May 27, 2010

A.I Season 9 Winner : Lee Dewyze

Yes, it's Lee The Wise!!! This is how you pronounce his name!!

Congrats dude! Lee got a long road to go!!

Of course not to forget to mention about runner up, Crystal Bowersox. Well, both of them are great. My choice is Lee but Crystal has a really unique and nice vocal, honestly, her finale performance is better than Lee.

Both of them ald a winner!!!

However, when it comes to finale, both of them are ald the winner. But this finale is different. It's not only all about Lee and Crystal....It is the farewell of Simon Cowell, which is his last season judging American Idol (Awww......we all love how much we sometimes hate and love Simon's cruelty....gonna miss him!!!).

The show start with introducing both of them. I thought that it will be slightly bored than season 8 (Season 8 finale is a BLAST!!!!). They start with the shool girls and boys looks...and suddenly!!! Whoa ....Metal Legend Alice Cooper came out!!! Great! But the singing together with the top 10...(i think so...or top 7), some of their pitch isn't that good and it just seems to be not good enough as a groupwork.

After that, I gotta say that Siobhan Magnus and Aaron Kelly did the opening for How Deep Is Your Love is really GREAT!!! And they sing together with Bee Gees!! Later, Bret Michaels surprise performance with Casey James. This rocker actually facing a severe health problem. He had brain hemorrhage few months ago. Well, I look up to this rocker for still performer spirit! Salute!!! Kris Allen aka our season 8 winner performing The Truth on the finale (My favourite song on his album...) as well as Carrie Underwood performing Undo it which is written by one of the judges Kara Dioguardi. I love the Christina Aguilera appearance, I mean she's STAR and how she outshine as a star from the AI contestant as she start singing at almost the end of Fighter and start her solo singing!! Janet Jackson make a performance too.

After that there are previous contestant that "rejected" by Simon all coming back performing and half way through the performance, someone just grab away the mic and start "talking" to Simon, more or less just like the Kanye grab away Taylor Swift mic case~~~ Someone trying to grab back the mic and smart camera-man move away the camera from the scene and....It's commercial time!!!

The great part is they get General Larry Platts performing on the shows! Haha. No idea who he is? Pants on the ground is his hits!!! Yes, he previously get on the audition and sing the song. And it is feat by William Hung!! That is great!

In this show, of course they did some farewell for Simon thingy video. And how sarcastic are Ryan and the Judge Gang for insulting simon for the first few video. Till the part Ryan introducing Paula Abdul video.....talks about Simon, seriously....Awwwww. and Paula Abdul guest appearance on the show!!! That's so touching. I bet Simon is touched by her and the all previous winner of american idol with some top 2 , 3 , 4 contestant singing for him. This is really HUGE!!! And Simon get pushed by Paula Abdul to the stage to make a speech.

He may be cruel, cool, or sometimes he looks cold blooded to the contestant. But the last night on AI, we saw his soft side during the speech!! We'll miss you!!

And while they showing the video tribute to Simon, I kinda thought that in the end will they just add on a phrase, Simon Cowell, from 2002 to 2010. It's like he leaving us forever, okay it's kinda true he leaving the show forever. But seriously, it will be different without Simon. But as Paula say, the show will still go on. So far, there are rumours saying that Elton john will be the new judge....Hmm what you think about that?

And after all, the annoucement of winner is made by Ryan. It's Lee Dewyze!!!! I think both Lee and Crystal will have a bright future for sure. And no one is loser in the show. They learn along the competition. Great to say that we got a new winner add to the list of american idol. Sad to say that another judges is leaving the show. I will miss Simon a lot!!!

Let's us wait and see how the brand new American idol season 10 will be!!!

May 25, 2010

Video Games Soundtrack

Or so called music of video games, or I will like to say the soul of a game.

The soundtrack of a video games gives live to the game. Let's imagine, what will happen if a game without any background music or soundtracks? No matter how great that the game is or how great is the storyline or game playing....there will be nothing if without any background music and sound effect.

Here are some of the most popular music composer for game in Japan....Akira Yamaoka, Kaoru Wada and Yoko Shimomura.

