Apr 28, 2010

The Day After Tomorrow review

I watch this flick few years ago in cinema....(but that time blogging is not in my world yet.)
And today caught this movie on tv, I think that this movie should be in my blog since it gives such a great impact.

Yes, it's the day after tomorrow.....

Another Roland Emmerich's movie. But honestly, for me.....I think that this one is way better than 2012. Love the flow of storyline, the disaster, the touching part.....2012 is a bit more to "heavyweight" kind of disaster related movie.

This movie starred by Dennis Squaid (I start to love this man, the movie he's in is kinda cool, I mean so far so good.), Jake Gyllenhaal and Sala Ward. Well, Dennis is a climate scientist, or something like that where he made a forecast model which turn to be truth that the climate change is related to his model.(That's why he is the main character....=_='') His son, played by Jake.G is a student ( Man, prince of persia looks so young in this movie. ) and while the climate change turn worst, he is trapped in New York which is far apart from his dad.

I love how the director arrange the flow of this movie. From the part Jake.G trapped, his dad go and save him, and on and on.....I love the part in where the tornado hit Hollywood....(NO!!!! They crash the Hollywood sign.) What i trying to say is that, the appearance of a few tornado together in LA, the scene is so great....Can you imagine yourself in the middle of LA and 4 to 5 tornado surround you??? And the part where the flood hit New York city.

The scene they burn the books to keep warm is funny too because at first they was like :"NO! we can't burn the books, that is our cultures and knowledge..." If I was there, I was like throwing all the maths books into the fireplace, burn all of them, they shouldn't exist!!! (Ehem, sorry, get a little too excited and out of topic...) The 3 scientist in this movie is very.....sigh. Till the end of the day, they trapped in the lab and still helping the people to find out the solution for this climate change. SALUTE!!! One of them is Manchester's fans ( Which is totally no relation, just mention it). And there's a soldier in this movie name Cyril......(Again, totally no relation at all....)

The ice storm is really frightening. If you didn't got the chance to get into building or even you get in the buildings, you'll be freeze by the storm. I love one part where Dennis's friend ask him whether will them survive. He answer human survive once through Ice Age and of course they will survive for the second time, only that will they learn from the mistakes. Yes, actually this is so true. I found out that many people tends to realize the end of the world after they watch 2012. Or I wonder have you guys watch a docu, the name is something like 6 degree could change the world ? People after watching it was like, oh it's going to ve the end of the world, doomsday.....NO!!!!! Don't you guys get what it trying to tell us? It's global warming.

I think the documentary tell us clearly, what they expect or predict to be happen maybe 40 or 50 years later is actually happening now. Because of global warming...some of them might say it's too late to save our earth, but it's better than we don't even try. I mean we never learn from our mistakes. Human should learn from the mistakes. There're been so many natural disaster happening around, almost earthquake everyday, tornado is start having "cameo", and the volcano eruption. Our earth is changing, like the docu said. So act now before it's too late.

Back to the topic, this movie is great, from independance day to the day after tomorrow and 2012....What else you got, Roland!!! Keep it coming, he say he won't do it again, but in the end, he will still do it....disaster related movie. haha.

(PS : The Losers looks greats....gotta check it out!!! Okay tomorrow is officially iron Man 2 release date!!!)

Apr 18, 2010

Moshi Monsters....the new facebook?

Yes, Moshi Monsters is the new trend!!! Is it the new facebook?

The answer is kind of...Actually this is a social networking, learning (a little...) site that designed for kids, the average user is between 7 to 12 years old. (*ehem* however, I join the site too.....hehe *blush*)

So when you enter the site and sign up, you'll need to "adopt" a monster!!! Yes! It's ADOPT a MONSTER!!! There are six monsters to choose so far, the monster is shown below.

From left to right : Diavlo, Katsuma (this cool guy), Furi (i think i've saw this "flurry thingy" somewhere), Poppet, Zommer and Luvli (looks like a tomato to me, well , i think it suppose to be a love.) Guess which I choose??

After you choose, you'll need to customize your pet, of course with the color only. It's more or less like pet society in facebook. But seriously, the site is so cute. All the stuff in the site is so interactive. For example, there is a purple tiny bacteria ( I think that's a bacteria? ) in the loading site, it will eat your mouse key arrow.

After that you'll need to name your pet, take care of it, make friends, decorate your house and play games (some puzzles, maths related games, seriously, I think I'm kinda weak in playing this, haha.)

