Nov 28, 2012

The Big Day : Baskin Robbins Flavor Election

I've gotta say I'm eager to know when is the next election and yet our PM still haven't announce the date yet. However! Baskin Robbins knows it and guess what, they have an election themselves and THIS MUST BE THE BEST ELECTION EVER!!! Ice cream flavor election! The Baskin Robbins Malaysian flavor election! *applause*

Level of coolness to the max~SERIOUSLY!! For those who were there, they know why, because we were given the chance to vote AND WE GET TO EAT FREE FLOW OF BASKIN ROBBINS (Yea, you can jealous me now~)!!!

Bloggers, bloggers and ice cream everywhere~
We have five celebrity bloggers there representing each flavor which are mocha, world class chocolate, berries, praline and cookies and cream. Each flavor has a campaign and for the flavor that won, the campaign will go on for a year~

Our flavor representatives~
Well, other than he voting and ice cream, they have giveaway too, like voucher and key chain and nothing is free, you will need to pay play to get it! The host is a great entertainer, he can sing, he knows how to interact with the crowd and he's funny!

You'll need to roar to get the voucher! This gal won!
They have a ice cream eating contest too at that freezing cold night where you get the balance of coldness inside out or outside in whatever~One thing for sure, you will get brain freeze!

Gulp down the ice cream!!!

The winner for Blogger's eating competition, Sixthseal!

Girl's power!!!

The gentleman~
And the winning flavor goes to, Praline n Cream. Not my favourite among all the flavor but the campaign is the best among all! The rest of the day was just eat, eat and eat all the ice cream after the voting!

Tempting isn't it?

Praline, a little too sweet for me~
Pretty much enjoy the event, vote and eat, who doesn't enjoy that? And I'm lucky enough to get the limited edition BR keychain~


That's it. The end of the election. Now we should wait for the real deal, our country election.....(how good if they serves some ice cream too~)

Nov 15, 2012

Nuffnang First Comic Bloggers Gathering

Went to Nuffnang very first Comic Bloggers Gathering last week that was held at CAFFEine. It was more like an eyes open event to know better what is Comic Blogger and the comic blogging's trend going on in the social networking world nowadays.

Our doodle and drawing on the canvas. Spot mine? Better don't haha.

It's really glad to have Ernest , CheeChing and Sarah Joan to share their experience and knowledge on drawing and comic blogging (Seriously I'm inspired by them, nice talk!!).

Ernest from Bro Don't Like That La Bro.

Chee Ching from 

Sarah Joan, I like her comic drawing~
It's a really nice event, where people with passion on the same thing gather around and chit chatting, exchange opinion and drawing~(Tho I'm not a comic blogger but who knows, soon to be one...maybe.) I've gotta say that Ernest and Chee Ching are really cool, they can just draw in anywhere, any time like just squad down there in front of the laptop (no kidding) and draw using mouse and *puff* DONE!

The talented groupie of 3.

And thanks CAFFEIne for the food and drinks....

It's really awesome to get different bloggers together and gather. And thanks Ernest and Chee Ching for drawing a portrait of me~

Credit to Chee Ching. 

Credit to Ernest.
Hmm that's it. And guess what, guess what, I'm in serious thought of starting a comic blog! Till I get things done and have some free time to doodle and I will announce it here! Prepare for lame doodle of mine!

Nov 6, 2012

MaGaCon 2012 @ Publika

What is the best way to spend your weekends? Well, normally I will spend my weekends going swimming, cook some nice food to treat myself (one of the reason why I'm getting cuter chubby than before*sob sob*), hanging out with friends or family, read a book....etc. But guess what, I've cancel all my routine weekends activities and have an awesome "geeky" weekends by attending the MaGaCon 2012 that was held at Publika last week (Publika is like my second home now, kind of.).

For those who got tons of question marks popping out around their head now, stay cool, I'll explain to you what is MaGaCon. It's called Malaysia Games Convention which is like the fun fair version of digital and analog games. Awww~ I love to play games and how can I not to attend this event.

*Tada* Gamers everywhere~

Different gaming platforms at MaGaCon.

There were variety of games available, Assassin's Creed, FIFA, CoD, and etc. But I'm diggin' all the board games, call me a frog under the well (direct translate from the proverb) but all I know is Monopoly before I went to MaGaCon. I've played the chicken memory game, chop the tree bark and I was really craving for the ghost card game (I don't know what is the name but there are few objects available and the people with the fastest response grab the piece and he/she will get the card). Just a personal opinion, I thought more interaction will be involved by playing analog game, good for youngster nowadays. 

