Oct 29, 2009

Bon Jovi The Circle Tracklist preview

After listening at the snippet and the leaked on youtube...i wanna make some preview on it. Since what on youtube is ald removed.....so fast....

I think John Shanks is better producing a country album like what he collaborate with keith is really awesome. But back to a rock album, it s still a rock album but slightly softer than Have a nice day album and bounce.

Overall it is still a okay album, maybe times is required for me to get the album and listen it a few times.

I just describe it track by track randomly....

Superman tonight-a very common song...not a hits, i'm not really in this song, but i'm really love the lyrics.

Thorn in my side-well actually this song is slightly better than superman tonight...i can listen to a little bon jovi in it. Okay okay....

Happy now-i like this song. I hope i can listen this song live in a stadium. And this song can be a nice song when driving....some sort like my heart is open by keith urban, but this a little more rock.

Bullet-(highly recommended) This is BON JOVI!!! I think this is more like Complicated BJ previous song....

When we were beautiful-Bj documentary song...haha, very very soft....and slow...i think this is very different from what they had before. Em...not that into this song either.

Live before you die-I still can feel a little country feeling in bon jovi song, don't know why...i thought this song is going to be really like it's my life or what but it's not. It's more like Joey but slightly better...

Brokenpromiseland-i love this song opening...some of them say it sound like coldplay...=='' i don't think so but this song definately can be a football game theme song. I think this song is quite good. I will listen to this song.

Love's the only rule-i think this song is okay too...i think this album is very different from the previous bon jovi rock album...i miss Desmond Child...pls come back and work at least one song with them...it's like very relaxing for this album....

Fast cars-i thought this is a keith urban song...haha. With coldplay style of music....in the background. Never thought bon jovi will into this kinda song too...this song..i will listen to it too.

Learn to love-this is the slow and soft song representative in this album...no comment....

Work for the working man-it is so obvious that it sound so much better after record it in the album compared to the origin accoustic version. This is a cool song, highly recommended song too. But i'm expecting more hard rock in this song fron bon jovi but this version is ald satisfy me but with more hard rock it will impress me...

We weren't born to follow-this is a hits, a game final fantasy theme song, MLB and american football promo song...what else do you expect??? This is a very commersial song, i guess you can hear it from maybe other commersial in upcoming days...haha.

Overall, i love all the lyrics of all the song....but not loving all of the song...em, should i aiming for keith urban album or just buy this album. I'm so confusing again. Let's the time decide!!!

I can say this is very different album compared to the past....Can i be ''happy now''???

Oct 23, 2009

Bon Jovi The Circle

Bon Jovi New album-walking in the tunnel (just kidding...)...is The Circle.

Finally the date is officially announced. What date? The date of the album, of the greatest band ever on earth Bon Jovi, album the Circle is going to released worldwide on 10th of november........(it say worldwide but i'm just wondering will Malaysia be another ''special'' case and don't know how many weeks or months later then i just can get it)

Bon Jovi with shades....COOL!!! Richie is getting better and better....

Another thing is The circle world tour list is annouced too. Bon Jovi gonna make it really huge this time. Opening in two greatest stadium New Meadowlands Stadium and london O2 stadium (not shah alam or bukit jalil stadium...T_T...)...They going to perform the opening of New Meadowlands stadium. Cool!!! But the asia tour list haven't be revealed yet.....PLS come to Malaysia!!!!

Never saw this picture before...they all looks great.

But even that they really come to Malaysia...i don't think i can afford to buy their concert ticket, so don't come....sigh either they come or didn't come will make me fainted too.....I think if i really get chance to their concert maybe that i'll broke down before i get to the concert, haha....too excited. But for sure i'll skip anything or class to attend their concert....it will be better if keith urban is the opening act haha. Then i'll straight went to ''heaven'' after the concert.

