is the best third sequel ever made in history, who say third sequel always the weakest!! Pixar proves that this is totally wrong!!!

(PS : I feel very comfortable watching Toy Story 3. I wish to watch it again. I will gives it 10 out of 10. By the way, not to forget to vote for you favourite Pixar animantion on the right sidebar, there's a poll there!!)

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