Jul 26, 2012

Album review : Justin Bieber's Believe album

Believe it or not? I'm reviewing Justin Bieber's album. The whole "Baby phenomenon" (Baby, baby, baby oh~) brought by this young kid from Canada few years ago gains Justin himself a lot of fans as well as haters.  Haters probably can't stand his out-of-sudden popularity and his teen pop style of music. I'm not a Beliebers, not a extreme haters either, but Justin caught my attention when he was a Youtube artist.

And he's back with a new album, with a very different music style and I think it's a good sign for Bieber. More mature vocal and the music is more towards dance pop. Congrats to the young man (Yea, not a little boy anymore), stick to this genre and style, I bet he can turns haters into Beliebers as well (I think so).   

Unboxing the album. Oh and that Ultimate Girlfriend Passport haha!
I guess I'll give a brief review for each of the song based on my very own opinion (Hate me if you want to). Those track marked with * is track that I recommend.

All Around The World *
Another collaboration with Ludacris after "Baby". First track from the album gave a brand new Bieber to the audience. Nice dance pop, club banger? Yea! 

First single from the album, not my favourite tho. I found that rapping part is annoying, the rest was okay. But, Beliebers love this track so much. You know, JB no longer wanna be your Baby, but your Boyfriend~ (fan scream from Beliebers)

As Long As You Loves Me*
I love this song so much. Very catchy melody. Dubstep R&B, eh dubstep.... But the lyrics can be better. Especially this part, "As long as you loves me, we could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke", yeah call me "saint" or throw potatoes to me but I think the lyrics, nay!

Catching Feelings
Very relaxing, nice tune but simple.

Take You
Similar to "All Around The World" and "As Long As You Loves Me" but much gentle.

Right Here
Collaborate with Drake. Personally, I love their collaboration. But Drake's part sound much better.

Justin's vocal sounds much clearer in this song. If you simply enjoy his vocal, this song is the right one for you.

Die In Your Arms
Resemble Jackson's. Laidback, very relaxing. Justin can considers doing more of this type of song.

Thought Of You
First thing come into my mind, High school musical, the intro's! The rest is good. Catchy. 

Beauty And A Beat  
Dance, electropop. Good choice for the dance floor but I expect more from the collaboration between Nicki Minaj and Justin Bieber. No surpise factor.

One Love
I don't like this song. The end.

Be Alright*
I love this. Simple and nice. More acoustic from Justin, please.

The melody, nice. Overall, it's good.

Overall, I think this album is more like an evolution for Justin. Yes, Justin had his recognition in the music industry before this. But, this is the path that Justin starts his real music journey. The album is okay, much better compare to the previous album he had (IMPROVEMENT). For those who compare J. Timberlake with him, oh please, they're in different league. That's it.

Jul 6, 2012

Iron Man 3 On Set Photos and some "Details"

Yes, Iron Man 3 has started shooting, the next big thing after Avengers (Sorry, spidey!). Bet all Iron Man geeks can't wait to know the details of the plot for IM3, me too!! So, just take a look at this few on set photos.

Pepper Potts tweets this picture with Tony from the set! I mean Gwyneth herself.

Robert arriving on the set, this dude here from the back, looks like Mark Ruffalo isn't it (that HAIR)?

Stark's beard is back!

Anti-hero Iron Patriot will be involved in IM3, the armor that will be fitted in by Don Cheadle. Ben Kingsley is in for the villain's role. Director Shane Black keeps his script tight close, without any information "leaking out", YET! But, there's a concept art of IM3 spreading around the net and Stark himself, Robert Downey jr said that it got something to do with the plot. So what? The Extremis!

You know, the biggest problem, or maybe the only problem for Iron Man is the way he needs to put on his armor. In Extremis, Stark invents this nanotech serum to creates an organic connection with his suit which means he can transforms suits up his armor anytime, anywhere! This sounds AWESOME! To be honest, I'm quite confident with Shane Black (he's good!) and oh yeah, previous director Jon Favreau coming back as Happy Hogan. Love it, no one can replace him! This is all we know about IM3 but I bet more to come! Let's wait and see.

(PS : Can't wait! The idea will be SUPERB!)

Lawless Movie Handguns Details

Lawless, starring by a big packs of A listers, Tom Hardy, Guy Pearce, Gary Oldman, Shia Labeouf, Mia Wasikowska and etc. The plot is circling a bootlegging gang that is threatened by authorities who want a cut from their profits.

And here is it, a graphic details of the handgun used in Lawless.

You need to know this!

I was expecting talent act from both Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman. Well, especially that badass gangster boss Floyd Banner played by Gary Oldman but I heard that his plays is not a big part in this movie. But hey, a good actor need not a longer screening time but just one great shot of acting on the screen is enough. Yeah! Haven't watch a western gangster movie in a while so I was looking forward to this! And they have a official website for the movie now, here is the link Lawless. You can go there and have fun on their flash game shooting and have a fight!