And!!! Besides catching up with Downey movie...i never know that bon jovi make a movie too....actually it is a Documentary!!! I wanna watch...at cinema on 24th of October. I'll guess AGAIN it is not showing in Malaysia. At least give me the poster is enough.

I'm having a lot of things to spend my money on right now....It's a big problem.

Oct 21, 2009

Sherlock Holmes new full length trailer

Sherlock Holmes new trailer is released but with some scene that show in the old trailer before....this time this is consider a much more complete trailer. I really can't wait for this movie, starring MY robert downey jr as Sherlock Holmes....a movie with Downey in will not bored you.

I'm sure that this going to be so cool. Yes, he's look so good in this movie. I feel like i wanna tear off the poster that showing in cinema that day to bring back home, haha. But i'll guess i can't watch it on christmas day. A little disappointed.

However here's the link for the trailer :


Enjoy it!!! With some wing chun kung fu by sherlock holmes a.k.a downey jr...

Oct 19, 2009

Bon Jovi Widget

Empire sexiest movie star alive

The result is out!!! No, not RIH!!! sexiest man alive but it's almost the same...YES It's Empire sexiest movie stars alive....Sorry, it didn't contains the word alive...

I can get the first place and third place but i don't get why ''he'' get the second place....Okay it's not important....Let's show the list!!!

1. Johnny Depp ( He deserve it!!!)

2. Robert Pattison

3. Robert DOWNEY Jr...(Yes i know how you all feel, pls calm down, i know all of you excited about this....EXCITED!!!)

4. Brad Pitt ( Ohhh~too bad...)

5. Christian Bale ( Batman ain't that cool...beaten by Iron man...)

6. Hugh Jackman ( Wonder why this sexy dude got only 6th place...rumor going around that he'll be hosting another Oscar, this will be cool )

7. George Clooney ( Impossibbly handsome....it's what empire said. Emm...his performance is a little weak than before...What performance? Sexiest performance...)

8. Alan Rickman ( I don't know who he was until i find his biography, he's the Severus Snape in Harry Potter, i'm not very into harry potter...)

9. James McAvoy

10. Gerard Butler ( this guy has a tough and hot body but i'm not that agree he's that sexy...)

11. Ryan Reynolds

12. Daniel Craig ( Mr.Bond...em, need to work hard a bit )

13. Viggo Mortensen

14. Heath Ledger ( Salute for great actor!!!)

15. Zac Efron ( I think this guy is potential...he's cool, good looking dude...)

16. Jake Gyllenhaal ( Can't wait to see him in prince of persia...then you'll know who a sexiest movie star are...)

17. Paul Newman

18. Orlando Bloom ( He's sexy but a bit of outdated sexiness...)

19. Eric Bana

20. Sean Bean

21. Leonardo Dicarpio ( My heart will go on~)

22. Matt Damon ( Wo...wo...wo...isn't you a little too far from your pals, brad and clooney is leading in the top ten...it's okay, keep it up)

23. Will Smith ( What else you want, smart, good acting, good looking...)

24. Jason Isaac

25. Sam Washington

26. Marlon Brando ( A very classic actor...)

27. Clive Owen

28. James Dean

29. Ewan Mcgregor ( Obi Wan let's show em the sword!!!)

30. Sean Connery ( The representative of james bond series...salute!!!)

31. Gael Garcia Bernal

32. Bradley Cooper

33. Harisson Ford ( You don't know him...Indianna Jones...you know now?)

34. Jude Law ( Yes it's him baby...the one starring with Downey in Sherlock Holmes)

35. Taylor Lautner

36. Kellan Lutz

37. Daniel Radcliffe ( Mr.Harry Potter....)

38. Ben Barnes

39. Zachary Quito

40. Colin Farrell

41. Chris Pine

42. Antonio Banderas

43. Tom Cruise ( Tom what? Yes they didn't forget about him...it's Tom Cruise)

44. Chris Evans

45. Cary Grant ( Do you know why he didn't make the top ten, because they say Clooney is the new Cary Grant...so sorry for that)

