Jan 31, 2009

They're gone....just for one month

I'm so sad....after one month of working, finally i can sit down and watch my favourite drama ER.

So looking forward to Dr. doug ross aka george clooney the paediatrician or the doctor i like the most in ER

But when i watch it....i' m totally disappointed and realized that it is the season 5 which is the very last season for Dr. Ross......He leave the general hospital to Seattle. Oh man...and even Dr Benton and Dr Romano are gone.....and i didnt see Dr.Jeanie so far yet. What happen after she and Dr.Ross had a car crash??

After Dr.Ross gone then how about Dr. Greene....He must be so alone without his best pal....and i know Dr greene died of cancer after that. So sad...but there are many great moment of ER, and i really enjoy it. But i think after season 5, i wont continue watching because there are many new guys in and none of them as good as Dr. Ross but i'll wait for season 15 last episode because george clooney is going back as Dr.ross in the last episode ( A little old Dr. Ross....uhmmm)
Well let's see then...How'll george clooney be in his scrub again? Hope he still fit for that.

Jan 28, 2009

Happy CHINESE new year!!!

In the 1st day of cny...i got sick.....damn. Okay i should start it in a good one......(rewrite....)

In the 1st day of cny aka chinese new year or the midnight of the day before the 1st day of cny ( ohhh i can play boys like girls five minutes to midnight...@_@ ), when the military general released the very first atomic bomb aka fire crackers but those is with lots of ''red sausages'' hanging on a long long tiny ropes....(weird description?? that's why i get a band 4...phew~), after a spark of flame created by the lighter..it LIGHT ON the tip of the ropes of the many ''red sausages'' ( try to leave a light on when i'm gone~~even in the daylight, shine on~~and when it's late at night you can look inside~~you wont feel so alone~~hehe light on lyrics...so stupid huh?)

Ok then the red sausages is STIMULATED and burst like a SPORES....( what the??? Yes it is biology...)...PIK LI PA LAK....( yes no doubt this is the sound that created by all the red sausages...non stop)

And why?? Because all the red sausages reminds us here's come the 1st day of the cny...!!! Yeah...wish all our dreams comes true....and be appreciate on all we've got....

Oh back to the VIT aka very important thing that i want to talk bout...i fell sick maybe it is all i ACCUMULATED during working as a beer promoter ( Nobody's drinks alone~~~Hehe keith urban song...)

What kind of sick i got??

Let me tell you...i got saturday night fever....(Night fever~~night fever~~) plus flu plus a little damage on my larynx and esophagus...Makes me hard to swallow...

Then i try to ''survive'' until the 3rd day of cny...and go for a NON PRO doctor( i dont want to mention his names but definately not Dr House or Dr Ross...see how sick i am...start to talk nonsense things) ...and gives me stupid antibodies (Mr lum said antibodies is something stimulate our bodies T cell to attack) and the two UFA aka unidentify antibodies makes my eyes surround swell like....Gold fish ( can i use a better desription ? maybe...uhmm...i dont know). I can only hardly see things around me and i really hope the oil tanks of BJ is right in front of me so it'll makes him looks slim.

And now Dr House will stand up and say with the tone of our SIRIM aka BMG aka Big mXXXX green 's favourite Conan's tone : it is all about ALLERGIC!!!

Ohh i watch too much of drama series and movies recently so dont blame on me bout that.

Phew...the sound of release by taking Sora's favourite potion...my eyes back to the ''used to be'' size....but my larynx still not recover...And here it go...

Doctor : Sorry you can put the blame on me, ohhh~~ you can put the blame on me ( Akon)
Me : Ohhh it's too late too apologize...it's too late... ( One republic)
Doctor : It's not over... (Daughtry )
Me : But everybody Stop and stare ~~at my eyes...( One republic)
Doctor : It takes A little bit of longer~~...to recover...( Jonas brothers )
Me : It's a beautiful lie...it's a perfect deny...ohhh ( 30 STM)
My mom : ( to me) if you drink your water then I wont say i told you so ....( Keith urban )
Me : It's my life~~~ ( bon jovi ) (uhmm if i do this i guess i'll get a slap from my mom)

So here's the end of my sick cny story....This is the story of my life~~~~ ( bon jovi )...hehe....

Jan 15, 2009

MUET result is out and i'm in.

In the midnight of 14th january......
My handphone vibrate and a message is received. I kind of mycardial infarction when i saw the message,

MUET result is out tomorrow please go to school and get it.

From, the tortoise (my ''wife'')

Damn!!! Tomorrow?? Are you kidding me? I'm so nervous that i feel like want to vomit and begin to search through the internet because i never thought that it will be this fast.

I'm so worry that i 'll get a band 3 (it will not enough for me to get into university although i already know with my stpm result i wont get into ) but i just dont want a quick end for me....

After all, i get a band 4 for it....just enough for people with poor english standard like me. What can i say...i'm lucky maybe.

And i've thanks keith urban and bon jovi teaching me english through their music and robert downey jr through his movie and their news.

Thanks...of course my ''ex'' tutor mr sunny lim (although he's like simon cowell when he's teaching) and mr malek ( aka timbaland, my most respectful teacher). There are only a similarities between them......they willing to teach without wanting any rebates from me but only hope that i'll improve my english.