Akira Yamaoka
Akira Yamaoka is well known for composing music for the silent hill entire series. Yes, it's silent hill!!! Although it is a freakin creepy game, the music itself might be one of the most beautiful or BEST soundtracks of all the horror game series. I would highly recommend Silent Hill 2 original soundtrack by Akira. The soundtrack is so beautiful, yet a little spooky and some of them might creep you out!!! Promise is one of the most popular soundtrack in Silent Hill 2 where when you listen to it, you kinda feel like you're walking in the town of silent hill and the melody is nice and beautiful. Theme of Laura, Angel's Thanados and Suicidal Dream will be the music involving some rock genre in it, and it sounds really nice (Maybe Akira should make a rock album if he look for something new, I heard that he's quiting the silent hill series, but I thought the game ald come to an end??) The darkness that lurk in our mind and Black Fairy will be something like "Hell no, the pyramid head is behind you!!!" or something like the nurses is coming!!! Yes, those creepy and horrify monster scene will start flashing in your mind!

You never wanna met this guy....The Pyramid Head!!! Wonder how he looks like???

I think Akira really did a good job on this. He really show the personalitites or the feeling of the game character and the game itself in this soundtrack! Can you imagine how hard it is for the music composer to compose music that fit the story.

The next one will be the music composer for Kingdom hearts (My all time favourites!!!) which are Yoko Shimomura and Kaoru Wada!

Yoko Shimomura

Kaoru Wada

I think Kingdom Hearts's soundtracks suits everybody and it fits every scene in Kingdom hearts. And it is a coorperation between Disney and Square Enix. What do you expect when you got the best soundtracks of both animation and games company come together!!! Some of Disney familiar music will be re-composed in this game like Beauty and the Beast, Alladin, Mermaid, Pirates of the Carribean~~~which sound refreshing and fit to the game and new music is composed for the game itself!

This game is awesome!!!

The original music by Kaoru Wada like Dearly Beloved and Showdown in Hollow Bastion are really awesome and whenever I heard of Dearly Beloved, I will think of the continue game or exit game scene....(Emm, haha, okay it's really true that when you "died" in the game, this will be the soundtrack....but there is another scene using this soundtrack too... ) Sunset horizons and Fate of the Unknown are the another music that I really like where it remind me of the fighting scene of chaser in final mix!

Ya, the chaser scene!!! The keyblade is killin' me!!!

The music of Kingdom hearts makes the gamers feel like they're in that place or conditions whenever the music is playing. It's like when they playing A Day In Agrabah then you'll know you're in some places like desert which is the Alladin's world. Well, I love Traverse Town and Twillight Town music theme the most, because it sounds so peaceful. Every world or town in KIngdom hearts has their own theme's music. And this is the role of Yoko Shimomura for composing all the background music in this game!!

Besides that, the character's theme song is totally fit with the character itself. Like when you listen to Riku's theme song, you're like feeling a little sadness but it's like full with memories in the music because it's Riku's character. While for Roxas, it sound a little mystery but totally full of sadness, because he only a "Nobody" in the game which makes you felt what Roxas feel. He don't have a heart and he only a clones of someone. While for Sora, it's very cheerful and something sounds like royal-like, because he's the CHOSEN ONE and he's always full of hopes and brave enough to face any obstacles.

I take a bow and salute to all video game music composer out there because I think they really put more effort than we know and try to complete the game and make it better. They compose the music to make the game more lively which gave the gamers the best to play the game. But honestly, there's still many of the gamers don't know the name of the music composer eventhough they play the game and love the music. Remember, whenever you feel fear, feel challenge or feel like fighting the boss while playing a game and listening to the background music, try to figure out who are the one who compose the music and make you feel like you're in the game!

(PS: Not only music composer, but there are many things else like game director, company, graphics and on and on~~~~Appreciate them!)

May 22, 2010

2010 MTV movie awards preview

After a whole bunch of freakin kick-X awesome movies, it's time to rewards them who brought us these amazing movie.

It's MTV Movie Awards 2010!!!
This event is going to be HUGE!!! Why? Looks at the presenter and performer list and you'll know why!

Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry will be performing....Adam Sandler, Diddy, Chris Rock, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Russel Brand, Zac Afron and more will be presenting the awards. Not huge enough for you!? Don't worry because as we know MTV movie awards always give us more other than being huge (we should leave that for Oscar....)

2010 MTV movie awards will be held on 6th of June, and now you're allowed.....NO!!! I should say you HAVE THE RIGHT to vote for the nominees!!! And here are SOME of the nominees's categories...