Well I still haven't got the chance to "investigate" deeper and more details in this Moshi Monsters site. But it's kinda interesting. The only thing is the dressing is kinda hard for me to help my pet dress up.

Haha, maybe you can give a try to this site, the Moshi Monsters.

By the way, feel free to add me here in the monster world : www.MoshiMe.com/urbanae

(PS: When I register for this site and type in my age, I'm kinda afraid....because I'm kinda old to play for this game and I'm afraid they won't allow me to play, haha but AGE is not a problem!!!)

Apr 16, 2010

Fight Club....Genius!

Want some soap?

David Fincher is a genius!!!! This movie is freakin awesome and I'm just wondering why it takes so damn long for me to watch this movie!!!

Starred by Brad Pitt, Edward Norton. Edward Norton's role who work for a car company having insomnia seeking the way to get rid of his stress and seek a way to sleep (Oh man, I'm having insomnia lately, will I become like Edward Norton's role...??). It's how funny that Edward stumble into the emotion or feeling sharing group for some disease diagnosed or sick people group and found out that it really help much when he cry and can release his tension away to sleep well. However, as time go by, he met Marla ( played by Helena Bonham Carter, who is one of them that collaborate the most with Tim Burton other than Johnny Depp and wife to Tim Burton as well.), a women that always go to feeling sharing group too and Edward is kinda afraid that she will reveal his identity that he is not a person diagnosed with the disease or sickness. So he was like wanna chase her off from the sharing group and what happened is that they actually exchange date so that they do not clash with each other for the feeling sharing group. The guys name Bob that Edward met in the group is really funny. Haha.

And after a while, edward didnt went for the sharing group anymore and fly here and there to work on his job. He met Brad Pitt on the plane and by coincidence, edward's house was blown up and turn out seeking help from Brad Pitt. Interesting part begins, they started live together and even fight together...and edward found that fighting is another way to release stress. After lot's of fight, with the help of Brad (he's kinda like a leader in this movie.....), they started a underground fighting club. They fight for free and getting more member to join. And classic one, the first rule of fight club you DO NOT talk about fight club!! When things get going, Brad is like starting recruiting a "military group" and start to do bad things that sometimes Edward not knowing about it. Edward get so confuse that he do not know what is Brad thinking and till one day, Brad left Edward.......He found that something is going wrong when he go over the place to search for Brad.

Yo, looks at Brad, he's damn hot in this movie......SERIOUSLY.

I mean the twisting ending is really cool but actually it can be known half way. But when you know about the ending and flashback on the previous scene, you're like : yes, yes it makes senses when Brad ask Edward to ask him the question and to punch him on his face. I mean seriously, this is smart movie. I LOVE this so much. And i love how they say that How much can you know about yourself if you never been in a fight? And how they show that people is a different people when they're in fight club and another morning, when they're working, they're the same old person doing things like they never enjoy to do. I mean this is so true. One scene of the movie, Brad say something like human want to survive that they are actually neglect and give up their ability and dreams. But seriously, how many of them out there can actually are chasing and working on their own dreams. They're working for a living.......

Tyler Durden?

I don't want to reveal the ending, I think it will be best to watch it yourself. Although I know most of the people watch this movie long time ago, but there might be few like me......( I really wonder why it takes so long for me to watch this movie....??? WHY!? ) And the part where Edward roll down from the stairs.....the stuntman takes about 12 takes for the shot and it came out that David Fincher use the first shot in the movie. (OMG...)

I really enjoy this movie, good storyline, good casting, good director, Man I love David Fincher!!!! Thumb up!!!

(PS: The illusionist will be the next that on my movie list.....add in something: Even though the ending reveal, but i don't think it affect badly on Brad's role at all.....I still can FEEL him!!! Ok, I should not talk so much......watch the movie and you'll know)

Apr 15, 2010

The Men Who Stare At Goats review....Meh!?

Stupid!!! Again, I feel like a moron after watching this movie!!!

Because another stupid comedy by smart people is made!!! But I will still say that Burn After Reading is the best stupid comedy I ever watch (Gotta stick with the Coen Bros's comedy!!!)

But seriously, I think I'm kinda disappointed. Maybe I've been having a high expectation on this film after I watch the trailer. The sad thing is all the best part is already include in the trailer. Sigh, I'm expecting more from them.

Well this comedy obviously is not only simply a comedy movie, but you can see how they involve politic in it ( go and check out yourself ). Bob played by Ewan mcgregor is a journalist, his life is on a downfall where his wife left him and he's trying to proves his wife that he is SOMEBODY!!! So he went to find out some story to wrote about and met up with Lyn aka G.Clooney. And.....lots of REALLY STUPID stuff begins when they get together.

