Sep 17, 2013

Dumb ways to sew Dumb Ways to Die

I couldn't help but keep humming the song after I watched the music video of Dumb Ways To Die and realizing the character is cute yet it is very educating (You sure!?) That video is supposed to be a piece of advice from metro station not to do dumb things at railways.

It is so inspiring that I don't even know that I could sew after I fell in love in one of the DWTD character, the self taught pilot! Teach yourself how to fly~~~and broke his pity head when the plane flight failed. So, I decide to sew the self taught pilot and named it Ian. 

I would like to confess Ian is my Mark II sewing master piece, the Mark I should be Iron Man but dear uncle who sell fabric told me that my piece of fabric isn't in store yet so Mark I project abandoned. 

Start with the head and guess who's underneath.
It wasn't really hard when you are triggered to do something that can produce something you like (not applicable to working although money is something I like, duh!) All you need to do is just sew and stuff the cotton in it!!

Ian have limbs!
As it proceed, I'll just add in something since the head is broken off from his body so I made the two separate, head and body but attachable! 

Tada~~Smart move isn't it!

Ian sitting with his head attached to the body!
It felt so good to see a character you like come to life when this thing could not be buy anywhere!! Dedicated to the metro station who did the music video and the game. I solemnly swear not to do dumb things around train (although I feel like wanna disguise as a moose during hunting season~)!

Mark II Ian completed!

May 25, 2013

Pee Mak Churp Churp Preview Screening

The last time I went to the cinema and watch a Thai horror movie has restricted myself from stepping into the cinema to catch another Thai horror movie again. Because Thai is so good in making horror movie that till now I still remember that ghost from the last horror movie I watched named Chaba (Damn it! It's time to let "her" go!).

Then, Churp Churp offer me a chance to catch another highest grossing Thai horror movie, Pee Mak. I was like, "Why not give it a second shot?" Life is too short to scare of all the things and not to do anything. So....I brought my parents with me.....(IMMA COWARD AND I KNOW IT!) 

That's it! More than what I expected!
Iron Man jacket, CHECKED (Make me braver), Popcorns, CHECKED (Give me distraction from the horror elements, oops!), Chicken tenders, CHECKED (Give me energy to stay through the movie in case I fainted).....more like a picnic to me (this is what happened when you were having a movie with your parents, they ask me if I want a burger proud of having them!)

Then the movie starts.....

I was having the hardest time of my life for laughing so hard until the movie ends!

The movie is about Mak, the main character with his friends coming back from wars and back to their home. Mak's friends found that Mak's wife, Nak is a ghost and try to convince him to leave her and in the ends, the movie keep trigger any suspicious on who in the group is the real ghost?

First of all, the character in the movie is so outstanding and all of them with unique characteristic and it were well played by all the actors and actress. Every single lines and gestures by them in the movie trigger the laughing bugs and I laugh till I cry. It was so funny but in the meantime it was so mystery that not knowing which of them is the ghost.

The movie plot is awesome as well, well planned by the writers and lot of twist in it. It has sentimental elements in it as well as romance. I never knew that a comedy horror movie can be this COMPLETE! I was overwhelmed and satisfied by the movie. A Thai horror movie is always good but a Thai horror movie that is good and extremely funny yet satisfying, Pee Mak is the one!

I have to ask all Malaysian to watch this movie, because it is really good and funny and for sure, worth it and you won't regret that you watch it. I actually thinking of going for the movie for second time! Double thumbs up and Mario Maurer is so dang cute as Mak!

May 5, 2013

Unboxing my Iron Man happiness

This happened before CNY (I know it took so long but seriously the excitement still overwhelm me!). I have no idea since when I become an Iron Man fans. Not those die hard comic book fans but I really like Iron Man, just doing some sewing of Iron Man dolls, painting a canvas of Iron Man himself and owning some Iron Man stuff and go crazy once in a while if I saw anybody with Iron Man tee, or random Iron Man figurine (I've tried once to snatch from a kid, just the urge to, I didn't really do that because Iron Man won't do something like this!)