On the other hands, I HEART JUST DANCE 4 SOOO MUCH (as a loyal fans of Sony PlayStation, Just Dance 4 just shake my loyalty and I'm thinking to get Xbox 360 kinectic just for the game, NOOOO~)!!! I've tried Street Fighter X Tekken and I wonder why my Hwoarang will be defeated by Kuma (Shame on me!). Played FIFA 13 with a little boy and lose to him (Double shame on me!! My life is ruined by a little boy, I shall quit gaming~ No, the reason is that I play Winning Eleven all the time and I never touch a Xbox console before in my life. EXCUSES!

Of course, that is not all. There were some quests to be completed and you will have the chance to win some awesome prizes. I didn't took part in the quest because IT'S WAY TOO DIFFICULT I'm in for the Nuffnang Quest so I thought of not to grab the chance for the other person from the public to win *Ehem* (well, the kind hearted side of me). I mean seriously POP THE BEANIE quest is almost like mission impossible where you need to pop the beanie bag from Freeasy (It's leather and it's so firm.), somehow I think we have some warriors manage to complete the quest as well (they must have brought a blade or AK with them to "pop" the bean bag.). There is a cosplay session as well and I saw Link!

Pop it!


Rilakkuma rilaksing and gaming at MaGacon.

And we were given a task too for Nuffnangers, the few chosen one to complete the Nuffnang Quest. Our quest is CoD4, Jenga and challenge a game with the public.

Giving a brief for us.

CoD 4, no eyes see at the result.

Our Jenga piece! So tall!

I was in OMG mode when they let us know that one of the quest is playing CoD. Yes, no surprise at all but the thing is that I never play CoD before and I seldom play PC game (I play console game and MoH, totally unrelated~). Without any doubt, search for a quick briefing on how the control button work and the rest just count on luck, seriously (T___T). The coolest part is I brought my dad as my game partner and he MUST play that game (He never go near to the PC in his entire life and I need to teach him how to play CoD on the spot, imagine that!). I was kinda laugh till I roll on the floor when I guide my dad playing. Below is the conversation between me and my dad during the game.

Me : "Turn around, turn around, enemy at your back."
Dad : "How, how?" (He start pressing the move forward button...)
Me : "NONONONONO, drag the mouse, I mean turn around the gun position, move the mouse~TURN AROUND TURN AROUND~" (In very kan cheong aka nervous mode where the enemy start shooting at him.)
(Look at the PC, still in the same position)
Dad : "Okay, okay, is it like this??" (The following part I ald burst out laughing and tell him it's okay, nvm we just try our best in Jenga.)(Because he position the mouse in the opposite's direction and flip it upside down as I ask him "Turn around".)

We end up at 8th place in CoD which is quite good (REALLY!?) if you will like to know there are 8 teams in the Nuffnang Quest. We did okay in Jenga and we didn't win in the quest but we were having so much fun.  I'm a bad daughter as I really can't stop laughing at the CoD Mouse issue.

Finally, it's over!

I met someone at MaGaCon that kinda made my day! Guess who?

It's Dark Vader! Trying to control the Jenga piece using his force.

Yea, I like Obi Wan but kinda fancy Dark Vader as well. I think they should have more cosplayer at  MaGaCon. Overall, it's a really awesome event. I hope the next one will be organised at a larger place, with more gaming device for the digital game section (difficulty walking around and more chance for other people to try out the game). The analog section is doing good! And I hope they provide some drinks and energy bars if it's possible (a little greedy but gamers need them)! Last but not least, more prizes for lucky draw~ Oh and thumbs up for the staff at the event (Thank you for teaching us how to play a game~)!

Me, joining the dark side.
Probably the happiest moment of the day, holding the lightsaber and slashing other players. The End!

Nov 5, 2012

HY's Doodle for Comic Bloggers Gathering

I have come across Nuffnang blog post on Comic Bloggers Gathering (How come I don't know about it!) and I feel like I wanna take part in it. I always enjoy seeing people drawing, painting or creating their own comic.

This will be Nuffnang first Comic Blogger Gathering which will be featuring awesome comic bloggers like and and will be held at CAFFEine.

Basically to take part in this contest is to draw a comic version of myself (Ain't no Picasso's blood flowing in my veins~) and give the reason why I want to attend. First of all, just take a look at my first doodle, don't laugh. 

"It's a SIGN!"

