Mar 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S review : Sleeky Cool Smartphone

Urbanae ( Me ) consider "itself" as quite a gadget kidz ( Ya, kidz yo! ). From console to music or MP4 player and be honest, I didn't put much focus on the phone industry unless the phone really grab my attention. And how cool is that recently Nuffnang G+ offering me a chance to have a review on Samsung Galaxy S which is a phone that can give me a "Whoa" other than Steve Jobs's toy-iPhone or the another one of my favourite would be LG. So, I got the chance to play on this sleeky cool gadget and "explore" the Samsung Galaxy S!

Looking cool right?

So, this is my very own opinion on this sleeky toy Samsung Galaxy S after playing with it for days. It's pretty cool anyway!

Samsung Galaxy S in hand!

People or phone geek have been saying that iPhone and Blackberry or HTC is the biggest competitors and the top gears in the phone industry. Well then I guess they have miss out Samsung. I have no idea why Samsung Galaxy S didn't get the response like iPhone and Blackberry did. To be truthful, I think that it's actually a really cool smartphone. So, what is so cool about Samsung Galaxy S :

-AMOLED display/Graphics : We know what Samsung always good at! The display! Ya, they are having this AMOLED display for Samsung Galaxy S. The graphic is sharp, clear and vivid. As an iPhone user myself (shhhhhh....), I think that Samsung Galaxy S's AMOLED display crowned in the phone industry. Thumbs up for that! Always impressed by Samsung screen display!

-Responsive touch screen/Large screen displays : The touch screen is sensitive. Response faster than some other phone on the market. And the screen display is large and clear. All I gotta say is Samsung Galaxy S will make you visually satisfy!

-Slim : Low fat.....*ehem*. Well, if you grab the Samsung Galaxy S in your might think that there is an illusion happening. Samsung Galaxy S is no doubt looks wide and large. But, it's really light. Samsung Galaxy S weight only 119 g, healthy baby weight!!! It's actually quite thin as well but just slightly wider, for the screen's sake!

-5 megapixels camera/720p HD video recording : Well, I think this is more than enough unless you're looking for higher megapixels camera. The features of the camera is good. At least you can have few options to choose.....

-Social Hub feature : As a big twitter and social networking geek, this is useful for me! The feature looks quite cool too.

Yes, done with the satisfying factors of Samsung Galaxy S part. So what's so ain't-that-cool about Samsung Galaxy S then :

-Android system : Okay, I know this sound rather silly but I can't get it, I just can't get used to Android system. The browser is not attractive and it's just not my cup of tea...yet. Maybe it should be Android's responsibility on this. Hope that they can update on this one! Make it more attractive and convenient~

-No flash : What!? Yup, no flash for the camera. Awwwww~

-Battery : Not the battery life. Was quite shock to see there's a battery for Samsung Galaxy S! I'm hoping there will have a built in battery. Ya know just to looks much cooler. I actually feel weird when I have to place in the battery. Okay, it's just a personal opinion. By the way, the battery life is real cool, it can last for quite some times. No worry on that!

-Memory : We need more!!!! Memory play a vital role nowadays, from concole to music player, no exception to phone! You know you need to put in Apps, video, photos, music files.....and bla bla bla. So, Samsung please do the maths and give us more MEMORY~

Overall, Samsung Galaxy S is a really cool smartphone and it's on my phone wishlist as well. The screen display is really mesmerizing! No kidding here! I'm highly recommend the screen.....(I'm being a little bit too hyper. Ignore me please!) The touch screen is good! Only that I was really really shock about no flash for the camera....I mean like WHAT!! (=.=''.....I need to show this expression.....) and the battery....haha! A nice phone, cool looking and functional.....of course, it's functional but it's offer more than my expectation!

(PS : Cool review anyway! I'm not praising my own review writting but my product review experience. Hope that i will offered with more product review soon. How about an iPad 2? Ehem.)