Clooney is a psychic soldier (psycho....soldier!?) who has a superpower like passing through the wall, master the others by mumbling words to them, vanish the cloud and kill the goat by staring at the goats.....(=.=''......*speechless*) He call himself a Jedi warrior when he introduce himself to Bob. This is real funny that Ewan Mcgregor is actually a Jedi warrior before that ( He play Obi Wan in star war, Jedi warrior huh.....haha). And Jeff Bridge play a leader for the psycho soldier.....ehem I mean psychic soldier. Personally I never thought Jeff Bridge will play a role like that. He's like a hippies with long hair and giving stupid command to his soldier doing some really stupid stuff. I love how they salute to the sun!!! That's funny when Ewan Mcgregor is searching for Clooney when he get out from the car.

I mean you can see this movie, how they expressing their politics opinion...
That's really cool where you can see that how dare are they to talk about the politics in this movie with their own way. I guess this is call freedom, right?

But if you're really looking forward into comedy, I'm not really recommend this movie. Hmm, well it is funny but i will still stick to Burn After Reading and Wild Hogs style of comedy.

(PS: Looking for inspiring movie!!!! Any recommendation???)

Apr 12, 2010

Iron Man 2 a little updates : Picture time!!!

People might misunderstood that RIH!!! is a Iron Man 2 promo blog because RIH!!! been updating with Iron Man 2 news from times to times.

Don't get me wrong but I'm a big fans of Iron Man, I admit that I'm a Iron Man geek. So what we have today? The Iron Man 2 worldwide movie poster!!! Cool!!!

And of course some picture from the movie itself........

Tony Stark aka RDJ aka my hubby (hehe....) with war machine aka Don Cheadle in the war marchine suit, he's the one replace for terrence howard's role. No worry, he's a good actor, I think he can play the role well.
Shhh, tell you something in case you don't know, Rhodey aka Don Cheadle will fight with Stark later in Iron Man, in other words, he betray Stark!!! Holy! Wonder will they have the storyline in Iron Man 3. By the way, Iron Man 3 will be shooting in this Fall.

Woohoo!!! Whiplash.....Mickey's the man!!! Love his Whiplash's look, guess who's on the phone??? Mickey is kinda a method actor, where when he shooting a scene where he need to cry in Iron Man 2. He require someone to hold his passed away chihuahua photo to "trigger" his tears for the crying scenes.

As well as Happy Hogan, guess all Iron Man geek know what Hogan holding in his hand right? A suitcase? No!! A LV suitcase....(......NO!!!!!) But a Iron Man SUITcase. Yes in Iron Man 2, Stark no need to armor up his suit with the machine. He only need this suitcase to suit up as Iron Man(Seriously I want one!!!!). This can be found in Iron Man 2 latest trailer in the last part. Just some extra : Hogan hooked with Pepper Pots later....Poor Stark, betray by two most trustable friends.
Actually, there is a Scarlett johasson picture as well, but I didnt post it. Because........RDJ flirt with her in the movie!!!! (Haha, I know I know.....>-<>
And Thor is spotted in Iron Man 2 trailer too, during the cell scene......YES!!!! This mean The Avenger is getting closer!!!! Can't wait for that!!!
Finally, gotta say it again. Iron Man 2 will be invade the cinema in may 7!!!!!
(PS : *ehem* wondering will they involved some Demon in a bottle storyline in Iron Man 2, which is the downfall of Tony Stark.)

Shutter Island preview

Shutter Island, some places that never let you go......

Starred by Leonardo Dicarpio, Mark Ruffalo and Martin Scorsese as the director. Obviously Leonardo not the reason that I wanna go for this flick. I'm kinda attracted by this movie's storyline which is based on the novel Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane.

This movie is all about Leonardo, aka Teddy in this movie going to shutter island to investigate on a case where one of the patient in the hospital has vanished in her locked room. It is impossible for the patient to escape from the island (yaya, same old story....) But when Leonardo got deeper into the case, he found out that this is not only a simple patient vanishing cases but a secret psychotropic medication is used to master minded the patient. The island lost contact with the outside world and weird thing happening to leonardo and his partner which they actually become the patients in the hospital....(=='' under treatment...lame detective, gotta learn something from Holmes ya.)

In the end, Leonardo started to doubt everything around him even his own memories......

This is a mystery thrilled movie. And i really want to know what happen in the end although I'm not a big fans of Leonardo's movie. I hope this movie will come up with a twisting ending, just like what happen in The Orphan.