Best Kiss:

Well, looks like the Twilight gang are hungry for the best kiss as three of them, Taylor Laurner, Rob Pattison and Kristen Stewart is nominated for this BEST KISS category....
Dakota Fannings and Kristen Stewart get nominated for their "ehem" scene in The Runaways. (What!? Yes you didn't heard me wrong, it's dakota and kristen.....they did this for art~) And again, Kristen is nominated with Rob Pattison for the kissing scene in twillight saga : new moon (Nope, stop screaming!!! Twilight fans...) While the Taylors (Laurner and Swift) nominated for their kissing scene in Valentine's day, well, too bad they didnt last for long. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reydnolds in The Proposals (Hmm, prefer Ryan Reynolds back to the X-Men gang doing his fighting instead of kissing!!! Just my POV!) And last but not least, Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington's kissing scene in Avatar is nominated too~
My vote : Avatar kissing scene for sure! We sick of watching human kissing! (This reason is kinda good huh?)

Best Fight:

There're always fighting scene in a movie.....and let's see who's nominated!!!
Beyonce and Ali Larter in Obsessed...(Nah, still prefer Beyonce singing instead of acting...) And Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber versus Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins!! Yes, this is what we call a fighting!!
Logan Lermen vs Jake Abel in Percy Jackson, and Sam Worthington, Stephen Lang in Avatar were nominated too. As well as our Holmes aka Robert Downey Jr fighting with Mark Strong in Iron Man......!? I mean in Sherlock Holmes!
My vote : Of course my vote go to my beloved hubby aka robert downey jr's fighting scene in Holmes!!! Okay, I need to be fair, it has to be Wolverine, Sabretooth and Deadpool fighting scene!! I really love that fighting scene!!! Thumbs up for that!

Best Villain :

Christoph Walt in Inglorious Basterd, Helena Bonham Carter in Alice in Wonderland, Ken Jeong in The Hangover, Stephen Lang in Avatar and Tom Felton in Harry Potter.
My vote : Not really sure.....I think I'll go for Stephen Lang in Avatar...He's kinda the movie!

Best Female Performance:

Amanda Seyfield in Dear John (I heard this movie is boring, but I'm kinda interested in watching this movie...who knows?), Emma Watson in Harry Potter (Smart girl....ehem should i say woman that can act and study at the same time.), Kristen Stewart in New Moon, Sandra Bullock in The Blindside and Zoe Saldana in Avatar.
My vote : Zoe Saldana!!! Because I'm sick of human.....AGAIN!? No, seriously, it's really hard to interpret as an Navi' and just imagine she has to "learn" their language and act like them and has a thousand visual tiny little device "stick" on her whole body to capture the emotion of the face and the movement of the body. In the end, she shows us that Zoe Saldana is Neytiti, the Navi' in the Avatar.

Best Male Performance :
(Female fans screaming!!!!) Yay, because there're lots of hunks or sweetheart get nominated this year!
Channing Tatum in Dear John, Daniel Racliffe in Harry Potter, Rob Pattison and Taylor Lautner in New Moon and Zac Afron in 17 again.
My Vote : Zac Afron!!! Not a Twihard fans...(Ok, you can BOO me.....)and what I think about Zac Afron is he really putting effort in acting and trying to do more than just Troy Bolton's kinda role.

Global superstar :

Look at the title, we know that it has to be someone who is popular, huge, and everybody loves them!!!
The nominees are.....Daniel Racliffe, Johnny Depp, Taylor Lautner, Rob Pattison and kristen Stewart. Okay, is this a Twilight movie awards??
My vote : I think the answer is clear enough and with no argument, it should be Johnny Depp, Barber, Pirates, Choco Factory Owner, Mad Hatter, Mafia, Bank Robber....none of the character that Johnny Depp can't handle, and Johnny did play the role well too. He's so talented and he deserve to be global superstar. Psss...actually he already is a global superstar.

Best Movie :

Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, New Moon, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and The Hangover are nominated for best movie.
My vote : All the movie are great but Avatar is the only one that you can see that the director, the crews and the actors pay so much efforts in all the elements in the movie, the visual, the storyline, the character, the surroundings.......They deserve that.

And there are much more categories that I didn't mention like Best WTF Moment, Best Badass Star, Best Breakout Star, Best Comedic Performance and Best Scared-As-SXXt Performance.

Don't keep on wondering who will win, because their destiny is on your.......keyboard!!! This is the link to vote for them :

We'll see who's the biggest winner on 6th of June!!!

May 15, 2010

5 cars that KILLS!

I may not be a good driver (I love driving slow, and I hate Big Truck or Giant Bus approaching to my car), and I may not know much about car....


