Jan 15, 2009

MUET result is out and i'm in.

In the midnight of 14th january......
My handphone vibrate and a message is received. I kind of mycardial infarction when i saw the message,

MUET result is out tomorrow please go to school and get it.

From, the tortoise (my ''wife'')

Damn!!! Tomorrow?? Are you kidding me? I'm so nervous that i feel like want to vomit and begin to search through the internet because i never thought that it will be this fast.

I'm so worry that i 'll get a band 3 (it will not enough for me to get into university although i already know with my stpm result i wont get into ) but i just dont want a quick end for me....

After all, i get a band 4 for it....just enough for people with poor english standard like me. What can i say...i'm lucky maybe.

And i've thanks keith urban and bon jovi teaching me english through their music and robert downey jr through his movie and their news.

Thanks...of course my ''ex'' tutor mr sunny lim (although he's like simon cowell when he's teaching) and mr malek ( aka timbaland, my most respectful teacher). There are only a similarities between them......they willing to teach without wanting any rebates from me but only hope that i'll improve my english.