Mar 11, 2011

Keith Urban Get Closer album review : Get CLOSER with Keith!

Keith Urban Get Closer album has been released few months ago....and it's quite late for me to review the album as I'm quite busy listening to the album haha, it's kinda true (As for the album, Urbanae here would like to thanks Ms. Britton and Ms. Johnson getting it for me! Was touched by that!)!

Okay, so Get Closer is an album with 11 tracks in it if you're getting the deluxe edition, and you will have 4 extra live version songs from Keith during his tour!

Manage to Get Closer with Keith!!!

So, basically this album is much like the title itself, Get's an album where you can get closer to Keith ( How sweet is that!!!! Aww~). The album is slightly different from the previous one and the only similarity is that it's a great album as it always do! This one is more gentle and soft compared to Defying Gravity, and it's a "LOVE" album! Keith dedicate this album to his love one, me...ehem his wife Nicole and his lovely daughter. You can see how Keith inject love into the song and it invade our mind where you can feel the pureness of the love and....( Stop it, stop it, that's too much! Haha I guess this is what in your mind if you're reading this. But that's so true! )

Let's go through all the tracks in this album....(*this indicates Urbanae's favourite, **this indicates Urbanae's favourite and is highly recommend. )

1. Put You in a Song*
An upbeat and fast track in the album. It's relaxing and make you feel like singing along when you playing the song, it's quite catchy as well! Remind me of "Kiss A Girl" and "You're My Better Half"! It's a hits anyway! I'm in a damn good mood everytime listening to this song ( feeling like Keith putting me in his song...hehe! *ignore this*)!

2. You Gonna Fly**
Freakin love this song, I love the groove and the banjo in it!!! Feelin' like letting go everything and free your mind when listening to this. More country in this one ( You'll probably love this if you're one of the country song lover ). And how Keith play the strings in this song, kinda kill me! I love this man!!!!

3. All for You*
The lyric for All for You is so beautiful, it goes with the simple slow pace melody and with the poured emotion in Keith's vocal just make this song beautiful, a sweet simple love song. (Blush, it's for me....)

4. Long Hot Summer**
Oh man, this song is a lil' different from Keith's previous song. I mean the style. I sense the little rock kid in Keith! This song makes me think of how it's like if Keith go full rock! I think Keith can consider go full rock once. I mean maybe pop rock? Maybe trying in one song....please? Or maybe some help from Bon Jovi (I love them working together, too bad it does not work out for WSYCGH last time.)? Love the guitar in this one! "I can't sleep, I just lying here thinking bout you," This is what in my mind after I listen to this song because the tune keep playing in my mind!

5. Without You
Obviously this is for Nicole. A slow country love song. This song explain all about Keith current happiness, his love, his life. I feel warm when listening to this song.

6. Georgia Woods
Another love song in this album (well it's a love theme album anyway)! Not that into this song though. But I love what Keith did with the guitar thingy! It's like the very last part of "Stupid Boy" (my all time favourite). I would like to see Keith gives in more guitar solo into his song!

7. Right On Back To You**
Can i give it a 3 stars? My favourite song in this album! It's something like "Till Summer Comes Around" and "Raining On Sunday". A heartbroken song. Keith is so good in composing a heartbroken song. This is what Keith tells about Right On Back To You.

"It's that image of a guy having some sort of altercation with his girl and he gets in the car ... and drives off in the distance, he pulls over to the side of the road. ... He's saying to himself, 'Why do I always run? And it's not because I don't love this person. It's actually because I love them so much. ...' It's in that moment of realization that it's the fear of the love, not the lack of it, that has him turn around and go back to get even closer with her."

I hope he can do more melancholy tunes in his upcoming album. And the guitar again, he play with the guitar again in this one~Highly recommend this song, it keep lead me right on back to this song after I finish listening the tracks ( I think I have broken the repeat button for this track....).

8. Shut Out the Lights*
This song is...hmm, I don't know but it's kinda weird, I'm not sure whether to use the word weird on the beat and lyrics but i actually like it. I think live version sound much better! Especially the one that Keith sing a part of it before the song released.

9. Big Promises
A country dense song. A love song, with a simple tune.

10. The Luxury of Knowing*
The song is real slow but I love it! Keith's vocal bring the song out, we can feel his emotion through his vocal in the song, the complexity and uncertain on love and how it is like to be finally fully into a love that you're confident and comfort with.

This man can sing!!!

Well, recording this album is quite difficult for Keith as before the recording, the SoundCheck storage building in Nashville is flooded and most of Keith's guitar collection is submerged in the water and gone. So, Keith did the album with the only survivor from the flood, the Fender (A guitar) and start his work. However, I think this situation kinda push Keith to a new level as without the old and common instrument to work with, you have to come out with something else, something that is fresh and new.

"It took me out of my comfort zone."

Keith said this during an interview on the flood. I love how Keith deal with it with his creativeness and spontaneity. And congrats on Keith recent award winning and his new born daughter, Faith. Overall, this album is another album that you can placed in your car and tune in on when you're driving on a journey or road trips. You won't get bored listening to the album. Can't wait for his new album.

(PS : I love it sooooo much! Okay can someone tell me when is the next album coming out?)

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