(PS : Finally, some shooting-action movie!)

Jul 5, 2012

Avon goes Unplugged, with Jon Bon Jovi

Ever think of the combination of FRAGRANCE and ROCKER? Not so? Not anymore! Avon will be releasing two scents by having Jon Bon Jovi (It's my life!!!) as their spokesmodel!  

Rocking with Avon's new released perfume?

There will be two scents, Unplugged for him and Unplugged for her (Oh man, I'll unplugged for Jon! *shoo shoo*)! Unplugged for him will have a woody floral musk scent and wanna smell like a Rockstar? Get one then! The female version will be a floral oriental scent and will be released later in October (Can't wait! I want one!)! The Unplugged fragrance is said to be "an emotional connection". 

To be honest, I can't believe the collaboration between rockstar like Jon Bon Jovi and Avon because Avon is more towards to female beauty product. But this seems like a trend now as Brad Pitt is chosen as the new face for Chanel No.5 lately and now Jon Bon Jovi for Avon! But I'm glad as I'm a big fans of Bon Jovi and any products they collaborate with, I WANTED "THEM" DEAD OR ALIVE~~~

(PS : I don't wear fragrance but I'm getting this anyway! Do they come with a poster of Jon Bon Jovi? OMG I start to think whether will they invite Jon to Malaysia as they release the Unplugged fragrance here in Malaysia. *think too much*)

Jul 4, 2012

Rock the house with MTV World Stage

MTV Worldstage is back, with a bigger and international well known artist like Justin Bieber, Kara, Jay Park and our very own local artist Mizz Nina! Held at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, 14th July 2012, at 6.15pm. You don't wanna miss this great music gigs of the year, party by the beach side (Yes, it's Surf beach!) and of course, while enjoying the music by international artist!

Hype already? Not yet because Xpax is offering some awesome stuff for you! You can get free ticket when you subscribe!

PREPAID : Reload RM 60 and above to get TWO FREE tickets.

Mechanics :
Step 1 : Register by sending MTV to 28881
Step 2 : Upong receiving registration confirmtation SMS, reload RM60 (cumulative) and above to get mobile voucher to redeem TWO FREE tickets.

Terms and Conditions (Yes, there's always terms and conditions) :
Limited TWO tickets per mobile number.
Register and reload must be performed before 10th of July 2012 (HURRY ON!!).
Mobile voucher must be redeemed by 12th of July 2012.
*First come, first serve basis!

There's more!! Yes, it comes to social networking again, FACEBOOK! Be a fan of Xpax/U.O.X/S.O.X on Facebook and score tickets to MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012. Log into the Facebook page at HERE or HERE or even HERE and use the TIME TO MUXIC facebook app! Start spreading the word on MTV World Stage from 26th June to 8th July and share it with many friends as possible to increase your rank in app;s leaderboard. Once you're in the top 25 point-getters, FOUR passes to MTV World Stage is YOURS!

Not only just these, there's another way of winning the passes as well! For THE CUBE, MUSICUBE, you can download selected Call me Tones and True Tones or Full Songs to stand a chance to get FREE PASSES to MTV World Stage as well! For Cure Radio Jukebox, record your voice screaming "I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER" in the longest and craziest way to get your chance to win MTV World Stage passes. Beliebers can give a try on this, I think you guys have a higher chances! Just dial *1185 and give a try!

And once in a lifetime chances you don't wanna miss it if you're a big and crazy fans of Justin Bieber! Yes, gimme some fans scream! You can meet your "Boyfriend" in person, a meet and greet session with Justin Bieber. All you need to do is download his song "Boyfriend" and "Die in your arms" as Call Me Tones and send to your friend as gift. To download, type CMTsongcode and send to 22990 or dial *888*# and press CALL or send Call Me Tones as a gift by typing CMT Giftsongcodefriend's mobile number and send to 22990. Well below is the details of the songcode.

     Justin Bieber
      Die In Your Arms 
     Justin Bieber

Belieber, get ready to witness your "Boyfriend" live in action!
I bet everybody can't wait for MTV Worldstage Malaysia 2012. I've missed out watching 30 Seconds to Mars performs LIVE last year and I don't want to miss out again, this awesome music gigs this year!

(PS : I'm actually a fans of Mizz Nina, go there just to support her, support local product....uhh, artist!) 

Burger Kaw Kaw : No More Kaw Kaw Waiting

There was a mysterious rumor spreading around Malaysia where people waited for 3 hours at a burger stall (Malaysian waited for 3 hours....at burger stall, ridiculous!?). What can it be and how real it is? Until Star newspaper proves to us it is not a rumor, but it's true...people waited for 2 to 3 hours at a burger stall, just for the legendary burger that is worth waiting for 3 hours! I mean can you imagine that!!? 