46. James Franco ( Didn't i tell you he's my new celebrity crush...yes he's sexy!!!)

47. Jensen Ackles

48. Keanu Reeves

49. Shia LaBeouf ( I don't think he's the next Tom Hanks...em...)

50. Channing Tatum ( Love this guy when he co-starring in a guide to recognising your saints....with Downey)

What do you feel after looking at the list??? Haha...I feel great, satisfy with most of them...So now it's turn to vote for RIH!!! Sexiest man alive!!! Let's vote...we're not going to have 4 winners at one time...==''

Oct 16, 2009

Hot topic that i didn't get the chance to ''review''

I think recently there are some really hot topics that i didn't review at all....So now i'll take my chance to review it all in just one article. An short overall review.

Twillight've been a very popular movie series in nowadays. People get crazy over it because of the novel at first. Then here comes robert pattison, kristen stewart and taylor lautner...To be honest, i don't feel any sexiness or ''hotness'' at robert pattison....the thing is i don't get it when they compared him with johnny depp....Em, c'mon...How can you compare a talented, the real sexiest man alive to a little vampire. Sorry to pattison fans out there, but i don't think he is really hot or what but maybe somebody get over him just because edward the character in twillight series. That's why he is not in RIH!!! sexiest man alive list.

Elisabetta Canalis...?
Some of you maybe curious who she is? She is the sexiest man alive and the most sexiest bachelor (before) current girlfriend...George clooney girlfriend....I wanna talk about her because this is a hot topic in hollywood now and i think that she is much better than george ex...i forgot her name. All i know his ex is a cocktail waitress or something like that. At least i think that she looks okay when she stand next to clooney at the red carpet. That's all.

Leona Lewis get punched!!!
I wanna talk about this because i feel so unfair for leona lewis and that stupid man who punched her should go to mental hospital....MORON!!! This happen when leona lewis having a autography of her books and when she signing for this guys, the guy just punch her for no reason....How stupid he is??? After he punch, what he do? He's laughing...psycho!!! Leona lewis broke down and leave the session....I feel so bad for leona lewis. However, i hope she get well soon and only thing that i can give is mentally support for her...

Brandgelina wants to adopt again....==''
I think they should stop that....Isn't both of them argue with each other recently when Angie wanna adopt another kids? Brad even say that Angie adopt kids like adopt pets.....I'm curious that whether they can give their care and love for all of their kids. I mean both of them are celebrity, they are busy and...sigh, stop it brandgelina...leave your loves to maddox them is enough, or sometimes do some charity to spread your love....I think this is cool when recently clooney is being asked that if he's going to adopt any kids and he replied'' yes, I'm going to adopt some of brad's kids....'' Haha....that is really cool answer....

AI new judge....em....
Yes american idol new judge to replace paula abdul is....a musician? A producer? NO!!! It's ellen degeneres.....Emm, i like her show...she's very funny but...i wonder that whether she can.....or know how to judge a person singing skill and give advice to them. No doubt her presence to AI definately make the show more interesting but.....i don't know. We'll see what happen....Let's check it out and give a chance to ellen....

2010 is bon jovi year...
This is ''extra'' news i wanna talk about because bon jovi is going to release their new album in 2009 year end...accurately will be november. MBL ald using their first single as promo tour song. As you know their NFL league always Jovi-dized.....So now you MUST get to listen to bon jovi song as long as you going to MLB or NFL league. Moreover, recently square enix company has decided to use their first single as the new Final Fantasy series the crystal bearer soundtrack...i think is promo song as well as soundtrack. Because that song is very commercial first i listen to it...We weren't born to follow....So as the album the circle release, i think the music industry will be Jovi's. And they are having their own documentary...hehe, so part of movie industry. It will be cool in 2010....

Little facts:
Pattison did karaoke with Hugh Jackman during japanese tour...of course hugh jackman is better in singing, this is what pattison say because he say after jackman drink a few still can sing the tunes out...Oh ya jackman just turn into 41...woohoo...

