Oct 19, 2009

Empire sexiest movie star alive

The result is out!!! No, not RIH!!! sexiest man alive but it's almost the same...YES It's Empire sexiest movie stars alive....Sorry, it didn't contains the word alive...

I can get the first place and third place but i don't get why ''he'' get the second place....Okay it's not important....Let's show the list!!!

1. Johnny Depp ( He deserve it!!!)

2. Robert Pattison

3. Robert DOWNEY Jr...(Yes i know how you all feel, pls calm down, i know all of you excited about this....EXCITED!!!)

4. Brad Pitt ( Ohhh~too bad...)

5. Christian Bale ( Batman ain't that cool...beaten by Iron man...)

6. Hugh Jackman ( Wonder why this sexy dude got only 6th place...rumor going around that he'll be hosting another Oscar, this will be cool )

7. George Clooney ( Impossibbly handsome....it's what empire said. Emm...his performance is a little weak than before...What performance? Sexiest performance...)

8. Alan Rickman ( I don't know who he was until i find his biography, he's the Severus Snape in Harry Potter, i'm not very into harry potter...)

9. James McAvoy

10. Gerard Butler ( this guy has a tough and hot body but i'm not that agree he's that sexy...)

11. Ryan Reynolds

12. Daniel Craig ( Mr.Bond...em, need to work hard a bit )

13. Viggo Mortensen

14. Heath Ledger ( Salute for great actor!!!)

15. Zac Efron ( I think this guy is potential...he's cool, good looking dude...)

16. Jake Gyllenhaal ( Can't wait to see him in prince of persia...then you'll know who a sexiest movie star are...)

17. Paul Newman

18. Orlando Bloom ( He's sexy but a bit of outdated sexiness...)

19. Eric Bana

20. Sean Bean

21. Leonardo Dicarpio ( My heart will go on~)

22. Matt Damon ( Wo...wo...wo...isn't you a little too far from your pals, brad and clooney is leading in the top ten...it's okay, keep it up)

23. Will Smith ( What else you want, smart, good acting, good looking...)

24. Jason Isaac

25. Sam Washington

26. Marlon Brando ( A very classic actor...)

27. Clive Owen

28. James Dean

29. Ewan Mcgregor ( Obi Wan let's show em the sword!!!)

30. Sean Connery ( The representative of james bond series...salute!!!)

31. Gael Garcia Bernal

32. Bradley Cooper

33. Harisson Ford ( You don't know him...Indianna Jones...you know now?)

34. Jude Law ( Yes it's him baby...the one starring with Downey in Sherlock Holmes)

35. Taylor Lautner

36. Kellan Lutz

37. Daniel Radcliffe ( Mr.Harry Potter....)

38. Ben Barnes

39. Zachary Quito

40. Colin Farrell

41. Chris Pine

42. Antonio Banderas

43. Tom Cruise ( Tom what? Yes they didn't forget about him...it's Tom Cruise)

44. Chris Evans

45. Cary Grant ( Do you know why he didn't make the top ten, because they say Clooney is the new Cary Grant...so sorry for that)

46. James Franco ( Didn't i tell you he's my new celebrity crush...yes he's sexy!!!)

47. Jensen Ackles

48. Keanu Reeves

49. Shia LaBeouf ( I don't think he's the next Tom Hanks...em...)

50. Channing Tatum ( Love this guy when he co-starring in a guide to recognising your saints....with Downey)

What do you feel after looking at the list??? Haha...I feel great, satisfy with most of them...So now it's turn to vote for RIH!!! Sexiest man alive!!! Let's vote...we're not going to have 4 winners at one time...==''

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