Sweet dream at Dreamz Bakery

Was craving for some sweet stuffs past few days (...all the time...) and instead of having daydream on those sweet stuffs, this freakin' teriffy sweet tooth went out and hunt for the "You-Know-What". (Just a reminder Harry Potter 7 Part 2 is near~) Heard this bakery from a friend that the "You-Know-What" can be found here. After a few minutes, minutes and minutes wandering around, finally......the bakery has come to me. Seriously, you can't really find the bakery if you don't put full attention, observation giving the bakery owner a call to ask for direction (Cough!)! No worry! As an experience explorer, Urbanae would like to guide you guys STEP BY STEP to this fantasy, lovely and beautiful little bakery.....the Dreamz Bakery! The "You-Know-What" will be revealed soon.
Spot the "You-Know-What" bakery, got it?

Yes, this tiny little bakery located to somewhere near Kota Damansara. To state clearly, it's located at the Strand and just next to Giant shopping center ( I know you would love to look at the food instead of listening/"reading" me babbling on the direction patience!). Once you reach the Strand, search for the road of 5/20 D. It's better to tell you in this way, it's just next to Giant. You will then come across a hotel with the blue signboard and yes, you won't be seeing the bakery around yet's on the third floor (above the My Kidz Pitstop).

The entrance to Dreamz Bakery.

Well, then you will reach the entrance to the Dreamz's cute right? You will now reach a lift and you will need to get into the lift and press the 3rd floor button and you will reach a new level (Level upgraded!).

Open the door!

Congrats, you're now reach the Dreamz Bakery~

The counter and the cake display stands. Fancy!

The chalkboard on 1 + 1 = 2. Nope, it's the menu!

The place is not big, it's actually quite be honest. But you can choose to take away or you can try to "dine-in" as well. It's much like eating at home or a room of a teenage girl (Ehem, boyz....I mean the teenage girl's room is cute, don't try to think another way around.). They don't have a menu. But you can ask the owner over there to recommend you ( something to eat...the signature dishes....the drinks....). She's quite nice though. Okay, now, I will proudly present you the "You-Know-What"!!!

"Tada" Yes, it's the cake.....but not simply just a cake,'s the legendary layer cake or better known as the crepe layer cake!

They have some fruit tarts, tiramitsu and puff too.

Of course, I need to order some signature cake when I get there. So, I get myself two layer cakes, vanilla flavor and dark chocolate flavor (You don't know how much I'm into dark chocolate, I'm a Dark Chocolate addict! "ignore this but highly welcome if you want to buy me some dark chocolate"), a cup of hot mocha and the baked pudding!

Feel like having high tea in British style.

The vanilla layer cake, smooth and aromatic~

Dark chocolate layer cake, a PASS from an addict, me!

The baked pudding.

The layer cake.....I gotta give 2 thumbs up for that! The vanilla flavor is really nice. You can feel the vanilla and butter dancing on your tastebuds. Okay, this is the literature version, so back to the reality. It's smooth but yet you can feel the layers in the layer cake, it's just so unbelievable. I always thought that this can only happened in japanese anime like those french bakery anime. The dark chocolate flavor layer cake is....oh yeah! I like it! But I will like it to be slightly bitter, just a little bit more will be perfecto for me! This one is smoother than the vanilla flavor, you will feel like you're eating mousse cake but with layer in it. The baked pudding is okay for me but seldom to see that a pudding is decorated that nice in a bakery. The portion is a little bit small for the baked pudding, sorry I'm a barbarian style eater.....! The beverage is normal. I will highly recommend the cakes!

You can leave message there too! Try to spot Urbanae's message if you're there!

So, once you have finish eating, you can leave a message on the message "net" in Dreamz Bakery! There are plenty types of cakes at Dreamz Bakery but my bad luck that the another day I went, they don't have the green tea flavor cake. Was craving for that one. As for the price, it's a little bit pricey than coffee bean or secret recipe, but they didn't include government tax. But then think again, making a layer cake is different from making other cake. They put in more efforts and the taste there is nice, lovely, bravo! So, I think that it's worth the price!

Address :

Dreamz Bakery

My Kidz Pitstop Center (3rd Floor)

58-3, The Strand, Jalan PJU 5/20D

Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara

47810, Petaling Jaya.

Contact number : 012-6265502

(PS : What a nice bakery! Urbanae have a great sleepwalk to Dreamz Bakery! They design 3D cake too! Hunting for meats for next round! Stay tuned! )

Mar 12, 2011

UPDATES : Oldman's Dark Knight RISES, Downey's Iron Man DROWN?