So that's all...finally i get it all done!!! Wait!!! A last one....

RIH!!! sexiest man alive....
This is the first time RIH!!! having sexiest man alive voting system...Just vote on the voting poll on right side of this blog. So far, brad pitt, jon hamm and robert downey jr leading with one votes...Em, this is a hard one, we not gonna hav 3 winners at the same times...So pls VOTE for your favourite!!!

Oct 15, 2009

Pandorum review!!! Nice!!

Today i went and watch Pandorum.....which is the premier day in Malaysia.

Haha at first i thought to ask my friend along to watch but i just couldn't wait and straight away go to watch.

I think this movie is awesome. This is a second movie of Dennis Squad i watch. This movie is different from other movie because the story is start from the beginning. Why'm i saying like this? For me, to horror thriller movie, they will only start their interesting part only at after the half of the movie talking nonsense. But not for pandorum....

At first i will de fine pandorum....it means after a long sleep or ''hibernate'' for a human, you'll have temporary lost of memory...i mean on that spaceship. So at last when you found out a truth that you couldn't accept, you''ll start to have halucination, hand shaking and shivery....start to afraid and broke down. Or another great example is i'll have pandorum each time i have exam...haha.

So it talks about a groups of crews....large group. Knowing that earth is ruined soon so they have to search for new planet. The government send this crew tocheck on any new planet...i think is like lab testing new mice for that crews....To a planet call Tanis.

The movie start when a crew woke up and don't know what had happened. The rest of the gone, only left with Lft.Payton. The crew's name is Bower. So he went out and find out what happen then get lost and lost contact with Payton.

He soon find out the spaceship is not only two of them but another creature surviving....lots of them. I think the creature is very disgusting...like it....because at first i scare that it is not scary enough. The creature eat the peoples. Bower getting confuse....soon, he met with two other human, one is agriculture then another is ecologist which at last group together to fight the creature.

The creature is actually formed because they ald adapted to the new environment on spaceship and genetic mutated so somehow i think that they are first was a human too. So while escaping they get to a room and met a guy. The guy is a bad guy because he ate human to stay alive. Another story there, figure it out.

Oh ya forgot to say that Bower go out to search for reactor to regenerate the power of the spaceship.....The more Bower move forward to search for the reactor, the more Bower know what's going on. The scene at the reactor room is so dangerous, i'm like so nervous at that part because too many creature there....

Once they finish it and get back to the Lt.Payton room, they found out the truth...The earth is gone and they ald at Tanis and Lt.Payton? Watch it yourself....I don't want to reveal too much.

So my conclusion is this movie is great...I think it will be one of the movie really can take over the Aliens series place....I hope there will be another series of pandorum. And they got a new storyline that none of the horror movie nowadays had. Great job!!! I don't think i can survive under a situation like this, i think i will definately be that one that got pandorum...haha. Ya all the people on earth died because the earth is gone....

Another thing is where i get back home and first i told my mum,'' I think i chose the wrong subject to study..." Because only genetic, ecologist, agrculturer, engineer can get on the spaceship....Oh my goodness....haha then i couldn't bring my family along to the spaceship since what i'm studying is only biochemistry.....Another thing is for sure i will not change to monster like in pandorum because i can't even adapt where i'm only at another state of my country haha. So my genetic will not mutated....
Go and watch this movie Pandorum...see that ''Are you FEAR to find out that truth?''

(PS: Saw the trailer of Phobia 2, a thailand movie, i think people who like really horrify movie can go and watch, but for me i won't...)

Oct 14, 2009

Iron man 2 little updates

Okay this time no images....I think director Jon Favreau give us enough images from iron man 2.

Now only waiting for the screening days which is in malaysia is on 30th of april 2010. Can't wait for that. So during an iron man 2 set visit, we can saw that Tony stark himself having a new invention, some sort like accelerator....( personally i don't know what the hell is that...because it's like a whole pump thing which is really long ).