Long story cut short, I was so sick one day and wandering at Sunway Pyramid, out of sudden I noticed that the DC shop has turned into a Marvel Superheroes shop.....BEST THING EVER HAPPENED! No offend to DC fans, I'm actually thinking to buy one Green lantern tee. I was at 39 degree Celsius and with puffy eye due to allergy that day, imagine that condition which mean at any moment, I could have hug random people in the mall thinking that they are Robert Downey Jr or Tony Stark himself, well basically it's the same thing.

Then I hop into the shop and feel like I was landed at the island in Lost which I feel I have cured (I'm not a Ham) the moment I step into the shop and try on one of the Iron Man tee I fell in love with. After that, I was going to pay for that but then I flip the price tag and immediately put back and hop away (We knew what happened right?).

The Marvel Paper Bag that almost make me cry!

Few days later, my mom ask me to go to my room immediately...where I still suffer from depression over that Iron Man tee. And I saw a bag!!!! A Marvel bag, Marvel paper bag, with awesome artwork on it!! Inside the bag was another bag, oh man it's like the Russian doll where surprise get better and better. It's another bag, but with Iron Man artwork on it.....

Super cool, right?
Inside the Iron Man bag, is two little cute tiny box, it's Iron Man tissue box! So cute, I will never use it! But my mom suggest that I can use the tissue and keep the box since the tissue got nothing Iron Man on it. Mom's advice always the best but I still didn't use it. And coolest thing is inside the tissue box is Tony Stark face. Oye, almost fainted! Sooooo adorable!

Tiny little Iron Man!
That's not all yet. There is a paper wrapper inside, something similar to bacon paper wrapper but we ain't got any bacon in it's the Iron Man limited edition tee in it. (Now I want the new Iron Man tee, human is always begging for more!) This is what my parents did, a surprise for me. 

All the things, there is some sticker too!

To me, my parents is close to, maybe better than Iron Man. Okay they are better. This meant so much to me and my happiness meant so much to them! And I just want to tell them, "I will protect the one thing that I can't live without, that's you, mummy and daddy!"

Apr 10, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

From the day he said, "I'm Iron Man." I knew that my life change and now I have a reason to continue living in this awfully cruel world live my life better by having Iron Man as my new crush!

And knowing that Iron Man 3 will be hitting the cinema soon, with all the armors taking action together (SPOILER! *Pepper*Iron Woman as well.....that's mine!), the Mandarin and RDJ as Tony Stark, I HAVE TO BE THE FIRST ONE TO WATCH IT IN CINEMA (Geek!)! 

Iron Man 3, can't wait for it!

Well, Good Guy Nuffnang offer us a chance, and of course we have to kinda work hard, at least to think hard to grab this chances! The task is to customize my Iron Man suit and make it special enough to stand out from others and on and on and on. 

Make the suit in my own way! Hell yeah!

After a long abandon of my brain, I've make a big sacrifice to collect it back and work it just for this! 

I kinda love the idea of Japanese samurai and ninja and BIG BIG LOVE for Iron Man. My Iron Man suit will be a fusion of the western and eastern technology and culture *peace*. And, I'll name it as Iron-Musha! (*Musha means warrior in Japanese! Arigatou~)

Iron-Musha, limited edition.

So, I make a sketch of it. Sorry for the bad colouring and THIS IS NOT AN UNICORN!
I'll just describe it from part to part.

The Head/Helmet
I have no problem with Iron Man armor from the beginning till the end just that sometimes I thought the eyes might look a lil' bit cold and cool so I'll make mine a much gentle eyes. For gents if you think that it's too gentle, think twice (what!?) cause' in the dark you will only see the blue light of the helmet which make the helmet quite scary!

