Mar 3, 2012

Oscar 2012 Red Carpet : Go for the Fashion

Oscar, an award show that every single one buzzing on "Who will be the big winner" in the filming industry. Of course, the film and the actors and actresses are definitely the spotlight but fashion plays a big part through the show.

You don't want to end up getting a "Razzie-fashion award" because almost the entire photog and paparazzi in town were there for the event! Grooming, dresses, tux, bow tie, you name it, we got it all in Oscar 2012. The celebs did their prep before the show. Let's start the event with fashion!

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler :
George as dashing as usual, Stacy picks a really nice dress but it will be better without THE big twist.

Brad Pitt and Angie :
Angie steals the show. The thigh high split makes a big trend, it even comes out with a legbombing image of her and her right leg now has a twitter account. To be honest, I'm not really fancy with the dress. But it's good to see that Angie is rocking the dress out. Oh I totally forgot Brad is with her, sorry Brad. :P

Gwyneth Paltrow :
Who says only superheroes can put on a cape!? Looks how Pepper Potts aka Gwyneth do it in a right way. Nice and simple. I'll say elegant. Nice try! Just too dull when everyone going black on the red carpet.

Meryl Streep :
She knows how to win an Oscar. Look at how Meryl dress up! I bet the award has her name on it already before it is presented. No offend to other nominees, seriously.

Colin and Livia Firth :
The King knows what to do with the suit but the Queen, busted! No, no, no, can be better. Last year her dress was really nice.

Jean Dujardin and wife :
Jean Dujardin, I don't like them calling him the French Clooney. Both of them has their own style and Jean looks really good with the suit. His wife, probably a color change will do better.

Gary Oldman and Alex Eden :
Gary Oldman looks dapper in Paul Smith. Vest, bow tie, glasses, he has the fashion sense. Wife, Alex looks wonderful, classy. I love her skin tone.

Kenneth Branagh :
He meant to be Prof. Lockhart and he is. Tie will do. Sleek.

Sacha Baron Cohen :
You know, a storyline will be bored without a dramatic scenes. Sacha try to works it out, in a very wrong way.