Apr 28, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow review

I watch this flick few years ago in cinema....(but that time blogging is not in my world yet.)
And today caught this movie on tv, I think that this movie should be in my blog since it gives such a great impact.

Yes, it's the day after tomorrow.....

Another Roland Emmerich's movie. But honestly, for me.....I think that this one is way better than 2012. Love the flow of storyline, the disaster, the touching part.....2012 is a bit more to "heavyweight" kind of disaster related movie.

This movie starred by Dennis Squaid (I start to love this man, the movie he's in is kinda cool, I mean so far so good.), Jake Gyllenhaal and Sala Ward. Well, Dennis is a climate scientist, or something like that where he made a forecast model which turn to be truth that the climate change is related to his model.(That's why he is the main character....=_='') His son, played by Jake.G is a student ( Man, prince of persia looks so young in this movie. ) and while the climate change turn worst, he is trapped in New York which is far apart from his dad.

I love how the director arrange the flow of this movie. From the part Jake.G trapped, his dad go and save him, and on and on.....I love the part in where the tornado hit Hollywood....(NO!!!! They crash the Hollywood sign.) What i trying to say is that, the appearance of a few tornado together in LA, the scene is so great....Can you imagine yourself in the middle of LA and 4 to 5 tornado surround you??? And the part where the flood hit New York city.

The scene they burn the books to keep warm is funny too because at first they was like :"NO! we can't burn the books, that is our cultures and knowledge..." If I was there, I was like throwing all the maths books into the fireplace, burn all of them, they shouldn't exist!!! (Ehem, sorry, get a little too excited and out of topic...) The 3 scientist in this movie is very.....sigh. Till the end of the day, they trapped in the lab and still helping the people to find out the solution for this climate change. SALUTE!!! One of them is Manchester's fans ( Which is totally no relation, just mention it). And there's a soldier in this movie name Cyril......(Again, totally no relation at all....)

The ice storm is really frightening. If you didn't got the chance to get into building or even you get in the buildings, you'll be freeze by the storm. I love one part where Dennis's friend ask him whether will them survive. He answer human survive once through Ice Age and of course they will survive for the second time, only that will they learn from the mistakes. Yes, actually this is so true. I found out that many people tends to realize the end of the world after they watch 2012. Or I wonder have you guys watch a docu, the name is something like 6 degree could change the world ? People after watching it was like, oh it's going to ve the end of the world, doomsday.....NO!!!!! Don't you guys get what it trying to tell us? It's global warming.

I think the documentary tell us clearly, what they expect or predict to be happen maybe 40 or 50 years later is actually happening now. Because of global warming...some of them might say it's too late to save our earth, but it's better than we don't even try. I mean we never learn from our mistakes. Human should learn from the mistakes. There're been so many natural disaster happening around, almost earthquake everyday, tornado is start having "cameo", and the volcano eruption. Our earth is changing, like the docu said. So act now before it's too late.

Back to the topic, this movie is great, from independance day to the day after tomorrow and 2012....What else you got, Roland!!! Keep it coming, he say he won't do it again, but in the end, he will still do it....disaster related movie. haha.

(PS : The Losers looks greats....gotta check it out!!! Okay tomorrow is officially iron Man 2 release date!!!)

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