The most anticipated superheroes movie from both DC and Marvel will be none other than Batman the Dark Knight and Iron Man! Both of them emerged at the same time and now the net is spreaded with the news of both film progress on the filming, casting and the script as well!

It seems like Dark Knight Rises has been given with lotta attention lately by the press as Commissioner Gordon aka Gary Oldman has been spilling the Batman beans around while promoting for his latest film Red Riding Hood. He didn't really revealed on what and how's the Batman 3 going to be but he did give some HINTS ( This hint gave us a bad head scratching and brain squeezing... )~

Gordon is much lip-sealed this time on the progress of Batman after the last incident where he "leaked" the date of filming Batman 2 during comin-con.

Gary Oldman says that director Nolan has come up with a cracking script and storyline and Gary told that it will connected back to Batman Begins, the first one. And, according to trusted source, Commisionner Gordon, he says that the villains is from the old, old....way back to the old comics and it's not going to be Joker ( But I thought Nolan said that Joker will have a brief cameo where they shoot during Batman 2 before Heath left us. ) So, here's the's an old villain, a real old one. We already have Catwoman and Bane on the set. It's impossible that Gary is refering Bane as an old, old villain from the old comics, so this means that there's going to be another villain in Batman 3?

Well, maybe he's refering to Joseph Gordon Levitt's character who's a mob boss's son, Alberto Falcone? Or will it be any villains from back to the few Batman movies before Nolan directing? Riddler and Mr. Freeze is out of the league according to Nolan....and the villain may not be a name so Urbanae will give it a bet on either Black Mask or the Calendar Man ( High bet on Calender Man )!! You know Gary is saying something like there's a villain from old comics, and it's not Nolan's style to give the audiences just Bane and Alberto Falcone in his last Batman film! So there must be something BIG Nolan haven't revealed yet! I don't know but Calendar Man will make a great stoyline where it will match with what Gary Oldman said, "It will top Batman the Dark Knight and you will never get disappointed!" We hear your words, Mr. Oldman!

Iron Man flying solo?
Back to the Marvel! Well, the biggest headline on Iron Man after Iron Man 2 will probably be director Jon Favreau leaving and not directing Iron Man 3 ( Awww man, I thought he worked pretty well with Downey and the film is good! ). Downey was quite sad on Favreau's departure and he says that it will be weird to film Iron Man 3 without Jon Favreau. Is Tony Stark losing his faith....(To tell the truth, I'm a bit worry on Iron Man 3 too.)?

That's the guy to give a push on Stark and armor him with the new Iron Man suit, Shane Black will be directing Iron Man 3.

Of course Marvel will not let the director seat to be empty. They get Shane Black, the director of Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to replace Jon Favreau. Shane Black did some "shout-out" before starting to filmIron Man 3 kinda calm me down a bit. He says that Marvel wasn't really happy with the Iron Man suit fighting among two men in Iron Man 2. They will go to a new direction which will be more like a Tom-Clancy inspired thriller having Iron Man to fight with some REAL villains! I'm kinda agree with Shane Black on this! Iron Man's villains are always not that interesting and kinda "weak" if compared to the Dark Knight's villains. I have a pretty good feeling on Iron Man 3 villains and so far they have no news on any casting for Iron Man 3 yet but Shane Black is writting the script.

One thing to know that Iron Man 3 will come only after the Marvel biggest masterpiece, the Avenger, the gather of Marvel superheroes together. This project will makes all the Marvel geek scream and faint! So far, they are having Captain America, Thor, Hulk and of course Stark aka Iron Man himself onboard the Avengers! This is quite anticipating! Not very sure how will be the outcomes of both Dark Knight Rises and Iron Man 3 but both will be a great piece of flicks in 2012 or 2013. One thing for sure, Gary Oldman will be killed by "them" when he asked to revealed some bits on Batman 3, he says if he do so, he will killed by the people in DC. In the end, Mr. Gary Oldman, he can't help himself and spilled some details on The Dark Knight Rises. Well, that's all right because this is the last sequel right. Unless Oldman consider to continue to be Gordon again for the next Batman flick! By the way, we love Gary Oldman so much especially whenever he spilled or leaked something!