I'm modifying the Iron Monger into a simple version of Kabuto with neck guard. And I shall clarify again the horn doesn't make my Iron-Musha a Unicorn! Okay I admit, every girl love unicorn so it's secretly a unicorn It resembles leader, the "unicorn thing" and what works best, it work as an electric or thunder receiver, so it can power up the Iron-Musha armor instantly. For example, Thor using his Mjolnir and thundering around, Iron-Musha got charged up real fast and become more powerful!

The Body
The interior of the body part is layered with light weight metal leathered chain piece to keep warm and for extra protection. The blue line on the arms are the repulsor blade that resembles ninja knife throwing, only that this one is unlimited source with smooth beam of destructive rays. Chest and palm are armed with repulsor as well. Extra : Iron-Musha can turn into invisible mode like ninja! Hey-Ya!

The Lower Body Part
With the Japanese upper leg guard, crossover between Iron Man technology and traditional samurai armor give an edgy flawless fashion sense! (It won't be that uncomfortable like Iron Man's cause' it works like the concept of a skirt but it works in a more macho manner like a warrior!)

That's my Iron-Musha! It can be a warrior, a killing machine, a cute looking robot, an unicorn  and it can be nothing~(when it's invisible!)

So, Tony Stark, if you're interested in my model of Iron-Musha, please liaise with me by shooting me an email in case you wanna work together. My Shitsuji will take care of that. Shitsuji is something similar to your Jarvis btw.

Feb 17, 2013

Ooh My Gas Liquid Nitrogen DIY Ice Cream

How much do you know about molecular gastronomy? Basically, to simplify it, it is the combination of food and science, using science technique or material or instrument to cook a cuisine. To be honest, with a science background myself, it sound unacceptable to me when I know about the existence of molecular gastronomy (probably I'm the old fashion science lad) but the whole thing really trigger my curiosity!

Stop the babbling and I shall let you guys know what it gotta to do with Ooh My Gas Ice Cream (OMG! Ice Cream)! The ice cream is made from the instant freeze using liquid nitrogen which is quite fascinating and you can see the crew doing the ice cream freezing on the spot, the kitchen will be just like a dreamland with lots of fog Silent Hill *kidding*!

OMG! Ice Cream!

Customize your ice cream!
The next coolest thing is that you get to customize your ice cream! First you have to choose your base, gelato, ice cream or soya~ I chose gelato and cream cheese flavor (Cheese stink me please!), have some marshmallows, and I pick red color (super cool, because you can choose your ice cream color), like I'm customizing my game character!

Crew freezing my ice cream!

*Tada* My Cutie Ice Cream!

Close up.
I have no idea but this post make me feel so cute, probably of the whole color tones it present. *out of topic* Seriously, I'm not a fan of pink color. I've ordered red color somehow it came out pink (NOOOOO!!! How can it be!?) But then I thought probably because of cream cheese came in creamy yellow white so when it blend with red color (*whisper* I'm Picasso~), here you go, pinky pink!

The biggest difference between normal ice cream and liquid nitrogen ice cream is........*ehem* from the view of a scientist, liquid nitrogen instant freezing will break the fat and water into smallest particle and it will gives you a better texture aka the ice cream go smoother~ So, you won't have those icy crystal in your ice cream. 

*The following is me trying to sound like a scientist* My statement is that, the ice cream texture is really smoother and much creamy, in another words, I feel like the ice cream is lighter in weight inside my mouth. (o_0) That's really how I feel! But to be honest, I prefer ice cream in those thick and heavy texture, like turkish ice cream because liquid nitrogen ice cream tend to melt faster. The taste could be heavier, the cream cheese saltness plays well with marshmallow. Ooooh, and you can choose your sweetness level for your ice cream too. I'll suggest go full sweetness as I order medium level and I don't get the sweetness ohm I usually get eating ice cream~

And.......Ooh My Gas Ice Cream is located at Pavillion, go and have a try!

Jan 26, 2013

Burger Bakar Pioneer Abang Burn: What is the HOT factor?