Jon favreau said that it is easier for filming iron man 2 than the first one so we can expect something great from what he told. And the new Tony Stark invention base is much more high tech that the first one. Actually i think the first one is ald high tech enough, so the new one is much more better. Tony stark has a new armor place to put all his iron man suit from the old to the latest one.....That is really COOL!!!

It's really funny that when Jon favreau introducing the hall of armor and there is one of the garbage can in one of the armor displaying cabinet, he keep explaining that is not one of the armor...

Whiplash is one of the character that attracted attention of audience other than Iron man himself. Interviewing Robert Downey jr...he didn't set his hair so it looks...em a little messy but he still look good. In one part, showing that Tony Stark is racing in F1 circuit....WOW!!! So charming!!! Haha...but actually like from beginning i said that i think Robert a.k.a Tony Stark hair is slightly different from iron man 1....

ARHH!!! I'm getting so exciting....and i can guarantee that it MUST BE way better than the first one...gotta mention that i'm not the director of iron man since i'm saying this with this confident haha.

And Scarlett Johansson looks so hot in Iron man 2. Don't get me wrong, i'm not a man, but i'm not a lesbian....Pepper potts is in trouble. That's why RDJ say that he enjoying both Gwyneth and Scarlett is fighting over him in the movie because he'll never get it in the reality, haha. But with his wife (who is a director herself, orphan is one of her movie) on the iron man set...

So...let's wait for the next summer when Iron Man hits cinema AGAIN!!! With more character and greater impact for all the audience!!!

(PS: There are rumors on the internet said that Jon Favreau ain't the director for Avengers....It will be so disappointing...i hope Jon can be the director so much!!!)

Oct 13, 2009

Sexiest man alive 2009 of RIH!!!

Yes, don't get panic. It's RIH!!! (this blog name in short form) sexiest man alive voting period.

The nomination list is released and now you can vote.

Actually i'm thinking of writing the review on each nomination candidates but it will takes a long times plus i think they are really well known in hollywood.

So far there are only one vote which is going for Robert Downey jr....so will he be the sexiest man alive by wining all the others with 1 votes? Lets see...

Oh ya, by the way, the nomination are brad pitt, matt damon, george clooney, tom cruise (kinda surprise!), Robert Downey jr ( leading on the sexiest man alive poll right now (the poll is on the right hand side) ). Hugh jackman, patrick dempsey, jude law, chase crawford, matthew mcconoughey, ewan mcgregor, johnny depp, denzel washington, daniel craig, channing tatum, and jon hamm.

Having this voting is due to the prove of my fairness not simply name sexiest man alive by myself but open to the public to vote....Haha but i think no matter how Robert Downey jr will still be the sexiest man alive if the voting didn't change...hehe.

So let's vote!!!

Oct 8, 2009

Music journal : New music

Recently i've been looking some new music...i think i'm getting a little bored with my iPod player music.

Let's first talk about recent music. I think most of the song nowadays, or should i say hits of today has a few similarities. First, they have simple rhythm, and lyrics that kept repeat and repeat again...mostly with simple lyrics. I'll guess this is how they make us easier to remember the song???

I'm looking for song with nice melodies and some new bands. I know i can't always keep listening to Bon Jovi and keith urban...haha.

So i've found a new band call Parachute. Their song is awesome. I'm highly recommend the mess i made by them. Nice and simple melody...the others of their song are great too. But their hits is She is love, a nice song...but the chorus keep repeat and repeat so it is a hits. Emm no offense.

justin bieber Pictures, Images and Photos

Another one is that i mention before Justin Bieber. As i say he's so young yet so talented...I think he will be huge. I love his common denominator. That song is really nice. His album not yet released on the market but you can found him on youtube since he's youtube artist at first. He's really talented. I think he can be better than now after years of experiences he earned in the future. His single is one time....