Yes, months and months passes by, I still don't have the courage to go (COWARD!) and have a try, this Burger Kaw Kaw because rumor has it, you want that burger then wait Kaw Kaw for 3 hours before you get it (Patience is not my strength, 1 hour is all I got, 3 hours...*white flag*). Til' I got the news saying that Burger Kaw Kaw has finally upgraded their cooking utensils and tools, now, YOU ONLY NEED TO WAIT 5-25 MINUTES! Without second thoughts, I grab my parents and head there makan that "3 hours" Burger Kaw Kaw.

There were still many people there waiting, why people, why(9pm and you all still wanna eat!? It's not healthy you know, I'm saying this just for your own good, and for mine..*grin*)!! It's very systematic although it's a burger stall, first you need to order your food, you pay the bill, get your number, get your drinks by yourself, have a seat, wait till they call out your number, WAVES YOUR HANDS, and the burger will walk to you....no I mean the staff will send the burger to you.  

Staffs there are super friendly, hyperactive too!

All in good mood preparing BURGERS! Look at how fast they need to prep the burger *guy on the right*, the way he puts the bread in motion.

Production line of Burger Kaw Kaw by machinery of human !

Filming crews was there filming, coincidently.

Lucky number of the day, it's my burger Kaw kaw number.

Since I'm here for the first time, I just go single patty, one with cheese and cheezy sauce while another one without cheese. Then my mom goes, "This is Burger Kaw Kaw, at least go and try their double patties!" I was like,"You sure you can finish it?" In the end, I need to upgrade it to double patty, according to my mom's instruction. I can't eat beef due to some reason so I don't know how it tastes but I bet it's good as most people go for beef patty. Within 25 minutes, we heard people calling our number. We are actually so excited!! I mean, before 3 hours and now 25 minutes! Yes, worth it (What kind of mindset?)!

Two sets of it, both with double patties of chicken.

Close up! Burger Kaw Kaw with double chicken, cheese slices, cheezy sause and sausages (It's a set meal come with a drinks too.)

I love the drink, orange mojito, refreshing!

Choices of the drinks.

I've gotta say the portion is quite big. It can definitely satisfy your hungerness. The chicken patty is fried chicken drumstick meat without bones (sound really silly describing the chicken patty in this way, but it's true.). My opinion on the chicken patty, maybe they should consider opening a stall called Fried Chicken Kaw Kaw. The fried chicken patty is well marinated. Juicy, just nice. The one without the cheese, just plain fried chicken patty taste really dry, without sauces. So, I will suggest at least take some cheese with you and run!! the burger you order. Orange mojito with the burger is best match as the drink is very refreshing and tangy. But the environment is dark, some light will guide us better in having a bites on Burger Kaw Kaw. I will go back for second time. Staffs are friendly, polite, food is nice, environment...okay! And it's opening from 7pm to 2am.

Address: Jalan 4A/27A, Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju, 53100, KL or Lokas Makana Food Court, Puchong Utama.  

(PS : Burger Kaw Kaw has something new, coming soon! I have a suggestion, why not Burger Kaw Kaw come up with lamb patty as well? Lamb lover like me will appreciate much! )

Jul 2, 2012

Colgate SlimSoft Party at Bistro 42

Was invited to the Colgate SlimSoft Party that was held at Bistro 42 few days ago. It's more like a party with friends, chillin', chit chattin' and have high tea together. And Bistro 42 is such a nice place to hang out!

Party entrance, with theme of red and white.

Cute lil girl posing at the Colgate SlimSoft photo booth.

Bistro 42, nice and neat.

Enjoying my tea while reading the instruction on how to brush our teeth in the right way. 
It was a private party, for bloggers. Welcome speech by the host, game, ice breaking session and of course not to miss out refreshment! 

Giant Colgate toothbrush cake.

With this cute little cupcakes. Sweet tooth!

Opening speech.

Ice breaking session.

Just grab and eat.

Among my favorite, smoke salmon.

Awww, macarons.
We were brief with some facts we not know about toothbrush, how to take good care of our teeth, like we were going back to secondary school, only that we are not requested to brush our teeth on the spot! And after the briefing, it's the gaming session where we were ask to answer the facts that is mentioned by the host. Oh god, lad with poor memory like me.....fail in this test (YOU SHALL NOT PASS!). 

We have a winner , so cute!

Last but not least, prizes were given to the winner of Colgate Palmolive Blogger! Cash worth RM 1000! Hooray! Can you imagine how many pieces of smoke salmon can you eat with that amount of money...? (Ehem, things get personal...shhh )

That's it, the party ends and call it a day! Was so exhausted but basically what we do is just sit, relax and eat....what am I made of!? (Taufu maybe.)