Apr 15, 2010

The Men Who Stare At Goats review....Meh!?

Stupid!!! Again, I feel like a moron after watching this movie!!!

Because another stupid comedy by smart people is made!!! But I will still say that Burn After Reading is the best stupid comedy I ever watch (Gotta stick with the Coen Bros's comedy!!!)

But seriously, I think I'm kinda disappointed. Maybe I've been having a high expectation on this film after I watch the trailer. The sad thing is all the best part is already include in the trailer. Sigh, I'm expecting more from them.

Well this comedy obviously is not only simply a comedy movie, but you can see how they involve politic in it ( go and check out yourself ). Bob played by Ewan mcgregor is a journalist, his life is on a downfall where his wife left him and he's trying to proves his wife that he is SOMEBODY!!! So he went to find out some story to wrote about and met up with Lyn aka G.Clooney. And.....lots of REALLY STUPID stuff begins when they get together.

Clooney is a psychic soldier (psycho....soldier!?) who has a superpower like passing through the wall, master the others by mumbling words to them, vanish the cloud and kill the goat by staring at the goats.....(=.=''......*speechless*) He call himself a Jedi warrior when he introduce himself to Bob. This is real funny that Ewan Mcgregor is actually a Jedi warrior before that ( He play Obi Wan in star war, Jedi warrior huh.....haha). And Jeff Bridge play a leader for the psycho soldier.....ehem I mean psychic soldier. Personally I never thought Jeff Bridge will play a role like that. He's like a hippies with long hair and giving stupid command to his soldier doing some really stupid stuff. I love how they salute to the sun!!! That's funny when Ewan Mcgregor is searching for Clooney when he get out from the car.

I mean you can see this movie, how they expressing their politics opinion...
That's really cool where you can see that how dare are they to talk about the politics in this movie with their own way. I guess this is call freedom, right?

But if you're really looking forward into comedy, I'm not really recommend this movie. Hmm, well it is funny but i will still stick to Burn After Reading and Wild Hogs style of comedy.

(PS: Looking for inspiring movie!!!! Any recommendation???)

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