"You're not a Malaysian if you never ate a burger bakar before!", quoted by HY aka me, the author. Yeaaaa~ You gotta accept the fact that burger is the new trend and instead of doing the franchise fast food burger and fusion burger, BURGER BAKAR is something more local and to me it's more REAL (hmmm since in Malaysia we are more familiar with roadside burger since we were young, or maybe only for me....*sigh*).

I give it a shot to Burger Kaw Kaw last time, overall I like it so much that I start to look for the traces of other burger in town and I found Burger Bakar Abang Burn, rumors said, "Pioneer of Burger Bakar". So, can't help but to go for it and the tempting part is that they have lamb patty. GGGGAAAHHHH, kill all the lamb (violence alert)!!

Burger Bakar Abang Burn.

Good thing to know that Burger Bakar Abang Burn has built their colony around KL area and Johor so I don't have to go all the way to Nilai but just to stop by Kota Damansara to get a bite of Burger Bakar.


There are 3 variety of patties, chicken, beef and lamb. And you can choose normal, burn cheese, burn cheesy to burn special on the burger you choose. Basically, the difference is on the cheese and cheese sauce. Since I'm in hurry (and still I went to try out burger bakar....*applause*), so I just take away my burger instead of eating there. But the place there is okay for dine in as it is in Tanjung Village Food Court at Kota Damansara. Surprise that I don't need to wait long, just one customer before is this a bad sign? I order a Chicken Burger and Burger Bakar Kambing Burn Cheesy. 

And my piece of advice is, don't take away the burger, eat on the spot!

Lamb burger all flooded in sauces.

Burger "goreng" Ayam.

Chicken Burger side view.
The lamb burger is flooded with sauce, that's the only disappointment in it. The patty is sooo huge, love it only that if they can marinate it more. Chicken burger is less impressive compared to Burger Kaw Kaw. Not marinated and good thing is that they have fried abalone mushroom in it but bad thing is that there is too much dough around the mushroom causing it taste a little soggy and oily. Perhaps if I ate it on the spot it will be different.

Overall, the lamb burger is okay, worth trying but the chicken burger is so so, would highly recommend Burger Kaw Kaw chicken burger. That's it my burger adventure!

Nov 28, 2012

The Big Day : Baskin Robbins Flavor Election

I've gotta say I'm eager to know when is the next election and yet our PM still haven't announce the date yet. However! Baskin Robbins knows it and guess what, they have an election themselves and THIS MUST BE THE BEST ELECTION EVER!!! Ice cream flavor election! The Baskin Robbins Malaysian flavor election! *applause*

Level of coolness to the max~SERIOUSLY!! For those who were there, they know why, because we were given the chance to vote AND WE GET TO EAT FREE FLOW OF BASKIN ROBBINS (Yea, you can jealous me now~)!!!

Bloggers, bloggers and ice cream everywhere~
We have five celebrity bloggers there representing each flavor which are mocha, world class chocolate, berries, praline and cookies and cream. Each flavor has a campaign and for the flavor that won, the campaign will go on for a year~

Our flavor representatives~
Well, other than he voting and ice cream, they have giveaway too, like voucher and key chain and nothing is free, you will need to pay play to get it! The host is a great entertainer, he can sing, he knows how to interact with the crowd and he's funny!

You'll need to roar to get the voucher! This gal won!
They have a ice cream eating contest too at that freezing cold night where you get the balance of coldness inside out or outside in whatever~One thing for sure, you will get brain freeze!

Gulp down the ice cream!!!

The winner for Blogger's eating competition, Sixthseal!

Girl's power!!!

The gentleman~
And the winning flavor goes to, Praline n Cream. Not my favourite among all the flavor but the campaign is the best among all! The rest of the day was just eat, eat and eat all the ice cream after the voting!

Tempting isn't it?

Praline, a little too sweet for me~
Pretty much enjoy the event, vote and eat, who doesn't enjoy that? And I'm lucky enough to get the limited edition BR keychain~


That's it. The end of the election. Now we should wait for the real deal, our country election.....(how good if they serves some ice cream too~)