Jul 5, 2012

Avon goes Unplugged, with Jon Bon Jovi

Ever think of the combination of FRAGRANCE and ROCKER? Not so? Not anymore! Avon will be releasing two scents by having Jon Bon Jovi (It's my life!!!) as their spokesmodel!  

Rocking with Avon's new released perfume?

There will be two scents, Unplugged for him and Unplugged for her (Oh man, I'll unplugged for Jon! *shoo shoo*)! Unplugged for him will have a woody floral musk scent and wanna smell like a Rockstar? Get one then! The female version will be a floral oriental scent and will be released later in October (Can't wait! I want one!)! The Unplugged fragrance is said to be "an emotional connection". 

To be honest, I can't believe the collaboration between rockstar like Jon Bon Jovi and Avon because Avon is more towards to female beauty product. But this seems like a trend now as Brad Pitt is chosen as the new face for Chanel No.5 lately and now Jon Bon Jovi for Avon! But I'm glad as I'm a big fans of Bon Jovi and any products they collaborate with, I WANTED "THEM" DEAD OR ALIVE~~~

(PS : I don't wear fragrance but I'm getting this anyway! Do they come with a poster of Jon Bon Jovi? OMG I start to think whether will they invite Jon to Malaysia as they release the Unplugged fragrance here in Malaysia. *think too much*)

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