Faber Drive Pictures, Images and Photos

Another band that i wanna talk about is Faber drive. They are my favourite band. From canada. Canada got hell lots of great artist. I really like their music, i think they are better than boys like girls. Boys like girls, honestly, their live act isn't that good. So no matter how good your music are, when it comes to live...it's really disappointing. Go back to faber drive, i love almost all of their song in their seven second surgery album. But i've heard that their band member has switch a bit. Hopefully it wouldn't affect their second album. Keep it up!!! I love this band so much.

CS Pictures, Images and Photos

Next is cobra starship....but i like their first album more than the recent one. Although their good girl go bad are quite okay, i prefer The city is at war that album better. Plus they add a member for their good girl go bad tracks makes me feel like westlife lost Brian Mcffadden feels.

Tokio Hotel Pictures, Images and Photos

The next one is Tokio hotel....Their new album Humanoid is released. I don't know whether is that because they are a german band and the new album is emm not that attracted me. It's like lost what they had in the Scream album. but i think it's takes time for me to listen to the music because i just listen to their album once. Can i add in something? I'm freakin love tom kaulitz new dreadlock!!! Haha but Bill's hair...err...maybe it takes time too.....for me to get used to it. But their music video of first single automatic is kinda cool. With robotics things inside....the music video of course. They starting to hits the US market with great impact...i think.

tokio hotel Pictures, Images and Photos

Loves this twins....

Lastly, let me introduce some of the new song which i think is kinda cool. not really new for some of them.

The first one is One's republic's all the right moves. I think this song is quite nice. Another one is Kris Allen new single, live like we're dying. Actually it is from the script B side song. I don't know why Kris will use it as single but the song is meaningful. It's like a little rap style. Taylor Swift you belong to me is great too, i bet you've heard it on the radio a thousand times. Another one is Jesse Mccartney body language, i'm so in love with this song. Very nice. This song is collected in the Departured album but is in the recharged version so you might not hear it in radio or tv.

PS: Last but not least gotta mention loudly that Bon Jovi new album the circle is releasing soon somewhere in november something. Personally i think the cover is kinda cool and gotta promote a bit. The fresh and hot look of bon jovi....err i mean bon jovi album artwork. I can oly show the link, go on and have a look:


I have to say jon did look very good in the new album of course as well as richie. Emm off topic, oh ya you can listen to their single We weren't born to follow on their official websites. God bless they will have a concert in Malaysia soon although even they come i may not afford to go. And i'm waiting for their special edition of the circle... Yea!!!

So here it is...the end of my music journal.

Oct 7, 2009


So, me and two of my friends went and try shogun at one utama shopping mall. Actually i've try once before but it's an old story. And as well as the two fellows.

After i make the booking. I go on and check for the details for shogun and there are like tons of bad review on them. I'm so damn worry as well as my friends did. We even straight away go and check for another jap buffet available but we decide to try it out.

Before that i've try jogoya before....but i think it is costly and actually with the price of per pax in jogoya, why not i add on some money to eat at bubba gump or victoria station or whatever. I mean if you insist to eat jap cuisine then it's another story.

So we first get in, everything is okay.....haha, we like investigating....

So first of course sashimi and sushi.....

Of course pls don't compare jogoya with shogun because if you want please compare the price to, what you give is what you get. The sashimi is less than in jogoya, and it's taste good. BUT!!! For that abalone sashimi....it's nightmare~~~

Ya, you're right, the white in color slice....i try on one piece, the next minutes is i gulp down a cup of green tea and ice lemon tea. Then i ask my friend to try one pieces. He try....and another friend is asking how it taste like.....He says:'' This abalone sahimi is so damn good!!! Whao, it's chewy and fresh, c'mon try one piece'' So, the another friend try on, the moment she finish it. We laugh out loud....haha got ya'....The abalone sashimi is so DAMN BITTER, i don't know why would it taste like this ????