There're some cars that can kill their sexy body shape, nice curve and lovely looks which is much better than hollywood hunks or hotties!!!

Let's see who (I mean which car...) top my list!!!


Yes, I'm pretty fancy with AUDI car because I love the four rings.....(NOPE!!!) Of course because of their classy curvy head in front and sexy body shape, LOOK AT THE CURVE OF THE BODY!!! Seriously, R8 looks more like a high tech, cool sports car yet still can be that classy (Only AUDI can made this kinda sports car....just MY point of view. Why so serious???)

Looks at this, imagine driving one on the road......(don't worry about my safety, I'll drive slowly...)

And, looks at his butt!!! (ehem, I mean back.)

I can't help myself from touching it (, it's just a's legal to touch it's back.) I prefer the silver R8 although the white one looks great too. With blue light, R8 will complete me.

BENTLEY Continental GT or Series 51:

Bentley flying spur is great but I'll prefer Bentley Continental GT!!!! It's way too COOL!!! And Series 51 is not bad too since it got a convertible roofs (Freakin looking good in white one.)

It's looks too comfortable to be in Bentley Continental GT.
And here comes Series 51.....(I'm so dead because he looks freakin hot in white!) Wow.....

Mazda 6 :

It's simply because it would be a nice family drive car. I mean it's not neccessary to be MPV or SUV. Mazda 6, for me, it would be really nice car for a family. Yea, love it simple and still lookin' kinda cool. Red or silver would be nice.

Yea, feel good driving Mazda 6 around.

Porsche Spyder hybrid :

After some family hunks or sweetheart being introduce, here come some bad boys hotties!!! Take a look, and you'll know why it kills me!!

NOOOOO WAYYY!!! It's too dreamy!!!!

Oh god, how can a butt looks this great....ehem sorry, I'm trying to hold myself. With this drive, it's shame to drive slow on the road.

Hummer :
If it's all about safety, I would want a Hummer sooooo bad!!!! Hummer H3X would be fine for me because Hummer H6 might be way too big.

Hummer is a really tough guy-like car. But with modification, they can look great too. Hummer in white looks damn classy for real!! The advantage of hummer is, when somebody hit your car, you will feel like you hit their car, or should i use the word crash?

Now here is an extra, I found out that I'm pretty in love with Mustang too.....
At first, I was like, no way, Mustang is not my type....but after spent some times with them...(Translation : After some observation....) They ain't that bad and look great too.

Eleanor....this is cool.

Classic car....with some modification, Mustang can look much better than the others.

(PS : I don't like Mary the little Lamb.....means Lamborgini, not my types.)

The Illusionist review

Nothing is what it seems.

Yes, another magic related movie. When a movie involving magic in it, it will never bored the audience since magic trick play a really vital role to capture the audience's interest and curiosity, but if a movie involving magic trick with a good storyline, it makes a great movie.

Sorry to tell Edward Norton that Robert Downey Jr has took Iron Man's role (we know that you want the role so much that you show the repulsor pose in this movie). The Hulk suits Edward more.

Directed by Neil Burger. Starred by Edward Norton (This guy is kinda good in acting...) and Jesicca biel (originally should be played by Liv Tyler, love this girl!!!) So it's a movie about a magician, fell in love with a girl named Sophie who has a higher social standard than him. Sophie's parents splits them apart and after few years, they met again where Edward Norton aka Eisenheim is a popular magician and Sophie is going to married to the Crown Prince Leopold. They're still in love and they try to figure how to escape and runaway from the prince.
Honestly, I will think that The Prestige is better than The illusionist (both about magician). The illusionist did not trigger the curiosity of the audience and the magic trick seems a little less and not that interesting. But I'll say that the ending is good. The Illusionist storyline is weaker than The Prestige as it is not fully packed (Gimme more!!!) and it seems they reveal the truth too fast and brief. If you're looking for a much simple movie, then The Illusionist will suits you.
But it still worth to watch. It's weird to watch Edward Norton with the beard. I''ll give 3 out of 5 stars.
(PS : Magic trick is the only thing that can fool the people where the people still feel good about it. Where we know magic is not real but the feeling that it gives us is really "magical". No offend to all magician out there. Hollywood should consider doing more "magic" movie.)

May 12, 2010

Iron Man 2 review !!!

It's freakin awesome!!! And it's proves that a movie's following series can be good too!