(PS : Wow, so it looks like Dark Kight Rises will come out before Iron Man 3. Let's see who will win the round 3 this time! )

Mar 11, 2011

Keith Urban Get Closer album review : Get CLOSER with Keith!

Keith Urban Get Closer album has been released few months ago....and it's quite late for me to review the album as I'm quite busy listening to the album haha, it's kinda true (As for the album, Urbanae here would like to thanks Ms. Britton and Ms. Johnson getting it for me! Was touched by that!)!

Okay, so Get Closer is an album with 11 tracks in it if you're getting the deluxe edition, and you will have 4 extra live version songs from Keith during his tour!

Manage to Get Closer with Keith!!!

So, basically this album is much like the title itself, Get's an album where you can get closer to Keith ( How sweet is that!!!! Aww~). The album is slightly different from the previous one and the only similarity is that it's a great album as it always do! This one is more gentle and soft compared to Defying Gravity, and it's a "LOVE" album! Keith dedicate this album to his love one, me...ehem his wife Nicole and his lovely daughter. You can see how Keith inject love into the song and it invade our mind where you can feel the pureness of the love and....( Stop it, stop it, that's too much! Haha I guess this is what in your mind if you're reading this. But that's so true! )

Let's go through all the tracks in this album....(*this indicates Urbanae's favourite, **this indicates Urbanae's favourite and is highly recommend. )

1. Put You in a Song*
An upbeat and fast track in the album. It's relaxing and make you feel like singing along when you playing the song, it's quite catchy as well! Remind me of "Kiss A Girl" and "You're My Better Half"! It's a hits anyway! I'm in a damn good mood everytime listening to this song ( feeling like Keith putting me in his song...hehe! *ignore this*)!

2. You Gonna Fly**
Freakin love this song, I love the groove and the banjo in it!!! Feelin' like letting go everything and free your mind when listening to this. More country in this one ( You'll probably love this if you're one of the country song lover ). And how Keith play the strings in this song, kinda kill me! I love this man!!!!

3. All for You*
The lyric for All for You is so beautiful, it goes with the simple slow pace melody and with the poured emotion in Keith's vocal just make this song beautiful, a sweet simple love song. (Blush, it's for me....)

4. Long Hot Summer**
Oh man, this song is a lil' different from Keith's previous song. I mean the style. I sense the little rock kid in Keith! This song makes me think of how it's like if Keith go full rock! I think Keith can consider go full rock once. I mean maybe pop rock? Maybe trying in one song....please? Or maybe some help from Bon Jovi (I love them working together, too bad it does not work out for WSYCGH last time.)? Love the guitar in this one! "I can't sleep, I just lying here thinking bout you," This is what in my mind after I listen to this song because the tune keep playing in my mind!

5. Without You
Obviously this is for Nicole. A slow country love song. This song explain all about Keith current happiness, his love, his life. I feel warm when listening to this song.

6. Georgia Woods
Another love song in this album (well it's a love theme album anyway)! Not that into this song though. But I love what Keith did with the guitar thingy! It's like the very last part of "Stupid Boy" (my all time favourite). I would like to see Keith gives in more guitar solo into his song!

7. Right On Back To You**
Can i give it a 3 stars? My favourite song in this album! It's something like "Till Summer Comes Around" and "Raining On Sunday". A heartbroken song. Keith is so good in composing a heartbroken song. This is what Keith tells about Right On Back To You.

"It's that image of a guy having some sort of altercation with his girl and he gets in the car ... and drives off in the distance, he pulls over to the side of the road. ... He's saying to himself, 'Why do I always run? And it's not because I don't love this person. It's actually because I love them so much. ...' It's in that moment of realization that it's the fear of the love, not the lack of it, that has him turn around and go back to get even closer with her."

I hope he can do more melancholy tunes in his upcoming album. And the guitar again, he play with the guitar again in this one~Highly recommend this song, it keep lead me right on back to this song after I finish listening the tracks ( I think I have broken the repeat button for this track....).

8. Shut Out the Lights*
This song is...hmm, I don't know but it's kinda weird, I'm not sure whether to use the word weird on the beat and lyrics but i actually like it. I think live version sound much better! Especially the one that Keith sing a part of it before the song released.