Yes, the cavemen with beard is me (it's comic so everything make sense~)! First of all I thought that it's a SIGN for me to come across the Comic Bloggers Gathering as my drawing skill is so-so and blogging skill still require some experience to enhance it. I thought by attending this gathering will offer me the chance to learn something from other comic bloggers. And oh the doodle of mine is indicating that I got to know about the comic bloggers gathering at last minutes and the rest just decipher it by yourself~ (irresponsible comic artist, I am.) I bet attending this event, I'll get awarded with loads and loads of knowledge regarding comic blogging~~~

Next thing to do, to draw a comic version of myself. Me, my "outstanding" characteristic will be my glasses and long messy hair so here it is, the comic portrait of mine, credited to the artist of HY's Doodle which is me! 

*sangat memalukan*

A picture of me pleading to go to the a return, I promise you I'll comb my hair when I attend the event (Meh~). So, here it is. First attempt to show my doodle to the world. Awww~a big sacrifice~~~

Nov 4, 2012

HY's tutorial: Anti fog goggles trial

Swimming has been my favourite sport of all after I retired from football (aka American call em soccer). That's not what I'm trying to blog about but I thought an introduction will be a polite way to start my post. Call it. I can't open my eyes under the water (I have no idea why, I feel like someone poking my eyes if I did that.), thanks to whoever who invent goggles, that save my life.

However, one thing seems to trouble me after I use my goggle for a while. It form fog like Dementor is around whenever I'm swimming, just that the fog happen to be on my goggle's lens. NOOOO! I remember my goggle come with the anti fog layer. Without any doubt and not wanting to spent money buying on those anti fog spray, I've google for the answer.

Baby Shampoo, Saliva, Shave Cream or Toothpaste. Choose one and proceed. Seriously most people said saliva work the best but due to some hygiene reason I choose to keep it as last resort. Shave cream? I'm a little girl, although I hope I grew some macho beard sometimes  no shave cream. Toothpaste, there might be chances that it will scratch your lens, so I give up and choose the purest remedy of all, Baby Shampoo.

My goggles.

First of all, gently apply a small amount of baby shampoo inside your lens. Then, just dunk your goggles into the sink that filled with water, I'll just lay it gently inside the sink.

Rinse it, rinse it!

Rinse it, till no more bubbles of shampoo.

Oh, goggle looking good.

Then, dry it. Do this the day before you go to swim. Now you will have a goggle that smell good  My goggle work on the left one but the right one still form a partial fog. Not sure what went wrong but I might try it again. Or any swimmer, diver out there want to teach me a trick or two how to get rid of those Dementor-like fog on my lens? You're welcome to do so!!! Suggestion will be appreciated.

(PS : Rainy season is here. Can't really go to swim these day. Sigh~)

Churp Out 2012 @ Publika

Tada, I'm back, HY's back (Can't help spreading my new name around, HYHYHYHYHY~)!! Weeks ago, I've attended a carnival-like event by Churp Churp, probably the first, or maybe first few Churp Churp event I have attend (HY don't have much chances to attend Churp Churp event compared to Nuffnang~).

It was held at Publika, seriously I love that place so much. It was fun but it will be great if there were no rain on that day.

Churpie booth~
There were plenty of games to play and prizes to be won. As always with the luck I have, completed all the game, I have won a.....badge!! No, there were more prizes to be won like H&M vouchers, Churpie doll, tablet and etc. But I didn't took part in the Dunk & Draw because I'm a coward kid without the gut to do so.

Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz~

This is not easy, I've tried a few times on this.
Dunk & Draw probably is the most exciting game of the day! Because you get to dunk people in the water and yeah you got the chance to win some awesome prizes. But the coolest part being the audience there is that you get to watch people get dunked into the water (PS : On rainy cold day), muahahahaha yeah heartless people like me exist, just like my blog's name, Rock it Heartless!!!

Ready, set...


Of course, I'm there for a reason. Because they were having a car painting contest as well, main point is you get to bring the car home, it's a model car but it's Mini. Whatever with talent of not, I'm took part in it and glad that I got to bring the car home.

The Mini. Argh so cute!

Didn't really stand a chance to win because the other participants are really artistic but I'm having fun though, hahaha. Winner get a S3 home. And I get a Mini toy car as souvenir.

Yes my car it is, such a mess huh.
I was having this so called on vacation and lovely mood theme. Obviously it didn't work out. But now I have my mini Mini with me now. Let me show you what happen to my mini Mini. When I got home, I give it a indoor car wash.

Oh car wash yeah!

Clean it thoroughly so that I can do some graffiti on it! Muahaha you're mine, all mine!

This is the outcome!

It's a halloween theme Mini. Spot anything on that?

Oh I'm out of topic. That's it. Was exhausted till the end of the event and went home happily.