Feb 27, 2009

Coldplay's chris martin misleading MY robert downey jr aka Sherlock Holmes...

Oh my goodness......Chris martin is misleading RDJ.....

Here's the article i read,

Robert Downey Jr. is dieting to please his friend Chris Martin.
The actor - who became friends with the Coldplay frontman after starring in 'Iron Man' with Chris' wife Gwyneth Paltrow - has been shedding pounds in preparation for his title role in the upcoming movie 'Sherlock Holmes'. He made the decision to slim down following pressure from Chris, who is a big fan of the Arthur Conan Doyle detective stories.

Robert said: "He's a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. He said to me before we began, 'You've got to be gaunt. You've got to be a skinny as you possibly can to play Holmes.' So every time I'm reaching for a muffin I just think about Chris Martin and skip the snack. It's been tough."

Robert, 43, needed to slim down after bulking up for his role in action movie 'Tropic Thunder'.
He said: "All I did was eat cheeseburgers and smoke Camels for three months. You've got to be in good shape to make it through that.

"I do tons of weightlifting and martial arts anyway, so I stepped up my Wing Chun Kung Fu. I like staying in shape for a movie. Normally you pay for personal trainers, so it's great when you can keep fit at someone else's expense. I run a lot of miles and eat a lot of Wheaties cereal."

Actually i think robert is skinny enough, just need to GAIN some pound to build up some muscle.
I dont want see a skinny robert although the origin character is quite like that....Dear Chris martin, HOW COME ROBERT SO OBEY TO YOU??? Just kidding, cant believe...they must be close friend.
But i'm running a lot of miles and eating cereal meal (coco crunch...) like robert now...hehe cant believe we're doing the same thing......

Although we're far away from each other but.....we're connected...hehehe

Feb 23, 2009

A guide to recognizing your saints

Just finish watching this film '' a guide to recognizing your saints''.

Firstly when i saw its title, kind of worry....and dont know what would it be so i went to check out the trailer before watching it. The trailer is great because it looks a bit like The Soloist. So it convince me to check out this film and of course there's another reason for it, Robert Downey Jr is in it (hehe...) although his appearance time in this film is consider as medium.

Well,it is a film about life, friendship, love so it quite close to the type of film that i looking into recently. What i think is the director also the origin character in this film Dito Montiel make this movie so real....just like a life in the reality,not much movie i saw can do like this.

It is about life of Dito with his gang living in a crime city Astoria. And the young Dito is potrait by Shia Labeouf, suprised!!! And with his best friend Antonio starred by Channing Tatum (handsome dude...), who always back Dito up and treat Dito's father like his own father.

So there are always fighting around and they taking alcohol and drugs all the time. You can see how the director show how close the relationship between this young guys in this film. When Dito crack a fight between a gang called Reaper, how Antonio help him. And there is one part after the dead of Antonio's brother and he had a fight with Dito....that's really shock, looking at how Dito begging Antonio to forgive him. Shia Labeouf...quite oustanding. Of course Antonio didnt gives a damn on Dito but when he saw Dito beaten up by gangster,he is so woory about him and help him out again.

Handsome Antonio...

I'm quite into Antonio character because he is such a aggresive people and always involves in fighting but when it comes to his friend,he can even pay his life for them. He also take care of Dito parents. After many problem occur, Dito decide to run away to california (where Dito's father strongly disagree) with his friend Mike but on their way back home after get their paid from their boss (who help them a lot and give all the money he have to them.), Mike shot to dead by the gangster. What in Dito mind is just to get out of this nightmare-go to california.

The older Dito (robert downey jr) has a success in california after he left everthing in this hometown include his loves one,his parents and his friend. Antonio get into prison after take a revenge for Dito. He is asked to be back to sent his father to hospital. When he comes back,he founds some of his friend died, addicted to drugs and everything has changed.

Dito (RDJ) talking to his mum.

He met his father but his father ignore him, still mad at him when Dito left them.....but Dito mother is so understanding. I like that part when Dito ask his father whether he loves him....Robert having tears in his eyes when he yelling to his father,quite touching. In the end Dito found that he has left everyone and everything in his home town but no one has left him. Everybody still missing him and helping him when he comes back.

The end of it,he went to the prison to meet Antonio,he is older (not that handsome already...)and all of this year Dito didnt even go ot see him but Antonio is so happy to see him and he told that he has many thing to tell Dito, Robert (Dito) is speechless.....guess it is guilty???

This time i think robert downey jr get a very different role. A role that doesnt speak much but we can still see what he trying to be. Not a role that has a perfect personalities...a role that is weak and dare not to face all the reality. Not bad....i have to say the beginning a bit bored but overall is quite a meaningful movie.