Hope that i can go and check out this movie soon......so that I can have a review on it. Good or bad? Watch the trailer yourself.

(Ps : Just figure out that RDJ is in Master Mind, i thought they say that he rejected the role....??? Waiting for Bruce Willis's Cop Out, looks much like Die Hard in comedy.)

Apr 2, 2010

Clash of the Titans review

Finally I've watch Clash of Titans which I mumbling that I'm gonna watch from the end of 2009 until today....

Well, this movie is great if you're one of the Greek mythology geek. I mean overall this movie is satisfying, love those Greek's monster, the fighting scene. It's like the same concept watching Avatar (Not because Sam Worthington star in both movie but it's like enjoying the environment and creature in Avatar and enjoying the monster, fighting, and greek mythology in Clash of the Titans.)

Flying with Pegasus fighting with Kraken!!!

This is about the story of Perseus, part human and part god, and the son of Zeus. I'm amazed by all the Great stuff (Greek's myth stuff ) in this film, the Medusa, Hades (I know he's not one of the monster), the flying vampire-bat look alike UFO (That's really an unidentifying flying object), the Pegasus, the 3 witches and guess what? There's a cameo appearance by someone from Pirates of the Carribean!!!! Yes, it's the Kraken!!!! (Haha, but this one is much "good looking".)

The 3 witch with Perseus, aren't they look alike with that 3 witch sista in Hercules Disney version

I think the introduction can be simplify so that they can focus more on when Perseus travelling to find the witches with his gang, fighting with different Greek's myth monster. I think they can bring more monster in this movie, it's like kinda a little less for me. More fighting scenes. The death of Perseus's men like Draco, Ixas, Ozal and the rest makes me feel a little....hmm not that satisfy? Because in the end, it's Perseus to fight alone. I thought it will be more interesting to have someone as fighting partner for Perseus in the end. You know it's like involve some of the LOTR elements in it. By the way, the soundtrack is kinda cool as well (Love the soundtrack).

The absence of love story element makes this movie much better!!! (Sorry for love story lovers out there, but i think for Greek's myth should be involve more fighting in it...) The ending is a little too simple for Perseus to end. However, I think the climax of the story should be that one fighting Medusa. Actually I'm hoping they focus more on the surrounding of Hell....(I know I've been wanting so much from them.....haha)

Another Hero in this movie, Draco!!! Love him, he's only one of the Agros but able to help Perseus fight till the end. Love the part he turn into stone, still look cool with the grin.

Well, I get a little confuse when I watching this movie. I thought that Perseus is Hercules, ain't them just too similar. Later, I found out that Perseus is some sort like Hercules grand-grand-grandfather.....However, I saw Hercules met with the 3 witches that Perseus met in this movie. And meeting Hades and Zeus as well......Well, just some my personal opinion on both of them but I still like Hercules better, maybe they can involve him in Clash of Titans 2, and a series of Greek's myth can be release as movie as well.

As you wish, the Medusa, don't look her in the eye!!!!

Overall, this movie is great, don't get me wrong that I keep hoping that enhance this and that doesn't mean that this movie is a bored or poor movie. Clash of the Titans is worth to watch. Just a little more monster and fighting will be nice. The next series may talk about Apollo? Haha let's wait and see.

(PS: Iron Man 2 has officially invade Malaysia, saw the movie poster stand.....By the way, looking forward to Shutter Island, Prince of Persia as well....Robin Hood, hmm, considerable.)

Apr 1, 2010

April's fool, not so funny....

April's fool, a day where everyone will set someone as their target and prank on them. However, on 2003, someone gives a biggest prank ever.

Yes, it's Leslie Cheung.....the legend of Hong Kong artist, he can sing, he can act and he's talented. On 2003 April's fool, he gaves us a biggest "joke" ever, he commited suicide. Everyone thought that it is a prank or rumors.

However, this is true. Everyone is so shocked when find out the truth. I think he's way too young to end his life. I mean he shouldn't end his life, he's so talented!!! Not really know what is the reason for him to do that. But we know that his song and movie will remains and stay with us although he's gone.

He's the only chinese artist that I think that he can be a great singer and actor at the same times. Respect him as always. After this incident, April's fool is no longer funny for people in Hong Kong, as Leslie is really really really, I mean REALLY HUGE in Hong Kong as well as in places where there are chinese living it will at least know about him.
(PS : Love Leslie's Farewell to my concubine that movie.....check it out.)