Nov 4, 2012

HY's tutorial: Anti fog goggles trial

Swimming has been my favourite sport of all after I retired from football (aka American call em soccer). That's not what I'm trying to blog about but I thought an introduction will be a polite way to start my post. Call it. I can't open my eyes under the water (I have no idea why, I feel like someone poking my eyes if I did that.), thanks to whoever who invent goggles, that save my life.

However, one thing seems to trouble me after I use my goggle for a while. It form fog like Dementor is around whenever I'm swimming, just that the fog happen to be on my goggle's lens. NOOOO! I remember my goggle come with the anti fog layer. Without any doubt and not wanting to spent money buying on those anti fog spray, I've google for the answer.

Baby Shampoo, Saliva, Shave Cream or Toothpaste. Choose one and proceed. Seriously most people said saliva work the best but due to some hygiene reason I choose to keep it as last resort. Shave cream? I'm a little girl, although I hope I grew some macho beard sometimes  no shave cream. Toothpaste, there might be chances that it will scratch your lens, so I give up and choose the purest remedy of all, Baby Shampoo.

My goggles.

First of all, gently apply a small amount of baby shampoo inside your lens. Then, just dunk your goggles into the sink that filled with water, I'll just lay it gently inside the sink.

Rinse it, rinse it!

Rinse it, till no more bubbles of shampoo.

Oh, goggle looking good.

Then, dry it. Do this the day before you go to swim. Now you will have a goggle that smell good  My goggle work on the left one but the right one still form a partial fog. Not sure what went wrong but I might try it again. Or any swimmer, diver out there want to teach me a trick or two how to get rid of those Dementor-like fog on my lens? You're welcome to do so!!! Suggestion will be appreciated.

(PS : Rainy season is here. Can't really go to swim these day. Sigh~)

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