May 12, 2010

Iron Man 2 review !!!

It's freakin awesome!!! And it's proves that a movie's following series can be good too!

Well, I gotta say that there're lots of "elements" in it that I can't even turn my head away or blink my eyes for one second because you might miss it out. In Iron Man 2, I think Jon Favreau did a pretty good job because he need to "explain" Stark's life after he reveal his identity, how his platidium cause harm to Stark (Just a little more, we will see Demons in the bottle), and how the other enemy and the relation while he still need to cover The Avengers (Marvel superheroes gathering party!!! Em I mean movie.) in this. He did it all!
So we can see that Stark's life after his Iron Man identity is reveal. How's the world view and trust him....As well as Whiplash aka Ivan aka Mickey Rourke aka The Wrestler's lead actor against him and another baddies which is Justin Hammer, Stark's competitor weapon maker.
The movie goes with the flow and it's pretty predictable what's going to happen in next scene (Maybe I've catch up with their stuff from pre to post production till it release...but there're still many scenes).
So here's few thing, you've to make sure you notice in the movie:
1. The Wilhelm Scream...yes, famous sound that you can found in Star Wars and Indiana Jones. You would probably heard this during the malfunction of Hammer's "Iron man" testing scenes.
2. Stan Lee, how can you not see Stan Lee in a Marvel's movie!! Yup, but it's a quite glance, I guess...during Stark leaving the opening of Strak EXPO.
3. Captain America.......'s shield!! Things get clearer when it appear both in Iron Man 1 and 2. This times you will clearly "notice" the shield.
4. Thor!! During the Monaco's jail visit.
5. DJ AM.....salute!!! He's in Stark's birthday party.

Jon Favreau starred as Happy Hogan in iron man 2...again. I love his character and I found out most of the peoples don't know that he's the director. This time, we see new weapons, new suit and new character as well. I LOVE the Iron Man suitcase soooo much!! And the Monaco Grand Prix scenes, when Tony get his suitcase and armor up the suit, it was like "WOW!!!" Thumbs up for that!

And it's very touching to know that Tony's father Howard Stark has actually prepare all the stuff for Tony where he think that his dad never cares about him. His father even saves his life although his dad's no more here. It's so cool to know that his dad which prepare the EXPO 20 years before can actually saves Tony Stark on his reactor.

One thing to mention, Downey looks freakin' HOT and FIT in Iron Man 2. Looks at his body when he building thenew reactor!!! Oh my god....and for his acting skill, oh c'mon....he is Tony Stark and Tony Stark is him.

Well, Ivan aka Whiplash, his whip is so threatening and his suit in the end is kinda cool! Love Mickey's russian ascent in this, we can see that he put so much effort in practicing the ascent. A really smart baddies!!

Love Tony with the racesuit too. Looks like he can compete with M. Schumacher. Haha if he got the repulsor with him.

Scarlett Johannson is so hot!! And she's good in fighting too. Maybe she will involve more in The Avengers? Let's us wait and see!

Nick Fury by Samuel L. Jackson gives us clearer clue on S.H.I.E.L.D and Avengers!! Man, he looks very marvel like with the eye pad on! And remember to check out the last extra scenes. Since Agent Coulson is there, we now officially say that Thor is in the team!! Yes, the Avengers!! And for Rhodes's role, which is Iron man's sidekick...personally I prefer terrence howard to play him instead of Don Cheadle, but of course Don Cheadle is good too.

For the fighting scenes, I'm really enjoy it. Some of them says the fighting scenes ain't enough. But I think it's much better if compare to Iron man 1. I love the bulkiness of war machine and the variety of weapons. There's one scenes that Rhodes use the "Ex Wife" (a weapon's name, don't get it wrong!) to shoot Whiplash and it didn't work. It' really funny when Stark say to him,"Hammer's weapon huh" And the little boy with Iron man's mask scene is really cool too. I wanna do that too!! (The probability that iron man appear besides me would be zero!!) However, I think that the iron man and the dron machine flying scene makes me feel a lilttle's too many of them and it's kinda confusing. Another disappointment will be it's not funny as the first one. But there's still lots of comedy element in it. (I know this is a superhero movies.) And I can't stop myself from laughing when Stark use Captain America's shield just to....balance up the pump. Haha, how will Captain America react when he saw that? And Stark's birthday party is really hilarious too when Stark wearing the suit and scratching on the disc!! Gimme the beats!!

Overall, I think this is a really good flick! Thumbs up for Jon Favreau (Pss, love the ear bitting scenes! haha). And the cast is cool! Can't wait for the 3 and The Avengers!!

(PS : From now on, there will be lots of crossover for Marvel movie, the linking for The Avenger. Smart marketing strategy so that we have to catch every marvel movie now!)

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