Well, I gotta say that there're lots of "elements" in it that I can't even turn my head away or blink my eyes for one second because you might miss it out. In Iron Man 2, I think Jon Favreau did a pretty good job because he need to "explain" Stark's life after he reveal his identity, how his platidium cause harm to Stark (Just a little more, we will see Demons in the bottle), and how the other enemy and the relation while he still need to cover The Avengers (Marvel superheroes gathering party!!! Em I mean movie.) in this. He did it all!
So we can see that Stark's life after his Iron Man identity is reveal. How's the world view and trust him....As well as Whiplash aka Ivan aka Mickey Rourke aka The Wrestler's lead actor against him and another baddies which is Justin Hammer, Stark's competitor weapon maker.
The movie goes with the flow and it's pretty predictable what's going to happen in next scene (Maybe I've catch up with their stuff from pre to post production till it release...but there're still many scenes).
So here's few thing, you've to make sure you notice in the movie:
1. The Wilhelm Scream...yes, famous sound that you can found in Star Wars and Indiana Jones. You would probably heard this during the malfunction of Hammer's "Iron man" testing scenes.
2. Stan Lee, how can you not see Stan Lee in a Marvel's movie!! Yup, but it's a quite glance, I guess...during Stark leaving the opening of Strak EXPO.
3. Captain America.......'s shield!! Things get clearer when it appear both in Iron Man 1 and 2. This times you will clearly "notice" the shield.
4. Thor!! During the Monaco's jail visit.
5. DJ AM.....salute!!! He's in Stark's birthday party.

Jon Favreau starred as Happy Hogan in iron man 2...again. I love his character and I found out most of the peoples don't know that he's the director. This time, we see new weapons, new suit and new character as well. I LOVE the Iron Man suitcase soooo much!! And the Monaco Grand Prix scenes, when Tony get his suitcase and armor up the suit, it was like "WOW!!!" Thumbs up for that!

And it's very touching to know that Tony's father Howard Stark has actually prepare all the stuff for Tony where he think that his dad never cares about him. His father even saves his life although his dad's no more here. It's so cool to know that his dad which prepare the EXPO 20 years before can actually saves Tony Stark on his reactor.

One thing to mention, Downey looks freakin' HOT and FIT in Iron Man 2. Looks at his body when he building thenew reactor!!! Oh my god....and for his acting skill, oh c'mon....he is Tony Stark and Tony Stark is him.

Well, Ivan aka Whiplash, his whip is so threatening and his suit in the end is kinda cool! Love Mickey's russian ascent in this, we can see that he put so much effort in practicing the ascent. A really smart baddies!!

Love Tony with the racesuit too. Looks like he can compete with M. Schumacher. Haha if he got the repulsor with him.

Scarlett Johannson is so hot!! And she's good in fighting too. Maybe she will involve more in The Avengers? Let's us wait and see!

Nick Fury by Samuel L. Jackson gives us clearer clue on S.H.I.E.L.D and Avengers!! Man, he looks very marvel like with the eye pad on! And remember to check out the last extra scenes. Since Agent Coulson is there, we now officially say that Thor is in the team!! Yes, the Avengers!! And for Rhodes's role, which is Iron man's sidekick...personally I prefer terrence howard to play him instead of Don Cheadle, but of course Don Cheadle is good too.

For the fighting scenes, I'm really enjoy it. Some of them says the fighting scenes ain't enough. But I think it's much better if compare to Iron man 1. I love the bulkiness of war machine and the variety of weapons. There's one scenes that Rhodes use the "Ex Wife" (a weapon's name, don't get it wrong!) to shoot Whiplash and it didn't work. It' really funny when Stark say to him,"Hammer's weapon huh" And the little boy with Iron man's mask scene is really cool too. I wanna do that too!! (The probability that iron man appear besides me would be zero!!) However, I think that the iron man and the dron machine flying scene makes me feel a lilttle's too many of them and it's kinda confusing. Another disappointment will be it's not funny as the first one. But there's still lots of comedy element in it. (I know this is a superhero movies.) And I can't stop myself from laughing when Stark use Captain America's shield just to....balance up the pump. Haha, how will Captain America react when he saw that? And Stark's birthday party is really hilarious too when Stark wearing the suit and scratching on the disc!! Gimme the beats!!

Overall, I think this is a really good flick! Thumbs up for Jon Favreau (Pss, love the ear bitting scenes! haha). And the cast is cool! Can't wait for the 3 and The Avengers!!

(PS : From now on, there will be lots of crossover for Marvel movie, the linking for The Avenger. Smart marketing strategy so that we have to catch every marvel movie now!)