Feb 10, 2009

Man with suit.....

Personally....i think man looks really great in a fitted suit. No matter who you are, once you get yourself a suitable suit or plus a coat, there is sure mark added for your appearance.

There is few celebrities that i want to talk about....the man with a suit on.

I think i better start with the sexiest man of all time Brad Pitt. Well of course he looks good already and i think no matter what he wear that'll be a guarantee for him.

See...it works for him.

And even a very simple long sleeve shirt (base for suit ) makes Brad looks fantastic.


And the other guys that i want to talk about is Brad buddies aka the very classic example that all of us want to talk about when it comes to suit or coat....yes it's George clooney. Actually he's not that handsome for me although it is for everybody BUT.....he's like kinda gentlemen for me and although he not that good looking but errr he has the....should i say sense or what.

Hmm....good sense in picking the right suit.

Learn something from him....gentlemen

He is the only one that i feel that his hair...you know that is something about his hair to match with those suit. Just like what he did in the movie of leatherheads...i mean his hair. Actually in the beginning ( when i'm still young although i not old right now...), i dont like that king of hair though but that hair really works on this guy plus he has the salt and pepper type of hair so it makes him looks much more mature ( i think only ) Here's some example of him....


Simple and clean....not copy from KH.

And now i should talk bout a legendary not really our most handsome pilot of all time from the top gun.....Bingo it is Tom cruise.

He is handsome, yes when he is young and now i dont really think that he is good in wearing suit because from a few picture i search i just dont get it. But overall it is consider as passed.

Now i going to say one of my favourite actor....hehe. It is the Aussie hunk no doubt is Ewan mcgregor. Well dont have to say much just look at the picture.

He's hot in this.......

The young one i would say Joe jonas from The jonas brothers quite good in it. Young but have the right choice of suitable suit.

Here come my Ex....Keith Urban. I think that he dress quite well when attending his own award show like CMA and the Grammys but when it comes to his wife ( i dont want to mention who SHE is...) he dress uhmmm not that good....(personal opinion)

I guess this is a Australian hunk intrduction and now it's the turn of the latest sexiest man alive....the wolfman Hugh Jackman. This is a quite unique suit though. But i never thought that this'll be hugh jackman. Well outstanding. He deserves the crown for that.

'' I might turn to wolf ya....''

Jon did make a difference.

And of course i wont miss out Jon Bon Jovi ya. He's the most different compared all of them above because he can rock people out still with a suit on.....not many people can do that. See...( heart is pumping faster than ever by looking at the picture....) That's why he did for versace commercial. Rockstar style of suit

Last but not least......it's my honour to reveal the very respectful stylish man with nice suit.....i'm proudly present you the great Robert Dowey Jr ( this line copy from Ironman....hehe)


Dont know why but he just have the dare to try any kind of suit even some bright color one. But guess what he take the risk, and he make it.

Make it easy....relaxing!!!

Too many style of suit that robert downey jr have....which one you want? Chaplin style? Tony Stark style? Sherlock holmes style? But there is only the best and it is himself.

Playing teacher???

This is great.....i'm melted.

But he's a confidence kid.....err i mean guy......He looks great in coat, suit or even waistcoat. ( i have to mention that Keith Urban looks fabulous in waistcoat....)

Look at him......@.@

Man with suit? No...man with style.

So now it is the end of my very own opinion of suit on these guys......for some that really cool guys out there i might forget to say.....wait for next round ya. ( Damn i forgot Johnny Depp.....)

Feb 7, 2009

Defying gravity

Finally keith urban is going to release his new album Defying Gravity (cool ya...) maybe somewhere in march.....

Hahaha....i'm so happy. This featured one of his new released single Sweet thing ( song he wrote for me....) Oh man cant wait to see but i'll still wait for bon jovi new album then just decide which one to buy. This is what i call fair. Hehe

Feb 5, 2009

Keith urban wear spect!!!

In a video that keith urban making music in his studio, i saw him wearing spectacle.....

Oh man i'm so excited to see that coz he looks really great.....oh man he's so cute when wearing spectacles.....

Oh my flower crazy begin again..... (@.@)

Look great in this suit....

Not bad, can be compared to

jon bon jovi and robert downey jr

Demand,demand,demand....(Bon jovi, keith urban..)

I'm so sad after saw the number of people demand bon jovi and keith urban to Malaysia....

I never thought it would be this number....Give me a better one!!!

If you enjoy music of bon jovi and keith urban like me, PLEASE demand them to our lovely country Malaysia....by going to Eventful website and demand it.....


(May all my wish come true....)