Another one is the cavier egg roll.....it taste sour...of course i didn't finish it. Again, we temptated it to another friends but this time she is alert and didn't try. But the rest is nice....I like the salmon sashimi a lots. The giant squid slice is great too. I try my very first slice on the encourage of both of them. Haha....

Actually my first ''hunt'' is the lamb shank....The food below with the lamb shank is my first ''hunting'' rewards....

I'm freakin in love with lamb...i think secret recipe and Amuleto lamb shanks is quite good. I finish the whole lamb shanks by myself...haha not that i didn't ask them to eat but they are more interested with the sushi. But i got a little pissed off when i found out that my plate is clean up by the waiter because i haven't finish the bone marrow of the lamb shanks.

The first time, i dine in in shogun, i'm impress with the cheese baked escargot....but not this time. The cheese is not fully baked and it's not that tasty.

But i like the cheese baked vege a lots...lots of CHEESE!!!

I LOVE YOU lamb shanks...
The next one is oyster...of course again, it is smaller than those in jogoya, pls remember the price differences....
But i didnt eat much this time, because i got diarhoea last night. So i think i eat about one to two pieces.

But again, the guy eat....i dont know how many but tons of oyster...I don't get it.

I like oyster with lots of lemon....refreshing. Haha...

The lamb shanks didn't satisfy me. So we went out and go for the free style tepanyaki mix and match.

Haha i think the name is kinda cool, okay it's not the origin name, i'm the one who name it. It's like pick any raw food you like and the chef will cook for you. I pick two slice of lamb(meh~~i love lamb), asparagus, red peppers, mushroom and spring onion. Come out something like this.

So my friend pick beef, salmon, cod fish and mushroom....so weird...lots of meat. But he says nice.

So they continue eating sashimi AGAIN....i went for desert, haha i remember first time i went for jogoya, the first thing i ate is desert too. The hand role is actually contains with peking ducks....and cucumber. Quite nice. Mochi and pudding is my desert. That hand roll is not a desert.

After desert, i eat teriyaki fish....Many fish bones. They eat soba and ice cream. Our eating schedule is different ald.

The teriyaki sauce is very nice. Then i went out for chawanmushi and they have sky juice ald. Then again together we eat sashimi. Haha. But i think when we went jogoya that time is worst still. Eat more than this time.

Actually there're some dim sum too, but i didnt try. At last, i go and have a sea horse soup....very nice. There're ox-tails, tom yam, kan lang, and eel soup which are the new menu. The ordinary one like mushroom soup, shark-fin soup is all available.

This time, i didn't eat tempura...ya just figure out. And there are many chinese cuisine too. There are one with seafood with chinese wine is really nice. The prawn is fresh.

I think except for the cavier egg roll and abalone sashimi, all is okay...but a buffet shouldn't have food that smell awkward. Hope that they can improve it.

3 of us only cost about per pax in jogoya. Rm33 per pax but with discount.

Original price lunch is rm43, dinner is rm50 sth. Next time maybe we should try on saisaki, from the same boss of shogun, then yaki yaki, then zipangu then kampachi....okay i should stop dreaming.

Oct 5, 2009

The prestige review

Are you watching closely?

I want to watch this movie for some times but just didn't got the chance. I think this is a very interesting movie. Because it involves magic....plus the storyline is interesting too. So it is a interesting plus plus movie haha.

Starring hugh jackman as robert angier...fainted (HOT!!!), christian bale as alfred borden (that's why i'm not really wanna watch the movie, don't like his personalities, in real life), Scarlett johansson as Olivia...and david bowie...kinda surprise as Tesla the scientist.

Both hugh jackman and christian bale are magician with different personalities. Christian bale is a natural born magician, but not a good performer. Hugh jackman is a magician as well but trying not to hurt or sacrifice anything (you'll know what i'm talking when you watch this), he's not as good as christian but he know how to bring the show to the audience.