9. Big Promises
A country dense song. A love song, with a simple tune.

10. The Luxury of Knowing*
The song is real slow but I love it! Keith's vocal bring the song out, we can feel his emotion through his vocal in the song, the complexity and uncertain on love and how it is like to be finally fully into a love that you're confident and comfort with.

This man can sing!!!

Well, recording this album is quite difficult for Keith as before the recording, the SoundCheck storage building in Nashville is flooded and most of Keith's guitar collection is submerged in the water and gone. So, Keith did the album with the only survivor from the flood, the Fender (A guitar) and start his work. However, I think this situation kinda push Keith to a new level as without the old and common instrument to work with, you have to come out with something else, something that is fresh and new.

"It took me out of my comfort zone."

Keith said this during an interview on the flood. I love how Keith deal with it with his creativeness and spontaneity. And congrats on Keith recent award winning and his new born daughter, Faith. Overall, this album is another album that you can placed in your car and tune in on when you're driving on a journey or road trips. You won't get bored listening to the album. Can't wait for his new album.

(PS : I love it sooooo much! Okay can someone tell me when is the next album coming out?)

Mar 10, 2011

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Review : Nice storyline with impact ending

One of the film that lead you through the movie with simple storyline but hit you hard with a powerful impact ending!

A beautiful friendship across the fence.

This is a novel based movie with the same title. The movie is almost the same with the novel itself and director Mark Herman present the movie in the most origin way, simple, without much effect or fluctuation. You won't found the movie dull at all although the movie basically don't have much climax in it. But it meant so much. It's not simply just a movie.

David Thewlis with the boy, Bruno.

Looking at the title, it is refer to a boy named Shmuel that is seen dressed weirdly where he wore the striped pyjamas all the time by the lead actor (I guess so), the little boy Bruno. This story took place during the Nazi's war. Bruno is the son to Ralf (David Thewlis) who is an army which has been promoted to a new post in a countryside. In the so-called new home, Bruno found that there's some farmers always dressing with pyjamas as well. Soon enough, Bruno went to "explore" over the place and found out that those people aren't just people wearing striped pyjamas.

The story is based on what happened to Jews and Nazi back to that time so the striped pyjamas people are actually all Jews and s prisoned by the German. Bruno had no idea at all on this "German can't make friends with Jews" thingy when he reach there and he make friend with Shmuel, the only friend he had over there. The innocent of this young kid is destroyed by the current circumstances happened back to that time where his father work for Hitler and the family support the concept as well.

Can we still be friend?

The innocent in a child is so pure and beautiful but in this film, it is vansihed by what the adults did. The relationship between Bruno and Shmuel is brought out beautifully in this movie where both eight years old become friends without looking at one's races, status or the appearance. I love the scene where showing how happy is Bruno when he knew that Shmuel is same age with him. And Bruno question over Shmuel's name where he never heard someone called Shmuel as well as Shmuel never heard someone with a name called Bruno (As one of them is German and another is Jews, the concept is like no one ever heard someone called Urbanae!).

As they proceed with their friendship, Bruno has been influenced by the surrounding where he's live with the Nazis, his dad hired a tutor that taught him on the history of the German and he started to questioned that why German shouldn't befriend with Jews ( What had Jews done to them till that they are not allowed to do this and that! ).

This is the part that your heart will start struggling.

You can see how Bruno's innocent mind started to be corrupted by the world of the adult and he wonder that whether he should friend Shmuel. One of the scene in the movie where Bruno lie and lead Shmuel into trouble. But after that, Bruno is sad and guilt on what he done and he try his best to look for Shmuel and apologize to him. You can see how the two's relationship grow purely but it is obstructed by the circumstances. The director is really good where he didn't let the actor and actress outshine but keep the audiences focus on the kids and the storyline.
The ending is the impact in this movie (although it is predictable for me....). I wouldn't give out any spoiler but reaching to the end, you will find that you will have a feeling that you're struggling whether to continue watching ( Kind of....not that the storyline is not that good in the end.). The movie itself, for some of you, you might feel like the pace is slow but it's actually just nice and it well explained the storyline to the audience. It's a heart touching story, I'm amused by how the director present this movie. The ending is very remarkable that it will leave you to think of what happened to the movie, how the pureness of the kids is being destroyed and the moral in it. I think the director did really well for the ending. Personally, I feel guilty and stucked with speech and go blank with my mind after watching the ending. And I keep having the ending scene in my mind for the past few days. I'm highly recommended this movie and we shall have more movie like this one.
"Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows."
( PS : I never felt like this before after watching the movie, left a comment and tell me how you feel after watching it! :) )

Mar 7, 2011

Johansson & Penn, something going on?