So Angier (hugh jackman) wife is one of the performer too and during one of her performance, she drown to death due to the wrong knot tied by Borden (Bale). So Angier is so angry and want to revenge since they've been told to tie the knot that they have to but Borden didn't follow.

So in this movie...the main magic tricks are making the dove disappear, escape from water tank, catch bullet (haha lame one....) and the TRANSPORTER MAN (here's the main tricks...)

So Angier turns into limp which caused by Borden and Borden lost his finger due to Angier....all because of magic. But i never saw such a hot and sexy limp like Jackman did...Woo~~~

After that, Borden comes up with the transporter man tricks which really stunned Angier. But Mr.Cutter (kinda like Angier's sifu) knows how he do it and tell Angier but Angier never believe it. Actually i don't think i wanna reveal too much because it will be cool if you watch it yourself.

Angier go and find scientist to make a machine for him to do that magic trick since he thought that Borden is using the same as he threaten Borden's sifu by some sort like kidnapping him. Angier is too obsessed with magic to find it out.

He's really got the magic trick done by having a machine which will duplicate human. So, Angier back with this trick and become famous. One night, Borden went to check out the backstage and Angier ''accidently'' drop into the water tank....and died. Everyone thought that Borden murder him....here's the interesting part start. Watch it yourself.

So as the truth reveal, i just wonder so the Lord Caldlow is the real him or just one of the ...errr. You know what i mean because he say he never know he's the one in that box and on the stage right???

For conclusion, a good magic tricks need sacrifice (like what Borden and Angier did). I think Angier change a lot from the beginning to the end, remember, obsession is a young man games....something like that. I think this movie is very interesting, you'll like wanna figure it out what happen next, cool!

Go and check out this movie, worth to watch and remember the three steps....

The pledge, the turn and the last one The Prestige....

Oct 3, 2009

Mooncake festival

Yea, it's mooncake festival, i mean just past mooncake festival since it's ald 12 in the midnight. Mooncake festival is another festival like chinese new year where family gather and eat together, playing lantern, ''gossip'' together, eating mooncake, kua ci and plus plus.

Just coming back from my grandma house. Gather with my relatives at my grandma house like every year did. Except for last year because my dad broke his leg...so we get to go back to gather. But we can see that there are less people going back years by years....the young ones. All going out with friends rather to gather with family, this is sad. That's why my mom always want me to accompany them during big festive....my mom always say ''senpai'' always want all relatives to gather during festives and to be lively than usual day.

When we dining, my grandma says that she's scared she ll be alone again this year, because last year incident so we didn't gather with her. Ah, can see that how aged peoples want someone to accompany them especially during such big festives.

After that, all is back. Even my little niece. She know how to walk right now and mumbling some words to us. Haha. She very afraid at first but when she get close.....whoa she likes to play. I like her when she smile, so cute. Whenever she wanna fix sth or don't know how to eat some food like the ling jiao and chestnut, she'll come to me (I've become all my little cousin and niece fixing machine...like my little cousin say: yaya, because you're very good in playing games especially those boy's stuff...=='' eh???).

After that we ''play'' lantern...i mean not us...because all grown up. My uncle light up the lantern which we say that he ''play'' lantern....haha. All gather and eat snacks together. Well, of course who's the one felt happiest??? My grandma for sure.....

So here's my ''modify'' lantern....(bought by my dad, as a gift for me...of course first without the wings n eyes...)

Very tired....reach home at 12am....wooo gotta go sleep now. I enjoy the gathering so much...

Oct 2, 2009

Jon spotted smoking again...

Emm...i thought he quit smoking ald. But..but..recent a video showing that he's puffing cigarettes again.

So sad, but he's looking good. Ah, it takes times to quit smoking...i understand. Like his cap. Nice one. Haha by the way, if i'm there with him, i'll grab away his laptop case (i think it is a laptop case?)...there will be sure the circle tracks all in it. Maybe with WWWB docu too...Haha.

Here's the link to that video,