Hot topic in town!! Sean Penn is dating the sexy Scarlett!?
What do you think about that? A false alarm?

The gorgeous lady found a new man?

Not so sure about that but the duo took a private jet on a trip TOGETHER, having dinner TOGETHER and they spotted having a casual lunch that is way too casual TOGETHER. Having casual lunch together is really nothing, that's a common scene where celebs is having meal with another celebs in Hollywood BUT Scarlett Johansson having her leg draped over Sean's lap during the lunch is SOMETHING ( THAT casual? )....well TMZ got something to show you on the leg and lap incident!!!

Hmm, is that a proper way to have your lunch with you Just-friend friend?
Well, at least we never saw Brad Pitt has his leg draped over his buddy Clooney when they having lunch together....There must be something! Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson was spotted getting cozzy at the Oscar celebrating party of Black Swan at Sunset Tower hotel too.

"No, I'm with Rourke!" Penn.

After this incident and evidence, could it be a real deal between Sean Penn, 50 and Scarlett Johansson, 26? Another high profile romance in Hollywood? This remind me of Catherine Zeta Jones with Michael Douglas....I just love them together, I mean Catherine and Douglas. Well, who knows? Scarlett, this sexy lady might be able to help Sean Penn settle down....we'll see!

(PS : I don't know but I just don't see the chemistry in them, hmm...I don't score well in Chemistry though. Well, it can be just another Hollywood temporary hook up. )

Mar 5, 2011

Kung Fu Panda 2 : They're back with the new character, new storyline with a new trailer!

Kung Fu Panda 2 is coming back with a powerful new cast, a new storyline and....a new TRAILER!!!!

Po and the furious five!!!

After Po (Jack Black) beats the stairs, ehem, beats Tai Lung, the snow leopard in the first one, here comes again a new enemy who believes that he would destroy Kung Fu and bring an end to the world of Kung Fu.

When Kung Fu Panda first came out, it is known for the solid cast, with Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Seth Rogen, Jackie Chan, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu......and of course their combination of storyline using animation and fuse it with the fury of Kung Fu, no kidding, Kung Fu plus animation....who can resist something like that!?

And here we go, the new character for Kung Fu Panda 2....well I'm quite surprise that all the new cast is casted as the bad guys!!

What can a beautiful peacock do?

Yes, this creature peacock above, don't get fooled by the look....he's the new villain in the sequel, Lord Shen (Personally, I like the design a lot! It's beautiful, ain't it? And he got the big boss look! )! He wants to wipe out Kung Fu and taking over China, well he did this due to his poor childhood, sigh, guess that he had a miserable childhood like the guy from Despicable Me! is voiced by Gary Oldman!!!! Ah, promising! Gotta love it.

Who's this fat crocodile?

The another new character will be Master Croc. Well, he's the head of the crocodile bandit. Hmm, and this character is voiced by JCVD, ya Jean Claude Van Damme. I still can't get it why they look so different, haha, where's the muscular hot hunk, okay I get it, it's an animation! JCVD is one of the bad guy too, in the sequel....I mean crocodile right? How good can a crocodile be...

Ah, the soothsayer.....what can you see in the box office for the coming Kung Fu Panda 2?

The Soothsayer, voiced by our beloved Michelle Yeoh, love her so much and for Lord Shen, kind of, as she predict the future for Lord Shen. So, it's consider as the bad guy too right? Well, I guess she's in the grey zone.

Personally I think that the sequel storyline will be much interesting than the first one. At least, we got some heavyweight bad guy casting on the list! Can't wait to listen to their voice, and of course the animation! And here you go, the new trailer for Kung Fu Panda 2....

So, how was that? I love the dragon dancing part where they swallow the bad guy and the rabbit saw that part! Haha, well let's see then.....the fist of the animal Kung Fu fighting will hit the cinema in May 2011!

(PS : A must watch animation in 2011.....personally and recommended.)